Expats can do Iqama transfer without Sponsor approval

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The Labor office will allow transfer of iqama / sponsorship without the permission or approval of current sponsor, as per report from Saudi Gazette who have quoted Al-Madina newspaper. As per the report, it seems that implementation of this rule will take place in the coming months. The conditions for the transfer will be that the contract with current sponsor should have expired and the contract should not contain any clause which prohibits working in Saudi Arabia for next one or two years.Passport iqama jawazat

If such rule come into effect, the country will benefit much from experienced labor available in market and improvement of working conditions and packages for expatriates.

However, let us wait for official confirmation from government before jumping at making other plans.

As of now, iqama transfer can be without kafeel / sponsor’s permission in the following cases :

1. If the salary is not paid on time

2. The sponsor’s is in Red or Yellow category

3. Employment is not provided


  • Naeem

    Thnx for sharing and kt will be gratful if this happen. .

    • md wahab

      assalamuakum sir istill I am working company.my iqama all so another kafil all worker same …..my kafil is red status…his making huroob……now my company taking transfer…my iqama is huroop …I don’t know who is kafeel…..my company is buying visa …he don’tknow who is kafil…iqama all reddy expired company said everytime I will making …….after 1year finished but not finished……

  • shahab hazari

    How to apply visit visa for sister nd . Others.

    • khalid Feroz

      Just fill online form for visit save it and take print. Take signature and stamp on it from your department. Submit to counter of Foreign Affairs after attestation of signature from Ghurfa Tijariya (chamber of commerce).

    • SaudiExpert

      Kindly check our article :
      Do let me know if you don’t understand anything.

      • Chola

        Salam saudiexpert
        I wanted to know if my sponsorship is transfered? I dont have iqama before in my old sponsor. Im run away. Im worried because it takes to long time next month november 2 not yet come out my iqaama. Thank you…

  • Jalal

    Dear Brother ,
    How i transfer if the my current Sponsor not give the passport.

    • SaudiExpert

      You need to convince him, else there is no other way,

  • khan

    Who will keep the passports? company/sponsor or our self?

    • Adnan

      Dear Mr. Khan

      It is illegal for any sponsor to keep passport of incumbant like it is in any part of world. However, over here authorities accept it but they don’t implement this law by force (like other laws). In other words they will support you if you raise your voice for it otherwise they will tend to ignore it. If an incumbent is educated & knows law there is no way that their employer can keep their passports. By knowing the law also means to raise voice.

      Hope I answered your question eloquently.

      Thanks & regards

  • khan

    Thank you Adnan for your reply, I agree with you and I rise my voice for it but the HR say you need to get letter from Embassy stating that give passport to employee.
    But believe me no such letter issue from the embassy – no space for it as they say.

    Anyway, I have my passport with me but I want to help those who don’t.

  • Aamir

    Dear Sir,

    My sponsor given neither iqama nor passport last 10 months what should i have to do?
    waits for your reply.

    • SaudiExpert

      Please contact labour office, and your embassy,

  • abdullah

    what about > If I have contract with my kafeel for one year after one year is my choice to continue or not and i choose to change my kafeel or wotk place ( and the kafeel paying on time & he is on green category ) ?

    just i want to change and my contract is finished ?

    • SaudiExpert

      You can go on exit, and come on new vist, Can’t transfer currently,

  • Khalid Peracha

    Can iqama be renewed four months before expiry
    Can we travl before iqama expiry 30 days
    Is it necessary family should be present at the iqama renewal time.

  • Mohamed Salim

    Can we renew IQAMA when it is valid for more than five months ?

  • Muhammad


    Thank you very much for sharing this important info.

    Kind request to reconfirm when you get confirmation about implementation about this law.


  • abdul muizz

    can a get iqama if possible? im visit visa only?

    • abdul muizz

      please give me advise i want to work here in saudia arabia if any one offer me some job?

      • SaudiExpert

        No, you can’t convert visit to Iqama, You have to go back and come again on iqama,

  • Noor alhadi khan


    • I’m very glad to see this site here. ……

  • teachet

    Guys pls help Where I can check if my company is in yellow category?

    • shabbir316

      go to web site وزارة العمل then اليكترونيات here u will find colum to write ur Iqama no.then clickبحث it will show u the color of ur company.

      • teacher

        Thnx a lot shabbir

  • Shahid Ali

    very good information but you can tell me the way to check the length of my contract ,is it listed in any official website ,please i want to know the exact date of my contract expiry

    • SaudiExpert

      No, length of contract should be in offer letter.

  • Shazeb

    This is great news but how is it possible when you see the conditions at ground.
    I mean big companies can sustain but what about the small establishments whose owners are saudis and can not let that happen. you know what i mean.

  • Muhammad

    That’s a great news, for those who are already working here.

  • syed abbas hussain

    dear all
    please advice me my subject is in the labor court since Jan, 15, 2014 and no salary medical accommodation etc. since December 2013

    S.Abbas Hussain

  • Jacks

    I believe this is just a joke and shall never be implemented, as the mentality of some Saudi employers is the mentality of oppressors and slave traders, they think that poor foreigners who belong to certain countries are not more than insects they can crush at any time. Despite that they are Muslim and represent the source of Islam.

    Who dare to ask his employer to give him his passport while his employer knows that he will transfer his Iqama to anther kafeel if he is from these types of tyrants? Such employers they can fornicate any criminal charges against his employees and he can be filed at least as escapee.

  • My Kafil now seems ok due to this rule.
    We hope he will give salary on time …..

  • Syed Asim Zia

    I am working in M.O.H Hospital under the sponsorship of one company my contract already finished,i demand increment in my salary but they refused,Now i got a good offer from another company but the problem is they don’t have visa for Pakistan i request to my current company to give me release,they are not agree to give release just Exit only.
    Please help and Guide me regarding this issue,how can i get Release.

    • SaudiExpert

      There is nothing you can do unless you company is in Red, as the above rule is currently not implemented.

      • Hamed

        when can we expect this rule to get implemented and also i have a query can i get release from my present sponcer without his permission if he is in low green zone.

  • Raju


    One of my friend waiting since 2 months to transfer his sponsorship.
    But, the MOL not approved his request.

    * His old sponsor closed his Company.
    * Sponsor is in now UK.
    * The old Company is in RED and New Company is in GREEN.

    The main issue with the Labor Office is – They ruled out some better things for saudis and expats also. BUT they not implementing and performing as they saiying.


  • shaik imran uddin

    Dear Sir,

    My company is not giveing salary since four month and not giveing transfer also. When i told him to give transfer they are not giveing just saying i can give exit only. Please help me. One year back i sign on agreement for two years. They are not increasing my salary also.

    • SaudiExpert

      You can go to labour court, to take transfer if you are in red.

  • Parvej Alam

    Thanx so much for change to sponser………

  • salahuddin

    What will be the duration of salary not paid by Company (Sponsor)?

    • SaudiExpert

      You question is unclear

  • my kafil is in red, i want to renew my iqama. is it possible?

    • My iqama has expired,my kafil is in red category,but i want to renew my iqama,please reply me as soon as possible…….

  • Syed Ali

    Assalamu alykum,
    Dear Sir,

    I am an Engineer living in riyadh with family, my question is, i want to bring my mother on residence visa to stay with us in ksa, just few months back my father is passed away & no one is there to care for my mother (just she is with my relatives to complete 4 months 10 days as per islamic sharia)
    If i can not bring her on residence visa, i will be back to india (because no potion)

    Kindly advise.

    Jazakumallah khair,

    • SaudiExpert

      The process is simple, but you need to

      Proof, that your mother is completely dependent on you.
      Also you need to have her name in your passport as your mother
      You would also need an affidavit swearing that your mother is completely dependent on you

  • Irshad Ali

    Dear sir,

    I am working in consultant company, transfer my kafeel to this company. I complete almost two years with this company, in two years I not sign any contract with the company. My Iqama is going to expire in 20th of July 2014. I have good offer from other company, my visa is transferable, but company refuse to give release, help me and give me legal way to change my sponsor. thanks

  • Majed


    Currently about to finsh a English teaching contract and need the iqama transferred to another company, any help?

    • SaudiExpert

      Try to get release from current company, or get new visa from new company then go on exit.

      • majed

        Yes I understand to leave to my country on a release and come with a new visa. but I am trying to avoid this.

        My current company currently doesn’t want to transfer the iqama to another company. If I am able to transfer my iqama to another company without needing my current companies permission this will be best! Because I do not have to redo the whole visa process back in the US, I do not have to wait another 3months in Saudi for a new iqama to bring my family, and I will be able to make Hajj.

        But without an iqama transfer I would not be able to do Hajj this year and I would be separated from my family again.

        • SaudiExpert

          If you have the either of the below issues with your company, then you can do transfer without going outside the country :
          1. Your iqama expired
          2. Salary delay
          3. Your company is in Yellow or Red category
          4. Violation by your company.
          In all the above cases you can approach Ministry of Labor to make transfer to another company.
          Best of luck.

          • Majed

            THANK YOU! I really appreciate all your help!!!!

  • Sharique


  • Sharique

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Dear Sir….

    I have a question regarding my Iqama transfer. Actually last one year I m job less and without salary. I have some issues with my current company thats why I have lodge my case in labour court. My case is still running against my company since april 2013. My salary is also stopped since april 2013.

    You can aissist me in this situation I can transfer my iqama with other sponser without permission of current sponser or there is any soloution to change my sponser.

    Thank you.

    • SaudiExpert

      Please contact your embassy, also try to get a lawyer,

      • MZACK

        Hi, I cannot understand these rules, even my company hasn’t paid me for four months i have a good offer from another company and the only way to get this job is through transfer. However, my organisation is a small firm where in they pay salary in cash and not bank transfer which means i have no proof to show that my salary is delayed unless the concerned authorities(labour court) check my company record. My Question :
        1)company is green, didnt pay me salary for 4 months can i opt for transfer by going to labour court.
        2)How long will it take to opt for transfer if i approach labour court as i have juust 30 days to get tranfer in this new company.

  • Assalamu alikum how r u all my bro’s .now the profession of driver can take transfer to any company and he can change the profession or not ..please reply soon

    • SaudiExpert

      Hello Abrar,
      Conpany Driver can do it, but not personal driver.

      • Assalamu alikum ,,ok sir but if kafeel give release in these days and he want to take transfer in other company and other profession …can its possible or not in these days please reply…

  • raheem

    Sir, my profession is electrician in my iqama. I am qualified teacher can change my profession from electrician to teacher if my current sponsor is ready to release me atnd new sponsor also ready to join me.
    I came just one month back.
    Tell is it possible to change my sponsor and profession as well.

  • raheemee

    My profession in iqama is electrician. But i am professional teacher. Can i change my profession from electrician to teacher in these days. Because my kafil is ready to release me and new employer also ready to hire me.
    Please let me know is this possible to change sponsor and profession as well in these days.
    If not, suggest me any alternatives like should i get visa from my new sponsor and exit…
    Please suggest me as soon as possible.

  • Syed Asim zia

    Dear Service provider thanks for reply and Guides us
    Now I am looking for Free visa,(Tasheer Hur),to get job in another company because company has no visa for Pakistan.
    Can i get this visa from any authorize person/firm.
    what is proper procedure.
    plz help me

    • Mohsin

      There is no such thing as free visa. It is illegal to do trading in visa as per the law.

  • Qamar

    can I take transfer if the current company is not paying me the salary as per contract. If yes, please explain me the procedure of transfer

    • SaudiExpert

      Kindly visit the labor office or your Embassy and report the matter.

  • Mohammed

    My sponsor in yellow category, i would like to change my sponsor but my passport is with him , i wanted to change my iqama without knowing him please advise what is the possibility ??

  • mohsin

    This law seems to be very good. But, still on the other side it is just bullshit unless until your passports are with your employers.

  • sohail qasim

    Dear Sir
    My iqama is expired and my current company is in red. I am having my original passport and copy of iqama with me.
    My orginal iqama is with my sponsor.
    Will it be possible to take transfer on a new sponsor which is on green.
    And do i need take take my permission of current sponsor
    Please reply..

  • Rafiullah Khan

    Hello sir,
    I transfered to one company 1 & half year ago,now i want to join one another company,if current company not give me transfer,what should i do by law so that i can easily transfer,plzz give me advise in view of labour law,,,,


  • muhammad

    my friend’s kafeel is in red category. he has taken his pasport from kafeel by paying him money to get transfer. Now the new kafeel or co. is send request to change sponsorship but it is going for approval to the kafeel even he is in red category. Now problem is kafeel is not approving that transfer request. can any body tell where this RED CATEGORY rule and how it is applicable.. he is trouble please guide

  • Chowdhury


    my current company can give me exit if i will ask for TANAJJUL ? i came in current company from previous company also by TANAJJUL ,,,

    pls let me know ,,thnx


    Hi, I cannot understand these rules, even my company hasn’t paid me for four months i have a good offer from another company and the only way to get this job is through transfer. However, my organisation is a small firm where in they pay salary in cash and not bank transfer which means i have no proof to show that my salary is delayed unless the concerned authorities(labour court) check my company record. My Question :
    1)company is green, didnt pay me salary for 4 months can i opt for transfer by going to labour court.
    2)How long will it take to opt for transfer if i approach labour court as i have juust 30 days to get tranfer in this new company.

  • Mohammad Faisal

    i have a question.

    right now i am working in alkhobar in a company.
    but i dont want to work there any more. because of the people working there are treating me like slaves.
    now i have heard that the company will not me release they will directly give me exit.
    so is there any rules that i can get saved from going exit. or something else.. please help me.. i am in big trouble and confusion…

    waiting for your quick reply

  • Jas

    Dear Sir,

    My current employer has not paid us for the past 8 months. Our case is pending in Ministry of Labor for the past 3 months. I want to take transfer of employment as I have a Demand letter and online transfer request from another company.

    I came to Saudi on my own visa and transferred to my current employer..

    I have in my possession both my passport and Iqama. My current company is in Red category. My current employer is not giving me release papers and accepting the online request sent by the new employer. The new employer requires that my current employer accept the online request and I bring the transfer papers.

    The owner of the company and CEO is now sitting in Lebanon and refusing to give transfer even though he neither has any work nor money to pay the employers. It is his signature that is valid in chamber of commerce to sign on the transfer papers and to give online approval for transfer.

    Please let me know what I can do to get transferred. My case is already pending in MOL.

    Awaiting your valuable advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  • dear sir my company dont give me d salary last 5 months.and i sent the request for transfer also he did not reply now still 6 months i m sitting in my house they dont give any reply and also they dont give the haroob, now my new kafeel transfer my iqama i dont know bcos my new company dont give me any response.in future my company wht they can do.and also wht i can do in future..

  • Tahir

    My kafeel has sent me to another company. It is more than 3 years that I am working with that company and they pay me not my sponsor. Now I want to transfer to this company but my sponsor is not giving me transfer.

    I do not work for my current kafeel, he do not pay me, I just visit him when Iqana renew or some other paper work. He is in Green.

    Please help me how I can take Transfer?

  • Dear Brothers,
    I am asking for your kind help & experiences from your life in ksa. just one little question my previous sponsor is yellow and my new spnsor is in green so they send the online request for the previous sponsor to approve it for Transfer and my previous sponsor can not approach because due to the yellow level they do not have access to transfer option any more is there any alternative solution for transfer ????


  • Muhammad

    Dear Admin

    Will you please explain that how can someone know that online request for sponsorship transfer is approved by previous employer or not. Can we also check that what is the status of sponsorship transfer against application number.

  • Iqbal

    The status of my company is Yellow. Is it possible to transfer sponsor even if my iqama is not yet expired?



  • Ali

    Salaam All
    My iqama Status is yellow and and its gonna be expire in 2.5 Months .
    My Question is ! if i want to renew my iqama , Is it possible to renew the iqama under the same Kafeel or to change to another Sponsor first.
    My Other Question is ! if i want to transfer my Iqama to another Company should i inform My Kafeel first or no need to inform him regarding his status is Yellow .
    Noted that i am working as azad not with my kafeel.
    i am waiting for your reply plzzzz

  • mohamed

    1) can a wife’s work iqama be transferred to husband’s sponsorship within Saudi or will she have to exit and reapply for family residency?
    2) can a wife on family residency (on husbands sponsorship) on finding work, transfer to a work iqamah without exiting Saudi?

  • rashid hashmi

    Is yellow category company employees are not eligible for permanent family visa?

  • sharjeel

    i want to change sponsorship of my wife to company i have demand letter is it possible to change sponsorship

  • sharjeel

    i want to change family iqama (work not authorized). Can i transfer my wife iqama to the company so she can legally work?
    Can you tell me what are the procedures? Anyone help and advice me?
    Thank you.

  • sir I ask advice regarding my iqama I’m almost 9 months I don’t have iqama pls…. reply

  • abubaker

    What is the status currently of transferring student iqama? My has been going on for few days now. The labor office keeps saying the ministry has deactivated a button that would do the actual transfer. Any new regarding this?…………….please contact me 0531330018

  • asghar ali

    Dear Sir,
    if my kafil is not providing me employment and i want to transfer my sponsorship then which prove i have to provide
    to the concerned authority

    • SaudiExpert

      Did you receive you salary for last 3 months ? That is a reason for transferring.

  • Asif Raza

    Asalam o Alykum dear,
    My sponsor has its company in yellow category. Can I transfer my sponsorship if I have either passport or residential permit?

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes, you can transfer. However, you need to go Ministry to register your case. Then you new company needs to do the rest of the process.

      If you need legal assistance to file a case, kindly fill up the form on http://www.qsaudi.com/enquiry and our service provider will contact you.

      • Imran Hassan

        can transfer the sponsor if the passport is expire plz. let me know if anyone knows


    Dear sir
    Just last week I come to Saudi
    For as a company light driver
    But here he giving big vehicle to drive
    In India they agent told me you need drive a small pickup vehicle
    They frauded me
    Can i possible to change my sponsorship to another company
    It possible for me
    Pls anyone help and reply me
    This is my mail id [email protected]
    Pls reply me I waiting for this
    Insha Allah Allah Khair you

  • hello sir how r you have a good day after that i just want to know that i was working in govt office but my sponsor was another company my contract was for two year and i had don that and now i want to go on exit and i also try for that my sponsor release me but he don’t and i also give my iqama in office and said i don’t want to renew it but he renew that now i want to go on exit when i contract with him he said i will pay him then he will give me exit if i will not thy will make some thing for that resin cant come back saudia for 5 year.i don’t know now what i will do now and i really ont want to work with him if u have any good way that he can leave me tell me thanks regards.

    • SaudiExpert

      Dear Faheem. It is very unfortunate how the sponsor behaving.

      It is your right, if you want to go on Exit.

      Kindly fill-up the form on http://www.qSaudi.com/enquiry and we will try to assist you with legal help.

  • jabran

    Dear ALLZ… My sponser is amira naifa bint naif bin fisal saud alsaud and my propositional (SAFAR JE MANZALI ) I can tranfer my visa to some compny OR no ?

  • Asad Durrani

    My sponsor hasn’t paid salary for one and a half months now. Is it enough for me to get the transfer or should I wait to complete 3 months to get the iqama transfer? There is confusion as in your graphic illustration, it is written that if salary is not paid for 3 months while in description it is written only that if the salary is not paid. Kindly clarify and also please advise if I can go to labor court to claim my missing dues if my sponsor sends me on exit without clearing my dues?

  • mannarkkadryd

    Dear Steve – My old sponsor is in RED and new sponsor is in LOW green. I am trying to transfer my sponsorship for the last two months to my new employer, but still the transfer status is ‘under study’ in MOL. My current sponsor PR informed only two ways to move forward 1. Approval from old sponsor in MOL e portal (No way, becuase old sponsor already on liquidation and MD is sitting in US without even know about the E portal MOL.) 2. After expiry of my Iqama (May 2015, which also will not work due to deadline from regulators to transfer my VISA. Can you please help me about the requirements / procedures the new sponsor can do in labor office in order to get it transferred (I have the release letters from old sponsor). Waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks (I have my passport and iqama….. please advise thanks)

  • jan khan

    Dear friend if i go finale exit in my iqama have 12 month so i can come back before my expired iqama or not ???? tanx

  • Ahmed

    hey there i want to know can iqama of private driver can be transfer ? please do let me know soon …

  • asif iqubal

    My current sponsor is King Saud University as a ‘RESEARCHER’ job profile in iqama. I am not a student. I got a job in a new company and got the release letter from University on 23rd Septemeber, 2014.
    The HR guy of new company tried transfer process online through MOL, but that process did not work because my iqama was not registered with MOL and this is the case with all University expat employees.
    Then HR tried to do the process manually but my transfer got rejected on 28th October, 2014 as the ministry has stopped ‘Researcher’ iqama transfer… is this true?? What is the solution? I know a friend who got transfer 1 year ago with same job profile. Please help.

  • hamnoor

    Assalamu Allaykum i am now 3months here in my second company in saudi arabia
    but the problem is delayed my salary after 2 months and 15days they give salary it
    is posible can transfer my iqama with out permission of my kafeel if the case like that?

  • Tahir

    i dont have a contract. my transfer was done during the grace period. every thing was a rush. company told us that they would give us the contracts after we reach the region intended for us. later on they sent contracts but none of us signed. they are also deducting iqama fees and insurance fees from us. i want to take transfer to another company which is giving me a better offer. now there are talks going on that the company will not give the transfer in the same field. So what are my options here. can i report this in labor court. or what can be the possible solution. i have all emails regarding there deduction of our salary for iqama and insurance fees. waiting for your reply.

  • Rhyan

    Hi. I have a problem with my company now. They don’t give us the appropriate accommodation and transportation for 6 months until now. They keep on telling us that they will give everything needed for the accommodation and transportation but they didn’t. Also, they gave us laborer work for the first 4 months until we they gave us Engineering laboratory work which is according to our contract. I found a new company who wants to recruit me but I am still in my current company. What should I do so that I can transfer to the new company ? (My company is in green-low NITAQAT status). Please help me.

    • Afridi

      Greeting gents,
      Actually i have a problem in account , i had paid some money for company work due to far away from the account department , this time they was agreed also our Spenser sons and by-self Kafeel also, but now they are what money which what time ?
      Also as per instruction from Transport manager to pay.
      What to did in this situation ?

      Waiting for repose.

      Thank you

  • najim

    Dear sir
    I came here before 8 month but still not provided iqama not only that but salary also pending 2 months. Passport also with company
    Please can I Chang the company
    please give good advice

  • ali

    S/w sir my compny is yello and befor three months not give my sellry so I can my sponsorship cheng pls give me answer pls sir?

  • WDL

    Hello, my iqama has been expired for a week now and our company’s current status is low green. can i get transferred if i wanted to? what are the steps and troubles i might face?

    Thank you!

  • sabas

    good day sir,
    i would like to ask my iqama is under process for transfer showing this message “demand waiting for the transmission of the interior” what does it means? is that mean that my transfer of sponsorship will be finish soon? pls help. thanks!

  • sabas

    good day sir,
    i would like to ask my iqama is under process for transfer showing this message “demand waiting for the transmission of the interior” what does it means? is that mean that my transfer of sponsorship will be finish soon? pls help. thanks!g

    • Muhammad Zohaib

      I am also facing the same situation like you.Have you any update??


  • amaya

    what if the boss has done something haram to his household helper? like trying to be physical with her to the extent that he kissed her? can the household worker transfer iqama without the permission of the current employer, even if the sponsor pays salary on time and he is not in red sign? please i will be waiting for your reply. Godbless!

  • naser

    hello to all,,,assalamo alaykom,can anyone giving me an answer about my little question?my iqama is family driver(sawak khas)its have possible to change in another category or profession?even janitor only or etc.if have possible,how to process it?thanks.

  • Abdul


    I have given Iqama transfer to my current company,
    and Now got better offer from other company and i want to transfer my Iqama,is my current company entitled to put me on exit, If so how can i fight back to take transfer?


  • Mohd


    My current establishment is Red and i applied for change sponsorship with permission of current sponsor to anther establishment who is under green category. I have received reply “is not approved” by MOL after 40 days.

    I couldn’t understand and please advise me why it is not approved and what is next.

    Thanks and best regards.

  • Rajan


    I am an Engineer, but my profession in my IQAMA is Funni Mechanic (Computer/Network Technician) something like this, how can I change my IQAMA as an Engineer, and am I eligible to bring my family using the about Funni Mechanic status on a permanent visa.


  • Parvez Ahmad

    I have come to jeddah 15 days ago. Before coming jeddhah my sponser did not give me any agreement paper . I have visa of teacher but they send me to work on shop . I want to go back tell me hhowhow .

  • pinoy ofw

    my iqama is in red status..what are the documents needed for the transfer in other company,,and can i get a end of service benefit in my old employeer?

  • Waseem hussain

    I am working last 5 years in company here and now last 6,7 month company condition is very bad and some time stop salary Now they are not renew my IQAMA last 45 days can I transfer my sponsor now and what is the procedure ?

  • muhammad subhan


    My name is Muhammad Hussan Badar I have so much stress on mind due to my sponsor ” kafeel is not paying me my salary as september 2014,.& october 2014 (2 months) since from that time i am calling & keep asking my kafeel ” kindly givd me’ but he is keep saying i will pay…. But until no …. No single riyal paid from kafeel to me …. What should i do also he is not allowing me transfer & no salary …. I am humbly requesting you kindly pay your kind attention & reply me back i have nothing to do with it.

    Kindly give some suggestion that i should follow.

    Email @ [email protected]

    • Mazhar Saqlain

      Go labour office and register complaint

  • Khaled Ahmad

    Dear All,

    I have taken release from my former employer with valid attestation from the CoC addressed to the new employer. My new employer placed an online request addressing my former employer at the labour office to approve the release. Unfortunately, since the commercial permit, municipality permit are expired with him, the current employer access to the system is blocked by the MoL. (keeping in view that the former employer is in yellow category).

    Please advise what is the step forward to get my iqama transferred to the new employer.


    • Khaled Ahmad

      Correction :
      i mean former employer permit is expired and is in yellow category.

  • maneesh

    Dear sir
    This is Maneesh ,I came here on Oct 2014 as a communication inspector in a well known company under Aramco till now Company didnt give my Iqama ,Salary not getting as on time.Can I get transfer or I can join another company I would like to know how or whoom should I contact.

  • sayed Moiez Ahmad

    my iqama expired on 06.12.2014 that means above 2 months before.
    company status is in red. my sponsor is telling that he tried to convert status into green but unable.
    now i want to go on exit. can sponsor process to send me on final exit

  • dear,
    I ask a quesiton..that in last december 2014, i am here in saudi and i am purchasing visa in one of a pakistani person he recieve my passport and full paid money but still today he cannot give me iqama or any other paper.this condition i am very tense and i have no any contact for my kafeel.last few days , i wil check my status in saudi website kafeel set me a haroob and my kafeel colour catagorey is LOW GREEN. now i canot understand any thing that what i do.Please help me and suggest me a good option. thanks

    • Mazhar Saqlain

      Go to labour office in your city and report immediately against Kafeel. They will cancel Huroub Inshaa Allah

  • one thing he cannot submit the fees in my iqama .clearly i know my iqama is not prepare.kafeel set haroob in my passport.

  • munir

    assalam o alaikum sir I want to renew my iqama but my kafeel status is yellow what should I do

    • Saqib Ch

      You can change your kafeel without permission of old kafeel bcz he is in yellow go labour office with new kafeel you will transfered to new in minutes

  • Akbarali

    Dear All,

    i have problem in IQAMA not renew from 8 march 2015 still is pending also my medical card not issue from company and health insurance still on MOI Web side not update. and i have family and my company still in PLATINUM Status if i want to change sponsor ship what was the procedure.


    • Mazhar Saqlain

      Go to labour office and file case then labour court will give you transfer Inshaa Allah

    • senthil

      Hi … My Iqama also in Platinum .. am also in this same situvation like you … so please advise can i change my iqama from platinum to green company …

  • Jamal


    My Company in Green Low status, shall i transfer other company without permission of current employer ?

  • khan

    I want to change my profession from mason to technician or any category which is allowed to get family here on visit.
    one month before my job finished and I am searching new job. What should I do now.

  • siddiq mohammed


    i have problem in IQAMA not renew from 2 may 2015 still is pending also my medical card not issue from company and health insurance still on MOI Web side not update. and i didn’t get my salary from Feb 2015…my sponsor is in yellow . if i want to change sponsor ship what was the procedure.

    • Alvin Sunga

      Sir gud pm I’m Alvin sunga about to minister of labor my kapil i give code number how many day’s i waiting to apoval my company

  • javed khan

    My kafeel sold me with truck to another kafeel and i dont want work with him can i transper to a kafeel wich i want plz help

  • Qaisar Shahzad

    my company has not paid the salary of may jun july can i take transfer to another sponsor

  • Qaisar Shahzad

    i went yesterday to ask for transfer but the people sitting out labour office rejected the new about this news that company is not giving then also i cannot take transfer to another company

  • Abbas

    I want to transfer my iqama to another company, old company is giving me transfer but my old company is in full green, and new company is in low green, how can I transfer???

  • eyn

    I can find a new sponsor?because until now we did not still renew my Iqama i want to search for more can there be?i was Iqama expires 06-22-2015…

  • Jana

    i was born here in jeddah and under sponsorship of my father, when i
    find a job i was transferred there and it cause me alot of money only
    for a first transfer. My contract is only 2 years. In the end of my
    contract can i return to my father being as his sponsorship again????

    • No, its impossible

      • Jana

        the thing is they dont recruit me in my place im just a transfer. do u think i can resign in the labor if i dont want to work with them anymore after my 2 years contract?

  • Jamil Ur Rehman

    Dear Sir,
    I am received termination Letter from currant company (due to the complete the projects and company don’t have new projects) i am all ready received new offer and new company want transported iqama but my currant company not give me NOC he want must Exit.can i change our iqama with out NOC.
    Jamil Ur Rehman

  • sittie ashraf ali oro

    Asalamu alaykum…im 1yr and 2monhts here in qassim…but i have 2x cha ge my employer…now im 4months in my employer for those days i stay here my employer give my salary every 45 to 50 days,…and i wanna go search other employer but my problem is they dont allow me togo…and my employer also dont have any papers for to sign evry 45 to 50 days if i got my salary…can u help me solve my problem plssss!

  • adelfa p.estrera

    Asalam mulaykum sir i ask you my problem is i ask to release my kafeel i work for she 2yrs.and 4 months she asking me if when i want to go suffer,my answer is i dont want suffer i want to stay here because i still dont have money but since i serving you2yrs.4 months. I ask you to release me but my iqama still have 4months.more because i run away before i come to work with her april 2013 and have chance to fixed those who is run away i am the lucky one but unfortunitely i ask to my sponsor to release me she dont want….she decide to exit me and she said she want to blocklist me here in saudia arabia…pls. help me what will i do…

    • Karl Fredrick Anderson

      Is this your legal employer on your contract? you state that you are a runaway. If this employer is not the legal employer on your contract they will not be able to issue and exit visa for you. That would only come from the legal employer who holds your contract and if you ran away you did not fulfill the contract with him so getting an exit is not easy. You really need to make contact with you embassy. Not sure what country you are from but would contact you embassy for you country. Or you can reach out to me her if you have more questions https://www.facebook.com/DomesticWorkerAbuse?fref=ts

  • Ethan Mendoza Dela Cruz

    Iam fineshed my 2 years contract to my employer… Now my iqama was renew us new according to contarct 2 years is enought he tol my manager if I will to new employer I will pay for 15k sr is that legal process or no plz help me i don’t know what I do

    • Ethan Mendoza Dela Cruz

      Pls answer my question

      • Karl Fredrick Anderson

        That does one sound right. You need to contact the Assistance to Nationals department at the embassy here for assistance.

        Labor Attaché RIYADH (Welfare Cases related to Employment, Recruitment and Hiring Filipinos, and other matters related to employment or welfare and concerns with companies and employers including unpaid salaries, delays in salary, issuance of iqama by employer, etc)
        FAX (+96611) 483-2204 Tel 483-2201 to 3

        Mobile 053-602-7590

        [email protected]

        [email protected]

        Labor Attache Eastern
        TEL (013) 894-1846, 894-2890

        Mobile: 0501269742

        You can also reach out to me here at that this page if you cannot get help there https://www.facebook.com/DomesticWorkerAbuse?fref=ts

        • Karl Fredrick Anderson

          II realized after my post that you might not be from the Philippines. If not you need to contact your embassy for assistancee

      • raff

        if your contract is ” fixed contract ” , depending on the terms, it is legal. but if your contract is ” indefinite “, then you can go after you issue a 2 months notice to your employer or if you contract duration is done you can go back to your country, but the sponsor may reject your request to transfer of sponsorship.

  • Ashraf

    My brother has arrived to KSA before 2 months. Until now sponsor couldn’t issue Iqama as his account was blocked in Jawazat due to his personal reason (I heard that there is case against him and he should clear that to activate his account) In this case, kindly let me know…..Is there any possibility to issue the Iqama or whether he can transfer to other sponsor before issuing Iqama?

  • Manoj Prajapati

    Looking for labour in telecom Department Iqama transferable anyone interested pls contact my no. 0592966450
    Manoj Prajapati

  • catherine villavista

    how about the domestic helper is it allowed to transfer also but the work is a sewer?but the company is in red category and they already declared that I am a runaway ?please reply….thanks!

    • Karl Fredrick Anderson

      If you are runaway from you employer you will need to resolve the issue with your original contract holder to legally do it. There are many runaway workers in Saudi who are just working at other jobs that is technically not a legal placement. You can reach out to embassy her for advice for you problem.

      You need to contact the Assistance to Nationals department at the embassy here for assistance.

      Labor Attaché RIYADH (Welfare Cases related to Employment, Recruitment and Hiring Filipinos, and other matters related to employment or welfare and concerns with companies and employers including unpaid salaries, delays in salary, issuance of iqama by employer, etc)
      FAX (+96611) 483-2204 Tel 483-2201 to 3

      Mobile 053-602-7590

      [email protected]

      [email protected]

      Labor Attache Eastern
      TEL (013) 894-1846, 894-2890

      Mobile: 0501269742

      You can also reach out to me here at that this page for further help.


      • Karl Fredrick Anderson

        Irealized after my post that you might not be from the Philippines. If not you need to contact your embassy for assistance

      • Mohamed hashim.n

        Dear Sir,

        I have huroob with last 8 months,

        my current employer ready to remove it.

        but they don’t know how to do (cancel remove)

        Please advice me how to remove huroob..


  • rajamohamed


    I am working in construction(MNC) company at makkah Saudi arabia since 2013 November.Company Provide visa for me.last 3 months i didn’t get the salary up to today 100 days finish.still we didn’t get the salary.i need to change company with out company approval.because they are not give NOC. how to get the NOC with my 3 month from jawazat. what are the document required for get NOC and salary from Jawazat.if I do this against they current company .any problem will come or not i don’t know.please help me and guide me cell no :00966531571107

  • Anas Kannur

    I need to do the final exit and my khafeel is not available here to do. My passport and iqama is with me, is it possible to do it trough any general service, profession is house driver and i have new offer with new visa. Please give me reply ASAP.


    my iqama finish and my company not renewed my iqama i need transfer if any way for transfer pls tell me quickly

    • muhammad

      you can transfer to another employer.

  • tazbjorn

    my iqama will be expired this coming november, some company will get me. is it possible that i can be transferred without any notice or letter from me to my employer so that i can be transferred? because we are now 6 months without salary

  • Thart Sweethart

    Hi everyone..

    Just want to ask..if there’s possible for me to transferred in other company.. Even my previous kafil (company also) didn’t give me release letter..it is in AVERAGE GREEN category..,instead he put me in huroob case..
    ( 2years huroob)

    Anyone can help me out of this.. And how much possible to pay for transfer iqama..i mean all the process..

    ( I still want to stay here in kingdom )

  • Saibudeen riaz Hithayathulaah

    Dear Sir,

    I came on employment visa( Electrical Engineer) whose 90 days validity has been finished but still company not providing iqama because my company certificates such C.R, GOSSI, Jakat are expired. So i suggest them to give exit, but they showing paper printout from MOI and said that i can go exit after 120 days only which included that 90 days also. Please help me whether it is true or how can i go exit. Please tell details for going in exit.
    My company ready to give exit but PRO of my company stated above. please provide me steps to inform my general manager which who will arrange for further. The problem is that my company had no idea for giving exit. If you provide and it will help me.

    Thanks a lot. Appreciating and awaiting for your reply.

  • Karlogyk

    Good day, I am a clinic nurse here in Saudi, I have 2 yrs. contract with my current employer. I’ve been working here 10months now. My problem is our Clinic is physically closed right now, because the previous owner died and left no will on whose in charge of the clinic to his children. I checked the status of the company and it falls on yellow category. Will it be possible for me to transfer a different company even I’m not finished with my contract? And i checked my MOH( Ministry of Health) license of my Company its says on the record “Final”. and my MOH just expired last October 6, 2015. Can someone help me with this issue? Btw, my Legal Sponsor have a contract with another Company distributing us as Medic Nurse in Oil Rigs thats why we are still currently working but the staff of our Clinic has been given Exit Visas. Can we also go apply for exit visa even though we are not finish with our contract? All answers will be a great help. Thank you.

  • Raiz

    Dear Sir,

    I m worked for a Construction Company for last 6 years and now my contract is completed and my company told me to find another company and ask the new employer to send the electronic request to change the sponsorship. Old employer is Platinum status and the new employer is Green status, is it possible to transfer ?

  • raju

    If Sponsor does not provide Iqama to the employee even after completing three months of arrival in Saudi Arabia and his visa has expired, he can take transfer of sponsorship without consent of Kafeel. However, in this case he will have to contact to the labor office.

    If Sponsor does not provide Iqama to the employee even after completing three months of arrival in Saudi Arabia and his visa has expired, he can take transfer of sponsorship without consent of Kafeel. However, in this case he will have to contact to the labor office.

  • Jamil Akhtar

    Hi, any body help me to solve my issue..I came on Civil Engineer visa from Pakistan , but still my company not give me my Iqama…..even I got membership from Saudi engineering council… can I transfer my sponsorship from labor coat. without inform to company.

  • Jamil Akhtar

    Hi, any body help me to solve my issue..I came on Civil Engineer visa from Pakistan , but still my company not give me my Iqama…..even I got membership from Saudi engineering council… can I transfer my sponsorship from labor coat without inform to company.. Even my visa of haramain sharifain place.

  • senthil

    I m worked for a Construction Company for last 3 Month and now my company told me to find another company and ask the new employer to send the electronic request to change the sponsorship. Old employer is Platinum status and the new employer is Green status, is it possible to transfer ?

  • Batang Batangas

    Hi there. A good day greetings. I am an OFW and I am seeking help for a legal way to transfer from my current (kafeel) sponsor to another. I was illegally terminated without any advance written formality for six months. I was accused of doing unofficial transactions that eventually discovered by my sponsor himself to be fabricated by my co-manager. During my suspension period, I was able to acquire a permission verbally from my sponsor to look for a new job and found one that has no competence against my sponsor’s type of business. In order to make it official, I then wrote an email, a 30-day notice in accordance to Saudi Labor Law, to my sponsor stating that I am resigning form my previous position and had requested a transfer of sponsorship to a new company I wanted to work for, since my iqama has been also transferred to his company when he hired me the first time. My sponsor then agreed and gave me a three letter, all in arabic form, with a company stamp along with his signature to hand over to my new would-be-sponsor for transfer processing. But when he discovered that the manager who accused me of dishonesty was the real dishonest, he immediately fired him off and forced me to go back to work for him again and even threatens me with “Huroob” or runaway status if I don’t. My two-year contract with him lapsed a month ago. I did not even get my yearly vacation within the span of my contract even if it is clearly stated that I am entitled for a 30-day vacation after a completion of 12 months.

    My question is… how can I get my iqama transferred to my new sponsor? Can I file a case to the Labor Office to claim my rights? Is it really worth to file a case? My current sponsor’s nitiqat status is low-green. Probably because of giving a lot of fake company information to the Ministry of Labor such as fake contracts of the employees. I should know because I was forced to fabricate all workers’ contracts, even fake-signed their signatures.

    Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

  • ajam pathan

    my visa issue on the harimin sharifin makkah project so in my iqama sponser name is showing with harimin sharifin and my company is ready to give transfer but the somebody told me this type if visa can not take transfer so Please anybody can give any information about this matter

    • Wajid Khan

      Dear Brother Azam,

      It depends on you Contract Agreement and even your company willing to release, once you finish 2 years in current company, so you can take transfer to other company easily. If you or your any of your friend’s have the same contract copy read completely.

  • Shamail Rabbani

    A.O.A all brothers ,i am Electrical Engineer from Pakistan.i come here on Amil manzali visa which is not transferable .
    i want to change my Profession from Amil Manzali to Funny Kahrabai .please someone guide me how to do this.will be very thankful…
    contact:0598119547 Shamail Rabbani

  • Jamil Akhtar

    Hello, I am an Engineer and work in a company in Makkah from 8th months. But I still not received my Iqama. Even I got membership from Saudi Engineering Concil by my self. My visa of Haramin Sharif.

    So I want to know , can I transfer my sponsorship without concern to my company from the labor court…..

  • rodz

    4 months now my iqama still not renewed by my employer and my passport is also in my employers hands and i dont have a copy of my work contract but the category of our company is platinum color or excellent…im planning to report my case to ministry of labor here in tabuk and demand a final exit or transfer to a new employer,heres my question is it possible that a final exit or transfer will be granted? and can i get also my 9 years of perseverance or my length of service? actually im working now for almost 6 months since i came back from manila…by the way about our salary situation is quite difficult we always recieved a one month only every almost end of three months..(magdadalawang buwan lagi pondo..huh nkakatakot)..if i end up for final exit is there any problem about my passport because it will expire soon on july 2016 ( 6months )…

    please someone can give me a good advice,thanks…

  • Mary Wawira

    I run away from my sponsor due to assault an I managed to get my passport and my residential permit, later I got a job with a employer who’s willing to be my sponsor through a legal process after the expiry of my iqama, can it be possible without risking arrest…please help

    • Mary Wawira

      Help me please

  • Mohammed Shafi

    I am working in a perfume manufacturing company. My iqama will expire on apr 02. My company can’t renew iqama because of commercial licence expired. But company still in position green low. In this position can l change sponsorship without approval of my company if iqama expired. Anyone please give me a replay to mail ([email protected] ).or here

  • Ahmad

    if a person is new in Saudi Arabia and he don’t have iqama.
    he is in the kingdom more then three month. can he transfer to other sponsor without his first sponsor permission.
    and how he can check his transfer status without iqama no. please any body have answer reply quick.

  • hasham ijaz

    sir after expiry of iqama emegietely posible transfer or not niqat in average greeen

  • joby paulose

    Hai All,
    I would like to make transfer to another company because of non payment salary,I am not received my last 4 months salary and I am working with them since last 12 years.
    I want to know if there is any chance to get my pending salaries and and my service end benefits after my transfer to another company,
    Please let me know how to approach and where I will submit my complaint.

  • Mahal kita

    Hello everyone…
    March 2015 when i came here in riyadh… After few months my company germinates me without any valid reason… My company ask me to pay 6500 sr. So that i can go home to my country.. Is it possible to transfer my iqama or sponsorship without there permission? Please i need answer… Thank you

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  • color one

    Fast food resturant in YANBU

    looking for philipino
    workers Including

    Food preparation

    With transferable Iqama

    Competitive salary 

    Contact on Whatsup 0537423831


    My company not paying salary on time almost 5 months delay. also company in red category. my iqama expired last month. I have got an offer in another company . So i given resignation to manager he not accepted . So i have send an email to HR nad manager. I mentioned one month notice on my resignation and arrange replacement . Manager agreed to increase my salary and paying 2 month salary for time being. Still i have not received any thing as per his commitment. He is threatening me, if i go with out company approval he will make legal action against me. i have given one month notice is finishing next week . please suggest / reply for
    1.can i go and join new company without company approval .
    2.is there possbile manager can take action against me ?
    3.what is the procedure to transfer without company approval ?

  • Malik Faheem

    I came hare in saudia arabia after signing a Agreement ,which offer me job as a Electrical engineer ,but my kafeel and company manger are forcing me to do work as electrician pipe fitter and other labour work offered by different companies in KSA,I am a Electrical Engineer, I cannot work as a labour. MY GM and kafeel is treatining and forcing me to work as a labour. they took my iqama and they are not paying me any salary for last 3 months..what should i do..?i am really worried..

  • Lumambas Jonas

    Assalamo Alaikkom
    My problem my contract finish in my kapel did not give me vacation also wanna transfer other kapel what I’m ganna do plz I need your responds

  • Liaquat

    If I get transfer without involving my current employer can I be entitled for my benefits like pending salaries and end of service benefits? Please guide

  • Mohammed Rashid

    please help with the process of changing company with self sponsored family , would like know the procedure , time frame and charges etc .

    Thanks in advance