Exit Re Entry Computer Issue Resolved

SR 600 was being charged by banks (see here) for Exit Re-entry when we were logging on to bank websites for Exit Re entry fee payment starting 2nd October when the new rules came into effect. There was huge confusion and panic among the expatriates with this news.

However, as of yesterday, 5th October, 2016, this issue is now resolved and you can make payment as per the new fee as announced in August. (see the list of 7 govt. fees which have been increased)

The charges for the Exit Re entry fees were announced as SR 200 for upto 2 months of exit re entry. Then SR 100 for each additional month.

The new fee structure of Exit re entry visa is now reflected in bank websites.


The charges for Exit Re-entry visa fee will be as follows :

  • Visa Duration
  • 1 – 60 days
  • upto 90 days
  • 120 days
  • 150 days
  • 180 days
  • 210 days
  • 240 days
  • 270 days
  • 300 days
  • 330 days
  • 360 days
  • Amount
  • SR 200
  • SR 300
  • SR 400
  • SR 500
  • SR 600
  • SR 700
  • SR 800
  • SR 900
  • SR 1000
  • SR 1100
  • SR 1200
The good news is that you do not have to visit the Jawazat for issuing exit re entry visa for any duration including more than 6 months. We just crossed checked this by issuing a visa for 8 months from the ease of our laptops.
For details on How to make payment online for Exit re-entry Visa online as per new process click here.
If you do not have an Abshir account, it can created very easily. See How create my Abshir account
  • Syed

    I have SAR300 on my Son’s moi funds, while doing Single Exit Re-Entry Visa for 90/85/80/75 days it fail with error “Insufficient Funds”

    Any suggestions or advise.

    • Sampler

      Same here Syed, am curious, what option do we have now? I have only 3 days to send him back.

  • Syed

    I made a refund and paid again by selecting 90days from riyad bank took automatically SAR300, but still no luck.

    • Syed
      • Sampler

        I think we need to pay SR600 (By selecting 180 days via Banks) first to Bank and then make 90 days from MOI, so 300 will be with them until we use it.

        I may visit Jawazat today for the same.

    • Sampler

      Dear Syed,

      I got the solution, successfully issued visa 🙂

      Make sure you don’t select Duration tab, instead use Dates! Finally big puzzle solved after lots of trouble.

  • Qazi Muhammad Atta ur Rehman

    My family is already on exit from June 2016, whose exit will be expired next month. Can I increase the duration of exit re-entry by paying the fees?

  • jahid hasan

    i need a visa,,,at riyadh ,,,i am compleate a high education ,,,,now i am service tourism sector 1 year..

  • nasir

    i want to send my family on final exit on july 30,2017..what is the payment procedure as per new tax and how to pay in al-rajhi bank through online abshaar account….plz advise