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    Please can you tell me is there any website we can check our Iqama is under process of transfership.

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    You can check if the amount you had put for transfer has been taken away or still there.

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    how can i check my iqama is transfer or not yet
    Do u have any website.

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      how cheq my akama tarsfar

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      cheq the my final exit re entry

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    misbah ali nur


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    sabtar asamoden adje

    i want to know if my iqama if transfer or not to my new sponsor thank you

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    sabtar asamoden adje

    i want to know my iqama transfer or not my new sponsor thank you

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    @ Mudassar
    For Exit re entry visa status see http://qsaudi.com/know-exit-re-entry-visa-status-expiry-date/

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    i want to know my iqama is transfered to my new sponser

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    Rafiqul Islam

    I want to know the status of my iqama 2163847409

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    mohd.ashraf ali

    my co.given 2000 riyals for transfer my iqama.dated 23/10/2013.nd they telling me it `ll finished within 2 to 3 days.i checked nd found 2000 riyals yet showing.i yet not get my new iqama.so,how can i know that da process has been compleeted ?

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    Abdul Naser

    Iqama Transfer Status:
    In my case the funds are showing zero (0) what does that mean, please anyone.

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    i paid SR=2000/- for transfer dependent(wife) under me but still don’t know how to check it is it transfer or under process its been 1 week please tell me the solution i will be very thankful to you


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      Dear abdullah,

      Step1: Visit here

      step 2: Click on English

      step 3: Click on E-services tab,

      step 4: Click on MOI Diwan

      Step 5: click on Public Query Available Funds

      step 6: Enter your Identity Number * or Iqama number & enter Enter Image Code * and Click “View” Option.

      Step 7(Last step): It will display the Amounts, If you see 2,000 SAR in Passports deposits section, this means your transfer in “Maktab-al -amal or (MOL) is finished and just need extract the iqama from Passport department, If you see the Passport deposits is “0” SAR , than it means that either your new sponsor did not submitted money for iqama or had already been submitted, In that case you need to check with your new sponsor.

      —–>>And the following step is to know whether you have been transferred to new sponsor from Ministry of Labour or Maktab-Ul-Amal.

      Step 1: Visit the following link

      Step 2 : It will be in arabic, So please install google chrome, in that it will show the translate option when you visit the page.

      Step 3: On the left side, you can see the tab written in arabic, Click it will expand more options, click on 3rd option.

      Step 4: Type of service : * Select Transfer service foreign workers (4th option)

      step 5: click the tab Working stay.

      step 6: enter your iqama number in the box, and press the right button on left, after that it will display whether you have moved to new employer or not,

      Note : In order to see options each time you have to click on translate, and this works only in google chrome.

      Thats all, Remember me in your duas,

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    Samer Tunga

    Dear: Sir,

    I just want to know if i was transferred into Badri Est. And one more thing. how can i check if it was transferred?

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    You can now check iqama transfer online by yourself !!
    For complete instructions see http://qsaudi.com/check-change-sponsorship-transfer-status-online/

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