How to Check my Iqama Expiry Date Online?

Check Iqama

You can very easily check the iqama expiry date / validity of your iqama on the Ministry of Interior website as follows : Option 1

  1. Open this Direct link to required page
  2. Enter the Iqama Number
  3. Enter the Image Code
  4. Click “View”

Click Image below to enlarge:

Iqama Validity expiry check

Enter Iqama Number and see the Validity

Iqama validity 5

See Validity date on the Top

Option 2 If the above link does not work then you we provide you step by step navigation to reach the required page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click English on the upper left corner
  3. Click on E-Services Tab
  4. Click on “Passport” in the left column
  5. Scroll down and click on “Query”
  6. Enter the Iqama Number & the Image Code then click “View”

Click images below to enlarge:

Iqama validity 1



traffic violation check 2

CLICK E-Service Tab in the top middle

Iqama validity 3

CLICK PASSPORTS in the left corner

Iqama validity 4

Scroll down and Click “Query Iqama Expiry Service”


Iqama Validity expiry check

Enter Iqama number to Proceed

Iqama validity 5

Iqama Expiry date is shown on the top

  • May iqama check expair date

  • Raja kumarRachakondamallaiah

    I did come last month 16th until then did not get lqama so please give solution

  • Very nice sestom for all

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    About Visit visa problem.

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    whyr my iqama please renew my iqama 2238289587

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    Sir, i have a problem from my iqama because my company was not issued my iqama wat can i do pls help me ….

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    My iqama chike expiry date

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    My iqama check

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    how to get informit iqama expire date

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      U just need to type at Google .Page opn then select English ..then in menu and select there esrvices after that the process is all clear bro

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  • jenilyn

    1 year ago, i came here to work with an employer, 6 months later i had a problem with my employer (low salary, not paying as per contract agreement, normal 10 hours duty etc. ) so we filed a case to Emara against the employer and leave the company and work to the other company for temporary until the case is done. Another 6 months have pass, our case to Emara still unresolved. i am worried coz my iqama will be expired on april 2016.

    please can someone advise in this matter.

    appriciate your concern.

    thank you.

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    • Aiman Iraj

      not open this link, kindly help me for iqama status check please please iqama number is 2371925427

  • This article contain the information about to check date of expiry of your Iqama and in case you submit your iqama for renewal purpe Jawazat Fees

  • Sabit Ali

    How to check Iqama Expiry Date online Saudi Arabia from any part of the world