Expat Dependent Fee – Q & A

Expat Dependent Fee – All you want to know

The implementation of expat dependent fee has started from 1st July, 2017.

Confusion and misunderstanding is common in people. Keeping this in mind, we have listed all related issues from reliable sources and individual expats experience.


1. The King has revoked the Dependent fee

This is simple fake news. The so called “proof” is photo shopped picture of Riyadh Daily newspaper. The newspaper on its twitter account has called this news as false. Read completed news on Fake news of Dependent fees cancelation.

2. The fees has to be paid at the time of renewing iqama

The expat dependent fee has to be paid at the time of renewal of iqama after 1st July. The dependent fee has to be paid until the date of expiry of iqama. So, if you are renewing the iqama 2 months before expiry, then you have to pay the fee for 2 months plus 12 months = 14 months.

So total fee at the time of renewal of iqama will be:

SR 2500 (Ministry of labor fee for head of family)

SR 650 (MOI – iqama fee for head of family)

SR xxxx (Dependent fee till the end of iqama)

Total = SR 2500 + 650 + xxxx (dependent fee)

See for procedure for payment of dependent fee


3. The fee has to be paid at the time of issuing Exit re-entry visa.

If exit re-entry visa is not issued before 1st July,  the fee has be to paid before the issue of Exit Re-entry visa can be processed. Otherwise, you will get error when you apply for exit re-entry visa online.

Payment has to be done for which ever comes first – Before Renewal of iqama or before issuing Exit Re-Entry


4. Those who have made exit re-entry visa before 1st July, 2017 are do not have to pay the fee the airport.

As per many travelers who have travel after 1st July, they DID NOT have to pay any fee at airport when they had applied for Exit Re-entry before 1st July. However, now those people are applying for Exit re-entry visa are asked to pay dependent fee. See How to pay dependent fee for the process to pay the fee.


5. Government Sector expatriates are NOT required to pay Dependent Fee

Expatriates working in government sector are not required to pay Dependent Fee. To know more about exemption of expatriates working in Government sector see Government Sector Expats – No Dependent Fee.


6. Calculation Date for Dependent Fees

The Dependent Fees is calculated from 1st July 2017 which corresponds to 7th of Shawwal (10 month) 1438. So if you put date as 7/11/1438 in the bank account, you will get the Dependent Fee for one month.


7. What is the per day charge for the Dependent Fees

From 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018, the monthly charge for Dependent Fee is SR 100 per month per dependent. However, when calculating the dependent fees, it is calculated till the date of expiry of iqama. Per day charge is SR 3.3 which is rounded off to nearest number, in this case it is SR 4 per dependent.


8. Dependent Fees to be paid at time issuing of Exit Visa

Those whose dependents are going on Exit Visa, they have to pay two months (60 days) extra dependent fees. This because Exit visa has two month validity.


9. Can dependent fees be avoid

Yes, there are certain situations and ways you can over come the dependent fees.

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Question still requiring clarification from the government. We encourage readers to share their experience on the below point if they faced similar issues.

  1. Will the Dependent Fees required to be paid before Transfer of iqama ?
  2. Will the Dependent Fees required to be paid before Profession change ?

Please feel free to share your experience for others benefits below in the comments.


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  • Nisar Khan

    Sir. is this only for family holders or all expatriates shall pay

    • Any person who is having dependents and working in private sector will have to pay the Dependent Fees

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  • Faiq Faizer

    This dependent fee will end by 2020 or be continuing even after 2020.?

    • mmr ‘s

      Do you have money remaining untill 2020

  • Younus Shaikh

    Greetings, due to lack of funds, can we pay dependent fee by quarterly installment? If yes, can we get exit reentry visa to travel? Your early response is much appreciated.

    • Azhar Azim

      My Iqama expiry is 20-12-1439 and my family went for 3 months exit reentry on 16 June 2017,now 14 July ,I am travelling with 60 days exit re entry,Can I have to pay dependent fees of Sr 3,260/ before my travel???

  • mmr ‘s

    What about if my family is going on exit after one month of iqama renewal, do i have to pay for 12 months?

  • Habib Haider

    Greetings, My wife arrived is Saudi Arabia on 8th April 2017. My company delayed the Medical Insurance and today i got the medical insurance after expiry of 90 days Visa Duration. I want to issue Iqama for my wife. I checked the SADAD Payment. it shows payment of 1250 SAR. i want to confirm is this including fine, First Time iqama issuance charges and Expat Dependent levy. Means this amount 1250 is total i have to pay or dependent fee to be paid separately above 1250. need help please.

    • Anonymous

      Assalam o Alaikum Habib,

      My case is very similar to your’s. I had alot of confusions in my mind as well. If you have gotten the answers to your questions then kindly let me know as well or I will highly appreciate if you can send me a text on whatsapp. My contact no is 0580191888

      • Habib Haider

        You just have to pay SAR 500 as fine and remaining is the Levy uptil your iqama expiry. You just have to calculate the Family Levy uptil your Iqama Expiry. The
        exact amount you can get by visiting Jawazat Office. The amount you can pay by using Exit
        Re-Entry Option in your bank amount. select the no. of days as long as
        you get the right amount you have to pay. Amount shown in Iqama issuance menu in bank account is not correct.

    • Naufal Shaikh

      U Just pay 500SAR Fine and dependent fees

    • Salman Waseem

      Hello, Can you please share which option to select in bank to pay for dependent fees for family arrival in KSA just now. This is for 1st time Iqama issuance. Thanks!

      • Habib Haider

        You just have to calculate the Family Levy uptil your Iqama Expiry. The exact amount you can get by visiting Jawazat Office. They will tell you the exact amount you have to pay. The amount you can pay by using Exit Re-Entry Option in your bank amount. select the no. of days as long as you get the right amount you have to pay.

        • Syed Zabiulla

          Hi habib,

          My wife arrived on 11.3.2018, I’m expecting that medical health insurance will be done this week, do i need to pay dependent levy fee till my expiry of iqama for the issuance of iqama? I was told that dependent levy fee should be paid before renewal of iqama or exit reentry VISA. It was reported in media too.

          Moreover, I heard that there is no fees of issuance of iqama for dependent since we already paid 2000 SR for family VISA fees.

          Could you please throw some light on this?

          • Habib Haider

            Dependent levy has to be paid for iqama issuance uptil your iqama expiry as i have also paid at the time of issuance of iqama. There is no fee for issuance of family iqama.

          • Syed Zabiulla


          • Syed Zabiulla

            Hi habib,

            Today I had been to jawazat office in jeddah. when i presented all the papers along with my iqama. officer told me to pay 1840 SR as a levy for the issuance of iqama for my wife. When i enquire about the procedure of payment he told me to pay in any of the private offices outside the jawazat building. I went to one of the office I inform about the govt payment of 1840 SR towards the levy of dependent for the issuance of iqama..guy who works in private office told me that his service fees will be 10% i.e. 184 SR..infact he told me that all the private offices will charge 10% of govt levy fees..How you made the payment of levy fees for dependent prior to the issuance of iqama?

    • mumtaz ali

      Dear /Habib could you plz update me boz our case are same, i got my insurance card from company but when i i checked in bank its showing yoru have to pay 2550 SR for each, even my iqama is going to be expire in 30April 2018. very confused i thougth i will only pay for remaing time in my iqama.
      plz if you know let me know i will be thankful for your kind help
      mumtaz ali

      • Habib Haider

        The information on Bank Portal is not correct. You have to pay only upto your Iqama expiry. Just go to Jawazat office early in the morning, they will tell you the exact amount you have to pay. Thanks

        • mumtaz ali

          Thank you so much Habib still there is some doubt if you don’t mind could you pls give me a miss call plz.

  • Mohamed

    Dear all,
    please clarify the follow doubt.
    When the rule implemented i checked in bank regarding howmuch i have to pay. It was SAR 2800.
    My iqama is expiring on 21/April/2018. They calculated until my iqama expiry date.
    Now the issue is, the Iqama expiry date is less than 6 month by today, The government have added additional one month fee, that is I need to pay until 20/April/2019. Now the amount is showing 9200 SAR.
    During my iqama renewal i need to pay only upto 21/apr/18 ( means 2800 sar ) or the total amount its showing.

    You also can check.

    • mumtaz ali

      Dear /mohamd could you plz update me boz our case are same, i got my insurance card from company but when i i checked in bank its showing yoru have to pay 2550 SR for each, even my iqama is going to be expire in 30April 2018. very confused i thougth i will only pay for remaing time in my iqama.
      plz if you know let me know i will be thankful for your kind help
      mumtaz ali

  • Zeshan Ahmed

    My iqama expires in june.
    I already paid the dependants fees till coming june( till my iqama expiry).
    Now I am sending the family on exit rentry. i paid additionally 200 reyal for exit rentry.
    After that when i check the “Public query available funds” service in MOI portal. It showed the available funds as
    Dependants Fee + 200 Reyals.

    After that I issued the exit rentry visa. But after issuance of exit reentry visa I checked the “Public Query Available funds” service again.
    It showed the balance “0”.
    It means the dependant fees which i already paid, is now disapeared after the exit rentry visa issuance.

    Now suppose i want to issue another exit rentry in Febraury, then what will be the case? Do i have to pay dependant fee again??
    As the available funds are now 0.

    • Hussain Fakhruddin

      You can send you family as much as time before next iqama renenwal .. but make sure when you send next time, your family must come back before iqama renenwal …
      and your family is coming after the iqama expiry date then prior sending, you must have to renew the iqama including paying one year dependent fee and then only you can prepare exit re entry visa.

  • Mansoor

    My iqama will be expired on 23rd march 2018. I have checked my dependants fees through net banking and displayed pending amount is 8430(this amount for until march 2019) but I have planned to make final exit on june 2018.

    My questions are:
    1. If i want to make renew Iqama should i have to pay 8340 (which is until march 2019) or minimum amount (which is until march 2018)

    2. If i want to make final exit should i have to pay full amount which is until iqama expiry or minimum amount which is until final exit date.

    • mumtaz ali

      No need to pay that all.
      Just select your iqama expiry date thats it,

      • Mansoor

        Thanks brother, What about question number 2

  • syed ilyas

    My Question is this my family is inluding me my wife and my two kids my iqama is expired on 20 dec 2017 how i check fees of goverment tax before renew my iqama

    • Wasim Shah

      sed plz send me your mobile number

    • Wasim Shah

      plz send me your mobile number

  • Kafeel Ahmad

    My iqama will be expired on 14 August 2018. I have planned for fimily and kids to make final exit on December 2018.

    My questions are:
    1. If i want to make renew Iqama should i have to pay 12 months expt fee for all r any other option for 4 month extra only for my family…is any solution please

    2. If i want to make final exit should i have to pay full amount which is until iqama expiry or minimum amount which is until final exit date.

    • Akshara Naveti

      did you find any soultion??

      • Kafeel Ahmad

        No brother …i asked to many people but all say i have to pay till end either i stay with family or not.

        • Imran

          If you can send ypur family on final exit befpre your iqama renewal so you have nothing to pay but om the time of renewal you have to pay for full till next renewal date even you can send your family after two days of renewal it doesn’t matter

  • my family is going on exit after two month of iqama renewal, do i have to pay for 12 months?
    iqama up to jan 25 , i want to exit them march 20

    • Enam Bhatkar

      On Jan 25/2018 when you l renew ur iqama and your family iqama, you will have to pay dependant fee till jan 2019.
      Now after this whatever you do this money will never be refunded to you.
      My advice is give them final exit on Jan 20.
      So you will pay 60final exit visa fee and can send them by Mar20.

      • thank you for your reply
        i think this is not possible,
        i heard that make exit visa should be 2 month before the iqama expiry date !
        is it true?

        • Enam Bhatkar

          I also don’t know 100percent but that seems illogical.i mean u can give final exit anytime you want.You pay the final exit money to them of sixty days.What problem will they haveif you two months before or after iqama expiration,any whichever way 60days is your stay from final exit day, that’s it

          • Khulood Machilakath

            We have same situation.iqama expires on april 1st and wish to go final exit on june 1st.
            Please share your experience of iqama renewal..you renewed your iqama?ur family is still here?

          • Enam Bhatkar

            See by the way As per this news it’s certain that there’s no any fees of final exit visa of 60 days…and i will renew my wife iqama on july first week because it’s expiring on July 26

          • Shabbir Ahmad

            Please share your experience, I have situation

          • Shabbir Ahmad

            Please share you experience

          • Khulood Machilakath

            Didn’t take a chance..got our iqama renewed.

  • Akshara Naveti

    halo all , our iqama is expiring in mid april 2018, we are a family of 3 and going for 45 day vacation in February and returning in 3rd week of march, 2018 , my question is do we need to pay dependent fee now at the time of isssuing exit rentry visa or at the time of iqama renewal, its little bit confusing.and if now how much would i have to pay for 2 dependents ..thank you

    • Imran

      Hi you have to pay from july 2017 to till your iqama expiry date without this system can’t issue exit re-entry visa

      • Akshara Naveti

        thank you bro

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  • Sabagir Hussain

    Yes one needs to pay dependent fee at the time of sponsorship transfer. It happened with me. The system keep on showing as Insufficient Balance until I paid the dependent fee till the current day.

    • Jamil Hussain

      Dear how much to pay as for my family whole year fee bank account showing is 5240 but jawazaat is asking to pay 8388. Any thoughts or suggestions

  • Ragesh M G

    Even after paying the leavy using anb net
    Pending balance is not removed yet why

  • Rameez Raja

    Hi guys, can some one suggest me how I can get refund the amount which I paid in my Iqama as a dependent fee which is still available in my Iqama balance ,

    The history of my payment as follows,
    I paid a dependent fee till Feb 2018 on last December 2017 which my Iqama expire on Feb 2018, were I am not take any exit reentry from July 2017,

    Since I bring my new born baby on arrival visa , I thought they may detect my dependent fee in my Iqama, but they were not still the amount which I credited is shown in my Iqama,

    But now when I tried to renew my Iqama when I select the date for Iqama renewal till Feb 2019, It showing me to pay from July 2017 to Feb 2019,.
    Where I paid till Feb 18, since the amount is not detected from my Iqama it’s considering as the amount is not paid,

    Here my GRO asking me to pay fee from July 2017 to Feb 2019, we’re half of the payment are already in my Iqama,

    Kindly some one help me how I can get the pre paid amount,
    I tried from my bank account were I paid the money, but I am receiving the message transcation not found.

    So please if some one faced the same problem mean kindly share your experience,
    Thanks and regards,

  • Regor Avodroc

    Just inquiry, I am planning to send my family back home with exit visa on 2nd week of April 2018, my Iqama will expire on July 6, 2018. Should I pay again for the dependent fee when I renew my iqama on July 2018?
    Thanks in advance

  • shiras Abdul Khader

    If the family levi payed till Jan 2019, and if by March 2018, we go for final exit then the balance amount paid will be returned?
    Any thoughts?

    • Khulood Machilakath

      Would like to know your experience in this matter..is levy refundable?

      • samk

        Pls. Share ur exp. Is levy refundable

        • Khulood Machilakath

          Didn’t take a chance.we got our iqama renewed.
          Not sure,but as far as i know,levy once paid is gone.

  • jashmjjk

    hello all, can some one clarify whether my dependents iqama will automatically be renewed when my iqama was renewed by my company.I havent paid the dependent levy yet but my company went ahead and renewed my iqama. My dependents come uner my sponsorship .so should i pay the levy and renew their iqama or is it already done?As i heard the company cudnt have renewed my iqama if they hadnt paid the depndent levy–is it true?
    Thank you in advance

  • Altamash Khan

    For some urgency to renew the iqama, I paid extra money for dependent fee through SAMBA bank. The amount is showing on MOI. Now I want to refund that extra money through SAMBA bank but when i follow the procedure to get the money refunded a message comes as”NO PAYMENT FOUND”..Please advice on how to get the extra money back which was paid for dependant fee…Thnx

  • Adnan

    I have paid levy fee for my iqama renewal purpose, which was going to expire Ramadan, but now it is renewed until 2019 Ramadan, my question is that. Now if I will send my family back home after 3 or 4 months. Then do I receive the remaining Levy fee? because technically if family gone early & MOI toke advance levy fee until Iqama Expiry. So this shall be return back. I heard some people are saying MOI will take 2 months extra because after final exit,there is 2 months time & once family will leave KSA, then remaining overpaid levy fee show under absher & that can be return the way person paid. means same bank account or etc. Some people are saying this is non refundable at all in any cause. So please some one advise this kind of case.

    • Misbah Ghouse

      Did u get any answer for ur question

    • samk

      I have same issue pls share ur experience

  • ÌRshad Ansari

    I am trying to pay the dependent fees of my family but error Msg come (No MOI Payment Found)

  • Safwan

    My sponsor has only 5 Labours.how much should he pay to renew iqama each person

  • kaleemuddin

    Dear admin
    I would like to issue final exit for my dependents before my iqama expires to avoid paying dependent fee for next year ..my iqama is going to expires on 08 July 2018 only balance 14 days.as there is rule’s that we need to issue final exit before 2 months. is I need to pay compulsory my dependent fee for next year.i want to send my family on exit before 08 July 2018

    Please advise thank you

  • K MD

    I’ve paid dependent fee (18+ Age SR 500+500=1000) for my two daughter through my company bank account but unfortunately they gone on exit. The amount SR 1000 showing in Passport Deposit but it couldn’t be return back, tried many time through the bank online by the company. Is there any other procedure for getting back the money.

  • Mubbasir

    Dear ,
    I am checking my dependent fees in moi alien control and associated members .. my Iqama is expiring on 15/3/1440 . But it is showing as Error zero balance ..wen I check in bank account..

    Please guide me

  • sufian tariq

    can anyone let me know, if the resident family Visa got expired and iqama not yet proceed, what happen then?
    please guide as quick as possible.