3 Years Ban for failing to return before the expiry of their exit-reentry visa

3 Years Ban for  failling to return before the expiry of their exit-reentry visa

  • Shehab Ikram

    Assalamo alaikum

    Does this rule apply to those who left before this rule was made? One of friend left almost 2 years ago and didn’t come back, does this apply to him?

    • Wa alaikum salam.
      They have not clarified on that issue.
      Your friend has to apply to find out.

      • Shehab Ikram

        Jazak Allah

      • Totolang

        This applies to working visa, right? This does not apply to Business Visa?

  • Arshad

    Asslam o Alaikam.

    Can anyone tell me please? that i am working in saudi arabia..and got a job offer frome Oman and they said me that they are preparing to send me employment visa ,they already asked for my pasport copies and pictures and they have applied.so my question is that can i go to oman frome saudi arabia when i got final exit frome saudia????

    • Fahad

      I think you will have to get final exit and get your new work visa from Pakistan embassy in Pakistan. But before getting your final exit you can call Pakistan embassy if they received it or not then make your final exit. You probably can’t go to other country to get back in Saudi Arabia like that

      • Arshad

        yeah i will get Final exit frome my Saudi Employer, but i want to know that after final exit frome saudi.can i travel to Oman frome Saudi Arabia.Because Oman Employment visa is already in my Hand..please reply

        • Fahad

          Yes. Because you already have your employment visa for Oman you can go directly to Oman from Saudi Arabia. They do not care where you go next.

          • Arshad

            ThanK You very much Sir

  • Baquer

    I came from saudi arabia on exit/ re-entry visa but due to some reasons i cant go back, and my iqama has expired.

    Now i got a new job in saudi arabia, and i clearly informed agent that i returned on exit/ re-entry visa and as per saudi labor rules “there is 3 years of ban on not returning on Exit/Re-Entry”. but he(agent) is telling that he will take the exit paper and will get my visa stamped.

    I would like to know from u that is it possible task what the is telling.

    • syed mujahed

      Brother me also have the same problem. Where are you now. Did you reach saudi arabia…

  • liaqat khan

    Sir please tell me how i can get my 8months salary,8years service benifits and my passport from my ex company for 8months my ex company did not renew iqama and for 5 months didnot pay our salary after this i trandfer my iqama in another company but my passport salary of sep,oct,nov,decem2014 march,aprail,may,june and july2015 and 8 years service how i can get?i went to labour office in rafha branch and amara in rafha but no result still.if there is any way r forum to get my rights please tell me . i will be thankful to u.

  • Abidmughal

    Sir me coming 2007-7-6 jheeda air port my problem me award stay Omar visa fingerprint How debut me this time I like coming new visa in Saudi allowed not allow me new visa


    My family has gone on exit re entry visa can someone tell me if her exit re entry viza expires can i apply for fresh viza later

    • Aisha Salman

      I am in same problem. Is there something i can do? I was on family visa.

  • syed mujahed

    Dear members,
    I came on re entry visa to my country in may 2015, my re entry visa expired in june 2015 and my iqama expires in augest 2015. But as per new annoncemnt by jawasat saudi there is 3 year ban to enter saudi. Now i got a new job in saudi. The travell agent is telling that he will make new visa stamping and i can travell to india. Is it possible???
    Please anyone reply me i have a very good oppurtunity in saudi now…

  • Syed Mustafa

    السلام عليكم
    Dear brothers
    I am having a problem since 3 years I was born in saudi arabia I am Indian by nationality I am a Student from India I came here to renew my iqama as everybody does but due to my father health problems he is suffering from brain severe he’s recovering now our new kafeel is not making renew our iqama since one year also our insurance is expired our kafeel is making delay everyday tomorrow since one year now I am fedup I need to go final exit to india please brothers advice my legal way so I can go to india & complete my education and return i read in forums some people got noc paper and exit paper as I am dependent what should I do regarding my case we are seven members in family with out iqama it’s problematic to survive please help me I need your sincerely advice …
    my sim is blocked due to fingerprint registration
    My what’s app: +966503693523


    My family was here on Permanent visa for some reason i sent them on final exit.
    But my Abshir Account says still there are dependents.
    I want to bring them back on Permanent visa
    I tried online but it says book appointment with istaqdam.
    My profession is sales.
    can someone help on this matter

  • ateeq

    if my family going for exit reentry visa and not come back in time..so there is any ban on them

    • erik

      brother me too have the same situation because my family as my dependent but most of the time they are in our country due to school days, they only come here during summer vacation , but the burden is the coming back again just for renewal of iqama, plus its always double the expenses. I hope we can find some answers for this.but regarding the poster here it is said ” Applies to Workers only! God help us all!

      • Aisha Salman

        I am on family visa in KSA due to some reason i was not able to go back on time of re entry. Am I banned for 3 years? If yes then is there any thing we can do to lift the ban? My husband is there on mohandas working visa. Can i and my daughter go back?

  • Sadiq

    I left ksa in 2016 march with final exit. Can i go back? Is there any possibility or solution.plz reply