How to Cancel SIM / Mobile Number on your Name / Iqama / Muqeem

How to Cancel SIM / Mobiles on your Name / Iqama / Muqeem

Many people are facing difficulties with having more than one mobile number / SIM cards on their name. And the sad part is that many of the people do not know how many SIMS are their on their name or even who has issued it on their iqama/Muqeem id. Fortunately there is way to find out all the numbers registered on their iqama id / name and to remove them.

It is very important that SIMs / mobile numbers registered on your name are used only by you or your family for the following reasons:

  1. You can only recharge only by putting your iqama / muqeem number
  2. Security reasons – It is possible that there are sims issued in your name which you don’t know, they maybe used by un-social elements for crime or terrorist. In such case, the police will first arrest the person under whose name the sim is issued. So important that you make sure that there are no sims issued under your name about which you do not have any information.
  3. The number of sims person is restricted to 2 per person / iqama / muqeem. So, if there are other sims registered in your name, then you will unable to register new sims in your name.

Hence it is very important to know the SIM registered in your name and cancel those number which are not used by you.

To know all the SIMs cards / mobile numbers registered in your name, just follow the process give on this link –

Cancelling SIM card / Mobile Number Registered in your Name

After find out all numbers in your name, you can very easily cancel them by visiting offices of the respective service provider like STC, Mobily or Zain.

As of now none of the service provider (STC, Mobily, Zain) any process to cancel the numbers online or through their customer service call.

Do not delay and cancel all un-wanted numbers / SIM cards immediately.

Also, did you know that you can port (transfer) your number from one service provider (STC Zain Mobily) to other one without losing your original mobile number ? – For more details see –

Also, should your mobile be lost, what to do next ?  See –




  • M Banaris


  • Mohsin Ali nice Boy

    how can i remove all Lebara SIm from my Iqama. ???? i don’t like Lebara. they issued me one sim and put 38 sims on my name. Allah Will Ask them InshaAllah.

    • Mohammed Pervez

      36 sim too much hogaya yeah

  • Asghar Ali


  • Asghar Ali

    Asslmu alaikum sir this is my Zain Number please cancel my iqma please exit sim my iqma

  • Uzma swati 3star

    Plese cencel a number on my iqama

    • Uzma swati 3star

      Sir please cencel this number 0570541183 on my Iqma.use another body please remove

    • Farman Ullah Jan

      You have to visit zain office, you can easily cancel any number on your iqama

      • Uzma swati 3star

        No I have zain sim another sim

  • Ronald Z Amban

    Please cancel this Internet Zain sim number under my iqama number. 0831036432107

  • Ronald Z Amban

    Please cancel this number 0577653661 under my iqama number.

  • Soumya Ranjan Pradhan

    How can i remove all sim from my Iqama. ???? They issued me one sim and put 12 sims on my name. Can you help me please.

  • Thaha sss

    my sim card is lost I need cancel

  • Ade Adi

    Plese cencel a number on my iqama

  • অনন্ত ভালোবাসা

    plz cencel this number 0553306708

  • Kandhakumar Palanisamy

    please cancel my SIM No.0572425291.this some person using,so immediately cancel.

    • royski_yanbu82

      Please read the post and its instructions, carefully.

  • Asgar Ali

    Please cancel all sim on my Iqama number 2438218864 . I do not have a single SIM.

  • Vinod Prajapati

    Please deactivate stc SIM number 966535078810