Amazingly balanced rock in KSA – Video

Amazing Flying Rock

Look at this astonishing wonder of nature in KSA. A well balanced rock that stands all by itself on top of another touching by the edge to balance the weight. The rock has been catching the eye of many people travelling to Jeddah and is said to never move or fall in any case. Has any of you really seen it? Comment below to let us know and share the pictures with our readers!


  • Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

    where is this place?

    • Samrah Shaikh

      The location is said to be somewhere in between Riyadh and Jeddah. It is not exactly known.

    • Rila Marzook

      where is it?

  • Abdul Rahoof

    give me rout map for reaching there, where is it?

  • Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

    Riyadh to Jeddah has a travel distance of about 950Kms 🙂
    i won’t be able to find.

  • Gul E Lalaa

    I have seen similar rocks in Al Ahsaa (specially the most famous flying stone which was rumored to follow Burak and was supposed to be in Jeruselum

  • Tanweer Malik

    Where in Al Hassa exactly?
    can you send location coordinates.

  • syed asif muzaffar

    its amazing subhanallah, pls adv me the exact location of it i had seen once similar to this in a remote area of taif beside very small old mosque made of mud my rgds syed asif muzaffar alkhobar.ep