Checking Huroob status of Iqama – Ministry of Labor

huroob status

How to check if the sponsor(kafeel) has put absconding report (huroob) against your iqama number ?

Kindly note this process is not valid for domestic workers. For domestic workers, they have to approach jawazat (passport office).

Step 1

Click here to go to Ministry of Labor website

Alternately copy and paste the below link.


Step 2

Enter your iqama number in the second box and press enter – see pic below

Iqama status check - entry page


If the you get the below message, then that normally indicates that there is huroob against your iqama number. Otherwise it shows the status of your company – White, Green, Yellow, Red.

Iqama status check - display page


Alternately, you find the status by checking on the Ministry of Interior website. Click here for more details.

Kindly note, these methods are only indicative. To be 100% sure, you need to get computer print out from Passport office (jawazat).

For who need professional help, you can contact us on


  • hi why the result for the status of iqama not the same to Ministry of labor & Ministry of Interior?
    Ministry of labor – green alreay
    Ministry of interior – is already expired
    which one is not updated?.


    • SaudiXpert

      Ministry of Labor – If you do NOT get the message as shown in the picture above, then mostly probaly you are not in huroob. If it shows green, that means your company is in green category.

      Ministry of Interior – If does not give the message ” Public Query Fund Failed, ID invalid”, then mostly probably you are not in huroob. If it shows you iqama expired, then you need to renew your iqama.

      If you want to 100% sure it, you can get a computer print out from Jawazat office. I suggest that you get this through some agents rather than going there yourself.

      • saif ali

        sir,i want to know my aqama labour office done yaa not because i give it to my aqama in company and they are saying my aqama almost done since last mounth.but i have doubt thats why i want be make aqama no is 2250691066.plzz if u can give me the right information itss help me.

        • Shabbir Zia

          Asif bhai app ka iqama valid ha 21/5/1435

    • Ali

      kindly tell me , how can i check haroob on internet, im very upset about that can my kafeel said , even i gave him money.

      andwho know about haroob so plz tell me what i do, i want to tazul other compan.y

    • +1

  • Dear Sir,

    Assalamau Aleikum! I came here in the Kingdom last October 05,2005, I thought in the first place my kafil will arrange my medical to have iqama, but it reach to 7 month working with him he never give my salary and iqama, that is why I run-away from I found kafil who will provide me iqama,but the problem is my new kafil asking me my entry visa so that they can find my iqama no. there. but nothing only written there is HUROOB. Last time my brother talk to my kafil asking him in polite manner,to surrender my passport to a nearest Philippine embassy,but he said what about my money SR.12,000 that I spent when I took her from the Philippines? Now I need entry visa print-out, so that I can have iqama.Will you please help me what I’m going to do? May Allah blessed you.Thank you.I’m looking forward to your reply.

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly approach your embassy to get assistance in getting back your iqama/passport from your kafeel.

    • muhammad unsar

      its very simple u just go to labour office tell them this all story then they will make one complaon paper from ur side and u have to handover to ur kafeel only,

  • mohammad mustafa

    Dear Sir

    Respectfully i am mohammad mustafa from india my visa profeeson house driver
    and my visa kafalatkafeel in riyadh i am working in compeny abbar and zainy cold store
    in saudia scaca three years kafeel getting every years mony kafalat three sound riyal making iqamah tow times but three time take the mony and not making iqamah then in put huroob and arest the jaojat police in scaca and one week in jaojat then my kafeel give paper passport and give iqrarnama write and exit come to india three years still and i want go to saydia but give answer how willgo to saudia

    thanks Regards
    mohammad mustafa my iqamah no. 2241672217
    mobile no. 918400226852 pls repply give ergently

  • Check may huroob iqama n.2275914006


  • Please im ac taknesan my agremaent 1100 my compane ony 550par manth please my help my name sanjeevkumar pal india kannauj iqama 2339225977 please my help0

    • rod

      your in red zone company.. i hope you can get a new sponsor.. until the grace period

      • rod

        sanjeev , now your in green low status

  • md abdul motalab

    my akama namvar 2243756976

  • Ziarab Hussain Attari

    Aslam o alikum… Frirnd.s
    Any one want to know that…. validity date of aqama so plz join me on fcbk ziarab attari …. or cal me 053 23 77 786.

    • bbrother I came on final exit, but i lost my exit paper, how i would know my iqama number, pleas suggest me or i can check it on any site with the help of sponsor id or m passport number or my visa number.

  • inag

    sir thank you very much, the information was very useful.

  • Plz cheak my tanazool

  • loking for iqama transfer or not/

  • loking for iqama transfer finish or not yet?

  • Sanjeevkumar

    Please my help 8 manth no salre my agremant 1100 reyal compni no salre please my help my iqama 2339225977 my name sanjeev kumar pal please my help

    • Sanjeevkumar

      My name al hana cm6

  • Zain munir

    Hi brothers my name is zain from Pakistan ,, was buy my visa throw an agent ,, but now 9 month gone but he didn’t give me my iqama or don’t have passport ,, I even don’t know about my Kafeel ,, plz tel me what can I do now ,,,

    • SaudiXpert

      I suggest that your brother should immediately visit the Embassy and take their assistance in resolving the issue

      • Sir pls check my iqama no and my status this is my iqama no.2337863464

        • rod

          bro allan , you are in green average zone

          • SaudiXpert


  • dear Sir ,

    how are you , please can you check my iqama . Because i already pay everything
    i don’t know transfer or not .

    Please sir can you check .


    what is green low?? i dont undersatnd please let me know about this, thanks

  • IQAMA NO 2342713662 HAVE TRANFER

    • Allah Bachaya


  • I need check my iqama

    • i need chek my poncher

      • rana wasit mehmood

        Please check my iqama statas

  • moti ruhman Tafizuddin sheikh

    Dear sir assalamu alaikum respectfully,I am Moti Ruhman Tafizuddin Sheikh i have a umra passport. I entry saudi arabia since 12/09/1426H.I want to know how much money want for legal kofala. please reple

  • roger gonzaga rojo

    Please can you check my iqama have transfer

    This my iqama no. 2281222220 ,,,,,and my mobile 0558097874

    • SaudiXpert

      As per Ministry of Labor records, your transfer is done on 25/12/1434 (approx 30 Oct, 2013) to

      Jihan Group Holding Company

      شركة مجموعة جيهان القابضة

      However, your HR needs to visit Jawazat and complete the process there also. If they delay for too long, then status will revert.
      So keep the pressure on your company to get the iqama.

      • johnmark

        Dear All.

        Good Day to you!! My Iqama no is : 2327645418, as per that my iqama expired on july but before that i given my iqama to transfer . Please update me the status


  • rod

    walang records,, meaning di ka under ng nitaqat sir

  • how can checkmy status of iquama can i check for process my iquama for transfer

    • allan.dayuta

      my iquama is yellow

  • Jun Dato

    please check my iqama status 2332162326

    • Jun Dato

      yellow is the status of my iqama

  • jabihullah

    sir i want to check that kapil put me in huroob or not my aqama number 2330353562 if any one know please tell me

  • after all things i forced to ask one question. i intered this KSA legally just bying visa spending about 15,000 riyal from my current sponsor. i have stayed about 6 month with no my sponser told me to change sponsor. still i haven,t any money to fasilitate things. so whay the government bring posible solution. only collecting money is not fair. it mast ask for its citizen why they selling vis in black market. why only foreign workers considerd as a looser?

  • moin

    what if the iqama status is platinum is it same as white or is it better than green?

  • sherly

    Sir please can you check my status if possible to iqama 2223441649..

  • Mary Ann Nera

    Sir please can you check my iqama no.2243366263 if transfer or not because I see its yellow what the meaning of color please ….thank you

  • Saleem

    My son in law came here by purchasing visa but his kafeel said i am not responsible because some body steel my visas and sell to you. Kafeel said your agent did not give me your passport as well . Agent name is Said Imran ud din and not attending calls as he is in saudi Arabia . My son in law reported to Ammara and he is back to his contry with out issuance of Iqama through tarhail . Now in ministry of labor , when we check by his passport or Entry number (raqam ul Hadood) status is matghaib anel amal . plz what is this ? is it haroob ? as he is not issued with iqama. is it possible haroob with out issuing iqama . His passport number is RX1791191. i want to bring him back on other visa . Is it possible that he can come as he is issued with an other passport from Pakistan Embassey.. plz chaeck and reply.

    • Muhammad Younis

      Your son in in law has been sent back through thrail so his finger prints in the record whenever he will try to enter into the kingdom authorties will catch him on airport. After 5 years he can comeback to saudia. Moreover he can come into the kingdom on Umrah visa. only for umrah.

      • Saleem zafar

        Dear, iqama is issued against my son in law name but he is gone on final exit, status in moi still showing iqama valid till 28/12/1435′ how i canknow that he is on finak exit or not as he is in pakistan , his iqama number is 2344357021

        • admin

          Please visit Jawazat and inform them about the issue.
          Best of luck.

  • mizansume

    Mamu…. my iqama not made. But whoy i dont know..

  • Sir I already checked my iqama status in Ministry of Labor I don’t have the same message as the picture above, Then for the Ministry of Interior I got the red message. Does it mean huroob still on my iqama status? my iqama 2289523306. Thank you very much.!!

    • SaudiXpert

      Franklin, the results are indicate and not final.
      In order to be 100% sure, you can get Computer print out from Jawazat (Passport office)

  • shah waseemuddin alvi

    Asalaam alaikum, please can tell me transfer status of my iqama , my iqama no. 2321126746

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum as salam
      There has been no application for transfer received by Ministry of Labor for iqama # 2321126746. Your current sponsor is
      مؤسسة فهد فالح الرشيدي للمقاولات
      (Fahad Al Faleh Al-Rashidi Contracting)

  • Usman

    Sallam O Alikum!!! Brother can you check my Iqama Status…
    IQama #2338144104
    and also tel me why MOI showing this Massage (Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid!)
    if you have any idea ???
    Thanks In Advance
    Jezak Allah Kher

  • ahmed

    as salam alykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu………..

    Brothers please give me the suggestion for my problem…i am working with Hajj & Umrah services…

    brother as i have taken my released letter from my Kafil and submit to my new company for transfer (nakalkafala) last 5 months ago and my iqama also expire 5 months ago, i am asking to my company about my transfer they told me next month , next month 5 months finished i find out the reason why they are getting late so i got the answer from my friends that company have CR (chajil Tijariya) but company is nit register in MAKTABE AMAL & JAWAZAD after Hajj finished they now they start my Iqama Transfer process my company Saudi told me that within 2 weeks you will get your Iqama……….

    .but my big problem is my old kafil is angry on me and my small brother also in his kafala still but my brother send the demand letter to my kafil get released paper but he said first my Iqama transfer will finished them he will give the released letter to my brother,,,,we both brother pay huge money to my kafil to get released…………..

    Now today he call and said me that he will put we both brothers in HUROOB …..

    i dont understant that i have taken 3 released paper + my Iqama + my passport….i have these all 3 thing and my brother have only original passport because he did not give to kafil after he came from vacation……

    So can any body tell me that without passport did kafil make HUROOB………….

    please brothers give me good suggestion……

    waiting for your answers

    Allah Bless You All

    As Salam Alykum

    • SaudiXpert

      It is possible that your old kafeel can give huroob.
      It is best to get the transfer done as soon as possible.

  • aftab ahmed

    salam my kafeel is red zone and i am new soo i dont have aa akam now what gona doo

    • SaudiXpert

      You can transfer to new kafeel directly without making iqama.
      You can look for new sponsor or company.

      • aftabtabii

        sir can you give me aa yr cell number

  • yousof salamat

    Salam ;sir can you check my iqama this is my iqama no.2284452428 I want to know what my status. Thank you very much

  • Leonard onayan

    Good day ,
    I just want to ask regarding for my iqama? My iqama expired this nov 16 2013, and i deside to exit going to my country its posible to exit even my iqama is expired ?your sonnest response most be apprected ..thanks

  • Salah Ud Din

    How to cancel visa immediately if kafil is not present or responding.. ans required plz

  • Transfer

    During the amnesty period my transfer was approved from the MOL. When I checked on this link it was still showing that I was on my old company and as huroob. I called the MOL number they told me that your transfer has been approved by both MOL and MOI and to complete the paper work. Now my company muaqib has told me that the transfer has been completed and only renewal of iqama is left, but when I check on the site again mentioned above. It still shows that I am on the old sponsor with huroob (absent from work) when I check on MOI it still shows as invalid. Could this be a delay? because even after the transfer was approved it didnt show on the link above? I dont know how to check if the muaqib is telling me the truth. I am worried as reading here everyone is saying they give you 3 months to complete transfer. Is anyone in the same situation as I am.

    • ever123

      salam alaikum

      i have same question, i iqama status is absent from work, does this mean huroob, please let me know, if you recieved any replies.

  • Sarath Chandran

    When I checked my iqama, it is showing
    نعتذر لعدم تقديم الخدمة نظرا لعدم وجود منشأتك فى قواعد بيانات نطاقات
    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Last October, I gave my passport to new company without the permission of old cafeel because of he is in red category and asked 9000 Riyals for release. New sponser told, he already paid money but it was not updated in the system and will take time. Last week I checked on the moi diwan, it shown 2000 riyals paid. Now it is showing, no fund, id is invalid. I can’t understand, what is happening.
    My iqama no. is 2308990981. Pls help me..

  • Assalamo alaikom to all of you….I am very confusing what my status ryt now because I am umra visa sence 2006 i had already sponsor to assist me what i dont understand is until now he just saying that he will go to jawazat to file my papers I did finger print n medical has been done.. whe I

    checked my status the result is on the job and so please tell me what do i do the

  • muhammad ayaz


  • M Khan

    متغيب عن العمل I am getting this addres I am outside KSA can I get a new job

    • SaudiXpert

      The only way to be 100% sure regarding your status is getting a computer printout from jawazat.

      • M Khan

        I am outside KSA not in KSA but may be get another job, so I was just thinking is it any kind of problem. I know in KSA nothing is sure.

    • Dear I am facing same problem. Can you please help me.

  • M Khan

    متغيب عن العمل I am getting this I am outside KSA

  • Mohammed Anees

    Aslkm this mohd Anees i want to check my iqama ststus can u give me the reply ths is my iqama number2334587256 متغب ان ءمل what is the meaning of this

  • abrar uddin

    Assalamu alikum sir i want to check my iqama details who is my sponsor company or my kafeel and iam in which situation ,why because iam checking in sites its showing talab i want to cancel and i want total details about that..and iam already given to new company my iqama and passport.upto now not any process may be.please check my status and what the wright way for me..thanking you aqama no 2337415760

  • bogz30

    sir i just want to ask if what is green low?

  • Jamal

    Asalamualikum Dear sir,i have problem because i still not finish transfer, i bring to my kafel passport and akama i submit where i want to transfer but other company i take from there later thane bloke me,thatswy where i need to transfer this company also cannot transfer me ,so what shall i do now,or can you tell me we increase time ,please reply me……

  • wildove e.

    dear sir..can you help me cheking my iqama,because im always asking to my new employer if hows my iqama they said under procesing.but im waiting long time,i did print out last september2013 im waiting untill now,the jazat wrote in my pasport this iqama number2292782794 pls.can u check..

  • kiran

    hi…good day…when i am checking my iqama which was expired last year it is showing no specification of registered worker. What does it mean… can i come back again to saudi,, I left saudi in 2011 on emergency vacation and didnt return

  • muhammed noufal

    i would like to know that , my iqama is in red now , can i change my visa to a green status company now (after november 3)?

  • Johaim Guinar Rakim

    Salamu alikom!sir pls help me if my new sponsor already fix my eqama,i spent big amount and til now no assurance,jazakallahu khairan,,this is my id number 2227321699

  • Johaim Guinar Rakim

    Salam,sir,pls help me to verify my status,i was mistaken by giving my id no. Pls here is my id no. 2227231699

  • Usman

    any one have Huroob please contact me

  • Qasmi

    I been here in kingdom since last year & i want to take vacation in very urgent due to i have some very serious family Problems but the problem is that i did not get my iqama after the transfer but i have paper from jawazat and mentioned there my new kafil name, is it possible to re-exit entry in my passport

  • Muhammad Yousif Gaho

    Dear Sir, I went to Ministry Of Labor but they are not taking my issue, where should I go? for god sake help me, me & My whole family is disturb, so why Labor Ministry is not asking from them, to give original passports to candidate, why saudi Govt is not asking from them? they broke the rule, this is totally out of discipline, please sir, help me as you can, My Sponsor company No is: 0555555835, his Name is Mr, Saleem Al-Harbi, I have all e-mail which i sent them that I dont want to work with you, please give me my wright. please help me as you can, me & My family will be thankful of you.

    your usual response will be highly appreciated us.

    Thanks & Best Regards.

    Muhammad Yousif
    Cell: 0598648733

  • Th0mas K


    I was w0rking in saudi arabia f0r the last 3 yrs 0n a free visa.When i came t0 India f0r vacati0n there arise the pr0blem 0f nitaqat and i didnt g0 back.I was n0t w0rking under my sp0ns0r n als0 my c0mpany was already shut d0wn .I was n0t w0rking f0r 6 mnths when i came f0r vacati0n.Its been 1 year nw and b0th iqama n visa has expired.N0w i have g0t a gud j0b in saudi n i really want t0 take up that j0b.Kindly advise me h0w t0 get back t0 saudi.I checked 0nline abt the hurb00b status in ministry 0f interi0r n it sh0ws ” public query available funds failed,id is invalid” but when i checked ministry f lab0ur it sh0ws s0mething in arabic and sh0ws my name n a number n sumthing else.Kindly help ASAP c0z my new j0b is at h0ld..Kindly find my iqama n0 : 2273947057

    Any help wud be well appreciated.Thanks in advance.

  • Ishfaq Rather

    On checking my status ot shows me the same msge what to do

  • muhammad sajjad

    sir my iqama no is 2264931490 it is under huroob because my kafeel is angry with me i am driver my vehicle was accident was took place by me
    my kafeel was says to take nakl kafala to another kafeel giv me 5 thousand sr
    i gave him this amount
    he also not give me my 5 salaries and trips and put abscording report huroob
    today my iqama is expired
    i am very poor man what me do guide me please
    i am near to mindly abnormal.

  • Waheed Zaman

    Salam Sir, Hope you are fine. My Sponcer put Huroob against me. I have my Passport, Iqama and Transfer paper attested from Chamber of commerce. Can you please help me to cancel the Huroob. I will be waiting for your responce. Thanks

  • vivek

    sir, I am working in acontract manpower supply from April 2013and till now in jubail . .until Jan2014 my Iqama status was green , Just two days back I saw my status and its gone to yellow , many of my other friends in my company also have goneto yellow , I would like to know tat can be able to transfer to a new company with green status with out my kafils permission .cos my company people they neither give exit nor transfer

  • Syed Yasir Ali

    A A Sir my kafeel today call me Mr Yasir u and other two labr make haroob.. hi demand me five thousand sodi riyal evry person and take tansfr . I m 9 people what I do pls help me. Before 2 month tansefr his name expince come 60 thosund riyal. My iqama no .

  • sister

    My brother was hired 6 mos. Ago by a company in jeddah, they gave him iqama then last month, they took it from him and until now, did not returned it baco…where can i complain?they tried to talk to their mudir but refused to give it back.

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear sister,
      It sad to see how some of the people here act.
      You can visit the labor office and lodge a complain.
      If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can contact us on

  • asfak ahmad

    hi i am asfak ahmad my passport no. is this H4242280 plz tell me my iqama no. plz

    • gud morning sir, im marivic maldan,sir please help me to know my iqama, this is my passport number XX0554548 please because i have new employer and i make finger print there in jawazat but until now i dont have iqama,i work them last 2013,please call my number 0532932953

  • hi i am asfak ahmad my passport no. is this H4242280 plz tell me my iqama number
    because my kafil not giving iqama or not tell iqama number plz tell me my iqama number

  • Zia.ur.Rehman

    I am Zia.ur Rehman from Pakistan. I joined a company as Engineer with visa of their sister company.After 2 years when I returned to Pakistan for annual leave.I faced some administrative issues for going back to KSA and I was not returned. During this course of time I intimated the status to my employer.Now all issues have been resolved and I have contacted my company and they have sent a new visa for me But the sister company sent my status to jawazat as run away and my company have hold my visa, Please suggest me what I have to do and what about the law in my case, I will be very thankful to you,

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Zia,
      It is very unfortunate the way things have happened in your case. However, I am surprised, that the sister company was able to put huroob when you are on vacation/out of the country. If they have put huroob, then ask them to remove it.

      Anyways, as you case is very specific, it will required more investigation. If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

  • shakeel

    i want to go india my iqama is experdit and i have out pass how can i go plz tell me

  • binsad Palakkal Salam

    Dear Sir,
    Please check my Iqama No 2354746626 is it Transfer or Not,Thanks for your great Effort done before
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Binsad Palakkal Salam

  • Zeeshan

    Dear Asslamualikum!
    i have need a perfect info i hope here i can get
    i came Ksa last 3 month ago my sponcer is in red zone,
    i didnt get akama or my sponcer no have work i disturb too much
    i want change sponcer how can i change sponcer need perfect info with dtail please,

    • SaudiExpert

      Wa alaikum salam.
      Zeeshan, as your sponsor did not make your iqama and he is in Red, you can change your sponsor. Look for some good company and they will do the rest of the transfer process.
      Best of luck.

  • kareena

    hi goo day

    I am writing for my friend in jedda as she came to jeddah in 2011 in a pvt hospital as a nurse but her visa was cleaner visa ,since she arrived here the management was telling that they will change the profession soon ,its already 3 yr completed she is working as nurse and visa is cleaner she is facing a lot of problem during her vacationfor the banking purposes etc. because she is holding only temporary iqama ,may be maximum 30 days only she was able to hold her original iqama all the other days it is with the management ,can u help me what i can do in this case please,

    • SaudiExpert

      The profession change cannot be done by you or your friend, It has to be done by the company.
      Send them in writing/email to correct your profession.
      If they do not do it, and if you really feel you need change of profession, then you can approach the labor office.

      If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

  • kashif

    second time iqama expire ka kitna garama ha anybody know that.

  • Iqama number is 2231727724 pp number is af1603471 can i reinter saudia new working vesa. Ples help me

  • Sir, my iqama is huroob, iqama number 223172772 i com back to Pakistan from saudia august 2009 .my pp number is af1603472 .can i re inter in saudia new vesa sir ples help me.

  • Sir, slamoalakm, my iqama is huroob, iqama number 2231727724 i com back out pass to Pakistan from saudia august 2009 .my pp number is af1603471 .can i re inter in saudia new vesa? sir ples help me.

    • SaudiExpert

      If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

    • Since it has been 5 year after you left Saudi Arabia, you can come back.
      Best of luck.

  • Syed Shahzad


    My company is low green can i transfr from my company without permission pls tell me

    • SaudiExpert

      No, you cannot unless:
      your company is in Red or Yellow or
      you did not get salary for 3 months or
      if your iqama has expired.

  • zahid hussan 2121865394

    zahid hussan pk iaqma 2121865394

  • mamun

    assalamu alaykum
    sir i,m in saudi all most 2 year , but i contract with compani 3 yeras, now my iqama is expire on date 1435/07/29 & on red signal. i ask to my company i wana go to other company & he not give me tanesfer later . if i want to go other kafil or company i need that tanesfar later or no ? what can i do r8 now please give me any ida
    god bless u

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Mamun,
      If you iqama is expired and one month has elapsed, then you can transfer to another company without your current company’s permission.
      Look for another company and transfer to them.
      If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can us on –

  • mohammad munawar iqbal

    dear sir
    i was in ksa now i am in pakistan can i go back to ksa

    • SaudiExpert

      Why not ??

  • doctor


    Can you please tell me my status I came on exit reentery visa and did not returned. My status shows in Mol absent from work and Moi it shows invalid Id. PLz do reply and suggest. I ve new vis aissued

  • doctor


    Can you please tell me my status I came on exit reentery visa and did not returned. My status shows in Mol absent from work and Moi it shows invalid Id. PLz do reply and suggest. I ve new visa issued.
    My Iqama no was 2314332855


    [email protected]

      your iqama clear

  • m.hasnain

    plz check my iqama status no.2260449323

  • sir good morning can i know if my iqama is still under huroob or been transfer already my iqama number is 2229316472

  • mark lawagan navarro

    dear, sir. can i request to your good office can you plz. check my status to my iqama number. 2331151387 is already to transfer the another company sir. thank u and more power!

  • sir can you please check the status of my iqama if I was been transfer or not this is my iqama number 2229316472

  • aimereyjm

    Sir, I have tried accessing the MOL website from my computer and to the internet shops here in the Philippines, still it would still show the same message as, THE WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE.

    But if you may and if you have a bit of time, kindly help me to check if there was any report/huroob under my IQAMA Number: 2235426331

    As I was having difficulties trying to access the Ministry of Labor website for many days now. I will appreciate your help and good guidance.

    Please Thanks.

    • لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجلة
      your huroob

  • zahid aktar

    zahid aktar 2121865394

    • zahid aktar

      zahid aktar sode ogr iqma 2121865394

      • متغيب عن العمل
        الاسم: ZAHID – – AKHTAR

  • Tanweer Akhter Siddique

    Sir i am working last 8year 8month and i want to go back to india so sir want to know company will pay my 8year benefit or not what is rule as per saudi labor law

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Tanweer,
      You should get benefits for all your 8 years as per the Saudi Labor law.

  • Richard Licuanan

    Good day sir can you help me because my company tell me that my status is huroob but im was working in the company so I went to philippine consulate and we go to my company and they tell to the philippine consol that theres a mistake happen. Then the Philippine consul ask me if I want to work bec I already finish my 2yrs contract I till that I want to go home bec its been 4 months I did not received salary…they give my money but they can not give me ticket bec of my huroob status and they till me they will send me to saudi government but when where there they did not accept me so the company send me back to the camp….I need a help where do I go t help bec. I did not run away its the company mistake but im suffering they can not get me a exit visa…my iqama number is 2320435403 can you check it thankks

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Richard,

      It is quite unfortunate that way things have happened with you.

      If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

  • mohammad rahman

    dear sir asalamualaikum,
    sir i am in company saudi binladin group from 11 months & have 2 year agreement with this company but working with arbian impregilo company now this company want my iqama by force for transfar but i don’t want they tell me that you are already transferred but only iqama print is remaining
    sir i don’t want this i want to go back in saudi binladin group but he don’t leave me
    how can i go back sir please help me.

  • mohammad rahman

    sir binladin company give me on rent for arbian impregilo company
    my iqama no is 2361633478
    please check i am transferred or not? i dont want transfar i want to go back in saudi binladin group

  • Aamirsher

    salam o alaikum dear sir my name is aamir sher shahzad from pakistan my haqma no is 2280969599 sir my kifal gave my huroob one year ago he gave me transfear paper with passport i found new kifal he try beast but noting so tell me how my huroob is cancelled and transfear new kifal thank you dear sir

    • Aamirsher

      sir aslam ou alakim sir thats second time i send a problemplz sir send me a solation my old kafil gave me huroob 1 year ago i want to transfer to new kafil plz sir who my huroob is cansal my haqma no is 2280969599 and my mobile no is 0595203923 thanks sir

    • Aamirsher

      sir aslam ou alakim sir thats second time i send a problem plz sir send me a solation my old kafil gave me huroob 1 year ago i want to transfer to new kafil plz sir who my huroob is cansal my haqma no is 2280969599 and my mobile no is 0595203923 thanks sir

      • SaudiExpert

        Dear Aamir,
        Sorry to hear about your case. If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

  • Imran Khan

    Dear Sir,
    Here is iqama no of my Friend. 2278757121 he is in pak now his kafeel send him by tarheel he just want to know can he come back again saudia or not. I check his status his kafeel in is Dark Red and his C.R and Rukhsa is expired I don’t understand how to guide him please help me and send me his status awaiting for your reply.

    Thank you.

    Imran Khan

    • SaudiExpert

      Sorry to hear about your friend’s case. His case is very specific. If you need professional assistance specific for his case, you can get it here –

  • waseem

    why Saudi kafeel do not give salaries according to the agreement and take more than 8 hours duties approximately 14 to 16 hours duty time they do not give over time ,they do not medical facility proper all workers are living just like slave
    is their now Law and order in KSA ?Why saudi peoples do not follow the Teaching of Prophet (PBHM) why they react with worker bad behavior.give me answer why ?Are their No muslim ,I Need Answer By saudia government.

    • SaudiExpert

      Sorry to hear about your case. If you need professional assistance specific for your case, you can get it here –

  • filnurse

    I Beg for an answer please. My iqama number is 2318694607. I arrived at saudi arabia september 2011. I went on vacation but did not returned for work. I tried to use ministry of labor website and it says “no specifications of registered workers” . Can still go back to saudi arabia for work this year??? Please i need your reply. Thank you

    • your r under haroob

    • Abdul Noman Malik

      Zohaib is right. You are probably under Huroob!!!

  • filnurse

    I went on vacation on june/july 2012.

  • lovely

    assalamo alaicom sir,pls iwnt to ask if ican come back in saudi this my iqama #2209844014 sir pls because my kafeel he make me huroob but im not a run away im wrking outside before then every month i pay him but when i go exit he make a huroob.sir pls can u give me a advice what im doing?

  • salman

    Dear sir can you tall me please my iquama transfer has done or not my iquama noumber is 2373169545 please sir.

  • shujaat ali

    sir plzzz check mu iqama status 002341108666

  • Raza

    Dear SaudiExpert

    I came here on Family Visa. My wife got job here and as spouse i came here.
    I have following quarries:
    1. Can i Search job here (i am IT Professional ) and can i work on family/dependent visa
    2. what will be steps after having job
    3. Is my visa is transferable if not , can my iqama be transferable by taking any document from sponsor (my wife is my sponsor i think so )


  • i laft the SAUDIA 2012 whit thrheel out passport because my kafeel give the hroob NOW i work in qatar whit 2 year now i went go saudia for only umrah from qatar by bus any problem plz tel me

  • draliksa

    I recieve this massage what does it means??
    نعتذر لعدم تقديم الخدمة نظرا لعدم وجود منشأتك فى قواعد بيانات نطاقات

    Kind Regards

  • ram

    Dear Sir ,

    Asalum Allaikum brother.

    My name is jeyaram and my IQAMA number is 2284903149. and i came to my country on December 2012 and not return back. when i checking IQAMA status is showing IQAMA valid till 1434/06/05 and checking Huroob it showing lower green.Would you please check can i come to Saudi Arabia again? I have checked my IQAMA status and other. i cannot come to final summary. would you please advise me..

    thanks & best regards,

    • Abdul Noman Malik

      Dear Friend,

      What i am going to mention here is what i heard from my previous colleagues who went through same situation are you are undergoing now.

      Listen carefully, once your Iqama is expired, you can go to Saudi Arabia on new visa with new employer, provided that you have no criminal or fraud record in Police or Jawazaat.

      Best of Luck….!!!!

  • eduardo

    I came here in saudi arabia last july 2013, with me is a valid contract from one stablishment, but somebody give me iqama who is not my sponsor base on my contract, from july to last of october, i worked from another company. Before the grace period will end on november 3, 2013, i went back to my kafeel who give my iqama, because of some mis understanding, he took my iqama. My iqama no is 2349326542, i want to know sir if my kafeel put me i huroob. I came here and i shoulder all the expenses, only the visa from him. Thank you very much sir, may allah bless you.

  • eduardo

    He took my iqama last april 2014, now i don’t have iqama sir, i want to get my passport to him because i want to put myself legally, thank you sir. More power.

  • mario paredes

    Salam alaikum,

    i know that this may seem out of line with regards to this forum, but i want to take this opportunity if ever there is someone out here with same concern. i’m working here in saudi arabia for 8 years now, and still hoping that our working condition may change. i believe that our company (el khereiji corp) is in violation of few labor laws, if my assumptions are correct. firstly, our living condition, we are housed in a compound in al-rawdah, in a single room of not more that 6m x 10m, there are about 10 persons congested in this small, dilapidated room,double deck beds and dining area are included, no bathroom inside; kitchen is a separate location which i would describe as “filthy” and certainly wouldn’t pass the safety standard. bathroom is also separated, cubicle type, unimaginable condition. when i first arrive here they took my passport and have me signed a contract and another blank paper, not even explaining to us what it is. second, Salary is one of the worst case here, el khereiji corp is providing manpower to saudi arabian airlines and the latter is paying a handful to our company, but this wicked company is slicing a big chunk of the amount. what i’m saying is the salaries of all the employee are not within the labor ministries mandate. third, our job description in our iqama is not as what we are supposed to be, there are employees which bearing labor on the iqama and working as store keeper in the airport as an example, they are paying the people as labor but allowing them to work as storekeeper. fourth, they are holding our passport which is contradiction to what the labor law states. fifth, the manager of el khereiji here in jeddah has a personal food store inside the compound, which is subsequently not registered to the ministry of commerce and thus providing commodities with higher pricing. sixth, the company is imposing deductions in our salaries which are not governed by any memo or rules explaining the nature of it. seventh, the company is not issuing salary slip or invoice with the salary brake-down.
    this are only few of the illicit works of our company, unfortunately most of us have no guts to complain it to the labor ministry as we would surely be punished by holding our salries and taking our ID and iqama or worst, sent back to our homeland. they say that the el khereiji can do this things because they have “Wasta”. that im not sure and not familiar with. but surely this working condition is not appropriate for expats to endure. as i told earlier, i only want to be heard.

    thank you for listening/reading


  • apsar

    Salam alaikum, sir
    Please help me
    My medical student hu, anaesthesia technician
    India, andhra pradesh from tirupati
    My name apsar
    My passport number K8587348
    My saudi ko September 25 aayahu but aabithak mujey salary nahi mila …
    Sir salary important naihi mujey saudi work karrneyka passand nahi aari hi matlab my mother is seriously heart attack …Please mujey india ko bechdu please sir help me…
    My phome number 0544310468

  • abdul aali

    dear sir, very informative blog. God bless you.
    my father owns a small company here as investor. we have employed two saudis and 9 expats workers. last year we pad for all workers 2500 maktab amal fee. i was surprised why. few days back i was just checking if i had deposited money on my father’s iqama for his exit reentry fee i saw on the same page that he has 2000 SR in labor office. where did this money come from? is it refund from maktab amal for the excess money paid to maktab amal or is it something else. if it is excess money refund then how to access this money.

    thanks and regards

  • nikko gil garcia

    Sir salamalaikum ,i would us can i tranfer to other khafeel?because
    My khafeel was stop me to work..its been 8 months a go when got an accident to driving with a truck..and my two years contract with my khafeel was already finish…until now they didnot give me khafeel is in red color..please advise me what can i do..and please check my ikama status..thank you verry much…

  • nikko gil garcia

    My ikama no is 2341948749 please sir i need a advise.please…reply me thank you

  • jafar vali shaik

    My huroob me ho plesss help me my iqama no.2363772852

  • my problem sir my kafeel is kharj I m indian but working in dammam 3 year every year giving many his 2000 riyal 2 time aqama renew after m going aooda after my kafil calling what speak give me six thousands riyal after u go speak not giving you your aooda I m speak I m comeback after u take now no riyal problem my house after I m going airport speak your oooda cancel after I’m coming his my kafil brother give me 1 paper but no exit paper I’m please request my is horoob giving I want come to Saudi arbiya please check my horoob I can come to Saudi arbiya

  • hassan mustafa

    sir i want to ask u about my iqama that i am not sure that i will be get exit or not but somebody told me like this last year i went for hajj without the permission of saudi government who is responsible hajj ,and in the way of taif surta (police) catch me and took my finger print,so i want to ask u about this problem can you gave me any good idea to save my self i want to stay and earn here. if i go vacation my future will be come down so plz help me about this prob.

  • kamarudheen

    sir My iqama not transfer to new kaffeel becouse he is in yellow catogory my old kafeeltold me i will ready do huroob I am waiting 2 months for this purpose. sir what can i do . what is next procedure help me.

  • mustaqeem

    Dear sir my kapeel two time sit huroob on my iqama then he take 10000 rivals from me and cancel huroob but now he call me that give 5000 riyals more if you not give me more money then I give against huroob please give me information

  • Dear Brother

    I want to know i came on vacation due to some health issue of my family i didn’t went back on time
    hence my iqama and exit re entry is cancel so can i come on another company visa
    however i check the above website and its not showing any huroob,,,,,can i come back and join another company
    or not ????
    please advice me further
    looking fwd for your kind help in my case
    Ahmed Hussain
    what to do the next step

    • sohail abbas

      you are not in haroob status dear

      • stylo winkie

        salam sir our kafeel said i set huroob on you but our iqama status shows that (absent from work) is this huroob or not plz gve info about huroob

  • mohammad rafiq

    i want renew iqama with 4 children under 18 with wife. HOWmuch mount requried?

    • The Jawazat fee for renewal will be SR 500 + SR 150 (HRDF) = SR 650

      • Fahad nassif

        boss final exet no problim?

  • muslimen mustapha glang

    salam sir please verify my iqama if transfer new employer and huroob 2364068458

  • Abdul Gafoor

    Dear brothers,

    my iqama transferred to my company from my kafeel .iam working on this company from last 1.5 year .i just want to release from this company. but company said they will not give the release ,they will give you exit on me.but i want save my visa .still i dont signed any contract with company and they are holding ma plese help me know about how can move from here and how can i protect my visa ,please help me brothers.

  • Abdullah mohd

    assalam alaikum
    please check my horoob

    • sohail abbas

      your detail shows kharooj nehai currently

  • rizwanshadan

    My name is rizwan shadan
    My passport num. K9404807
    My horub chek pleez sir

    • The sure shot way to get information about huroob is to get computer print out from Jawazat.

  • Syed Amir Fareed

    Salam, i came in saudia April 2013 , My kafeel give me huroob before 1 year several time i call and meet he say no problem i will cancel your HUROOB but still is not cancel, my profession is House Driver, Sir my question is if i go our Home Country with status of Huroob can i go to Dubai. pls give me a answer very very thankful to u

    • sohail abbas

      yes u should go from anywhere in GCC not in KSA ONLY

  • muhammad azam

    2236089229 pleas check my haroob .i this time tarhel shamesi

    • sohail abbas

      you are not haroob , you r present in work

      • muhammad azam

        Ok thanks.I,m this time tarhel shamesi catch polic you are talk embassy .pk my mamla only iqama finish

      • muhammad azam

        I,m tarhel shamesi plz talk embassy pk my iqama expire only help me

      • muhammad azam

        Ok .Mr. i,m tarhel shamesi police catch me before iqama expire you talk embassy plz help & out me jail thanks

  • muhammad azam

    Please check my haroob & how much Tim com back Saudi

  • Muhammad Ali

    Sir, ma recently deport ho k aya hun. Mera pehla iqama e ni bna tha. Kya ap skty hen k muj py kitna ban LGA ha

  • alanoden

    Sir my iqama was expired since five years,now new company want me to transfer with them but still cannot cancel my horoub what can i do.plz i need answer.2277179913

  • rabin mohammed

    Sir, my name is Rabin mohammed iquma number 2310332685 , I’m working in a company named Anfal, still now 2.5 years and they put me in huroob … And they told me 20 days finish…. So my question is , company can remove my huroob?

    • imthiyaj

      your from india where give your ksa number

  • mohemad muzakkir


  • gulzar Hussain


  • Rahimullah

    Sir my name is Rahimullah iquma number 2323474441 help me sir

    • Nadeem murtaza

      RAHIM ULLAH SHAKIR ULLAH you have haroob be care full

      • shahid

        Assalamaleykum. Sir can u please help me. Please check my huroob in my iqama. Is under huroob or not. This is my iqama number 2371561529

        • Suliman Shah

          hello Dear SOYAB HASAN SIDDIKEE you are absent from your work means you have huroob

          • FARHAN RAEES

            Respected Brother suliman, can you please tell me whether i am on Haroob or not, i was having haroob in 2012, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

            (2276043995) Iqama Number

          • Muhammad Usman

            Sir mujh 10 mah ho gy hn saudia ai hovy mery kafeel ne haroof laga dia he ajend ne b dohka dy dia he ab mn wapis jana chahta hu mwramy pas paspord b nhi he anent ne lia eqama bnwany k lye or wapis pakiatan chala gya ab mn wapis jana chahta hu koi trikabatain k kis tariky ce jau plz any one help me my contact no
            Please koi bata dy

          • Sujay Shetty

            sir please needed help i had gone vacation on iqama number 2330939964 and due to sickness i couldnot come back. now i got a offer and visa all processed after 2 years nearly. i want go back saudi to work but i am not sure whether i am in Huroob status. can you please check and help me as i am trying but its not stating

        • Randolph Cahilig

          your on a final exit are not huroob anymore

          • Sever

            Hi sir im a pinoy and i want to check my huroob

          • Randolph Cahilig

            what is your iqama n#

          • Jayson Bernaldez

            Sir, could you check mine as well. 2349861456. Thanks

          • Randolph Cahilig

            gud news you are not huroom anymore..

          • Nirmal Raj

            Sir can you pls check my huroob details my iqama number 2384665143

          • Randolph Cahilig

            your iqama n#

          • Sever


          • Sever

            Can you make a ring on my phone so that i can call you 0544291866 call me please

          • LOVE PAKISTAN

            Plz chek my iqma is huroob or not 2414843884

          • Mirza

            Randolph sir.
            Sir my kafeel has set me ,”absent from work”.
            What does it mean and can you check more about me.
            Thanks and regards

          • Maria Angela

            hi 2376522021
            2376761389 can you check our iqama?

          • Mirza

            Respected sir I need your help to check my iqama for huroob please

      • Arshad Fiazan

        Sir my name muhammad irshad cheek horob

        • Sakariya Parampa

          Sir my name sakariya upptigalparampa cheek horob2375542798


        Respected Brother, can you please tell me whether i am on Haroob or not, i was having haroob in 2012, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

        (2276043995) Iqama Number

      • hammad mirza

        Asslam alikum jani koi infrmtion ha haroob hatany ke to rabta kry whatsapp 0559235767

      • Tariq Gujjar

        sir plz check my huroob my name sarwar hussain iqama no,2389685617

      • Randolph Cahilig

        you are not huroob now..

        • Siyad Siya

          Sir my name is siyad abdulsalam
          Can you check am still under huroob or not .. can I come back to Saudi now ?? My iqama number: 2375771876

    • zadran zadran

      Yar hamara bhi ya mushkal hi Ab mi kia kro

  • abiddin

    Hi sir iam Abiddin I want to go India and my sponsore ban for travel to me now what can I do I staying here from last 2 and half years….

    • Faisal Noor

      salam justine bro plz check my iqama no. is 2267934228 huroob

  • rashes shahfuddin

    How can I change my iqama .now I’m a house driver … can I change other like

  • adil zaman

    Pl sir check my iqama huroob my iqama number is 2370106797

  • Mostafa Ripon

    Dear Sir, My name is mohammad mostafa kamalI iqama no. 2166983235. I have been working almost 13 years with my company, by mistake company make it “HURUP”. now company and myself want to remove this ‘HURUP” please tell me the process how to remove. May Allah bless you.

  • sayed noor


  • rauf

    aslam o alikum
    Dear Admin ,
    I need help regarding issuing Iqama , dear 1 Pakistani person came in ksa 2012 and handover his passport to his agent after very tragic story now his Agent return his passport that he cannot do anything , 3 year no iqama and what can he do and what can we do for him , your reply will be Great help this poor guy

  • rauf

    aslam o alikum
    Dear Admin ,
    I need help regarding issuing Iqama , dear 1 Pakistani person came in ksa 2012 and handover his passport to his agent after very tragic story now his Agent return his passport that he cannot do anything , 3 year no iqama and what can he do and what can we do for him , your reply will be Great help this poor guy

    passport no is AH0279281
    please help

  • Ei

    I was repartriated last feb 2012.Now, i was wondering if i can go back again to KSA. When i got to check my records in MOI and MOL i saw this. What does it mean? Thanks.

  • nadeem

    My name nadeem my eqama no 2276185507 plz chack huroob

    • nadeem

      My name Ummed my eqama no 2345108373 plz chack red

  • Marofjan

    Sir my name is Iqbal plz chick my haroop no2329950667

    • Nadeem murtaza

      IQBAL KHAN ATTA KHAN your on job not harob


        Sir plz check my status my iqama number is 2323485900

        • justine

          haroob careful

        • Nurulain Khan

          your iqama number 2323485900 horub


        Respected Brother nadeem , can you please tell me whether i am on Haroob or not, i was having haroob in 2012, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

        (2276043995) Iqama Number

      • Ejaz Hussain

        Dear Sir,

        I left Saudi Arabia in Aug 2010 due to some family reasons and till date could not returned back to Saudi. I and my wife both left on Exit/Re-Entry visa.

        While I was leaving Saudi Arabia, there was loan and credit cards pending to pay. After long time, I got a job in Dubai and moved there. Saudi bank SAAB caught me in Dubai through a credit collection company and asked me to settle down the payment, which I settled down amicably. Then I also paid and closed credit card with another bank AMEX by my own. I have clearance letters from AMEX and SAAB both. But I remember there are still two more cards pending where I tried to contact them and they never replied i.e. NCB and Saudi Fransi.

        Now after around 6 years, I have been selected for a job in Saudi Arabia and they want me to join. Kindly please let me know if I can come down to Saudi Arabia without any problem. In my home country there will not be any problem or rejection during visa processing. I have checked my status with iqama number on one of your given links and my status is “Absent from work”.

        I am also in fear if there is any police complaint against me or I’ll be detained at the airport. (My Iqama No. 2222269314, Pakistani National)

        Please advise if I can come back to Saudi without any problem because if there is any problem then I will be in trouble and also will lose my current job in UAE.

        Kindly advice.


      • Imran

        Dear sir plz check my iqama 2383907298 huroob or not

        • Imran

          This iqama number is my friend no

      • Tariq Gujjar

        sir plz chick my haroop iqama no.2389685617

      • Tariq Gujjar

        sir, my name is sarwar hussain plz check my haroop iqama no.2389685617

  • Ansar Bhai

    Hello sir iam Ansar please help…my sponsor now in yellow ,what problem please check this my iqamma no 2273458584

  • Peshinoh Nasaally

    Asalam aleykum sir.
    I just wanted to enquire if its legally aceptable for your employer to force you into sighning a new contract after your contract is finished regarding that you dont want to.
    With the threat of receiving an exit re entry visa not a final exit so that you are baned from saudi Arabia for a period of years.


  • faiz

    plz help all of them they all are in very bad condition.

  • tanka

    dear sir my name is tanka bahadur bishwokarma bhim plz chack my sponsor name my iqama 2301143976

  • nadir naseer

    Sar palz help me mera haroob ha or Mary pas itne pasy ni ha ka man apna haroob khlwa sakon palz help me

  • Delia A. Villaflor

    Good day name is Delia A. Villaflor..I employed here since October 2013..I couldn’t get my iqama since my first employer every time I send money to Philippines until now this is my third employer. .my agency in Philippines decided to go home this week and hoping my employer will discharge me to back home..They told me I no need iqama for travel alone going to airport and this is I’m worrying. .how can be sure that I have no problem with my case..They are told me that I have.iqama but I want to use it to send money first before I go but they got angry with me..I know this is my right to have agency here is AL AJAJI RECRUITMENT AGENCY..I hope Sir to clarify my problem regarding my situation. .because I have doubt they will pass me again to another employer or sale me and not going back to my family. .God bless day. .Thanks in advance. .

  • Rohtash singh s/o mahavir

    My iqama check haroob my iqama number …2360492736

    • Nadeem murtaza

      you dont have haroob

      • shahid

        Nadeem plz check my iqama number is 2371561529 is in huroob or not help me

      • Tariq Gujjar

        sir im sarwar hussain please check i have haroob or not

  • Boy Mejia

    I have a problem with my employer because he is deducting my salary for iqama expenses and not giving my trip money because he told me he use the money for the processing of getting my amnesty, it takes already more than three years already and its goes to sr 39,000+ and the deduction sr500 every month for the total of sr8,500 for the iqama and now I sue him in labor disputes or maktab amil to clarify the issue and now I have too month working without salary. What shall I do now ,I have nothing now please give an idea to get out of this big problem that I face now.It is okey for me to jump from my boss and seek another job from other company?

  • Imran Ali Kalwar

    My iqama status is: Absent from work.

    What does it mean? Can any one explain this?

    Whether can I go Saudia next time or not? Please explain????

  • Shamieshyn Aton

    Sir my name is MARIA LINA ATON MALAQUE please help me to check my horob status my iqama # 2297929040

  • zohaib

    Sir my name is usman sir plz check my iqama status my iqama is not renewed.why?sir nadeem plz check my iqama status nd tell iqama number is 2370409787

  • mujeeb Rahman

    Mujeeb Rahman Afridi

  • Catherinevlt

    my iqama number is 2387561125

  • Omar-Khayam

    Salam sir pls chk my horoob My iqama number 2235902616, can i go back to ksa, im almost 5 yrs after my deportation.

  • Shapza Baburbazar Ahmed Babul

    dear sir my name is babul md yousef sickder .my kofil 7 years not give iqama.and not give vacation5 years.and no have slary .iqama now date expar 3 mounth.i dont know iqama huroob.
    need saudia help iqama tranesfar.ching kofil and vacation.2258697453

  • Shapza Baburbazar Ahmed Babul

    pless chack my iqama exit

  • Shapza Baburbazar Ahmed Babul

    my name is babul md yousef sickder.what is trabel my iqama 2258697453 sorika alamawaz

  • muhammad tariq

    dear sir my name is muhammad tariq. i am manager in HBL.sir i request you to findout my papa. police has been arrested him from ANEZA chekpost from last five days i am trying to conect him there is no contect has been made cell is power off. his Iqama no. is 2256957914.
    my mobile is 00923458148781

  • Mudassar Meher

    Sir my name is Muhammad mudassar iqama no.2331752473 plz check haroob

  • yearhossain

    Yearhossain abdulhoque

  • Rey Aguinaldo Paclibar

    Plss check this iqama #if huroob or not

    • justine

      haroob careful



  • Muhammad Zaheer Khan

    Sir my iqama no 2312988755 huroob 31/12/2012 out

    • Muhammad Zaheer Khan


  • Riazu Rahman

    Renew iqma 2356703518

    • Riazu Rahman


    • Mohammad Raees


  • Khan Baba

    Dear all i came back pakistan on final exit. Can any one checj for me whether i can enter saudia arabia with new visa. My previous iqama nr is 2306952603

    • Yes you can come to saudi arabia on the visa of the same sponsor or any other sponsor because you current status is not Huroob but Final Exit or “خروج نهائي”.
      In addition with new sponsor your Iqama Number will be change but it will stay as it is with old sponsor. Hope that helps.

  • Muhammad Rashid


    • Suliman Shah

      JAMEEL KHAN MUHAMMAD KHAN brother you have khorooj nehaye so sad

      • Vince Hamad Fallera

        Asalamualaykum Mr. Suliman Sha.
        I just wanna ask because my company was accidentally put final exit in my iqama or Kurooj nihay.. is there any way or possible to cancel the final exit?

      • Atif Kadge

        Sir my name is atif ahmed now i am in india since my qafeel has made me huroob so i want to know can i be back to saudi arabia i got final exit can check and let me know about it my iqama num 2370517951


        Respected Brother, can you please tell me whether i am on Haroob or not, i was having haroob in 2012, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

        (2276043995) Iqama Number


        Huroob cak

        • TAHIRJAVED


      • Edwin Medina

        Good Day Mr. Suliman Shah! Kindly check my iqama number: 2185780810… I want to come back in ksa. Thanks

  • Muhammad Rashid

    2350976755 plz chek my huroob or not jameel khan

  • Mudassar Meher

    how can check my iqama haroof and my iqama no 2331752473 and passport no aco 418101 and visa no 99073623 and name muhammad mudassar

  • taufeeq ahmad



    Plz check my status my iqama number is 2323485900



  • javeed

    javeedshakchandpasha chak my iqama nambar 2337572511

  • Komora Mzungu

    My Komora plz check this Iqama huroob or not 2369176355

  • Kashif naseer

    2307333316 bhai ye mera iqama nmbr ha please koi check kr k batay konsa haroob lga hua ha


    Check my status my iqama number bhii 2323485900


    My iqama number 2323485900 plz mu status


    Dear my name is mohammed and my iqama number is 2323485900 plz check my status


    Dear sir my name is MOHD MOIN UDDIN and my iqama number is 2320193697 i came to my country last year October for exit re-entry can i able to come Saudi know for new visa . please give me update sir please as soon as possible.

  • Sultan Ahmad

    Sir my name is Sultan ahmad and my Iqama number 2314896835 chek my haroob

  • wevelynzamora

    hai mam and sir my name iswevely zamora can i know my iqama number pls

  • Arnit guan

    Sir my name is arnit guan2287574202

  • m ilyas

    assalam O alikum sir my name is muhammad ilyas Khan plz check my haroop my aqma number 2234878573 I’m going to jail so how many years are left

  • Al job at ismail


  • valueoflifevalueoflife

    This is so sad how can a sponsor put huroob with out informing and the people even don’t no the iqama status after that the sponsor charges a huge amount is their any solution for this unfair deed

  • Roudel Lumang

    Can you check my iqama # 2352094623 if its final exit or not? Thank you.

  • muhammad younas

    Sir my name Muhammad younas and sir plz I need you some hellp sir it’s my iqama numbr 2276472707 can you check plz my haroob sir I kindly requste you…

  • Nanhen Shaikh

    Main india men hun keya saudi ja sakta hun iqama no 2118173638

  • Adrian

    Gud pm, sir please check my iqama #2272355575 tnx

    • justine

      ur iqma is ok

  • attique memon

    Sir i want chack my huroob my iqma

  • Sir, my name is israr ahmad
    Sir plz check my hurob
    iqama number..2313895092

  • Zahra Zahra

    if any one doing iqama pls help me to du my iqama
    pls call me who can du for me iqama 0537648144

  • attique memon

    Asslama alakum sir mr sulaman iwant chack my iqma number 2191262191 thnx

    • justine

      iqama ok

      • attique memon

        Sir my iqama is ok not have huroob mybe iam comeback saudia new visa not come problum


        Respected Brother, i was working in riyadh KSA as a branch accountant, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

        (2276043995) Iqama number

        please request you tell me about my iqama status

  • gopal bahadur ghimire

    my iqama no 2269031858 plz chek the huroob

  • inday

    Hello sir, my name Francisco Atienza Martinez this is my iqama #2199379229
    please I asking u to horoob or not?

  • zarshad

    may name is zarshad alli May dakhool nomber 4032657522 plese give me my iqama nomber plese…….

  • zarshad

    My name muhammad sajjad iqama nomber 2353731231plese chik my khroop

    • Muqeem Ali

      u r ok

  • aftab

    Sir my aftab . my Iqama no 2335204901. Plz check haroof. Or kharoj nahai?

    • Muqeem Ali

      you are at work

      • Harold

        Sir what is the meaning of kharooj nehai

        • shahidul islam

          FINEL EXIT

  • attique memon

    5 days ago

    Asslama alakum sir mr sulaman iwant chack my iqma number 2191262191 thnx

    • Muqeem Ali

      Sorry brother your are haroob be careful

      • attique memon

        Horoub he

      • Faisal Noor

        sir muqeem ali please check my iqma no 2267934228 haroob

        • Faisal Noor

          hi bro plz reply

  • Sadiq

    Sir please my iqama huroop 2098372028

    • Muqeem Ali

      Sorry brother your are haroob be carefull

      • Atif Kadge

        Sir my name is atif ahmed now i am in india since my qafeel has made me huroob so i want to know can i be back to saudi arabia i got final exit can you check and let me know about it my iqama num 2370517951

  • Abdul rehman

    Salam my name is abdul rehman my iqamma number 2379444074 plzz chek my status……..and I am in Pakistan and my exit reentry visa expire and my kafeel did not given me a latter now I if get new visa can I come back on new visa

  • ناصر حسین


    • Muqeem Ali

      u r ok not haroob

  • Pantalit

    Sir please check status of my iqama: 2338810639.

    Also please check validity. Thankyou.

  • FazalRahman

    Sir my name FazalRahman my Iqama numbar 2326097413 ples chek huroob

    • Muqeem Ali

      Sorry brother your are haroob be carefulll

      • Vince Hamad Fallera

        Assalamualaykum Mr. Muqeem, please check if my iqama is huroob or final exit. Thanks..

      • Harold

        Respected Brother, i was working in riyadh KSA as a branch accountant, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you


      • Leonna

        Sir muqeem Ali I am in huroob statutas now…I want t go home in Philippines coz my mother died.Please help me..

        • shahidul islam


    • Nurulain Khan

      Licenses the facility: the facility permits valid. Worker case: exit termination

  • Abdul hameed

    Plz koi bata sakta hai huroob

  • Abdul hameed

    Sir huroob ke bare main koi qanoon ya koi hal ho to plz bata de

  • marte m mananguit

    sir can you check my status of my iqama#2352430199 can you pls check please sir..

  • marte m mananguit

    can i come back in saudi arabia can you check my status of my iqama pls sir pls…

  • Vince Hamad Fallera

    Assalamu alaykum….
    Please kindly check if my iqama is under huroob or final exit..
    Shukran jazzilan


    • Nurulain Khan

      you are not horub find details رقم العامل: 1-2-3881656 الاسم: VICENTE FAELDONEA FALLERA

  • shokatali

    hello sir
    my name is shokatali kalu khan passport n. h2414013 please check my details in saudi arabia entry or not

  • Killboy Madid

    Can u check my eqama status 2317478754..if I don’t get any problem for coming back to saudi

  • muhammad umer

    Sir my name is muhammad umer .IQ no 2297812139 pls check I’m in haroop or not .

  • ben1987

    Hi, My friend is in a situation and he needs some clarification. My friend is not paid for 4 months, and his iqama has expired. he has given a tanaseel request from a new company. But, his kafeel is not accepting his tanaseel. the kafeel is asking him for 1 month more time to give the confirmation,. the kafeel has warned my friend if he tries to leave the company or go to labor court he would give my friend’s passport for “huroob” . Please somebody help on this situation, and please note that the company is “green”

  • Atif Kadge

    Sir my name is atif ahmed now i am in india since my qafeel has made me huroob so i want to know can i be back to saudi arabia i got final exit can you check and let me know about it my iqama num 2370517951

  • Mohammed Arifuddin

    My name is mohammed arifuddin can you please check my huroob my iqama number is 2303435917

    • shahidul islam

      you have haurob be careful

  • Abdul rehman

    Assalam o alikum any one please help me my kafeel give me ha tasira 6 month and when I coming back to saudi the trvel agency sys your tasira is expire it’s only for 5 month not for six month now I am calling my cazn why you do this to me he saying that you cannot come we do not give you a extend latter also I don’t no who is my kafeel pleases any on help can give me a extend latter I am in Pakistan what I do soo plase any on who can help me my igama number is 2379444074 I want to come back to saudi

  • Abdul rehman

    Any guide line please help me my brothers I do dua that Allah give me my extend latter

  • Abdul rehman

    Reply plz my tasira end 11 October 2015 plzz help me how to extend

  • iftikhar

    sir i am iftikhar sir i am new sir my kafeel is rad no iqamah plz help me

  • Sachin Khan

    Hi…My Iqama status is Huroob in Green color…what does these color means & what are the advantages & disadvantages of these colors for Huroob person?

    • krishna dutta

      I also have same question. What does these colors mean. Green, white, red etc. Please help us

  • Sohail Siddique

    Sir my name is Sohail Mohammed My Iqama number Is (2095219602) Can Anyone Help Me Out To Cancel My Huroob Please It’s Argent Contact Me On This Number 0565988559 Please It’s Really Important For Me Thank You!

    • Nurulain Khan

      Factor number: 9-2-2191057 name: SUHAIL – – MOHAMMED
      Licenses the facility: the facility permits valid. Worker status: absent from work
      फैक्टर संख्या: 9-2-2191057 नाम: सुहैल – – मोहम्मद
      सुविधा लाइसेंस: सुविधा वैध परमिट। कार्यकर्ता मामला: काम से अनुपस्थित

  • Alfredo Estobanez

    sir can you please check my iqama if it is under huroob? this is my iqama no. 2333367940. thank you

    • shahidul islam

      you have haurob be careful

    • Nurulain Khan

      Licenses the facility: the facility permits valid. Worker status: absent from work ALFREDO LAURENTE ESTOBANEZ

  • Ali Jan

    Plzz sir check my harnb

  • Ali Jan


  • Alfredo Estobanez

    sir i did not come back last year with exit re-entry visa? am i automatically banned for entering in saude arabia? by the way sir this is my iqama no. 2333367940 before. thank you

  • abc00759

    pls check mines … 2324369848

    • abc00759

      please assist … thanks

  • mohamed yunus

    Sar please help my please check my huroob in saudiArabia this my iqama Nomber 2100790746

  • mohamed yunus

    Please sir please help me i have check my huroob my iqama Nomber 2100790746 I can come back saudi Arabia please before 18/7/2012 I will come from srilanka now I can come back saudi

  • mohamed yunus
    • mohamed yunus


  • mohamed yunus

    Please I won’t come back to saudi Arabia please sir please help me sir one reply I can come back saudi or not please sir I will waiting for you r answer g

  • mohamed yunus

    Please I can come back saudi Arabia new visa or not please check the status my iqama Nomber 2100790746

  • irfan butt

    plz chek my huroob plz sar

  • irfan butt

    plz sar chek huroob

    • irfan butt

      plz sar 2389527603

  • Masudkarim Jizan

    Assalamualikum.I am MASUDKARIM.IQAMA NO.2249774130.Please check yes/horovNOT? Thanks.

    • Masudkarim Jizan

      please check my iqama.iqama no

  • Blas Colendres Jr.

    Hello, Sir! My name is Blas. Sir! Plss check my iqama number 2231426061 if HUROOB or NOT” thanks sir”


    Respected Brother, i was working in riyadh KSA as a branch accountant, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

    (2276043995) Iqama Number

  • Jahid Ali

    Sir my name is jahid ali now i am in madina my qafeel has made me huroob so i go to outside doing work in jaddah 1 month then i back sponsor homes before so i want to clear iqama huroob so please can you check and let me know aboum me
    Because i back my sponsor homes doing work my all register in block iqama no is that 2369533852 so how to clear in huroob i went my all details back so please help me

  • Rizleo lester nueva

    Hello sir! Pls check my qama number 2231426061, if HUROOB or not this Blas! Thanks sir.

    • shahidul islam

      you have haurob be careful

  • Ubaid Awan

    Assalam O Alikum

    Dear Sir,
    Please check my Iqama status I deport from Saudi Arabia from the February 2014.
    Tell me i am under HAROOOB or not and how many years I am BAN.
    My Iqama Num: 2279016709

  • Ubaid Awan

    Assalam O Alikum

    Please check my Iqama status I deport from Saudi Arabia from the February 2014.

    Tell me i am under HAROOOB or not and how many years I am BANNED.

    My Iqama Num: 2279016709

  • Faisal ali

    2359151186 Check this iqama status please

  • Jhune Mendoza

    my name is VICEVENIO MENDOZA JR. can i comeback in saudi arabia i was bee deported last year june 18 2015 because i dont have iqama i was never been tranfered in new kafil my old iqama number is 2371310067

    • Mohammad Riaz

      You fingers print go home. 5year back SaudiArabia

  • Rehmat ullah

    Assalam o alaikum! kindly let me provide some details about my iqama is my iqama under huroob or not?? 2357153309 it’s my iqama number I will be thankful to you

  • Khali

    Sir my name is ganesh iqama number:2383570518 plz check my huroob status sir……..

  • maahin

    2379878107 pls chek huroop status

  • Pritam Dey Roy

    I came in last year on a two years contract. After 5 months I ran away. Today after one year surprisingly huroob has not been filed. Now I want to go home for I can’t renew iqama. But company is asking for 6000 riyals to hand over passport. I don’t have more than 2000. Please advice what can I do in this case to get back to india.? I still have a month on iqama. I won’t give them a penny more than 2000. Can I get help from police? Can them take me to court for breach of contract agreement? Bear in mind even after 6 months since I ran away they did not file huroob.

  • asalahumulaikum,my name is Carlos can you please kindly check my iqama huroob or they cancelled it,here’s my iqama no.2271063865. thank you very much sir.

  • mohamed yunus

    Please I will wait 2month now not answer my question please reply my am mohamed yunus mahroof please Iqama number 2100790746 know check this status please there are no specification registered works with this mengs I can come back Saudi Arabia or not please

  • Waseem Cheema

    A. A sir my name is muhammad faheem ilyas plz chek my iqama status it is under haroob or not?
    My iqama num is 2377420894

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  • Hassan Malik

    Salam could you please check my huroob my iqama #2047736703

  • azeez asi

    Sir plez check my iqama im azeez iqama no2383767940

  • azeez asi

    Sir piz chaq may iqama no2383767940

  • george antonio

    Im george cardenas antonio sir can u check my huroob my iqama number is 2239171107 tnx..

  • Khuram Shahzad

    Sir my name is khurram shahzad iquma nuber 2393243205 help me sir chek tha haroob

  • Khuram Shahzad

    Sir my name is Khuram shahzd and my iquma number is 2393243205 plz chek my haroob

  • Roy

    Could you please tell me the huroob status. my iqama # 232692263

  • khan

    Really helpfull . Thanks alot

  • Zee tech computer center

    contact us for for online support like huroob,, iqama, karama check etc. zeetech computer center 0532528262

  • Aslam

    Sir my name is aslam check my iqama is huroob my iqama num 2384836173

    • Nurulain Khan

      काम से अनुपस्थित सुविधा लाइसेंस: सुविधा वैध परमिट। कार्यकर्ता मामला: अनुपस्थितتراخيص المنشأه: تصاريح المنشأه ساريه. حالة العامل: متغيب عن العمل your case is L.cort

      • Aslam

        sir i dont under stand hindi pls send me english

        • Nurulain Khan

          please send me your iqama id no. and passport no. and date of birth iam chaik again

        • Nurulain Khan

          please send me your iqama id no. and passport no. and date of birth iam chaik again /

          Licenses the facility : the facility permits valid . Worker status: absent from work

          • Aslam

            iqama no:2384836173. date of birth 19/05/1993. passport no:K6151826 pls help me sir..

      • Nurulain Khan

        what do you know bro.. you are not horub your iqama is expire before ramadan please renew iqama and visit ministry of labour Factor number: 24-2-108657 your case is labour cort please contact me 0546074499

        • ahmad qatar

          Sir need help , plz check my iqama number if huroob or not.. iqama number 2278378647

  • Jamil Shah

    Assalamaleykum. Sir can u please help me. Please check my huroob in my iqama. Is under huroob or not. This is my iqama number 2402697136

  • sohail ahmad

    Sir my name is sohail ahmad plz chek my huroob in iqama……my iqama nom2402769547

    • Nurulain Khan

      you are horub

  • sohail ahmad

    Sir my name is sohail ahmed iqama number is 2402769547 plz check my huroob

  • sohail ahmad

    Sir my name is sohail ahmad iqama number 2402769547 plz check huroob my iqama or not hurry up sir

  • Tushar Verma


  • Masudkarim Jizan

    Sir.My name is masudkarim iquma number 2249774130.Help me Chek the Haroob.Thanks.

    • Nurulain Khan

      your iqama is horub


    hi sir,my name is Fiaz ahmed pls help me i HAVE NO IDEA MY STATUS IS HAROOB OR NOT PLS CHECK AND TELL ME 2317293815 THIS IS MY ID NUM

  • Jhune Mendoza

    Can i come back now in saudi arsbia please check status of my iqama 2229316472 please i need a reply on my email [email protected]

  • Jhune Mendoza

    Thank you sir i recieve your reply on my email for the status of my iqama 2229316472 that i have no problem if i come back in saudi arabia to work but i was worried that i was banned in your country because i was over staying in saudi arabia it was only last year that i go back in the philippines june 18, 2015 because iwas undocumented

  • hammad mirza

    Asslam alikum janb agr yaha koi haroob kahtim kr sakta ha too rabta kryy iqama 3 month baqi ha …. thnkyou kisi gareeb insan ke help krni ha main na or jo kry ga us ko inshaAllah good prize thnkyou

    Rabta kr sakta ha 0559235765 m
    y num

  • raj bc

    Sir my name is rajesh kumar bk my iqama number is2359310402 plz chek help me have horub no

    • Nurulain Khan

      رقم العامل: 4-2-1543748 الاسم: RAJESH KUMAR B K
      सुविधा लाइसेंस: सुविधा वैध परमिट। कार्यकर्ता मामला: काम से अनुपस्थित تراخيص المنشأه: تصاريح المنشأه ساريه. حالة العامل: متغيب عن العمل


    TAHIRJAVED sir huroob

  • Rosemary Oco

    Salam anybody can help me sir. I want to transfer an employer sir.

    • Nurulain Khan

      yes you can transfer an employer

  • Jake Lacuenta

    hi steve! my wife go vacation and never returned. i check her iqama to
    MOL and this message shown “لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجلة”. what
    this means? im already apply permanent family visa for them. by the way
    its been 2 yrs since she left saudi. and also she will not work here i apply for her a family visa only not for employment.

  • Ali

    Salam sir I want to.know.wether am back ksa or my iqama under huroob and am try to remove my huroob but failed then.I meet one.saudi man.ane he said if a.go final.exit under.huroob I.can come back and am.agreed with him.and he frm me and arrange my final exit with in and am.back home but on the immigration counter they took one finger of me and allow me boarding pass now am in my home and want to back there is it possible or am cheated kindly advise beow my iama number and mail id.
    [email protected]

    Await for ur kind reply.

  • Muhammad Arslan

    Sie ma abi Pakistan se aya hun 15 din huy hain or wapis pakistan jana chahta hun family prb ki waja se passport mery pass ha abi medical b nhe hua or aqama k lia b koch nhe hua or na ksi agreement py ma ny sign kiye hain mera vissa company ka ha or abi vissa valid ha 3 months ka tarika batain wapis jany ka company ma baat krny se darta hun wo huroob na laga dain ma abi job py hun

  • benedicto mercado

    sir im benedicto mercado can pls check my status, 2364278792, thanks

    • Nurulain Khan

      you are not horub find details رقم العامل: 1-2-5575416 الاسم: BENEDICTO FRANCISCO MERCADO

  • Waqar Gsm

    salam sir please check huroob status umer 2408728190

    • Nurulain Khan

      dear brothe you are final الاسم: UMAR UMAR MUHAMMAD YOUSAF
      تراخيص المنشأه: تصاريح المنشأه ساريه. حالة العامل: خروج نهائيexit chek details

  • Nurulain Khan

    know horub and final exit and l. cort case

  • Fazal Noor

    Sir my nam fazal noor ali please check huroob ya matloob iqma 2341343081

  • Mohammad Qamruddin

    Respeceted:sir Mera kafeel Thik nahi tha sir may isliye bahar abi filahal driving karrahahu sir muje jump hue (7) monts hogai sir mai abi India jana chaharu sir app se Riqwest hai meri Ke mera possport Huroob me hai ya nahi zara Bathayenge baraye Meher bani hogi please sir agar hoto sir bathana may Iqama no:2382376321 may mobile no:0570957959 please please………..

    • Mohammad Qamruddin

      Please check the my iqama status plese help me 2382376321

  • M Ahmad

    Hi, can you please let me know whether I have Huroob, my Iqama No. 2015819713

  • Muhammad Rendra

    Assalamualaikum…….Sir, please help me, I want to know details about the estimated costs for exit-visa with iqama expired 2 years and one time I was arrested police jawazat and fingerprints taken at sumesi. thanks

  • Towheed firdous

    Sir my name iz firdous ahmed, my iqama no
    Iz 2379131267 plz check it has haroob

  • paramjit

    i am Tajinder Bahri My iqama no is.2396476232 pl check haboob .Runaway or abondand . My whatsapp phone no is 09188736015

  • Farooque Khan

    Assalamoaliakum bhai mere abhi iqama nah bana hai aur mai huroof check krna chata Hu kaise check hoga plz help

  • Farooque Khan

    Mera passport no.hai . N7506970

  • Farooque Khan

    Dear sir I want to check hooruf by passport because I have not iqama and not making iqama

  • Khalid Hussain

    Sir my name is khalid hussain and my iqama number is 2241534193 can you please check the status.

  • Steve M. Algabre

    sir, could you check my iqama # 2265837902 if i am in huroob or not

  • Steve M. Algabre

    sir could you check my iqama #2265837902 if im in huroob or not. thanks.

  • Mohamed irshad

    Sir am irshad my visa number 2323261061and my passport number G1450753 please check my huroob status

  • Steve M. Algabre

    Sir please checkif i have huroob or not. 2265837902

  • Zeeshan Cheema

    hi sir mera name zeeshan hai,,iqama no 2414942264..plz help me

  • Zeeshan Cheema

    hi sir mera name zeeshan hai ,iqama no2414942264,,plz check the hroob

  • Muhammad Rameez

    Hi Sir mera naam Muhammad h aur muje pak se aaye huwe 3 months hogaye h lekin gharelu masle ki wajase m Wapis jana Chahta hoo lekin Kafeel na chuti laga raha h aur final exit. Ab m Kya karoo plz muje koi tareeqakar bataye thake m jaldi jao.

  • Nadeem Janu

    Assalam Alaykum , mera naam Nadeem Akhtar . Hai mai house driving me gaya tha mera huroob zawazat walo ne lagaya hai 2015 me 2376082448 eqama no.
    Koi bata sakta hai mera huroof status bahut mushkil me hai ham .

  • zakir

    Plz check my huroob status. 2410767897 ; 2410767640

  • Sunny Jee

    Sir I am new in SaudiA . my company not make my iqama . my passport is also there .since may 2016 I am here . how can I Cheak that they make my Iqama or no . plz tell me how can I Cheak . any can I get transfer

  • nadeem hayat khokhar

    Salam i want know about my id if it is blocked or huroob and kindly tell me what kind of huroob is this …i means its a smpel or talbi ??
    Iqama number is 2354295012i

  • Marcky Dallo

    hello any one can please help me.. iam from agency here in saudi… my iqama number is 2378105767. when i check in MOL my status is green but it says my worker case is absent from work. but in MOI IT SAYS INVALID ID NUMBER. SO what do you think is my status?

  • Hussain Altaf

    Sir my nam altaf hussain 2399055710 huroob ya not please help me sir…

  • mosahid

    Hello sir please check my iqama number 2253897223

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  • mohamed yunus

    Factor – number 4 – 2 – 11854226 – name mohamed yunus mahroof – licences the facility the facility permits valid worker case final exit evaluation of facility average green light please sir reply to me I won’t come back again new visa saudi can I come back or not allowed my passport number N0834935 passport please

  • mohamed yunus
  • agnes comboy

    hello sir,kindly check my status if im in haroob 2330310026 thanks!

  • Mohammed Riyaz khan

    Sir My name is Mohammed Riyaz khan my iqama number is 2292290349 help me sir huroob mere iqama no par huroob hai nahe

  • Mohammed Riyaz khan

    Assalamaleykum. Sir can u please help me. Please check my huroob in my iqama. Is under huroob or not. This is my iqama number 2292290349


    Dear Sir,
    Can you please check, whether this iqama number is under huroob..??2253153528.
    Nationality – Indian

  • atif farooqui

    Sir my name is atif
    This is my iqama number

    Can you check my status

  • ahmad qatar

    Sir plz help check my iqama number 2278378647 Huroob or not .. my name is Ahmad

  • rizwan ahmad


    • rizwan ahmad

      Sar may San mohammad faisal 13th January ko india gaya tha tarheel se kiya woh wapas madina aa sakta hai qareeb 2 year howa kiyon ki faisal ke family madine hai woh madina aana chahita hai badi meharbani hugi shokriya

  • rizwan ahmad

    Asslam alekom sar..I m mohammad faisal 13th January 2015 ko tarheel se india chala gya tha sar me aana chahita ho saudia kiya me aa sakta ho ..mera iqama no 2256552395 hai

  • rizwan ahmad

    Sar may nem mohammad faisal mera kafeel ne harof lga diya tha 13th, janveru 2015 ko india gaya tha tarheel se kiya woh wapas madina aa sakta ho

  • rizwan ahmad

    Mohammad faisal iqama no 2256552395

    • chanakiya

      you have final exit

  • sanjit sahoo

    Sir please check my iqama status – 2378467415, can i go to saudi arabia again, please help me. any problem in my iqama please check and tell me.

  • Polash Islam

    my name miraz sheikh check huroob please. iqama 2248466100

  • Mohammed zahid hussaion

    2366051346 please chak my huroob

  • pushto songs (safi)

    ssalam o alakakum main saudi arab sy 5 maheeny pehly aya .jeel main 9 din raha .ab suna hai fingerprent khatam kar diya hai to kia main waps apply kar sakta ho ap zra chick kary main aa sakta ho ya nahi .iqama num 2317370894 i hope u help me

  • Sabuj Talukder


  • Malik Aqib

    Asalam o alaikum .. sir plz check mine akama it’s haroob or not ….. 241840a6084 ….. Plz early …

  • Zaheer Malik

    my name is Raja Husnain younas plz check my iqama haroob or not reply me sir 2411466416

  • Al

    Sir,i came here in saudi last february 10,2017, and until now i dont have yet iqama? It is my 90 days this coming May 10 2017,,What will i do?

  • Ibrar Khan

    my name tariq khan khan ahmad khan 2400260291

  • Mian Asad

    Sar mera iqama he 2408299234 plz bta de haroob he k ni

  • Muskaan Fatima

    Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi waberkatahu my brother name is Mohammed Omer syed can you chek please I have huroob our no 2430619656

  • Sultan Ahmad

    Muhammad zaman

  • Rodel Vizcarra


  • Rodel Vizcarra

    Good day,
    Sir kindly check the status of my iqama if I am listed to huroob or not I’ve been 2 years and 6 months left in KSA RIYADH here is my iqama number 2328135203

    Thank you and regards

    Rodel M. Vizcarra

  • Prasant K.M

    Dear Sir, Please check by b’lows iqama no: 2267525992 is it Huroob or not?

  • ghie llano

    hi everyone can someone help me find out if i”m under what they called huroob? my iqama #2397792231. TIA

  • Sanjit Sahoo

    Assalamaleykum. Sir can u please help me. Please check my iqama is banned or not. Sir I don’t exactly how year banned on my iqama. So please help me.This is my iqama number 2378467415

    My WhatsApp No – ±918085246338

  • m imran

    AU1420221 IQAMA NO 2367645195 AOA ANY BODY SEND ME KHAROOJ NAHI PAPER ON THIS EMAIL [email protected]

  • sanwal jee

    mera kharoj wala paper gum ho gya hy koi btaey ga wo kasey nikalo plz help me

  • Millad Khan

    Sir my name is muhammad raza my iqama number is 2327727661 please check my huroob

  • AKS

    Greeting of the day,
    My name Ashok iquma number is 2397187846, plz help me sir, any ban or huroob etc for how many years, i want to come Saudi back.

  • murad khan

    My name is murad yousaf khan and iqama number is 2300704307 and checked huroob please

  • syed sajjad Ali

    when can hell haroob remove?

  • syed sajjad Ali

    what is the tenure of haroob?

  • Ahmad wani

    اسلام عليكم. Mr nadeem my name is mushtaq I am from India. I was working in Saudi Arabia in some restaurant in 2014 I offer Hajj without Hajj permit after that police catch me and take my finger print when I renew my iqama the sad you are not allowed coz you offer Hajj without permit. Then my company give me exit. Now question is I can come back again with another visa or not

  • Allan Mc Dave Balao

    Sir pls check my iqama number if im huroob or not because i want to go back in saudi here is my iqama number 2329518019

  • Sittie Mariam Gumampong

    Hi everyone, can you check my iqama number it is horrub or not? 2249814696

  • Hassanameer Ameer

    Dear Sir please help me my name is shaik hassainqama number2331949368 haroob ornot

  • Wanli Kashi

    Mohammad ibrahim iqama no 2321122497plz chak mai iqama ihave big prablims

  • Rana ji Babar

    Sir mera naam Babar he sir bta skten hen mere iqma par haroof he ke nahi iqma nbar ye he 2405283850 ap ki mehrbani hogi

    • Sajjad Ali


      • Rana ji Babar


      • Rana ji Babar

        2433300411 sir ji chek karna eis par kya he haroob he ya kharoj

  • Yasir Butt

    I found Iqama Card of this Person
    I can post to his address. I found it from Lahore near Civil Court. Please anyone knows him do contact me over the facebook or WhatsApp 03214921865

  • Wafa Jan

    Asalam o alekum sir plz check my iqama huroob 2384280588 plz

  • Soni Malik BHASEEN

    kaisy check karna h dear

  • Soni Malik BHASEEN

    plz check my Haroon bame omer hayyat2401481912

  • Hassanameer Ameer

    Asalamu alaikum sir please help me my iqama number 2331949368 huroob or not back

  • Babar Saki

    Sir cheek this iqma status 2290328273

  • Sultan Nazar

    Pls help me my iqama huroob or not any body help me urgent I need to go back saudi .pls my iqama num.2348586708.

  • Shakir Khan

    Sir my name is muhammad shakir.
    From pakistan.
    I have ban on saudi arabia and also huroob.
    I want to come back now saudi arabia.
    How i will come to saudia.
    Can you help me pls ?.
    My whats app. 00971509187864.
    Thanks for the best reguards.

  • Aslam

    Sir I am come India 18 month finish I come to Saudi Arabia hurub can I go Saudi Arabia

  • sareer khan

    How many years ban for haroob in ksa?

  • Mian Shahzad
  • Amingul Malang


  • Jhonel

    Hi this is jhonel, could you please check my status of visa, I did not come back to saudi with re entry visa 2years back. My iqama # is 2379981612

  • Md Saifullah


  • CH Mohsin Warraich

    Sir my name is Muhammad mohsin muzaffar. My iqama number is2394585414. I came from saudia before 18months ago on exit re entry visa. But i am not going back. Now i have a offer from saudia can i go on new visa. My old iqama is expire before 15month ago. Plz tell me. [email protected] my e mail

  • Ansir Buutt

    Salaam… i want some infirmation plz contact whatsapp is 0545016978.thanx

  • Ashraf Thekath


  • Ashraf Thekath

    Plees chek my iqama status 2395816180

  • charmaine grace medriano

    sir im charmaine grace medriano please check if i have huroob this is may iqama no.2440316459 i need you to responce quickly please thank you

  • Pathor Jahid

    huroob check my iqama 2431592316…

  • Jayson Bernaldez

    could you check mine. 2349861456

  • mhdshk

    hello @Randolph Cahilig, can you please check and advise my status? my iqama # is 2011343171 .. thanks in advance!

  • Umer

    Sir my name Umer draz my iquma noumber 2389822855 plz check حروب یا مطلوب میں چھٹی پر آیا ھوں اور واپس نھیں گیا whatsp noumber 03026561202

  • Imran Khan Sattar Khan

    Assalamaleykum. Sir can u please help me. Please check my Father huroob in my Father iqama. Is under huroob or not. This is my Father iqama number 2286095175

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Sir my name is hamid Muhammad Jared I want show huroob

  • Gull iqbal

    Salaam !
    This is Mrs waheed writing from Pakistan..sir my husband lived in Saudi Arabia for almost 10 years now he got huroob and we are back to Pakistan…the reason of his huroob is Me .as I delivered a baby through operation in the USA and I had preeclaymsia during my pregnancy so my condition after delivering baby got worst and from the US we cane back to saudi Arabia as my condition was going down I used to have panic attacks to the doctor In Houston suggested my husband to take me back to the family which is in pakistan…so we came back to saudi my husband asked for more leave they refused even though they saw my medical reports …my husband has no other choice so he and I came back to Pakistan with our preme baby …in the mean while they put huroob and the company agent didn’t tell us what exactly happened my husband went to saudi Arabia and got deported…sir my husband is jobless now this huroob is for 3 years I mean seriously he and I are in so much in depression specially my husband … this punishment is taking our lives our happiness our baby’s future our future sir pls help us …Pls do give me a positive reply
    I miss makkah madina I want to come back to saudi Arabia pls.
    Mrs waheed

  • Anne Josh

    hi sir’ please check my iqama 2384297921