Exit Re-Entry Fee Increased SR 600 ?

Today, 2nd October, 2016, the which corresponding to 1st Muharram, 1438; the government has announced that the fees will be increasing for various visa services.
It has been confirmed that the Family Visa visa fee has increased to SR 2000 and it is charged at the time of stamping of visa at Saudi Embassy in your home country.
However, a big surprise has been the Exit Re-entry fee. When we logged on to Bank website and tried to make payment for exit re-entry visa, it is showing SR 600 which is a shock. (see screen snap shot below which we got from our bank)
As per the announcement by the government, the exit re-entry fee will be SR 200 for first two months and it will additional SR 100 for each additional month. However, this fee of SR 600 has been a big shock for many expatriates. A person with a family of four will have to spend SR 2,400 in visa fees just for going on vacation; tickets excluded.
Many are hoping that as this is the first day of implementation, it a error which will be corrected soon.
Until there is official announcement is there, we have to keep our finger crossed and see.
  • visualmeera

    I checked in AlAhli, its same (600 SAR). One of my neighbor workin in NCB said, MOI now implement by default for 6 month re-entry only, soon it may change to usual 200 for for a month or two.

    • DMM

      after issuing 2 months visa from MOI, you can go back to bank website and make refund request they will refund SR.400 to your bank account after 2 days.

  • Mohammad Noman

    SR200 for a single trip for two months as maximum, and SR100 for each additional month, within the limits of the duration of the residence permit’s validity.

  • Abdul Rahaman

    MOI can revise 200 SR for First 6 Months and then 100 SR for each additional month, within the limits of the duration of the residence permit’s validity.

  • M Ismail

    I checked yesterday MOI is charging minimum 600 SAR fee for single exit re enter visa, it should be 200SAR as per press release but it is 600 SAR. Strange..

  • Dr. RQ

    saudi has the rights to do everything good for their homeland. God bless saudia and also flourish our countries 🙂

    • Imad M. Sharif

      Yes brother you right Saudi has the rights to do everything good for their homeland, and any another country have the Same right, but remember that we all live on the same land that mean its our country also no need to be aggressive in your answer like this the man say that it’s a against the decisions of the government the government announced it locally and internationally the fee is 200 SR for 2 month and every extra month coast 100 RS why the banks are not following the government orders and decisions

      • Mudasir Ashraf

        Fee isnt coming from bank its directly from the ministry itself, bank has no role in it. Only possibility is a technical bug which may be rectified in due time else ministry may announce it as 600.. Bank has nothing to do with it

      • shakeel ahmed

        Dear brother imad I have to go emergency vist but my company say I have to 600/- SR for re entry visa fees I told them 200 for 2 months they didn’t understand they say as per online showing 600/-SR
        plz help me what should id do

  • Basit Mursaleen

    How can a lobor category person bring his family on visit visa? because now its too expensive !!

    • Why would a labourer want to bring his family over in the KINGDOM? Even in india we leave our families in the village to go and work in the city if we cant handle the life costs in the big cities.

      • Ayyoobi

        Dear Brother, May be this persons IQAMA Profession only Labor. Even though a person bringing his family for UMRA purpose, can we tell them “you are labor and you and you are not deserve to bring your family in kingdom”. We should consider the feeling of others.
        May Allah bless you

  • Abu Abdullah

    Following Text is copied from MOI.gov.sa in issue visa. After visa Issue I’ve requested my bank for refund. It is saying “You can expect/collect your refund after (3) business days.”. Al-Rajhi Bank.

    •Single Exit Re-Entry Visa Fees are as follows
    ◦200 SAR for first 2 months or any duration less than 2 months.
    ◦100 SAR for each extra or additional month until the Iqama expiry date.
    ◦30 Days duration will be counted as equal to 1 month.
    ◦Any additional day to 30 days will be counted as an additional month. For example 31 days will be counted as 2 months.

  • Javed

    Hi All, just to confirm u all, that there is a bug in moi system however is there any way to get the refund of 400 riyals if i need exit rentry of 30 days?

  • n00vee

    can someone confirm if we really can request for refund for the payment of Single Exit Re-Entry visa. we also paid 600 SR

  • shakeel ahmed

    Asslalamualikum brothers can any one tell me what is the re entery visa fees actual how I submmit this

  • hashim mu

    We need to deposit min 600 SR, if we make 2 months only we can refund balance 400 SR. If we make 3 months we can refund 300 SR…

    • shakeel ahmed

      Dear hashim brother can u tell me where I make this payment I don’t know process plz tell me the payment process or is there any office

      • Mohammad Aslam

        you can go any ATM and you can pay .

        • shakeel ahmed

          K brother can I get refund remaining amout 400/- return?

          • Mohammad Aslam

            according to me , NO.

  • arshad ahmed

    yes the exit re entry fees increased to 600 per person

  • M Imran

    Dear All,
    Good News!
    Today I checked in SADAD payment for single Exit Re-entry they have revised the price from 600 to actual 200 for 2months

  • Sudheer Sriramoju

    Dear All.

    My family is in india now and before they plan to come in before 18 December (Visa expire date) so I paid 200 riyals for exit re entry visa now they changed the plan to come in March their Iqama is valid for July 2017.
    How to extend exit reentry visa now?
    Can transfer 100 every month to issue visa?
    please guide me.

    Thanks in advance,