5 Things to do at Check Point in Saudi Arabia !

5 Things to do at Check Point

1. Speed – Slow down your car
2. Head Lights – Turn them on low beam
3. Seat belt – Make sure it you are wearing it
4. Window – Keep it down
5. Language – Do NOT try to speak Arabic if you do not know it !
The reason for recommending NOT to speak Arabic unless you know it fluently is that, if you speak little Arabic, the security guy will start talking more in Arabic and you will not understand what he is saying. However, if you speak in English, then he will know that you do not understand Arabic. Then he will either give you instruction in broken English or let you go.
Do you agree with us ? Let us know your comments.
  • Navaid Khanzda

    This is absolutely right, once you start doing with from 1 to 4 they at least give you positive response, as per my experience here in Saudi Arabia since long stays here, followed the same and most of the time found very positive with professional under standing.

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    Dear All,

    It is correct, the above 5 are very good principle to respect the personnel who are suffering weather conditions and making sure our safety.
    Let them respected and be safe.

  • Habib Khan

    Its undoubtedly a valuable advice. Many people do not know what to do at the check points and thanks to the contributor sharing this information.

    Yes, sometimes it becomes hard for the expats to understand pure Arabic language of the Police and causes unnecessary delays and makes the latter embarrassed.

  • Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

    I have good rule other than these ones and works every where, even in Pakistan, during night,
    When You reach at Check post, turn ON your Car’s inner Lights. Security guy will assume, you are legitimate.

  • Abdul Gafoor

    Appreciable suggestion from Mohammad Shohaib Hassan

  • mohammad mashkoor

    yes you are absolutely right i already got a ticket of sar 150 for high beam light

  • It is really good to follow the rules and regulations

  • George Pullanatt

    Useful information
    Thank you for sharing with all.

  • kumar

    Good information.

  • These are exactly the things what exactly to follow when you see a check-point, but the fifth one needs to be considered only when it is necessary to speak otherwise, do salaam the officer, then move slowly..

  • Abdul Moiz

    Just add one more point as a 2nd point turn on HAZARD. very possitive point…

  • Malik

    Thanks for sharing valuable information however One more important point to be noted, Do not panic and show your nervousness on your face. Almost every officer at the check point is an expert in Face reading.