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Breaking News – Medical Insurance Compulsory for Dependents !

Health insurance a must for dependent’s Iqama renewal

Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has announced that the Expatriates who do not have medical insurance for their dependents will not have their iqamas(residence permits) renewed applicable from Jan. 21, 2015.

  • Dakong Jeukarnin

    I have two dependents, both are no insurance card……. if I apply insurance, how much i will pay for each.

    • saleem quraishi

      We are four members in family . Only i am insured by the company.what is the procedure for being insured for rest of there any law that Company will bear the expenses for them

    • Ak

      Approx 650~850Sr for male members and 1000~1800Sr for female members depensing on their ages.

  • syed Furrakh


  • khalid baig mirza

    i have four kids on my dependent how much i will yearly in bopa or els

    • khisore

      Best option is send our family back any way stay here is 4 times the cost in our native country (what was our prime target to come here earn more and save more).
      Hence forth this rules will increase saving for exparts and just be optmistic and confined to your prime objective send more money to native country.
      Insurance rule is again non islamic law for ummarh and hajj pilgrims.

  • Shayemur Rahman


    if the dependents in visit visa then also need to make insurance?

  • http://google md i alam

    my wife is coming in DEC 2014 for visit visa,can i also have to pay the insurance or if the applicable then how to make register the insurance and where, please guide me.

    • Sohail

      She will be coming for visit only so don’t need insurance.

  • safeer

    sir i have no medical insurence

    what i do how can i get insurence??

  • saleem quraishi

    How much i would have to pay for two children & wife for the insurance.

  • Fahad

    Nothing has been implemented till now
    So don’t worry
    It’s still not approved

    • munna

      Fahad I am in tense my family iqama being to renew in Feb and no insurance is this really implemented

      • sridhar

        Did u renewed ur family visa without insurance

  • M.N.Khan.

    Regarding medical insurance govt.should also announce to put the responsibility on the company or kafeel for payment of premium.beside that the insurance is against islamic law. In the past when social insurance policy finished by the saudi govt. We received only 5% which was deducted from our slaries but the 8% percentage paid by the company was notreturned to us by the govt.i ask is it a justice.plz do consider my comments

  • Syed Uvais

    Dear readers,

    please goto bupa arabia website and put your family details ( year of birth , gender ) to get the rates online.

    better to take 1 family policy including dependents and kids.

    • A.Kumar

      my contract status is single but a i have to kids and wife so become 4. but my sponsor(company) paying medical insurance only for me my iqamma. So how can I pay for three members for medical insurance in my one salary(income)

      • Syed ahmed hussain

        My contract status is single but i have two kids and wife so become 4 but my sponsor (company ) paying medical insurance only for me my iqama so ho wcan i pay for three members for medical insurance in my one Saalry (income)

  • Arshad Iqbal

    Please guide me if there is some other than Bupa making family insurance bkz i want to make medical cards for my family.

    Thanks and best regards
    Arshad Alavi

  • Mohammed.Abid.Ali

    Assalamalakum views please give me replay if we came on visit visa also must have insurance

  • Saeed Ahmed


    I am covered by my company . My mother lives with me on permanent visa. She is not covered by insurance. She is 60 plus. How I can get her medical insurance? Regards.

  • Ak

    This rule was implemented for few weeks last year, but it is on hold for dependents till now.

    As for visit visa, it is not implemented at all.

    in both the cases if any one wants to get insurance, then we can get from our company HR by paying extra or by going other insurance companies. Price varies from 500~800 Sr for male & 1000~1800 Sr for female members.
    Hope this helps

  • dawod

    let me have the mobile number of agents for the insurance at the taif region


  • Vasiuddin Ahmed

    Assalamu Alikum., Regarding Medical Insurance: Recently i got permanent family Visa. Inshalla they will come in Ramzan month to jeddah. so i have to make Iqama for my family fist time. My contract status is single but i have two kids and wife so become 4 but my sponsor (company ) paying medical insurance of Tawuniya only for me. kindly suggest below all

    1) my iqama belongs to Riyadh and my company in Riyadh only but i am working in jeddah. so where i have to apply for first time to get family number Iqama.

    2) what documents i have to submit to get dependent’s Iqama.

    3) How meany days it will take to get Iqama. because my family will come on 1 week of July so it’s ramazan month. so i thought to apply in the month of August month. can i ? or is there any rules or restrictions ?

    4) is it really need to provide medical Insurance of family.

    5) all family number must have same medical insurance or can we take different medical insurance individual from different company’s. because i am getting my medical insurance from my sponsor.

  • ZSAF

    For Iqama purposes, how to get insurance for My mother who has joined me here in Saudi Arabia on permanent visa. She is on my sponsorship. My company advising me to get insurance from external source as this expense will be borne by myself.