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Deceased spouse dependent Fees

This article contain information about how to avoid family tax of deceased spouse. Finally, the moment expats were waiting for comes true. Monthly fee for each dependent applied which costs SR100 this year. It will increase by SR100 per month every year reaching SR400 per month by 2020. I have been here for last 5 years […]

True Story : How I got Huroob removed?

Huroob is the act of Abscondment from the company. In easier terms this means that the employee has ran away from the company or that he hasn’t paid his sponsor on time. Huroob means that you have taken the matter to Jawazat and now the employee that has Huroob has nothing to do with the […]

Stages of Pain of Parting From Arabic Food

Ever wondered why your family member or friend is upset when they are about to move out of Saudi Arabia? No, they definitely aren’t upset because they’d be going further away from you… Here is the reason why they feel the blues when they are about to board that flight that departs from the country: At […]

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qSaudi helped me a lot during hajj, esp those tips were amazing

Fahad Raheem

I was struggling to get family visa, but with the amazing documentation on qsaudi, I think i saved huge time

Fahad Raheem

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