How to Check Your Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia

Electric bill (1)

Now, you can very easily check your Electricity bill online.

Not only that, you can also see your bill history, payment history, split of your as per the slab rate.

How can you check all this information ?

Very easy, first open the Saudi Electric Company website.




Then select English on the top left corner.

Click "English"

Click “English”



Then click “Customer Service”

sec 2 - qSaudi

click “Customer Service”



Then click “Consumption Bill”

Then click "Consumption Bill"

Then click “Consumption Bill”



Finally enter your subscriber number or the bill number (11 digit number starting with 100…) in the box and click “View” button.

enter your subscriber number or the bill number in the box and click "View" button

enter your subscriber number or the bill number in the box and click “View” button


You will see that there is lots on information on the bill. We written the translation of relevant fields in the below picture.

sec 5- qSaudi

You can see five options at the end of bill. Their brief explanation are as below:

Payment History

Gives you details of all the payments you made for the last one year. See sample below.

History of all the Electricity bills payments

History of all the Electricity bills payments


Old Bills

It gives you your electrcity bills for the last 24 months (2 years) in both tabular form and graphic form. You can see the trends in your Electricity consumption in the graphic chart. You will notice that consumption rises in Summer and falls in winter. Also, you will have the least consumption when you are on vacation.

See sample below:

Electric bill invoice history

Electric bill invoice history


Pay Bill

Give list of bank website through which you can make payment of bill. Now all banks in Saudi Arabia provide SADAD service through which you can pay your Electricity Bill. For complete process, see How to Pay your Electricity Bill Online

Bill Split

It gives how many electric units were charged for each slab.

Print Bill

You can print bill by clicking on this option.

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    I really like your blog as it provides lods of information to the visitors. I am also running a blog on a different niche. Can you please tell me about the name of the ad unit you have used just under the title of this article. This is just amazing. I have not seen anything like this before on any website.

  • sana

    Its really a very helpful website thanks for providing us a usefull information

  • Jalal

    Assalaam Alikum

    Dear All

    My friend make renewal for his wife visit visa through his mobile. but he did make print out or screen short for that. now is checking in extent visit visa option its giving a message”The Visa Current Residency Balance Is Exceeding the Val Res Days” .. So please help me to get a print out of extended visa paper.. Please guide me how can i get it. Please rply me as soon as possible.
    Jazakallahu kair.

  • Erlan

    This is a very good peace of information unfortunately it is no longer applicable since Saudi Electric already updated their website and is now changed. Hope you can update the instructions on this page as well. Thanks anyway.

  • Harun

    this is old model, please teach me how to search bill by new method

  • Imtiaz

    As you may be aware that SEC has changed accounts numbers recently, my old account number was 036479207.
    How can i know my new account number>?

    Please respond.
    Thank you very much


    • asad saeed

      it must be written on your bill. or you may call to SEC helpline no ”
      Customers Service Center (920001100)”

  • zahid


  • dhan

    jony villa

  • Shahid Khan

    how to remove my iqama number registered with saudi electric? please reply..thanks

    • To unsubscribe send a short SMS message as “# 2 Account Number” to 875555 (for STC clients), 6555 (for Mobily clients), and 715555 (for Zain clients)…

  • KR

    How long will take saudi electricty bill paid through SADAD ATM to reach in saudi electricity company ?
    While paying the bill through Al rhaji ATM , a problem happened. I gave the command ‘ make the full payment’ , it was successfull and I got the message in my mobile that the particular amount was debited from my account as the SADAD payment.But I was a little late to take back my ATM card from the machine , then suddenly the message ‘ Time to take the card is finished,so card will retain in the Teller’ was appeared ,then quickly card went inside the machine and didnt come back. still card is inside the machine .When I asked in bank ,they asked me to apply for a new card. The most problematic thing is , when I checked the bill payment status in electricity company’s site, even after 16 hours it shows ‘ amount due’ , not paid . The date of disconnection is very near .
    Is actually the amount debited from my account and will it reach in saudi electricity company or should I make another payment ?
    If any one knows , please help me as early as possible.
    Thanking in advance

  • Bilal Ahmed Qureshi

    If someone not receiving the Printed Bill ? is there any way to check with Meter number or any number that posted on the meter ?

    • You have to call SEC helpline no “Customers Service Center (920001100)” for this.

      • Bilal Ahmed Qureshi

        Oh it’s just awesome… The customer service of SEC are fabulous.. she helped within the seconds. it happens in Saudi first time with me..

    • asad

      yes 3 numbers are mention on the meter.. i try to put these number .. on the bank sadad payment error..

  • asad

    dear all,
    i don’t have bill number , i know only my meter… how i can get the bill number

  • Brajesh Singh

    dear all,
    i don’t have bill number , i know only my meter… how i can get the bill number

  • Salman Niyas

    Hi all.
    This salman I’m an expat here since a year and half! I have rented an apartment! Since 3 months! My electricity was disconnected 2 days now! I don’t have electric city bill to pay! Any idea how I can take my electric city account number! Please be kind enough to help me in this please!

    Thank & waiting for your replies

  • Riyaz Sohale

    i don’t have bill number , i know only my meter… how i can get the bill number