Final exit visa – the 8 points to consider


Saudi Arabia sure is a land of opportunities that provides career and financial breaks to many expatriates around the globe, but the stay here is temporary and one day or the other the expats have to board the plane back to their native homelands and exit the Kingdom.

During the procedure, you have to be certain that all the documents and proceedings are done smoothly and that you don’t get involved in any mishap or situation that might jeopardize the situation. Here are a few points listed below that you have to cross and check when you’re saying your Goodbyes to the country:

  1. Employment and Resignation is the foremost step. The notice period according to the Saudi Labor Law is 30 days if not written a specific time period in the contract. Generally you have to make sure that all the tasks and work is winded up before these 30 days and that you are also done with the Final Exit Visa.
  2. End of Term Benefits will be handed over to you after the final exit visa has been processed. This amount will be in cash as you won’t be having access to you bank accounts after the exit visa is finalized. You may send this money with your family to your homeland or take the amount with you when you are set for travelling. Make sure that the money you travel with doesn’t get in the way of any regulations or rules of the Kingdom.
  3. Sending your family and the belongings to your native land is the second step after you have presented your resignation. Make sure that you send them before you go to avoid any legal issues or problems during their stay. Regarding your belongings in KSA, there are two options; either you sell the stuff to another resident or cargo the entire stuff or necessities to your native land. This again has two options; you can choose between air cargo and sea cargo. Sea cargo is relatively cheaper as compared to the air cargo in KSA. If you reside in Jeddah then you can spot many cargo shipment and air companies that will offer you prices per Kg.
  4. Empting your apartment is where you have to make sure that your landlord does all the necessary documentation work that includes terminating the contract. If you have several months remaining to your rent, then you can introduce any tenant to take your place and collect the amount for the advance that you have paid earlier. You may also sell your household stuff to this tenant, so you won’t have to worry about the cargo later on.
  5. Same procedure is for the car if you own one. Try selling the car as soon as you know that you are planning to get over the Final Visa. Things like these take time and if you hurry up with such stuff then you may not get a valid price deal. You may sell the car online on or Add photos of your car, mileage and the features etc.
  6. Withdraw cash from the banks before they freeze. Cancel all the services and take cash to your native land. Ask your friends who are still working in the kingdom to transfer the amount to your native land. If you have access to credit cards or debit cards, cancel and hand them over to the companies. Make sure that all your dues are paid off so you won’t have troubles when you’re ready for the final departure.
  7. Police Clearance Certificate is another essential that will list if you have been subjected to any criminal record. This report is important for the residents who are applying or heading over to the European countries. Before you get the clearance certificate, also be clear that you have your fines, regarding traffic and such cleared, so that the clearance report too has no issues when being issued.
  8. Landlines, telephone bills and SIM cards should be cancelled and unsubscribed from. You may ask the companies to walk you through the standard procedure of how to cancel the lines, clear your dues etc. Bear in mind that you will not have any connection rather than the prepaid SIM card you will use. This can be helpful if you encounter any issue at the time of leaving the Kingdom or last minute calls.

If you are done with the above mentioned points, check and double check so you don’t leave anything out. Get your Final Visa stamped and incase if you are not provided with the paper, then you may ask the Saudi Embassy to process your case and present them with the proof that you exited the Kingdom.


  • MIM

    Dear Danish,

    I came on exit, I have exit paper

    when I checked MOI with my Iqama Number then its showing final exit but and also my Iqama as valid. Can I go to saudi arabia or not??

    I got the visa stamped but can I face any problem at immigration ??.

    Second queation:My brother question is he came on exit and handed over the pasport at the airport but his employer told he will be ban him for two years, how he can checked his ban ??

    its very important plz answer this questions, i will be thankfull to you

  • khalid latif rathore

    hello dear
    my query is about my exit.
    two months before my kids and wife went for vacation on a re entry visa.Meanwhile due to some unavoidable circumstances i had to leave my job.My resignation was accepted and im ready to leave on work place will prepare my exit papers in a couple of weeks.
    my query is regarding my kids and i have to get them back for a proper exit since they are outside kingdom.or is it, their retry visa automatically get converted into exit visa and no need for them to come back.
    kindly very anxious about this issue.
    dont know whom to ask where to ask.its very frustrating.

  • Syed Mustafa

    السلام عليكم
    Dear brothers
    I am having a problem since 3 years I was born in saudi arabia I am Indian by nationality I am a Student from India I came here to renew my iqama as everybody does but due to my father health problems he is suffering from brain severe he’s recovering now I our new kafeel is not making renew our iqama since one year also our insurance is expired our kafeel is making delay everyday tomorrow since one year now I am fedup I need to go final exit to india please brothers advice my legal way so I can go to india & complete my education and return it read in forums some people got noc paper and exit paper as I am dependent what should I do regarding my case we are seven members in family with out iqama it’s problematic to survive please help me I need your sincerely advice …
    my sim is blocked due to fingerprint registration
    My what’s app: +966503693523