Family Visit Visa limited to 6 months

Family Visit visa


The govt has decided to limit the visit visa to 6 months irrespective to the first issue duration, previously it was 9 months total for a 3 months visa and 7 months for a 1 month initial visa.

This move is expected to cause huge inconvenience to lots of expatriates, especially those coming for their relatives maternity help and those who are not able to bring their families on permanent visas.

  • Farhan

    It is very sad and bad news who applied/bring their family on visit visa i am very disappointed from this news one side they claim extend visa up to one year as described below our friend if they have any problem as per news so they fix it. This is not wright way to limit it for 6 months only minimum do same as before validity of 9 months or make their system more batter for renew visa system i also request to Head of Passport Department and King and Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif to revoke this rule to to renew the visit visas of our loved ones

    • Fazal Khan

      WWhen you write something or demand something you must be polite the KING OF SAUDI ARABIA THE GREAT LEADER OF MUSLIMS must be respected when write about the King, Saudi Arabia does not need anything from others, but millions of people comes to work here under the leadership of KING ABDALLAH who is respectful for all the world, therefore, it is requested when you write something about Leaders you must be polite and choose good words
      T.Thankx Fazal Wadood

      • Abbas

        This is funny that you must be polite with these Saudi guys and in return even if they abuse you, you should keep quiet. This may be the traditions of some coward guys but you cannot expect this from Pakistanis. To speak for the right cause should be appreciated. This is the world of Allah and not the King Abdullah.

        • Arshad Iqbal

          Mr. Abbas,
          Very sad to read your comments. You are living on the earning of this country and instead of being thankful, you are talking against this country”s rules and regulations. Be thankful to the leadership of this country, and if you are so rich, why u r working here go back to your country. How much we are getting our rights in our country, you, me and all know very well.

          • anas bajwa

            Mrs arsha your think is right but not all people think same for you

        • Musharraf Hasan

          I appreciate the comments of Mr. Arshad Iqbal, he is absolutely right thinking personality and broad minded; not like narrow minded Mr.Abbas who is totally disgracing the Muslim Community and Allah. He must have to mend his ways and thinking before opposing anyone in this beloved country of Saudi Arabia, where we are living with peace independent and all safety. I boldly thanks full to ALMIGHTY ALLAH and Saudi nations who allow us to be based here.

      • Sufiyan

        Fazal keep in mind that we are being called to work for saudi, & because of expats gulf countries has developed so much. If all the expats go back to their countries all the saudi’s will again come on camel rather than driving mercedes or ets.

        You think every time MOI comes with some rules which is hurting expat people have you ever heard good news? have they done anything which will benefit expat? Saudi is taking more out of expat then what it is giving.

        • RIyaz

          This is not the good news please make it as before or make it for one year

        • Saudi & I am Proud

          No one forced u to come and work here in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia… go back to ur country and develop it rather than giving comments about the rules and regulations. .. this is not ur country to impose rules which u want. On other side see ur country, u people r unable to develop ur own country and u r talking about Saudi Arabia?!!!

          • Muslim

            It is narrated that Hazrat Moosa Peace and blessings be upon him asked exalted Allah: “Oh my Lord! Who is the most deserving of your wrath and displeasure?” Allah Ta’aala told him:
            “ It is he whose heart is filled with pride and his tongue is filthy (i.e. Abusive), his eyes are devoid of shame, his hands are miserly and he is of bad conduct and character.

            Allah will put the proud to disgrace and ill-repute (dishonour) in the Hereafter.

            May Allah bless you bro!

          • Mohammed

            Respected Saudi,
            If every expat move back to his own country then what can Saudi natives do? will they clean the roads? can they become a waiter in hotel? who will become Khaddama in your home? I am not against you but the same time I am not agreeing with you. Expats come here to work because Allah kept their risk here and they earn twice or thrice they of amount they earn in their own country. If expat go back to their country it will a disaster for them as well as you. everybody is involved and attached to each other in every second way. As of visit visa limited to 6 months, Yes it is very sad news for an expat because every expat is an human being like you. Every human wants their parents/wife/children with them. As we are serving the Saudi govt. we should accept whatever the rule they make. All expats are praying to Allah that this rule should not be implemented.

            Mohammed Aslam.

          • Muhammad Ali

            I am completely in agreement with the statement given by my Saudi friend. I am a Pakistan and appreciate your sentiments expressed by you. Of course, no one has the right to object to the rules and regulations passed by the Saudi Government. It may not be a good decisions for many expatriates living in KSA. However, on the other hand, in my view, such decisions are usually taken keeping in view the sanctity and prestige of this place. After all, this is a holy land where Prophet Muhammad Sallallah o Alaihe Wa’aalihi Wasallam lived his life…! We all should obey the rules as and when made by the Saudi Government. Thanks

        • sameer

          well said…congrats….

        • Musharraf Hasan


      • nizam

        Mr. fazal khan
        what people are talking and what you are talking is totally nonsence. People are concerned about the meaning less rules coming evry other day , that always disappointing expats. And you otherside not even trying to understand what exactly Mr.Farhan expressing his sadness.
        Yes it is very sad news and it is very very sad that people like you still supporting such disappointing rules…
        And Mr.Abbas please do not mention that Pakistanis will not keep quite. It is nothing to do with Nationality, it is a disappointing news for all the expats those who loves their families.

      • Malik

        Fazal, what do you mean by polite..I don’t see any disrespectful words used by brother Farhan. Expatriates are working hard here and all over the world and in return they are getting a better life. It is ALLAH Swt who has created opportunities not any king or authorities. off course we have lot of respect for the king and all Saudi brothers, that does not mean we should accept any decision made with a clear intention of hurting sentiments of expatriates.

        • Muslim

          Ever heard an Urdu quote “Shah se ziyada shah ka wafadar” …?

          • Emraan

            Pateli se zyada chaaye garam….

      • salman

        Mr.Fazal Khan, “”Saudi Arabia does not need anything from others””,….!!!!
        R U an Idot to say like this?

      • khaja naimuddin


    • RIYU


      • Mohammed

        Always Remember Allah kareem what ever you do think positive go ahead Allah make everything easy insha allah

  • Naveed

    Very sad and bad news for poor people and not a good decisions by passport department. They should keep the duration of 9 months for visit visa. Calling family to Saudi Arabia should not be a problem. Expatriates are very disappointed with this decision.

  • yaser hussain

    okay i want to ask about family members visit visa can i bring also my sister in law in visit visa my professional is mandoob mubeaatplz let me know if there no option so how i bring my sister in law i want to bring her for health treament thanx,,

  • Syed Dastagir

    This is very sad news for expats, concern authorities should reconsider their decision on visit visa extension.

  • Mohammed Ali Ahmed Shaji

    Assalamualaikum brothers / Sisters,

    with all due respect i would like to say something after reading all your posts, that this is their country they can set up any rule they wanted to betterness of their country, in fact our prophet rasool allah (SAW) has said that we should respect the rules & regulations of foriegn countries where you visit / or work.
    and yes this is sad news in fact i myself has applied for my parents just yesterday & today i saw this news but all things are scripted by Allah, if it is in our fate then nobody will take that from us.
    we request our H.E King Abdullah to revoke this rule & we will always remember you in our dua’s.

    • Abdul Majeedh

      How to request to H.E.King? is there any online portal to submit our comments/requests?

    • Farhan Nazer

      Dear Brother u r wite i agree with u

  • Tom

    Good Idea. some people they make extra income that’s why they like to bring as family visit.
    Respect the rules that it.

    • Muneer Alam

      if we go by your argument, visit visa should be banned completely because those who earn extra income, will still do so. Its a very unfortunate decision indeed.

  • MUhammaed Faisal

    I really very disappointed for this decision, I Really request to KSA governement that ” Please remain this Validity for 9 Months or extend upto 12 months, atleast for Wife & Childrens”


  • Nabeel

    I am crying to listen this SAD and VERY BAD news.
    may you realize our feelings once you announced it upto 12 months and now you have changed dramatically.
    We all expats request to saudi govt. Please make it for 12 months minimum.
    Hope saudi govt will be kind with our request. Thanks

  • Qasim


    I want to ask one question. Do you think the “GREAT LEADER OF MUSLIMS” will take us JANNAH?

  • M M KHAN

    Dear All we are the guest worker if you don’t like the rules of this country go back to your country and develop your country They will not stop you if you left nothing will happen. Simple Logic comeback to your country

    Good luck

  • Raham

    Dear Viewers,

    It is a normal rule and the limits should be reduced to max 3 months only, in order to minimize the illegal Haj and Umrah.

    But on the other side I am hereby requesting the High Officials of Saudi Govt. that family residence visa must be associated with salary not with Profession OR Degree. The matter is if I can afford my family, not if I am graduate but having SAR. 1500/- salary and got a family visa because I am an Engineer by profession.

    Sometimes I believe that rules are made to be broken is true.

    • Mohammed

      Mr. Raham,

      It is very shameful that people like you exist in this world. You are only thinking about yourself and requesting the government that visited visa to be reduced till max 3 months. and you are referring to minimize hajj and umrah. do you know that in olden days of Prophet PBUH there was no fees for hajj and umrah. SO why the fees is now?????
      You might be having engineer degree or anything, Though you should not comment something which might benefit you and may become dangerous to the rest. People are crying and shouting and crying becuase the visa have already been reduced from 9 to 6 months. And here you are appreciating them and worried about your engineer profession stuff..

      May god bless you
      Mohammed Aslam.

      • Raham


        you people should understand English first then Comment,

    • Junaid Shahzad

      How Stupid you r Raham. Selfish. We are all Sad to hear about 6 month and you want to reduce more 3 month.

      • Raham

        You are the most stupid and illiterate I have ever seen. you people are bringing families by visit and then they are standing in signals for begging.

        visit means visit, not living. 3 months are more than enough to visit a person.

  • Asad

    Dear readers and viewers could you explain it how it is right Bangladeshi people can not bring there family even visit visa for a short time .Those who can bear they’re family expanse very easily,those who are working skill position and proper documentation .I think this is not right to give punishment every body only for Certain guilty people when government given punishment to him for his illegal activities and of course should give harder then ever those who are Involved any illegal activities .


  • With due respect……..This decision must be reviewed.

  • Engr. Imran Asif Khan

    with due respect…..this decision must be reviewed.

  • Faize Ahmed

    Respected King Adbullah Sir,

    Some one came here to work by profession & some one for their livelihood to serve family and themselves. The Question is to the ruler, is it permissible to make rules which not allow a son to bring his old age parents & a lonely feeling husband to bring her spouse and children’s. The rules always should make an individual person to live a peaceful of live and the rules should true to be felt, but the rules which you are making each and every day makes each individual persons to break it, then what is the cause to make such rules which need to be break.

    I tried a lot to bring my mother to Saudi Arabia as their is no one to take care of her in our home country but failed, then again any how I got approval for visit visa to bring my mother on 9 months visit, but again new rules I felt really sad.

    I cannot express my sadness in words, Please King do the needful to peoples.

  • i want to know now visit visa is availabal or no plz reply me as soon .also i want to know my wife now stay in saudi arabiya already 11month finish i can extend one more time let me know

  • faherm

    What ever you dicide the time shudule its fine but atleast make it for all catagre still it is limited for some trade.

  • Muslim

    Don’t take me wrong as I my self am an expat here. But I think if the visitors intention is actually to just visit here, then 6 months is like more than enough. When we go on vacation to our own countries, we can’t afford to stay there for more then a month or two. Or even when we go to any other travel destinations we don’t stay there for more then 20 or 30 days. How in the world can someone just leave their life, work and other affairs behind for whole 6 months to just visit someone?

  • Raheel

    Dear All,

    Request for guidance and clarity. I have Kuwait Iqama. My company is relocating me to of their business in KSA. My question is that can I retain my kuwait Iqama or I have to cancel it to get Saudi residency? If the answer is that I have to cancel then guide me to avoid this.


    • Raham

      Dear Raheel,

      You can maintain any residency along with Saudi Iqama. it is not required to cancel your kwaittee iqama to get Saudi.

      you can get any time but try to get good profession, Like Marketing Specialist, Accountant OR Engineer to get family privileges in immigration and foreign ministry.

  • TONY

    Well, good move from the King of Saudi Arabia.
    Longer visit visa is being used as an excuse to find a job in this country..That is why too much alibaba expatriates, no job :p

  • Wehshi

    I don’t understand that any Saudi can object on sentiments of expats. I am here from last 18 years I find only 5% Saudis who understand the respect of expats, all others are thinking and treating expats like slaves. Kafeel system is not even justified by Islam. Govt. increased Labor fee and who beard this cost, only expats a large no. of companies reduce the salaries of their employs.
    We expats are even never wish to come here expect HAJ or UMRRAH but Allah Subhan Wa Taala spread our RIZQ in this country but in not mean that we gave the license to Saudi’s that they can humiliate us.
    If you have chance to visit TERHAIL or any JAIL you can find easily how the police treating expats and how to Saudis prisoners.
    A large number of peoples are innocent in the jails but their KAFEELs put them in jail by fals papers.
    I spent 8 years in this OPEN JAIL with Iqama and with HAROOB and my KAFEEL was a big name in contracting he ate my 350000 Riyals and put me in HAROOB I fight case against him for 8 years and in the end 1 Saudi said to me that if you want to be solution forget your money and you’ll be free. I did the same and got my transfer.
    Here is a hell of stories, Allah gave them the chance to serve Muslim Ummah and they are constructing buildings for nothing.
    there is so much to say but it’s all useless.

  • aijaz ahmad dar

    Expats point of view its very bad news and disappointing…….

  • dear sir,

    i apply vist visa for my father fisrst time they reject and secound time they call dammam and reject
    my father age 69 years he want to live with us some time he is alone becasue my mather expired,

    my visa profession Quality inspctor there is any cance to get visa

    application number 8865576

    govt need take action to provide us visit visa


    My dear muslim friends,
    we have to follow the saudi arabian rules which has been passed by the saudi government.And honeslty i’m happy to being in saudi arabia and working over here. we should thankfull to this county rather than abusing.However the KING has been changed the rules and regulations all of us know very well even though we have a better future in this country comparing to our native countries.thats the reason why we are here.Often the rules has been changed by the saudi government but not so bad then our own nativcountires a millions of people filling there stomach and completing needs and wishes just because of the only mislim county(Saudi) and i personally belive that all the expats earning twice and thrice money. I request saudi government in the case of changing your mind please try to remain the validity of visit visa for 9 months as per old rules
    Thanking you

  • Abdul Rahim Tariq

    Is there any way to extend Visit visa after 6 month ?

    If some one know please reply


    Hello everyone!!

    Since these new rules comes into action regarding 6 months visit visa, now I got family visit visa for 1 month period now how many times i can be renewed this time?

    Before rules were upto 6 times I can renew for 1month visa, but now how many times i can renew?

    Thank You

  • suresh

    Dear Officers,
    Please don’t reduce visit visa 9 months to 6 months. Don’t hurt people who want to stay with their family. Please again and again all expats requesting don’t reduce visit visa duration


    I Strongly request to New King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz from all expats having families here in KSA on Visit Visa, Please Please Retain this previous 9 months Validity for Expats Families Visir Visa in KSA. We reallly very thankful to you.

  • Jashim khan

    Bangladesh visit and permanent family visa possible?

  • Rasheed

    Anybody have idea, from where to get the visa extension after 3 months??

  • Omar

    can anyone tell me once my parents are here on visit visa, can they travel to Umrah (Makkah/Madina) on same visa, because i heard they cannot anymore with new law..

    Just to confirm please.


  • shanya

    to whom it may concern, my family visit visa was stamped in my home country last January 7,2015 with 90 days validity but I arrived in Jeddah last January 25,2015 . I like to renew my visit visa which date I am going to follow or consider for renewal is it the date of the visa stamping or the date of my arrival. Thank you very much

  • Vasiuddin Ahmed

    Assalamu Alikum., Dear All Kindly help me out by clarifying my below quires Regarding Medical Insurance:

    Regarding Medical Insurance: Recently i got permanent family Visa. Inshalla they will come in Ramzan month to jeddah. so i have to make Iqama for my family fist time. My contract status is single but i have two kids and wife so become 4 but my sponsor (company ) paying medical insurance of Tawuniya only for me. kindly suggest below all

    1) my iqama belongs to Riyadh and my company in Riyadh only but i am working in jeddah. so where i have to apply for first time to get family number Iqama.

    2) what documents i have to submit to get dependent’s Iqama.

    3) How meany days it will take to get Iqama. because my family will come on 1 week of July so it’s ramazan month. so i thought to apply in the month of August month. can i ? or is there any rules or restrictions ?

    4) is it really need to provide medical Insurance of family.

    5) all family number must have same medical insurance or can we take different medical insurance individual from different company’s. because i am getting my medical insurance from my sponsor.

  • Mohsin Bukhari

    so 2000Sr is confirmed for visit visa? right