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    Do you have any problem with your kafeel/ transfer issue/huroob problem…just reply on this forum with your problem.

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    sir i am in huroob since last 3 years.
    can you please help me out .thanks.

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    If you have your passport and fingerprinting is already done, then just go to the passport office (jawazat) and get exit stamped on your passport and then you can go back to your country.

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    dear sir i came to sri lanka last month i was having horoob for more then 4 years. but the new rool they told me that even if i have huroon if i go back to sri lanka i can come back on a new visa. thats what i did. nut now i am a fraid that if i spend the money to come to saudi will the jawazath stop me. i gave my figer pring in sumaishi jawazath b 4 i came . pls do let me know so that i will not waist the money that i have coz i can pay my kids school fee with that money.
    thanking you,

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    @Azam, as per the normal rules, if you left Saudi Arabia while you are under huroob by Tarheel, then you have 5 years ban.
    However, during amnesty, the ministry of Labor & Interior announced that you can come immediately and there is no ban.
    Wish you all the best.

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      Abdulwahab Sheikh Hasan

      Dear Friend

      As you mentioned above is not true. I left the kingdom in 2012 with huroob from tarheel after fingerprinting. The company even gave me a ‘No Objection Letter’ to come back to Saudi Arabia. Last year in March 2013 I came on visit visa with my wife but they stopped me at the Jeddah immigration. They allowed my wife to go with my son and held me for 10 hrs and sent me back from the next flight to India.

      You said there is no ban during this new amnesty. Please help me how is this possible.

      I came on umrah visa last week. How can I remove huroob and fingerprinting to come back to saudi Arabia on visit visa or work visa. Thanks.

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      AJ Khan

      Dear Sir,

      I have resigned from my job in Jan 2014 on which my company accepted my resignation and gave me 1 month time to get transfer, as I was unable to get another job my company has put me in huroob in march 2014. now I want to go on final exit, do my company need to remove me from huroob before applying for final exit, if so is there any fees for removing huroob.

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    Riyas Ahmad

    Dear Ahamed,

    Assalamu Alaikum…..

    I need help..8 month before i take it kafala letter with passport iqama all..so currently wroking company 8 month before Red.Now Green.So now my company saudi take it all My papper..Then Now He told your kafil put it Hurrob..Then i check yes he put it huroob.last month He make huroob….So i need help..we can any idea…Huroob NAME:- ABSENT FROM WORK…..PLZ HELP…
    How can i remove this huroob.

    GSM : +966507364298

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    Riyas Ahmad

    Any update…………

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      Dear Ahmed Sir
      I am Aboobakar Stay in Dammam My Kafeel 6 Month Before Given Thanzil to Company Center Point Not Transfer My Iqama Now Kafeel Given Huroob
      Now Transfering Problem
      plz help me
      kafeel Mob no Nothing
      Madhoob No 0505865004

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      plz repl this sloved how to tell me

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    @Riyas Ahmed, you have to ask your previous kafeel to remove the huroob.

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    Riyas Ahmad

    Hi dear Sorry My kafeel is last month death…Then i don’t know any my kafeel family members.so now too much tention..can u help @ any good idea..plz try to answer dear…

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    If your company is Red, then you can transfer without the permission of your previous employer.

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    Hi, I am Nuhad,
    I left form Saudi on April 2012 because I was in huroob and arranged final Exit paper from THARHEEL.My kafeel gave me thanazil paper and he allowed short period, unfortunately I could not transfer my iqama to new sponsor. finally kafeel made Huroob. I tried many way to remove huroob. sponser arranged exit paper from THARHEEL and he said may be you can come again to Saudi. I stamped new visa and travelled to Saudi. unfortunately emigration officer not allowed enter Saudi. he said you can not enter Saudi this time. I asked him how long I can not enter Saudi? but he did not reply.
    Any how I want to know how many years BAN against me and from where I get the NOC after finish the BAN

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    abdul rasheed

    Asalamalikum sir.

    This is abdul rasheed.I buy a visa from a agent in 2008 and i came he make my iqama ..everything is ok bt when this niqaty system come at that time i ask my agent to renew my iqama then he say he left that work and he send me one maktab where he get this visa and i went there and ask that saudi to renew my iqama ( that saudi is not my kafeel) he take 4000 S.R and after 6 month he can’t renew iqama i ask him i wanna meet my kafeel then he say i donno then i renew iqamq from out side now i wanna transver to another company and company try to transver without kafeel permision but suddenly my iqama in huroob i donno how it come and i donno where is my kafeeel .and i heared if we get hurroooob in grace period it’s problam before grace period huron can transver so what can i do now plzz give me suggesion
    now my present company not redy to take transver now so plzz suggest i have my iqama (experied on 1 of july) and passport. if i wanna go exit .or transver to another company what i have to do ..

    thanking you sir,

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    Abdul rahman

    Dear sir,assalamualikum

    Since 2012 feb I have been in saudi.my iqama expiredin April 2013.But My kafeel & Agent taken money from me and didnt renew my iqama.Also in July 2013 he made Huroob and he sent my passport and old iqama to me. He is in Jeddah and I am in dammam now. How can I go to my country? Can I get exit from dammam jawazat? There will be ban against me?

    Your prompt reply will be highly apprecible

    Thank you very much

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    Mohammed Aslam


    My problem is My iqama is in hurrob now..

    The complete story is my sponser has taken much more money from me for iqama renewal and then after 3 months he told his maqtab some license is expired he needs time and the rule came…so i told my new company to take transfer so my old sponser has given me transfer letter and when i given to my company for transfer it was at ramzan time so after ramzan …today they got time for my iqama renew and transfer they got to know that my id is hurrob he is telling me to check with my old sponser to remove hurrob…

    Other hand for iqama renewal i have given money which i need back so my agent who use to work all this for my old sponser he had some strong discussion with my old sponser and so for that he has put my id in hurrob…so today again my agent goes and requested him to remove the hurrob so he told after 2 days he will remove it.

    So now my question is can he remove hurrob from ID?

    Can i transfer and renew my Iqama?

    Please help me out.

    Jazak Allah Khair

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      Pls call me on 0500204702 or giv me ur number

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    Dear Sir,
    In 2011 April My Sponor took my passport for final exit and it is stamped final exit from Shumaisi Tarheel ( ادارة الوافدين)and returned to me, My finger print already in jawazath. somebody tolled me my company made huroob and I cant come back to KSA for 5 years. Now I am in India ( from May 2011) and I took print from Riyadh airport ( by my friend) it is mentioned that I am going with final exit and not mentioned huroob.How I know that still Iam in huroob or Final Exit. My Iqama no, is 2066784618
    With regards

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    Muhammad Kamran

    Dear Sir

    My kafeel mention my aqama in Balag Haroob (متغيب عن العمل). Now Kafeel said to me that i have to bring transfer letter for Nakal kafala from my company. but company is not agree to give me letter in Haroob status. Company demanding removal of Balag Haroob. and my kafeel is not agree to remove my Haroob. How can i remove this Haroob Please help me.

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    @Abdur Rahman, you can get Exit from tarheel without any problem during the amnesty period. Just approach the Tarheel office with your original passport. Also you can contact your embassy to assist you.

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    If you are under huroob, then is no need for any letter from your previous sponsor/kafeel. Your company(new sponsor) can make transfer without any papers from the previous sponsor. You need only passport and copy of iqama.

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    Dear Saudi Expert,

    Can you please advise on huroob cases after the April 2013? (new huroob cases issued during the grace period, not before the grace period) Can they transfer to other kafeel? Can they leave the country without kafeel permission?

    Please advise.

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    Dear Sir
    I am having one problem with my Kafeel,
    During a business meeting with my kafeel we had some dis agreements and he was trying to prove me that I have been negligent in my work and I said ok you see someone else in my place and I am going to resign. He starts shouting on me and said I give resign and I will not let you go easily. I will give you very tough time and will fix in any serious charge ete ete ete. He has taken my system and changed the password and I have no access on my work and forcing me to give resign in writing.
    Now if I asked him to let me go on final exit he would not let me go and will make me wait for 5/6 months without pay.
    Documents Related Issues
    My passport has been expired and I will get renewed within 10 days
    1- Now I need your advice that what if I would not return my passport to kafeel and how to link new passport with old one because my visa is on old passport.
    2- What if I wanted to get exit reentry without involving my kafeel
    3- What is the implication if I am not giving resign in writing

    your urgent advise is needed

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    Dear Sir

    My iqama number is 2272791696 I asked my sponsor for exit visa but he give me exit reentry visa My reentry visa expired on 22.11.2012 and iqama expired on june 2013 i got a new job in saudi arabia and the company issued me a visit visa Can i travel to saudi arabia Will there be any problems if there is how to sort it

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    Your case is very unique which we heard for first time.
    If your are traveling do share your experience so that others who face the same situation may benefit from your experience.

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    mohammad faiz

    dear sir
    i came dammam before 2 months on family driver visa and now i want to ho and my kafeel isn’t touch with me and we dnt have passport and iqama i make out pass from indian embassy now i want to go back to my country pls help me if anybody have information about this matter

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    You need to go to tarheel immediately get exit. Do not delay.
    Kindly contact your Embassy for further assistance.

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    ibrahem khalilkhalil

    ser im huroob iqama new remove pilec

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    ibrahem khalilkhalil


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    Niaz Ali

    Good Day

    my kafeel gave me tanazul paper but i didn’t transferred my iqama in time now i have got job and wanted to transfer iqama but i have come to know that my old kafeel has made huroob against me..i have consulted to immigration department and they told me that my new kafeel can cancel this huroob and no need to contact old kafeel.

    please can you guide me

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      I am facing similar situation.pls call me on 0500204702 or giv ur number

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    dear sir
    I went for vocation with exit and re-entry visa but not return to saudi in august 2010, can I go back again with new visa to saudi. I check my iqama status they showing invalid iqama, that mean they put me in huroob. is this forever or some year ban to enter saudi arabia, now i am in india

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    Dear Sir,

    I want to transfer my Iqama, I ask transfer letter form my kafil he said he will give, but now he is out of country and he will come back only after 03 weeks. He have my Iqama also. Now what I will do i want to make the transfer before Nov 03rd. I check my iqama status it is green. kindly advice me, it will be very helpful.



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    ashvin v.m.

    Sir, i m Ashvin v.M. working with MAHDI AL HATTAB Faisaliya from Jan-12 to till date but from last 2 month i m suffering from kidney stone & heavy gastric problem i saw all treatment documents but they are not give me vacation for barre treatment

    capil took my passport what to do

    please help me i m so bed condition

    ashvin v.m

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    Nawaz Jafri Mohammed


    i have taken my passport and release letter from kafeel on nov 5 and when i submitted it to my employer i come to know that my kafeel has put me in huroob . my kafeel is in Red , please tell me if my xfer is possible or not.

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    Assalamo alaikom. I had been work in riyadh for 2 years as a huroob. I left the Kingdom on april 2011 through travel document and exit visa. I did fingerprint also. Now, how can I go back to riyadh? I’ve been stay here in the Philippines for almost 3 years. Can I come back to riyadh? How? Please I need reply and help…

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    Nadeem Aslam


    I transfer my Iqama to new company now question is that i did not come on the visa of new company i give them the transfer now if things goes wrong then according to labor law can they give me my transfer back or they will give me final exit.

    Best Regards,
    Engr Nadeem Aslam

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    asoalikm .sir
    my name is waseem abbas iam in haroob since 1 monthe a go my old kafheel is give me tanazul so my new kafheel can t. finish tanazul so iam go back to old kafheel so i told old kafheel give me a finily exit i am already stampped new visa so help me can i remove haroob and re enter to saudia arabia give please help me

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    muhammed jaseer

    Sir my visa huroob wear is my passport?

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    M Khan

    I am outside Saudi

    previously working for a company in Jizan company is in green category now in 2011 i went on holidays and uanble to return due to family problems. My status is “MUTAGAIB UN AMAL” IS THIS HOROOB ? and how long I should wait before I can return the Saudi. I am professional MBA and got some good offers but I dont want to be in trouble.

    Can you help pls

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    I am a lecturer and got a PhD offer from VU of New Zealand and sent my passport to New Zealand embassy for student visa. Now my iqama is going to expire after one month from today. Can renew of Iqama possible without passport?

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    Nestor V De Guzman

    Assalam alaikom i am a hurrob before but now i find a new sponsor but still no iqama untill now.thats why im looking another sponsor but he said he back me to hurrob.my question is what can i do sir? Thanks

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    Dear sir

    Before 8 month my kefil gave me a tenazul letter and passport to my company what i work but the campany still not finished yet befor 3 month because of the government rule i back to the previes kefil to working as a driver also i am working by my car without sallery until i finish tenazul to my campany,
    My passport with my campany and also the campany wrote me a letter i am in a truble if i leave my kefil he can make a huroob please i need a solution ,thanks

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    Respected sir,

    My case is 4 years back my iqama got expired in the year April 2010,becouse of kafil’s problem. His computer was blocked in jawazat and he was in Red. After some time he corrected his status and put my iqama as Huroob.
    Now i don’t know where he is and dom’t have his contact no as well.

    Now can i go to india and come back on another Visa, though i don’t have any bad record.

    i want to know can i come back to Saudi Arabia on another visa

    Thanks and Regards


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    my kafeel give me huroob i got one email he said if u check yr status n it mentioned that yr IQAMA ID IS INVALID so yr kafeel take another visa on behalf ov huroob n yr have only 1 way u have to go back to final exit what does dat mean n my kafeel give me three letters for transfer can u tell me whats dis

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    Dear Brohter,

    I came saudi 18 April 2013, till the date my kafeel is not yet reday to preapare my Iqama,

    I am still keep myself lock in one room,

    Could you please help me to go back to India or to get iqama from others Kafeel

    Please help


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    I am mohammed i am at saudi madina as house driver job and i want cancel it and want to go back india but my kafeel asking for money 3000sr help me what to do plz plz plz

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    maqsood alam khan

    Dear All,

    my name is maqsood alam i came on dec 28 2012 my kafil has put me in huroof my i have my iqama valid till march 16 2014 my iqama profession is electration i want to go final exit can i come back again with in some months or i will be banned till 5 years please suggest me or can i remove my huroof without asking my kafil becouse my kafil will not remove my hurrof is there any solution please suggest as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Maqsood alam khan.
    [email protected]

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    اريد ازاله هروب لعامل لدي

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    Abdullah Mujahid

    Dear sir
    Assalamualikum, sir I came to India under Horoob Tarheel on 13 july 2009, Sir can I come to ksa now, or still the ban is applied on me.

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    farhan ali

    sir ,
    i am in trouble. Kindly help me.i have my passport and iqama. kafil in red category . i want transfer to another sponsor. but old kafil said he give huroob. is it possible. kindly reply.

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    M.musab imran

    Dear sir,

    i am in trouble, as i given resign to my company last december 2013,and company accept my resign,and give me time to
    clear my sales documentaion, after finishing all they clear all my benefits and travel ticket.and i am waiting for my
    passport with exit. At the end they give my one papper for sign, that papper ban for me for 5 years and not work in related
    my old work sales. i refuse them to signed that papper,after this they make me hurroob, i received my last salary
    30 jan 2014. how they can make huroob, i really shocked.
    my company in middle green catgory.
    can i get transfer or contact labour court.

    so please advise me what i can do.

    thanks regards

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    I want to chack my iqama hroob

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    Bangladeshi worker can transfer now, question is who has violation like huroob how can they removed.

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    I came here last sept. 7, 2013 and still i got no iqama, how can i check if im issued iqama and kafeel is not giving it to me. my sponsor is saudi bin ladin group. thanks!

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    Dewan Mohammed Masum

    I get your kind attention regarding who has violation how they remove and transfer and save the visa violation case, please answer me.

  • #23229 Reply

    Mohammad Ali

    As salam o alikum
    I want someone (e.g. agent) who can help me.
    i want to get rid of my present company & i want job in any other company in makkah.
    i have experience of H.R & administration & also computer work.
    i will be thankful to you if you solve my issue.

    Thanks & regards
    Mohammad Ali

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    khaja shinu

    dear friend
    my kafheel put hurroob on me ..for last 10 month i dont have job and recently i got job and got transfer paper from company what should i do now to change my hurrab and to get transfer to new company

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    Hi sir i want to ask is there any way to cAncel huroon after 4 years with the help of the kafeel that put huroon?please answer me thanks or call me 0581638924

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    prince rehman

    Dear sir,
    Since May 2013,I am here in ksa but still no iqama.agent took all money and kafeel demanding for money.agent did not pay the money to kafeel.
    Now I got this message when I enter my رقم الحدؤد into iqama status page.حالت عمل:متغيب عن العمل.what does it mean?.is ot a huroob or what else?.Please if you could reply on my personal email.thanks.
    Prince rehman

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    This is your kind attention that who has violation how can removed violation? if we contact any general service the are asking lots of money remove huroob 5000 sr. so what is the grace period why system not delete violation. why the government body waiting for hug amount of money, this is true every body want legalized status, every body want iquama but this kind of systemic never possible to rectify status, who has lots of money they can pay and rectify who don’t have they will be illegal.

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    prince rehman

    Please confirm that متغيب عن عمل is a huroob?.is it possible to remove now days?.. Please need your prompt response. Thanks

  • #23833 Reply


    My company put me in huroob by mistake and told me they will cancel it since it was a mistake. Is it possible to cancel huroob now? Should I need to pay any money for this ?? Waiting for your prompt response.

  • #23856 Reply


    i want to check this problem solution

    one of my friend go to emergency vacation from saudi but now the sitvation he cannot come back and can possible to make this vsia or iqma exiti status

    help me or suggest me

  • #24214 Reply


    i have huroob and now i want to get a new sponsor is it possible for the huroob to be cancelled and i continue living and working hre?what is the process am a kenyan citizen

  • #24400 Reply

    abdur rahim

    dear sir my kofil put huroob on my iqama now i am riyash I want to return my country .where I will contac please tell me i haveiqama passport. my no 0550819254 please call me

  • #24566 Reply

    Azhar Ali

    Dear Sir,

    My Iqama status is in Huroob I have already transfer latter with me from other sponsor.Guide me pls how can I cancel my Huroob and take transfer with other .


  • #24844 Reply


    Hi all,

    How can I file case against my company ?

  • #25774 Reply

    waqas liaqat

    sir the kafeel of my father given my dad haroob and i want to go to pakistan my country as my sponsor is my father our iqama is also expired tell me what to do we are very worried

  • #26521 Reply


    Assalamu Alaikum sir
    i shamshuddin i think i have put in huroob i dont know y my kafeel has given to me my transfer papers and passport with chamber i dont know y he did like this though my new company maqtab e amal has done can u suggest me some thing i have all the things

  • #26608 Reply

    sohail afsar

    I want to renew my iqama without kafil in jeddah .my number 0582822994

  • #28025 Reply

    Jonathan Dictado

    I just hope you can advice me what to do.i am really upset with my company bcoz he put my iqama status as huroob.

  • #28457 Reply


    i want to remove my Horoob iqama no 2318274830

  • #28536 Reply

    dr.abdul qadir

    assalamualaikum dear admin

    i am working as doctor in assir region saudi arabia. now i am going next month on vications and thinking of not coming back for 4 to 5 months. the question is that if i would not return having exit re enry visa and wish to come back with new job and new visa. will there be any bann on me? currently i am working under sponsership of ministry of health.kindly guide me what to do

  • #29225 Reply

    Zubair Ahmad

    sir mere kafeel ne mera haroob dia hua hai aur me ne abi aik bndy se rabta ker k haroob cancel aur transfer ki baat ki hai wo keh raha hai k me kerwa du ga
    aur me chahta hun k ap mere iqama no se chk ker k mjy bta dain k mera status kia hai abi
    kio k me confirm ker k ussy paisy dena chahta hun
    my iqama is 2273462818
    plz m really worry so pls rply me fast….


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