Be Careful When Travelling In Rented Car With Friends

A message from expat – Careful when travelling in rented car with friends. This guy got fined !!!





  • Mohammad Shahzeb Qureshi

    I think this happens only when they (police) are sure you do not know the people travelling with you. Police may ask you for their names and other types of questions to make sure they really are your friends and you are not driving that car as an unauthorized taxi.

    • Danish Ali

      I have same experience while going to medina 3 years back in my own car with my friends. The police guy didn’t ask anything but only license and istimara and then he gave yellow paper. I tried to ask what is this and then he said go otherwise he will put us in police van. We left thinking that might overspeed but after reaching home, i couldn’t even pay the fine online and got to know that it is for driving taxi. Please be careful and after that incident, i stopped taking anyone with me but family.

      • Samiullah Manjh

        how much you paid the fine?

      • S.Mohamed Shafi

        My friend have same problem, how i can solve this one please advise

        • Sabeer B Thowheed


          Did u get the mukalafa from Madeena check point? If so, this is regular. You have to visit the traffic department in madeena on king abdul azeez road and get it rectified. Please make sure you pay before the end of month or else it will get doubled. There is no other way to get this rectified.

  • It is not something new. This law exist from past that if you are driving unauthorized taxi, you will be fined. qSadui should try to avoid posting such stuff just to get more clicks & share on social media. Be responsible.

    • Mohammad Shahzeb Qureshi

      I don’t think that is what qSaudi is trying to tell in this article.

  • Sakeer Peringady

    you must be sure about following to avoid such penalty.
    1. all passengers and driver must know the name as per iqama of each other
    2. dont take full of passengers of mixed national and different sponsor.
    3. be cool while reaching check point and talk each other like best funny friends.
    4. avoid using old car
    5. be polite with officers.
    6.pray for safe journey at beginning.

  • Faiz Muhammad Qureshi

    Some days before QSaudi posted that single exit re entry is SR 600 instead of SR 200 and paste a pic of SAAB Bank transaction also. It was not true. I have checked myself. So qSaudi before publishing like this post should verify first. Other case this post create confusion of readers.

    • Omar Abdallah

      It is SR 600. They are taking SR 400 in advance which will be refunded (or utilized) depending how long you stay. One of my friend, himself paid this amount so you should research before commenting.

    • Sabeer B Thowheed

      Dear Mr. Faiz,

      There was a technical issue with the banking software untill 6/10/16, this has been rectified and now it is appearing as correct fee in bank.