Checking Huroob Status of your Iqama – Ministry of Interior website



How to check if the sponsor(kafeel) has put absconding report (huroob) against your iqama number ?


Step 1

Click here to go to Ministry of Interior website.
Step 2

Enter your iqama number in the box and press enter.

If you get the below message, it means your iqama is still under huroob status.


Funds status

Alternately you can check the status on Ministry of Labor website.

Click here to get step by step procedure.

  • foysal ahmed

    my passport no. A0763384 need my iqama number

  • Faruk Hasan

    Al Jubail



  • http://newiqama abrus ali


  • ghulam shabbir

    plz check the iqama renew

  • http://none Salvacion L.Briones

    I want a print out of my iqama please..

  • http://none Salvacion L.Briones

    this is my iqama number 2181065265. I want “print out” please to know if I can still stay here in Saudi and be transfered to another employer.

  • Abdul-Jabbar

    Mohemmed Safi Ibrahim Iqama Number 2256935335 having Passport No 1568695 and Visa Number 2322436783 Please check Huroob status of above mentioned subject

    • zahidhussain


  • roger gonzaga rojo

    Pls can you check my iqama have transper this is my iqama no.

    2281222220 and my mobile no. 0558097874

    Thank you,

  • roger gonzaga rojo

    Dear sir
    Please can you check my iqama have transfer this is my iqama no.
    2281222220 and mobile no. 0558097874
    Thank you.

  • mohammad sahid ali

    i want know vissa stutas what is mean of [platini] thanks

  • beder

    Hi i would like to no if my igama has been transfer . Thank u.
    Igama number (2318973092)
    My mobile number ( 0593089879)

    • SaudiXpert

      Congrats !
      As per Ministry of Labor records, your application for transfer has been approved on
      17/12/1434 H (approximately on 22 October, 2013)
      to company/sponsor as mentioned below
      مؤسسة عايض بن على صالح الصيعرى التجارية
      Ayed Bin Ali Saleh Sayari Est.
      (the English translation is approximate)
      However, your HR needs to visit Jawazat and complete the process there also. If they delay for too long, then status will revert.
      So follow up with your company/sponsor to get the iqama.

      • bader

        Thanks bro but i had there is huroob

      • bader

        See if there is huroob pls 2318973092

  • syed hussain

    sir, plz update me a status of my 3 month is already over

  • dogar

    how can i check my iqama number ,i am here more than five months but still donot get my iqama.

  • teame tekie

    Iam an Ethiopian
    Here in saudi am only one year .I have an id but no working question is who will give me working license?

  • Franklyn13

    I want to know if my iqama # 2074695749 was transfer in another company.

  • usman

    any one have huroob contact me

  • prem75

    Dear Sir, I am unable to get the required information, as its in Arabic. Please kindly help to know on whether can my visa and iqama get cancelled as I have resigned from the organization which I worked in.

  • amjad iqbal

    my kafe make haroob against me giving reason that I am not coming on Job, where he had been terminated me and I was working in sister co. of the same group. I request him to give transfer but he
    refused and sent me and my family through terhail office to my country. is it tru that I can’t enter with
    new visa for five years ? Pl. help me because my family in very upset here in Pakistan. I have worked
    18 yeays in the same group and they have given me this reward for my services.

  • Mohd Fahad

    2065540995 is my iqama number plz let me know huroob status and transfer eligibility.

  • kss_2010

    I stayed 4 months and left saudi on Jan 2011 with exit-reentry. I don’t have noc and final exit. Jun 2011 and March 2012 i tried with new job offer and visa, both time got rejected in visa stamping. My Iqama and visa expired. Now i got some good offer. Whether i will get new visa or not, if yes then I will face any problem in saudi immigration while entering.

    Please let me know your comments.

  • Kaye

    Evaluation of the facility /
    Green low

    Please explain on what Green Low means? Thank you.

  • http://checkingiqama Marivic Munez Maldan

    sir gud morning,sir please help me to know my iqama number,this is my passport number XX0554548,I work 1 year of my new employer but until now they make my iqama they always said wait.reply please

    • admin

      It’s possible that till now they might not have processed your Iqama.

  • rizwan ali

    dear sir

    please check my iqama status and reply me as soon as sponsor told me that i am huroob….

  • Lana

    Good day.

    I checked my iqama and it says ‘ NO RECORD FOUND’ I am using the same iqama number and same company for 4 years. What could be the problem? Our HR said no worries. I just came back from vacation and I didn’t have any problem in the immigration. Any idea?

  • vicevenio mendoza jr.
  • vicevenio mendoza jr.

    i just want to know if iqama is under huroob or ready to be transfer to other employer

  • vicevenio mendoza jr.

    im sorry i forget wrigth my iqama number 2229316472 em i under huroob or ready to be transfer to other employer

    • cuenco0216

      You have still huroob kabayan i check your status same to me

  • cuenco0216

    Assalamu alaikum i want to ask my kafeel file an huroob to me..if he file an huroob what kind of charge he can file to me please im waiting to your answer this my iqama no. 2347380351

  • vicevenio mendoza

    thanks for imformation

  • Macky

    Sir i would like to ask if im under horoob or not. i already left saudi arabia last May 2012 with final exit visa. i apply in my first company and stay there for almost 3 years. Then i decide to transfer to other company and file to my first company a transfer. and it goes smoothly. in my second company they send me to khamis mushayt without the possession of my iqama becouse they told me they need my original iqama for transfer of sponsorship. they gave me a copy and send me to khamis without giving me my contract. or to make me sign any contract then i came back to riyadh to tell them that i will not continue and find another employer they tell me to find another wand and ask for demand later when left they file horoob for me. But i still return there and fix. we went to MOL and i sign a document and i ask MOL if i can come back to saudi arabia and the MOL told me that i can come back. we go to jawasat together with my employee for final exit. i want to know if i cannot come back to saudi. my iqama no is 2287958678. thanks

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  • coffee

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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  • abdel aziz s. islim

    sir help me almost 1 year work here in jeddah ksa my company not process my eqama since lost it(stolen).
    cash given for penalty 1500sar still nothing .

  • imran

    Asalamualikum to all,
    I m in huroob last 8 months before 1 month I Heard this news that without any jail (thareel) Indian embassy will be provide a ticket within a 72hr there send. I want to know that the government of Saudi will take out any law at this year because lot of candidate are in huroob approximately so last year may 2013 they gave time of illegal expatriates to legal so now this time will able to give time or not. I m in very bad situation i cant spell it out I m only the responsible person in my home so dear Saudi Arabia labour law see this article and I m humble request to Saudi Government to take out law for huroob ASAP plzzzz Sir as Muslim bro. I m saying to entire Saudi labor law…just Read at once I m waiting for positive response.

  • Mohamed Yasin

    Hi Team,

    Before i ask a question here, here is my scenario. I went to KSA on a employment visa[Typically known as azaad visa here in India by shelling approximately 12000SAR excluding other fees and ancillary getting done in KSA ] on January, 2013. However i was unsuccessful in finding desired job for next 6 months. Moreover the sponsor was frequently pestering me to either take an transfer or go on Exit[Even though his company was in GREEN]. Since my job hunt did not bear any fruit i opted for an EXIT. Approached my sponsor who in turn got Exit/Reentry done and I left KSA in July, 2013.

    Now i have offers from couple of esteemed government companies. What should be my course of action now. Meanwhile i checked to see if my previous sponsor filed any compliant against me. Anyways i don’t owe him anything nor i have worked under him.

    Here are my questions
    1) Can anyone explain what does this message means- There are no specifications of registered workers, Getting this message when i check in Ministry of Labor site and Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid!
    on Ministry of Interior. In fact i have read on quite a few blogs that it means an individual is on Huroob. How long does this stays ?

    2) Both my Iqama and visa has expired now

    3) Can i still ask the prospective employers to process my visa. Will i have any issues if i land up there ?

    Thanks for your patience


  • asim


    my kafeel setup haroob , i want to go pakistan how can i go to pakistan please reply.

  • Faisal Saleem Khan

    This is my Iqama number ,please checked when my Huroob will finish.I am in Dubai since 3 years,because of Huroob I cant go back to Saudia.2295331512.
    My kafeel make huroob,I cant go back to Saudia,once I went to saudia on new visa they deport me from Jeddah airport,I want to know during Hurrob I can go on Visit visa or Umra.Please advice me in this regard.

  • Fawad Khan

    Sir,Ther is Huroob in my system in Saudia since 3 years.I wanto know can I come on visit visa or to perform to Ummrah.


  • ali

    can any one help me???