Exit Re-entry through mobile


visa through mobile'

Frustrated with waiting for mandub to get exit re-entry done for your family ?

Had enough of waiting in long queues at passport office to get exit re-entry for your family ?

Well with the Ishaar service, you can do it from your sofa at home through your mobile by sending one sms.

All this for extra charge of SR. 20 only.

For more details and step-by-step instructions, visit Ishaar website. Or you can call 9200 29200.

Few points to note:

This is only for your dependents .

You need to register before hand with Ishaar service.

Alternately, you can also use Abshir service to make Exit re-entry online.



  • Saleem

    What is the maximum number of day exit/re-entry visa allowed for dependants, as I have some of my friends that only 6 months is allowed for the dependants. I plan to send my family on exit/re-entry for my kids schooling. Is 1 year exit/re-entry possible or any documents required?

  • Ibrahim

    I was able to get for 11 months for my kids. I had to get a certificate from the college that they are studying.


    only single exit reentry can be done through this service. if you want multiple visa for your family then it to be done through passport office. Tag is shown for multiple visa but it does not works.