mobile num registered

Finding the Mobile numbers registered on your Name / Iqama

mobile num registered


With the new regulation from CITC (Communication and Information Technology Center), the Telecom regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia, it compulsory register your mobile numbers on your iqama ID.

However, it possible that there are mobile numbers registered on your name that you are not aware. You can find it by sending a simple free SMS follows:

 If you are STC customer

 Then send SMS  to 902 containing the following text – 9988

 If you are Mobily customer

 Then send a blank SMS message to the number 616166

 If you Zain customer

 Then send a blank SMS message to the number 700123

Source: CITC website


    i found 9 more numbers registerd on my iqama how i will cancell followed numbers.?

    • Mohammed Saeed basheer

      how many sim registerd on my iqama number

      • uthuman


        • uthuman

          pls check any fine have my iqama . my iqama number is 2232926127

    • SaudiXpert

      Call STC customer care and inform them.
      Alternately, go the STC office and ask them to cancel the numbers from your account.

      • Ragister

      • Noor Hafeez

        Bad work my net stc

    • emran

      Brother how can i know numbers registered in zain with my iqama using iqama number not with mobile number…because i dnt remember some numbers

    • Haiderje

      I face same problem then I went to franchise ( Zain, STC Office) and they removed and blocked that other sims.

      Just go to nearest Office and get rid from these sims.

    • Hdtjhf

    • muzammil

      Change id

  • Mohammed Saeed basheer

    finding mobile number on my iqama

    • SaudiXpert

      Send sms to the numbers indicated to find the numbers on your mobile.

  • jessen romanes

    somebody is harassing my wife in text how could i know who’s iqama is registered on that mobile number?

    • SaudiXpert

      Call the customer care of the service provider (STC, Mobily etc) and report abuse to them. They will guide you what steps to take.

  • muhammed ashraf

    i want find my khafeel mobile number from his bathaka number (id).how can that? his number is 1036676763 . his name is khalid rashdan rabeeyul muthareem

    • Iqbal

      If somebody knowes how to find sponsor mobile number from bataka number, please let us know.

      • saleem

        if you find how to find our khafeel number please let me know. Even I would like to know my khafeel number. its urgent. Please help.

    • saleem

      even i would like to know how find khafeel mobile number. Please help me.

  • Syed

    How can I know any internet connection on my ID?

    • Rashid

      Is true Syed that we can have internet connection without a number ? Let me know if you find how to identify if there is any internet connection on our name.

  • Babu Shereef


    I am an STC customer. I followed the above instructions to find connections registered under my iqama number and received a response that there is only one connection on my name.


  • vinoth

    i have mobily numbers 2 only .but i received message from mobily 4 numbers in my id…how to i know which numbers

  • muhammed

    How can I know the mobile numbers registered in my iqama?

    • SaudiXpert

      Which service are you using ?

  • am simply boy i love and like saudi arabia..

  • syed

    Assalamu alaikum

    Currently am using mobily network…..if i want to check my mobile no with how many iqama’s are used still now….with your valuable information from ur link i send the empty msg through 616166….but the problem is i cant recieve some arabic msg….didnt recieve any msg related to the iqama status..

    plz kindly give me the reason…

    jazak Allah khaire

    • SaudiXpert

      Suggest that you contact Mobily customer care.

  • bulbul ahmed

    currently am using mobily netwark i want check under my iqama how many sim

    • SaudiXpert

      Send blank SMS to 616166.
      So, how many numbers do you have ?? 😉

  • Mudassir

    Dear Customer

    Total registered lines under your ID is 0
    Thank you for choosing Mobily business.

    How is this possible when i am using my number on my id?

    • SaudiXpert

      That is really strange.
      Check with mobily office. Do share your experience.

      • chandu panjala

        hi sir how many numbersare active on my name may i know how to check

  • salvador villaruz

    ser good evening i verify this number 0530809604. ho use the name and what campony and location of work. pls reply

  • rajesh

    i want know my iqama number if anybody know plz send me my mail 0505680124

  • rajesh

    i want to know my iqama num through my mobile num i loss my iqama and mobile also this is my mobile number send me my mail if iqama number u find……….

    • SaudiXpert

      See above reply.

  • bilaljaniking

    ckeck this sim how nam 2233891163

  • Finding the Mobile numbers registered on your Name / Iqama |

  • Finding the Mobile numbers registered on your Name / Iqama |

  • Finding the Mobile numbers registered on your Name / Iqama |

  • Vince

    why i have 4 mobile number that register on my iqama those number is not come..

    • SaudiXpert

      You can go to your service provider and ask them to cancel the other numbers.

      • vince

        @ Saudi expert. Sir I call 902 and talked to your customer care representatives and told them the problem to cancel another number registered under my iqama.

        I do not know how they are registered under my iqama? One thing I know maybe those stores where I buy cellphone and asking my iqama number and wrote it.

        This is for our information only, presumably used by the retailer shop our iqama, to register their goods sim card, since CITC declared the registration of Sim Card or Mobile Number?

        • SaudiXpert

          Yes Vince. It is sad that this is happening.
          It is better to buy directly from the STC/Mobily/Zain outlets rather than the private shops that sell mobile and SIMs

  • za

    some can tell me how can i find any namber for this iqama because i found it if any body can halp me and please halp this man his iqama namber is 2257893715

  • one morrocan girl is calling my official number,only internet calls and sms 24 hours in day.i am working for stc huawei,my number is +966557705670
    I want to stop this,but i don not know how

    • SaudiXpert

      Go to your service provider and ask them to block them number(s)

  • Haskar Ali

    Hi All,
    Yesterday I went to apply for an internet connection through Mobily Network, after the cash payment customer service executive confirmed I have already 10 connections on my Iqama, it was a shocking news for me, again I tried through another executive and he also confirms the same. I’m very new in KSA and I got my Iqama 2 Months back…I have only one connection with my Iqama that is STC, through STC I checked there is only one connection…Please advise me how can I check the other networks eg.. Zain & Mobily..?

    • SaudiXpert

      You need to go their office you check it.

  • kaleel Mohamed Imran

    Dear Sir ,
    We got the internet (STC) conection, through my room mate iqama no, we used only Internet never use the Land line , now internet connection disconnected due to the pending payment we dont know the land line no & account no but he went to long vacation (6 month ) how can i pay the my payment , kindly advice about this

  • abukhan

    pls send registration name this mob no,00966534542386

  • faruk zaman

    Assalamualaikum i would like inform to you that i am using STC internet sim 10.GB right now finish of MB, i want to recharge of mb , i have been buy quicknet recharge cards from shoop , but i unable to recharg EERROR coming when i am trying to recharge, ERROR was wrong ID number, can you tel me the correct I’D number,
    SAWA NO, 831040148428
    There is no number of same like 05023……

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly approach the service provider

  • I sent msg and they deducted 0.05SR :/

    • syed

      This amount 0.05SR will be dedected bcoz you have activated delivery report.
      So deactivate delivery report,there will no more deduction.

  • mbilal.mirzabilal

    0597674693 is my mobile nmber and i have found 10 other nmber on my iqama plz cancled them

  • Daanish

    I know one of my closest friend who lost in contact. I do not know any of his further info except name. Any chance I can have his Mobile No? Please assist

  • Dave

    As I check I found there is 5 mobile numbers including my number who are registered in my Iqama.. How can I cancel those 4 unwanted numbers that using my Iqama…thanks..

    • SaudiXpert

      Dave, approach your service providers office and ask them to cancel the other numbers

  • sir i lost my stc number 0537343147. is there a simplest way to deactivate my stc number.?

  • Abdul Rahman

    sending blank message to 616166 for mobily not working , help please..

  • Mounis Baig

    Dear CITC,

    This link was helpful, i saw some unknown numbers registered on my name.

    But this has made me worried that how can i find if there are number registered on my name from other operators.

    As i am a Zain user so i could find only unknown on zain network, but what about other networks?

    Can you please confirm me if this feature is added or if not kindly update it !


    Mounis Baig

  • Asim

    Same question as Mounis. I am using Zain. How can I check the numbers registered on my Iqama on STC and Mobily?

  • faiz

    i want to know no is 534499520 on wich aqam

    • shahzadsaifi

      yo goted your iqama number aor not

  • Hi,

    I am unable to send SMS on Mobily 616166 & Zain 700123 to find out if there are any Numbers registered against my Iqama No.
    Kindly let me know soon


  • Sana Ullah

    i have STC number and i followed the instruction which are shown above bt i found the following numbers 300878939,
    552294302 its my number which i am using.the number 300878939 is of what.

  • libin antony

    how many sim regstartd my iqama 2333530042

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  • sajjad

    i got reply from sawa one number registered, but that is sawa only. but, what if mobily or zian is registered on my iqama and i dont know.
    i have checked this, sawa only sending sawa numbers registered. but what about others if anybody has misused it on other networks.
    plz let me know, how check others.

  • Ansar

    I have one stc number registered with some other iqama no, I need to change with my id no. Is there any way

    • SAWAB

      pata ni

  • shaka

    +96-65-01782749 plz find me location & registered number wherr’s name

  • allan

    today, 19 march 2014. I can’t load sawa to my sim.
    is there an ongoing maintenance at sawa stc ?

  • allan

    today. I’m loading to my sim. response is invalid id number.
    retried at least 3 times, but failure.

  • Lordnino Pamintuan

    Im using STC sim for more than 2 yrs and my iqama no. registration always updated. But now, i changed my company and so issued me new iqama. And now I am having new iqama no.
    Using the same STC sim, how can I change or register my new Iqama no. to my old STC sim? Can i simply register my new iqama no. through SMS?

  • muhammad deen

    assalaamu alaikkum

    my dear brother.

    I bought a new ZAIN SIM by using my friend’s iqama card.Now I received my Iqama .and I would like to update the my iqama number.

    how I can change replace my friend iqama to my iqama without changing my phone number.

    help pls

  • My live Stc

  • sayedfarooqbasha

    dear sir

    I have only one stc sim and how can I check other services ie mobily or zain sim in my name

  • abdulaziz

    اريد معرفة موقع هذا الرقم :

  • Racs

    Hi, one question, someone replaced my internet sim with the other sim, because i put my router outside then now i cannot connect to internet.

    My question is how can i check whose iqama registered on this replaced sim, so I know the name of the alibaba guy.


  • anees

    Iam anees . Iam useing mobily sim. but i have doubts that some one takeing stc sim by my name. how i can check it. I am useing mobily sim. 3 times i went s.t.c shop near my place but they always busy with customer.

    plz help because iam going exit. i want to clear every thing before my exit.

    my email ide:

  • i want to recharge but i cant so please help me its very urgent, why your service becoming daily very bad mafiqoaes ok do better quality everyday before your service very good now going down in because same number saling to many iqama why you are doing these mistake this is not good and also always customer care are busy when i want to talk to solve my problems ok do it better service and easy services thanks,

  • Abdul Razak

    Dear Friends,

    I am using STC Mobile Number, but if I want to know is there any mobile lines with providers Mobily or Zain, how can I check?


  • Muhammad was I’m seed


  • Ali Arif

    can some body check and confirm the REGISTERED IQAMA with name for the below no
    0593 238 719
    0590 445 592

  • bala69994

    Last four month before i buy a new Zain sim card, because i was encourage by my friend to use Zain and the good service you are offering,..
    Later on when i check my iqama number 2366071526, i have found out that a lot of ZAIN numbers and ZAIN internet sim numbers had been registered to my iqama. i already went to two Zain offices with these complain here but i fail to find help for them..
    i am afraid that those numbers will give problem to me during my stay here in SAUDI ARABIA as contract worker,
    Please do an immediate action for this..i hope to find favor to whoever attend to this message

    • irshad


  • raeesshan

    Aoa bhi sb mujhy apny kafeel k no ka pta nae ha .koi triqa ha jis sa mujhy apny kafeel ka no pta chl jay


    Sim name p kasy pata chaly ga 0593325482

  • Khraab Aadat

    How can i get id number of my sim i am using mobily sim and wants to know of id number which on registered to recharge my sim

  • kamal indika


    • kamal indika


  • kamal indika

    how many sim registerd on my iqama number 2374225130

  • kamal indika

    how many sim registerd on my iqama number 2287523084

  • kamal indika

    how many sim registerd on my iqama number 737583058

  • kamal indika

    how many sim registerd on my iqama number 2369871559

  • Shaikhsadullah

    0532727027 Id no pls

  • hakim_ Sikder

    0508371045 pls sent iqama number

  • abdul

    966561249044 mobile number please send me Iqama number to my E-mail

  • Boy Aquino

    i want to know the telephone number that belong to this iqama number 2239679059 thanks

  • Jadheer Ahmed

    For STC customers there is an update on this matter. Send message to 900 as condaining text 9988

  • nasir

    i want to know 0531625369 this number which iqama no

  • nasir

    0531625369 please sent iqama number

  • Talha Bhutta

    0595435038 this my number I need aqama number pls help me fast plz

  • Jamil Ahmad

    Koi ye bata sakta hai iqama per kitni sim registered hain ……kisi ko pta hai to… plz help me ….yar zaror batana

  • Jeremy Fajardo

    Can you please help me.I tried to recharge my zain net card but i forgot my iqama #?
    Mobile #:0831037482779

  • arfaz shafi

    My mobile number 0577568739 plz send me ikama number

  • Romeo P. Cabrera

    Kindly please may I know the mobile number of my friend. The iqama number is 2370910404 send to my email

  • ramees

    My id 2340247408 how many sim actived this id?

  • maser

    My number0590748391please send my iqama number

  • Macmin

    8310131606036 zain ksa. Pls sent iqama number. Or send to my mobily 0542316368

  • Macmin

    My zain saudi simcard number 8310131606036. Pls sent iqama number of my zain. Or send to my mobily 0542316368



  • Rehana

    Ye mera iqama number hai 2130397660 is iqama number pe ketne sim hai us sim ka number kiya hai ye kaise pata kare plz…..

  • Imran

    0590508656 ples muje ye iqama no cahye jis iqama par ye sim rjistad hai iqama number or is bande ka name thes my contact Email

  • Irfan

    How to check sim numbers on iqama? by iqama no. Please help in this regard…………..

  • Khawaja Tansar Rasheed

    dear sir

    how many internet sim activated on my iqama want to cancel unused.

    iqama number is 2199218005


  • Khawaja Tansar Rasheed

    dear sir

    i would like to know how many Mobily internet sim in my iqama unused i want to cacel.

    my iqama number is 2199218005.


  • Kawsar

    Haw I know my iqama no by sawa sim

  • Mustafa

    Sir how many sim register in my iqama number pls send me details 2411630649,

  • shariar

    I have a mobily sim…I send a blank sms to 616166… but they replay something in arabic without any numbers… what can I do now..???

  • abid

    How can I find phone number by Iqama number?????????
    Please i need urgent answer.
    Please tell me

  • abid

    I lost my Iqama with whole wallet. Unfortunately at that time there was no contact detail in my wallet. So can a person get/find my phone number by my iqama number, so that a person can contact to me who will find my iqama.

  • abid

    Please anybody tell me. i;m very worried. I’m in jeddah

  • abid

    please any body tell me very urgent

  • Ameer

    I am New in KSA , when i tried get new mobile sim from stc , as per them i have subscribed maximum no of Sim with my iqama and finger , the hing is i am not opted any sim cards in my name over in ksa .. what to do know the registerd sim in my name how we can do the cancleation


    • MN Ahmed

      As-salam o alikum. Bhai mere sath bhe aisa he hua…..even wo bataty bhe ni k unky pas already registered hai bhe ya ni…. stc/mobily dono try keye thy