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How to check status of change of sponsorship / iqama transfer from Raqm al Talab

Now you can check the change of sponsorship status or the iqama transfer status if you have the application number (raqm at-talab). (If you want to check the status using your iqama number, click this link.) The Ministry of Labor, Saudi Arabia, now provides online service to check the status of sponsorship transfer. Unfortunately there […]

True Story From Makkah – Saudi Arabia

An expatriate working as a street sweeper in Makkah saw his life change in a blink during the Haj season after his estranged brother sought to make amends for wronging him by returning his share of the family fortune. The Bangladeshi man was sweeping Taneem Street in Makkah when an old man wearing the Ihram cloth […]

Assaulting Saudi Passport Office Arrested

The Minister of Interior, Prince Muhammad bin Naif on Wednesday ordered the arrest of a Passport Department (Jawazat) officer,who was caught on a mobile video assaulting visitors and using abusive language. Video of Assault by Passport Officer – Jawazat The spokesman for the deparment said, “It was an unfortunate individual incident and violates principles and […]

Grace period announcement – Share your story

  We are looking forward to hearing success/failure stories & experience of fellow expatriates regarding : – Iqama transfer from Red / Yellow company  to Green. – Getting Huroob removed and transfer to another company – Profession change – How did you do it & how long it took. – Other government related issues. Share […]

Checking Huroob status of Iqama – Ministry of Labor

How to check if the sponsor(kafeel) has put absconding report (huroob) against your iqama number ? Kindly note this process is not valid for domestic workers. For domestic workers, they have to approach jawazat (passport office). Step 1 Click here to go to Ministry of Labor website Alternately copy and paste the below link. http://www.mol.gov.sa/services/inquiry/nonsaudiempinquiry.aspx […]

List professions reserved for Saudis

As per the recent announcement by Ministry of Labor the following professions are reserved for Saudis We have provided two different translation from two different sources for your convenience. English Translation 1 English Translation 2 Arabic Chief Administrative of Human Resources Executive HR manager كبير إداريي موارد بشرية Manager Personnel Department HR manger مدير شؤون […]

Complete Arabic text of Labor Ministry’s announcement of concessions for Expats

Below is the copy of Arabic text of Ministry of Labor announcement of concessions for expatriates during the grace period. This text is taken from Ministry of Labor website. The English translation of this text can viewed by clicking here. تاريخ أخر تحديث: 01/07/1434 07:46 م  وزارةُ الداخلية ، ووزارةُ العمل تُعلِنان تسهيلات واستثناءات إضافية […]

Overtime as per Saudi Labor Law

    In continuation of our series on creating awareness about Saudi Labor Law, in this article we present you the relevant portion of Saudi labor law regarding Overtime:   Article (107): (1) The employer shall pay the worker for overtime working hours an additional amount equal to the hourly wage plus 50% of his […]

Working hours as per Saudi Labor Law

Many a times, it happens that an employer is tasking the employee more hours than allowed by the Saudi Arabian Labor law. This usually happens because lack of awareness of the provisions in the labor law by employee. Keeping this in mind, we list below the relevant portion of labor law for your benefit: Article […]

NRIs can now take more duty free gold jewellery

With the announcement of new budget by the Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, Non-Resident Indians can take more gold home. As per the 2013-2014 budget speech, in the words of finance minister: The baggage rules permitting eligible passengers to bring jewellery was last amended in 1991.  Gold prices have risen since, and passengers have complained […]

Hajj Procedure – Documents required – Tasreeh form

  For Hajj Permit (Tasreeh) following Documents are required to be submitted to your Hajj travel agent who will arrange for your Tasreeh from the government: 1. Iqama copy 2. Passport copy. 3. Four (4) Photos 4. Blood Group report or license copy indicating your blood group. 5. Meningitis Vaccination Report. (Can be taken at Ministry of […]

Eastern Arabic Numerals

Most of the government work here in Saudi Arabia is done in Arabic. Especially important is the dates on government documents like iqama, visit visa, etc. A guide to reading Arabic numbers is as follows: 0  ٠ 1  ١ 2  ٢ 3  ٣ 4  ٤ 5  ٥ 6  ٦ 7  ٧ 8  ٨ 9  ٩ […]

Driving License renewal procedure

  Renewal of driving license is a fairly simple process. Requirements: 1. Driving license original only. 2. Bank deposit (through ATM or online banking) The bank deposit amount depends upon number of years you want to renew as per the following table 2 years – SR 80 5 years – SR 200 10 years – […]

Hajj Tasreeh Cancellation

Source: www.saudi.gov.sa Hajj Tasreeh Cancellation In case if you have registered yourself on the Hajj Tasreeh program, here is a way to cancel your application. Visit the following link: saudi.gov.sa/wps/themes/html/MCITTheme/Saudi_en.html The page as shown in the image lists the services provided. Click on the ‘Requirements and Forms’ tab and read the procedure provided for cancellation […]

Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia

For those new to Saudi Arabia, will find that number of public holidays are few unlike the other parts of world. To begin with, the weekly holidays are on Fridays and Saturday though some private companies have half day on Saturday. Then there are holidays for two Muslim Festivals (Eids) as below: Name of Eid […]