Getting a Police Clearance Certificate

Getting a Police clearance Certificate when leaving KSA is an essential, for travelling and getting settled in other countries. The clearance certificate is a must when you have to travel to European countries and work there. There law requires that you provide them with any criminal record or activity of the past that they should know of. Getting the certificate isn’t an easy task when it comes to finalizing your record. Try getting the certificate by yourself before you leave the Kingdom because the procedure gets a little less hectic for that.

Procedure to get the Police Clearance Certificate in KSA

  1. Contact your Embassy and apply for an endorsement letter. You will be provided with a standard format that you may use for the application. Submit the required documents (filled application form, paid fee, copies of Iqama) to the Embassy. The procedure takes around a week or two depending on the applications and workload.
  2. After receiving the letter from the Embassy you will visit MOFA with the received letter of endorsement from your Embassy. The letter will be attested and you will be asked to pay SR 100/- as part of the attestation charges.
  3. When the letter is attested by MOFA you will take the documents to the Police station along with the GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your company.
  4. Before going to the station make sure that you have your Finger Prints scanned and that all the above mentioned steps are executed without issues.
  5. You will be provided with an expected date from the Police Station of getting the Clearance Certificate ready.

If you are wondering which stations to visit then:

Jeddah – Behind Islamic Development Bank

Riyadh – Near Deera Court

Dammam – Opposite to the Governor House

These branches have the offices for getting the certification ready in the stations so it is better to visit these when you are about to get one.

Once you have received the certification, visit MOFA for the final attestation and then get it translated in English for future purposes.

  • Ei Ar


    Anyone who knows how long does it take for the police celarance certificate to be attested by MOFA? And what are the requirements? Thank you.

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  • Thalur Manoj Muthanna

    I need a help from you friends, please spare some time with me. i am goin on exit this month, And i need Saudi PCC, yesterday i got my Endorsement letter from Indian Embassy.
    So, Today i had been to MOFA when i showed the letter they didn’t understand so i said stamping they told me to pay 30 riyals online and to come with the slip. am i goin on right procedure, if not plz correct me
    And please let me know as explained above they are saying 100 riyals has to be paid and form has to be filled and given back. where i will be given form to fill and where they will take 100 riyals. whether after taking token and goin to counter.?
    And please let me know how to pay these amounts online.
    what exactly we are doing is it attestation of the endorsement letter or we are applying for PCC in MOFA. as u have experienced please share the procedures. its urgent i got 2.5 weeks time to get it done. And im worried.

    thanks in advance.

    • Mohammed Taqiuddin

      did u manage to get the PCC? can you please tell us the exact steps?

      • Mehboob ul Haque

        I got my PCC two days back. I will give the step wise procedures. Hope it helps
        Step 1. Get Endorsement letter from Embassy stating they have no objection in candidate getting police clearance certificate. They have a format and they will take some nominal fees. They may give you same day if the signatory are present or may take few days. Its our embassy we can call them before we go and collect the same day.
        Step 2. Have the letter from Embassy attested in MOFA. If you can pay online from internet banking it is just SR 30, or the option is to pay SR 60 to the agents in the car parking outside MOFA and they will pay and print receipt of payment. Thus with that receipt got to MOFA and get it stamped.
        Step 3. Go to Police station as mentioned above
        In Dammam- Police office Opposite of Governor House(EP Police Directorate)
        In Riyadh- Deera Police office near the Court
        In Jeddah- Poice office behind Islamic Development Bank
        I went to Dammam. Go with Saudi National, not necessarily your company representative. I went with my Saudi Friend.
        Ask for receipt with probable date after submission of Letter. WIth the receipt you can go alone for collection.
        I was not given the receipt, he just said after 1 week so i had to take my friend again with me. And the day they had called i received it.

        I have it now further i dont know what is to be done. May b i will get it translated before leaving.

        • Syed Hussain

          Asalamualikum vrvb..

          Brothers .. i was in Dammam for almost 3 years, i made an exit from KSA on Aug’2017. Now am moving to UAE where PCC is a requirement now for visa processing.. right now am in INDIA.. how to get PCC from KSA.. please share your guidance .. will be really thankful..

    • Anil

      First u have to pay in online for document attestation visit mofa website, then only they will accept it. In my case I didn’t payed online and I visited Khobar mofa they told me need to pay online. In Khobar mofa some Saudis are in parking lot only for this online payment.They can no need to worry. After online payed we ll get printout. Then submit on mofa counter.Suerly they ll accept it..

  • Harun Krishna

    Hai friends
    Who is tha GRO mentioned in the procedure. .? Is it is the company PRO .?

    • Ahmed

      yes same thing

  • Koreano Ako

    Hi, do we really need to go back to MOFA for PCC attestation? Is it really required? Pls help. Thanks

  • Qadeer Mohammed

    I need PCC for my stay of 3.10 Years in Saudi Arabia, I took final exit in Feb 2017. Presently I am in India and need guidance to Proceed to get PCC. Please help me my email is “[email protected]”.

    • Frozen in Time

      Not possible to get from India if you dont have a friend or family in KSA ,

      as per my knowledge the only way will be :
      1 to get finger prints in INDIAN police station , with a police attestation stamp .
      2 get a attestation on this document by saudi Embassy in India and Indian MOFA
      3 get an attestaion from Saudi MOFA
      4 Submit to Saudi Police , with photograph , Iqama , passport , indian NIC copy
      5 Saudi police will not proceed with any request until there is a letter by Indian Embassy requesting them to help you attain police certificate for XYZ reason , this letter also needs to be attested by MOFA.

      • Moina Farheen

        Hi. I last lived in Saudi as a dependent of my father in the year 2010. I am currently living in the UK. Can someone please advise on how I can get a police clearance certificate from Saudi.Please can you advise

      • srk

        Dear, pls. guide im in inda now after getting final exit from ksa. i need to get Police clearance certificate. i have one of my friend living in riyadh how can i get it through him
        pls. guide. thanks indeed

  • Epol Hapol Dapol

    hello…hows the finger print scan…where can i do this??? hope you can answer me thank you 🙂

  • Frozen in Time

    please take your latest photo with you when you go for finger printing

    • Shruthi Raghunandan

      Where do we take the finger print?

      • Frozen in Time

        Department of Criminal Evidence next to EP Police Directorate Dammam

  • Saani Hashmi

    For Riyadh: 
    1. Go to Pak embassy in KSA. Here is location:
    Pakistan Embassy —

    2. Go to window 11.

    3. The personnel will give you a form.

    4. Fill it and give him back with the copy of your iqama, ( optional:.pakistani i.d card) and passport.

    5. Either he will say you to wait for a while or up to 03:00 pm or he will send you to go other room for urgent (depending upon his mood).

    6. The other personnel will give you a “Endorsement Letter for Police Certificate ” in Urdu with Embassy Stamp.

    7. Now pay fee of 30 riyal for Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Sadad and print the paper..(or give 50 riyal to an agent outside of MOFA ). Then you will receive a message from Ministry for payment and you will also receive a Specific number.

    8.Now go to MOFA office. Keep Sadad payment slip (or MOFA messages), “Endorsement Letter for Police Certificate ” , Iqama and Passport copy and orignal with you.
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs —

    9. Take token from small desk. Moreover wait for your turn. On your turn show all your documents to concerning counter staff. He will stamp on your documents.

    10. Now go to Specific Police station before 12:00pm and show them “Endorsement Letter for Police Certificate with MOFA Stamp ” , Iqama, Passport and copies. If needed staff will take your finger prints.
    Location: 24.6261310, 46.7155150

    11. The staff will give you a slip and will tell you when to receive the certificate.

    12. On designated date come and receive your certificate, check spelling before leaving Police Station, otherwise say to concerning staff to correct it.

    13. The Certificate is in Arabic and English.

    14. Now do the MOFA stamp again to make it valid.( Optional).

    15. If you need your wife’s Police Clearance Certificate, your wife should be with you in each step.

  • Moina Farheen

    Hi. I last lived in Saudi as a dependent of my father in the year 2010. I am currently living in the UK. Can someone please advise on how I can get a police clearance certificate from Saudi.

  • Mahamudul Islam

    hello brothers

    please follow this spates at first go to Bangladesh embassy & ask for Endowment letter for Europe visiting . they will issued for one your letter & go to MOFA with that letter for stamping & then go for police station with your company representative for fingerprint. then they will advise you for final stage.
    make sure take your photos & iqama copy & passport copy.

    • martin diego

      what if you don’t have your company representative with you when you go to Police Station?

    • Sejo

      before MOFA, no need to do the translation ???

  • Dhinkar Sethu

    Hello , We can help everyone who are out side KSA and who needs PCC for Immigration purpose. Please call us @ 00971559892069. We will give you all the details and documents required for PCC and we will apply on behalf of you and get it done. Thank You .