How to Change your Mobile number registered in Abshir System

How to Change your Mobile number registered in Abshir System

How to Change your Mobile number registered in Abshir System


Sometimes we want to shift to different mobile number. But most of our services like government services and banking services are linked to our mobile and we receive updates about fines, iqama renewal etc on our mobile. Many of us do not know how to change this notification to the new mobile.
You will be surprised to know that this change of mobile notification to new number is very easy and can be done from your home in 1 minute.
The process is as follows:
Logon to your Abshir account.
Abshir Mobile 1
On the screen click on “My Account” as shown below.
The click “Edit User Profile” as shown below.
Abshir Mobile 2
Press the “Edit” button.
Abshir Mobile 3
You will see your existing mobile number as shown. Replace this number the new number.
Abshir Mobile 4
Then enter the Image Code and Press “Save”
Abshir Mobile 5
You will receive a confirmation code on your new mobile number. Enter this code and your new mobile will be connected to the MOI / Abshir system.
  • Shardul

    This is good information, but i have another issue. I changed my mobile no and old no is not working anymore. While login into MOI website, they are sending verification code to my old number. Now how can i change that?

    • Farhan Rasheed

      I have had similar issue (still having it). I contacted MOI and reply I got was that I could change my number to be able to login at any of the KIOSKS available at Jawazat or shopping malls. Just need to try out to see if it works!

      • Ahmed H

        Hi everyone It’s very easy process you just go to self-service registration & activation machines there is several place in Riyadh you can easily update your mobile number because today I went there I did it……..

  • Rizwan

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear Brothers,

    I have also the same issue
    how can i change /update new mobile?

    I can not log in without mobile notification is in my lost mobile?


  • Ahmed

    I have also the same issue how can i change mobile number without log in i lost it my old mobile number please guide me thanks

  • Muhammad Qadeer

    Solution ……… dear
    brother same thing happen
    with me . its two resin one
    MOI need time
    to update your
    information some time
    it’s do within 5 to 10
    mints some time
    its late if it’s not
    work I mean your new
    mobile number . Then you have
    to select option
    of reset your
    password on login screen
    (forget my password )then you
    select your new entered
    mobile number and reset your
    password after finish
    must login with your
    user id not
    iqama number then
    you find massage on your
    new entered mobile number
    . Enter code and login to your abshir
    account successfully.

    Thanks and have good day.

  • Sherwin

    My Account ID already exists but I forgot every details, How can I register again so that I can use the system, please help me