Cars moving by themselves in Wadi-e-Jinn – Video

In Baida Valley, Al Madinah cars tend to move by themselves even if their engines are turned off. Watch the video as the driver demonstrates this strange phenomena in the valley. The place is also called Wadi-e-Jinn and is said to be close to the city of Madinah in KSA.

  • Oh my ….. I only watched it half way but it really is Pure Natural force, I would love to visit place sometime. I had an argument about this place with my friends in the favor of this force which I failed most of the time but this video really sold me.This is quite something.

    Apart from that, Really liked the way Pashtun demonstrated whole thing in English.

    • Ali

      I was there and enjoyed it to the core.

  • winstonoboogie
  • Naseer ul Islam Abbasi

    Few questions regarding this mystery. Why the car has to be ignited, in order to be moved by some super natural force? Why the steering has to be controlled by the driver? Why the fuel is being consumed? Remove the key and lets see if the car moves or not? If Yes, then there is definitely some gravitational force. Think scientifically, not only psychologically!