Check Online – Location & Time of Traffic Violation by Saher Camera

Traffic violation Saher Camera

You check your mobile and you receive an SMS in Arabic telling you that you have committed a speeding violation.

You check on MOI website, you find that there is a fine on your name but you do not know where it happened.

God forbid such a scenario should happen to you.

But if it does happen, then you can check online the time and location of the violation as illustrated below :

1. Go to

2. Then click English in the top left hand.

3. Click E-Service tab – top middle

4. Click Traffic in the left column

5. Click Public Query Traffic Violation & Objection Claim ( see How to find my violation ID)

6. Enter your iqama number, violation ID and the code and then press View.



traffic violation check 1


traffic violation check 2


traffic violation check 3



traffic violation check 4


( see How to find my violation ID)

traffic violation check 5


( see How to find my violation ID)

traffic violation check 6

You will see the details of the violation committed by you and at the bottom of the screen is a Google Map showing the location of your violation.

If you are still not satisfied, you can visit the Traffic police office nearest to you and go to Traffic fines department and ask for visual proof. They will show you your car with its number plate. May be you can even see the driver’s face sometimes.

Take care and drive safe.

  • Naeem

    What is the Violation code ?


    I took free right from 2nd lane, since a saudi guy was blocking the last lane to take right. Received SR.500/- fine by signal flash camera. Will it be valid if i claim..? Is it possible to claim against this…? The link to register objection claim does not get open. Kindly suggest.


    • SaudiExpert

      There is nothing to lose in trying. You have to go the police station and lodge complain.
      Yes, the link in MOI site for registering an objection does not work right now as it is not activated.

  • Jhon

    i got a flash 2days ago at traffic signal,

    it was 8sec left to be red, so i drive as same speed i was driving thts below 60 coz the speed limit on that road is 60, but while crossing the signal it flashed , and the details as follows:

    Description:تجاوز السرعة المحددة بمقدار لا يزيد على 52 كم/ساعة – رصد آلي

    Fine Amount:300

    New Plate Number:أ أ ع 4221

    Old Plate Number:

    City Happened:مكه المكرمه

    Detection Center:الرصد الا لى جدة الصحافه

    Violation Date & Time:08 / 10 / 1436 04:33

    Paid Date:

    Violation Status:لم تسدد

    ***if the description meaning is ( by google):
    Exceeded the speed limit by no more than 52 km / h – to be monitored.

    then if the road speed limit is 60km/h then why sud i get a flash and how do i compalin it back or any ways to solve it except just to pay it blindly?

    • Prince Khan

      What is violation I’d I don’t know any one can informe me

      • Jhon

        violation id: 2061903619
        violation no: 6053383531

        plate: EAA 4221

        date: 24/07/2015

    • Rahimon

      I also got a same experience yesterday. Did u try to put an objection? Any reply from them?

    • M. Tariq Aziz

      Its NOT 52 km/h.
      Its 25 km/h (arabic characters direction issue)

      What it means is, you were speeding above the limit, but within 25 km/h range.
      If you go even above the 25 km/h range, you pay 500 instead of 300.

  • riyaz avulan

    my car is company name , so i get one valuation come for red signal cut.. iwill cheak above method so no record found get answer .

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  • gurusd

    I received a yellow ticket in Arabic due to mild color of tint in the windshield. After more than 10 days I still do not receive any violation in MOI website. How can I pay my violation?

  • khawar saeed

    i have company vehicle, registered under the name of company, how i check any violation against this vehicle?

    • mohammad aziz

      Brother did u get answer?

  • Johnson Vettuvelil

    The traffic signal was Not working and it got jammed , it kept red for 15 minutes and finally I crossed and light flashed.
    Will I get fine ? Signal was defective in one direction

  • Farook m (KSA)

    hi sir I never received text massage also I have to pay 2 violation 400 sr in ksa I wana check location so the aap asking violation no how I no that violation location