How to Block your Lost/Stolen Mobile

Block Your Stolen Mobile (1)


Mobiles have become the basic necessity of our lives and they contain a lot of personal information. Hence it is very important to keep it safe. However, after all the precautions, it may happen that we still lose the mobile or it get stolen. In such cases, it is very important to protect the information which is there in the mobile from being misused.

For smart phones, there are many software which are available which can be installed and used to block and know the location.
But for phones, that are not so “smart” the service providers Mobily, STC and Zain provide this service free of cost.
The below process is valid for both type of mobiles – Smart Phones and the simple ones.
You need to visit your sim service provider – Mobily, STC, Zain
Requirements :
1. IMEI Number :
You need to find your IMEI number of your mobile and keep it safe.
You can find the number as follows:
i) It is printed on the back side of mobile after you remove the battery.
ii) You can get it by typing *#06# on the dial pad.
iii) It is written on the Purchase invoice or the warranty card
2. Proof of Ownership
It can be either Purchase invoice, receipt or warranty card.
3. A valid sim should be used in the mobile atleast once in the past one month.
4. A declaration form available at the service provider office which need to be filled and signed.
Once you have done the above, the service provider will immediately block your mobile.
If you are able to find your mobile phone later, your can unblock your mobile by visiting the service provider with the same process as above.
For more information, you can visit the website of your service provider – Mobily, STC & Zain
Take care and keep your personal info safe.


  • AK

    My family (wife + two boys) are on saudi iqama and currently in pakistan on an exit/reentry visa. They have renewed their passports in pakistan. Kindly advise as follows:
    1. Can they transfer information from old passports to new passports from saudi embassy in pakistan?
    2. If answer to above question is no then how can they travel to saudi, old passport or new passport, considering new passport has no visa?


    • Imran

      Your family must show both passports(old & new) at pakistan air port and they will allow them to travel. there will be no problem at saudi arabia airport. after some time you will go to Jawazat and transfer the information from old to new passport

  • UZ

    My wife lost a brand new Galaxy S5 last August. The phone was ringing for 3 days. Went to STC and asked the guy can anything be done. ***hole asked me to go to the Police and only thing he can do is block that sim and give a new one

  • Abdul ghani

    My daughter lost my mobile today 1_6_2018 at jeddah mobile without sim card mobile was datial as under Huawei mate 10 lite modle RNE-L21 color black
    IMEI1: 868598037953787
    IMEI2 : 868598037993791

    S/N FFY5T18126002757
    If any body fond or stolenplease retrin or block it please