Changing your Iqama Name English/Arabic

While living in KSA you are supposed to have a Saudi Iqama card that is said to be the lifeline of every expatriate. The Iqama holds immense importance in the Kingdom, without which you are not entitled to any benefits and even residing in the Kingdom. The details of your Iqama should all be correct and accurate and in case of any error the Iqama has to be handed over to the authorities and the details have to be rectified immediately.

Having matching and correct names with the same spellings is a must for your Passport and Police Clearance Certificate, the marriage certificate and various other documents that are important but this slight error can cause many hurdles, in case you want to get your degrees attested or to issue a document etc. in the Kingdom. For this you have to be very sure that you need to check the details on you Iqama once you get it. Always tally the names and spellings with your passport and if there are changes required then hand it over to the GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your company to cancel the error.

Procedure to change the Iqama names:

In case if you have your English name spelt wrong on the Iqama then you will directly go to the GRO of your company and ask him for the change immediately. For him, the procedure is exceptionally easy as he only has to work on an online system and get the spelling changed. Once your Iqama is renewed you will get the corrected spelling.

On the other hand if your name is spelt wrong in Arabic the GRO of your company will take your case to the Jawazat center and get the problem solved there. Note here, that the GRO’s of any firm have the liberty to change the English names in your Iqama but not the Arabic ones.

Keep in mind that if you delay the process the work for you will get hectic and you may not be able to open bank accounts if your names do not match with the passport and Iqama. You will not get your degrees attested or any other document for that matter unless you have completed this very first and basic step.
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  • Well first of all thanks that you brought up topic of my interest because I just started my degree attestation process. The only dilemma that I have is that English Name is correct on my Iqama card but not the Arabic one. Do I need to change it, will it suffer me in the future?

    • Samrah Shaikh

      Yes, you should change the Arabic name and rectify the spelling immediately as it may cause problems later on especially in banking.

  • Syed Dawood

    i want change my daughter name in iqama because we changed her name in passport what to do I have do or my sponser will do this

    • amudy17

      you can ask to HRD work to replace your name on Jawazat

    • Ziarab Hussain

      dear brother you are the sponsor of your family so any documents of your family you can change , edit , & renew without any permission

  • Syed Dawood

    ok jazak ALLAH

  • Ahmed Nadeem

    i want change my daughter name in iqama because we changed her name in
    passport what to do I have do or my sponser will do this

    • Ziarab Hussain

      Ahmed Nadeem Dear brother, you are the owner of your family so your family depends on you not on your sponsor so if you face problem himself then your sponsor solve your problem & same as it is if your family facing problem of any document,s then you have a right permission to solve your problem,

      • Nizar

        Dear Ziarab Hussain, I want to do the same for my son also but while I approach the HR dept for my company they told the name will be same as on VISA which stamped on passport.
        Please advise

        • Luffy Dragon

          Dear Nizar,

          I have the same problem today. what did you do? My wife name in iqama has 2 first name which in passport is only one. I cannot understand arabic so it is hard if i will go only in jawazat.

  • Ahmed Nadeem

    my father went on exit re-entry visa before 2 yrs & he never returns.& i m planning to bring him on visit visa so is there any complications or restrictions in the process or applying for a visit visa.???

  • Ahmed Nadeem

    Dear Brothers since 02 months i m trying to change the name of my daughter on iqama but unfortunately its not possible becoz too much hurdles in between the policies.I m fedup my indian consulate already issed a new name passport but Iqama is the main issue i submit consulate letter but nothing happens.when i asked the jawazat officer he said go back to the old name or change the passport but u will dont get the new name iqama. The consulate doesnt have any objection only the jawazat is making to much problem
    so sad such an easy process but the guys makes them so hard & tough,

    pls anyone help me. any source or contact.

  • Faisal Mungaye

    Dear brothers assalam Alaikum,

    I bought my wife on permanent visa on her Passport before marriage name. Now I want to change her name on PP from her maiden name to married name. Is it easy to change the name on Iqama after getting it changed on P.P? Also please do explain the procedures for both name change on iqama and at Indian embassy Riyadh.

    Thank you very much…

    • Fareed

      Walaikum Assalam brother,

      If you are trying to change your wife’s name so that it can have your Surname then please do note that it is not permissible in Islam. This is a practice among Christians and has no basis in Islam. None of Prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) wives took his name after marriage. So, please be careful. Your wife should keep her father’s name and Surname and not take your name and your Surname post marriage as she has no direct blood relation with you or your father, grandfather etc. Hope this is clear. You may speak to any Sheikh who can clarify you further.

  • Awais Bhatti

    My iqama english name is incorrect i go to my kafeel and ask him to change he tried with muqeem portal to change but can’t able to do so and he dont have any idea to change please tell me the website through which he can change english name plzzz reply soon i am very tensed and need help immediately

  • Awais Bhatti

    anyone is going to reply?

  • How to fix iqama mistake issue i mean how can i change my name and religion

    • Pakrocks

      Please don’t spam. It’s not the right way to get backlink.

  • Naeem Ahmed

    What if i need to change full name of my son ?
    He have already iqama passport and National ID for home country???
    We need to change his full name from all documents..
    Plz assist