How to get an Exit Re-Entry Visa as a student?

How to get exit re-entry visa as a student in Saudi Arabia?

Points to be noted.

  1. As a student you cannot get an exit re-entry visa by yourself. You need your father or his Kafeel to do this for you.
  2. You need your fathers MOI account if you want to do it yourself. If he already has one then with his permission you can use it to get unlimited exit re entry visas each time (not at once) for yourself and everybody in the family that’s under him.
  3. If your father or his account is unavailable to you then you can ask his Kafeel to do the job for you. He may charge you extra fee example SR 100. This is what most Kafeel charge if you want his help but some would do it for free because its their responsibility to provide you the document that you need.
  4. Single exit re-entry visa will cost SR 200, multiple exit reentry visa of 6 months will cost SR 500.
  5. Exit re-entry is available for 3, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. After getting the exit re-entry visa from Saudi Arabia you can go to any country you desire.
  6. You will have 3 months before your visa expires without use. Print the visa paper at home. You do not need it because it is all computerized and all you have to do is show the passport. But it is advised to keep a printed copy. It is also advised to cancel it before it expires if you don’t want to use it.
  7. You can leave anytime within 3 months period but you are supposed to come back within the range of days you got the visa for.
  8. If you do not want to comeback in those days you can call (0096612887444 ext.800 or 00966552049817)  request to extend your re-entry date and pay the fee that they tell you.
  9. If you fail both then your Saudi Visa will be cancelled and you will get permanent exit and will not be allowed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  10. To check the details of your visa inside and outside the Kingdom go to this link or this link
exit re-entry visa

input information in these boxes

exit re-entry visa sample

Clear picture of Just put your Iqama number and Passport number and this page will give you Visa number and all the dates. Selecting nationality is disabled no need to change it.

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  • hamid

    Sir, Can we issue now reentry visa for one year if iqama is valid for one year , six months ago I travelled to pakistan by issuing reentry visa of one year from dad abshir account but now I am listening that abshir don’t issue reentry visa for more than six months.

    • Fahad

      To my knowledge Iqama now have 1 year life. It used to be 2 years, and you cannot get 1 year re-entry visa from 1 year Iqama rule. So may be you should get 6 month re-entry visa and then get a smaller 3 month re-entry visa. It will cost you more on flights because you have to travel more than before.

      • hamid

        Recently six months ago we renewed iqama of one year and got reentry visa of one year from abshir but now I listening from friends abshir no issue reentry more than six months only you can issue reentry visa from jawazat.If you have any experience about it please share here.

        • Sohail Abbasi

          My younger brother recently traveled and he is a student i tried to make a exit/reentry for more then 6 months but abshir was not accepting so i went to jawazat along with the student certificate because of the age issue and they extended the visa till 8 months

          • hamid

            Thanks for informing.

  • Boyet

    In Number 6 of the above checklist, the printing the exit/re-entry form in no longer needed. When you are successful in getting the visa online, there is no need to print it, and nothing can be shown to the immigration section of the airport or to the ticketing section of the airline. All that is needed to be is your passport.

  • Boyet

    In Number 8 of the above checklist, especially when your re-entry visa is about to expire and you need to extend the re-entry, this can only be done by applying for extension of re-entry visa at the Saudi embassy of the country where you are located. This is important for children of expatriates who are studying in the home country and the re-entry visa is about to expire and needs to be extended in order to continue with the studies uninterrupted.
    The sponsor, who is in Saudi Arabia, will secure an employment certificate stamped by the employer seal and the chamber of commerce, and then attested by the MOFA. He will also get a computer printout of the student profile from the jawazat. Then the student, who is located in the home country, will secure a certificate from the school that he/she is presently studying. Then, a cover letter by the sponsor will be drafted showing when the date when student is expected to arrive in Saudi.
    All these papers will be submitted to the saudi embassy in the country where the student is located.