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How to Print Tasreeh (Hajj Permit) Online

How to Print Tasreeh (Hajj permit) online using Abshir The Saudi government has streamlined the Hajj process. Gone are the days when agents used to hold the pilgrims hostage and even sometimes run away with money. Now everything is online including registration and payments to Hajj organizer is done online under the supervision of ministry […]

The Moon will be seen only in Some parts of Saudi Arabia for only 2-3 minutes on 15th May 2018 – Is moon sighting possible today

We need to understand the Ramadan begins with the sighting of new moon today evening, after Magrib, which is after sunset. After analyzing, the data about the setting of sun and moon which is collected over the years, we have come the following results:     The points of observation have been taken from extreme […]

Countrywise Visit Visa fees – Updated 2018

There has been lots of news and fake news regarding visit visa fees. Saudi gazette removed the article in which said visa fees decrease news is fake. http://saudigazette.com.sa/…/SA…/No-change-in-visit-visa-fee Update visit visa fees for India is SAR 305 while for Pakistan its still SAR 2000 See the documents below.

Brave Woman beats Man in Public

Usually we are hearing of cases of abuse of women by men – stranger men involved in eve teasing. It is rare we hear or read that a woman responds to her harasser and  even takes him to court. The incident happened in Qena, Egypt was captured on CCTV. As you can see from the […]

Saudi Women need no approval from males guardians

Saudi women in can now open their own businesses without the consent of a husband or male relative. This a complete shift of policy was announced by the Saudi government on Thursday (Feb 15). It marks a major step away from the strict guardianship system. “Women can now launch their own businesses and benefit from […]

Speed Limit Increase to 140 km/hr on highways

  New speed limits on some highways have come into effect from  this Monday (19th Feb 2018). This speed limits will  affecting all vehicles. The new increased speed limit for cars will be 140kph while it will be 100kph for buses and 80kph for trucks, the director of Public Relations and Security, Col. Sami bin […]

  New speed limits on some highways have come into effect from  this Monday (19th Feb 2018). This speed limits will  affecting all vehicles. The new increased speed limit for cars will be 140kph while it will be 100kph for buses and 80kph for trucks, the director of Public Relations and Security, Col. Sami bin […]

30 New Cinemas to open in Saudi Arabia soon…

London based Vue has signed agreement with local Saudi entertainment and clothes gaint, Abdulmohsin Al Hokair Holding Group to open 30 new cinemas in Saudi Arabia. This will beginning of 35 years old ban on cinema in Saudi Arabia. As of now there are no official cinema in Saudi Arabia. Though some centers show kids movies but […]

First Arab Fashion Show in Saudi Arabia

  Saudi Arabia is going to host first Arab Fashion show in March. This is in line with the policy to drive growth in the sector of Fashion. Princess Noura bint Faisal, honorary president of the Arab Fashion Council (AFC), announced the news to a small group of industry insiders and journalists in London on […]

Saudi cleric says Valentine’s Day is ‘positive event’

Reuters: A prominent Saudi cleric endorsed Valentine’s Day, long forbidden in the ultra-conservative kingdom, calling it a “positive social event” that was not linked to religion. Sheikh Ahmad al-Ghamdi, the former head of the Mecca region’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, said in an interview with Arab News that Muslims […]

Truth behind UAE Prince Jai Shree Ram speech

The social media and much of main stream media in India has gone viral with video of “Sultan” of Abu Dhabi saying Jai Shree Ram at starting and ending of his speech. This video has spread so much that many stream media in India and social group in the gulf are posting and reposting / […]

Self Driving Pod – First Launched in Dubai

  The world self driving autonomous pods will be launched in Dubai. The pods will be equipped with cameras and electromagnetic sensors to assist in driving. Each pod measures 2.87m in length, 2.24m in width and 2.82m in height. It weighs about 1,500kg and has a capacity to accommodate 10 riders (six seated, four standing). […]

School remained closed for 4th day in parts of KSA

  Due to Sandstorm, Schools in parts of KSA will be closed Thursday, for the fourth day as per the ministry instructions in order to maintain the safety of students. The Madinah Education Authority has announced that schools in the Wadi Fara’a areas ,Khaybar and Hunakiyah  will remain closed, following prediction issued by the meteorological […]

Frequently Asked Question about VAT in Saudi Arabia (FAQ)

The page aims to provide basic information on the introduction of VAT in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and frequently asked questions related to it. Q. What is value added tax (VAT) and how does it work? A. Value Added Tax (or VAT) is an indirect tax which is imposed on all goods and services that are […]

VAT in Saudi Arabia – Is your business Ready ?

As the deadline for implementing VAT is fast approaching – 01 Jan 2018, there is increasing concern for organizations to ensure that their accounting system are VAT ready. The fact that  there will be a penalty of SR 100,000 for those who are not VAT ready with a proper book keeping and accounting system, it […]

6 Ways Women Driving will impact You !

How it Changes Your life – Women Driving   King Salman had announced on 27th September, 2017 that women will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Although this does not mean that all women will take up driving, but yes a considerable number are interested.   So how this going impact you !! Your […]

Age Fixed for Women Drivers – 18 years

Women Drivers – 18 year old Girls can Dive Cars in Saudi Arabia   As per the Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki said that women would be allowed to drive in kingdom from the age of 18 as provided they have valid driving license.         Source: Arab News, ASHARQ AL-AWSAT  

Car Loans for Women – Banks are ready

  Female Car Drivers –  Banks ready to cater their needs   On 27th September, King Salman decreed that women will be allowed to driver cars and ban on them will be lifted by June next year. This was historic moment for Saudi Arabia. This is going to lead to wide spread changes in the […]

19 Iqama Professions That are not Renewed

19 Iqama Professions That are not Renewed   In Saudi Arabia, not all rules are announced in the media. They are implemented as a policy. The rule is confirmed once it is implemented and experienced by few individuals. It has been reported that 19 iqama profession are not getting renewed as they are reserved for […]