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Getting Visit visa for your family and parents online

To see the Procedure to apply for Permanent Visa Online Go to

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Working in Saudi Arabia alone can difficult with the limited options for outdoor activities. Having your near and dear ones around you is always welcome change. You can get your family (wife & children) on permanent visa. (for details click here). In case, you want to get them only for a short trip, then, Visit visa is the better option.


1. Valid iqama
2. Acceptable profession
3. SR 25 – processing fee
To check if your profession is in the acceptable/allowed categories, just go to the gov website and enter your iqama number, if your are eligible to issue visit visa.

The following relatives can be invited on visit visa:

1. Wife
2. Children
3. Father
4. Mother
5. Bother
6. Sister

Our readers can update if anyone of them has got any success on any other category of relatives.

The online visit visa application procedure is very simple.
Before you begin, We suggest you use Google Chorme brower, where you can use the translation button as the website for visa application is in Arabic. Also, Google translate is helpful in filling the form.
Go the visa application site, and fill in the required details. Once you submit the application, you should take a print out of the completed application. The application number will be written in the corner of the application. Take signature and stamp of your sponsor at the required place and submit the form to Chamber of Commerce. They will charge you a processing fee of SR. 25 give you a print out. After 3 working days (edit: now a days it is taking 7-10 days), check the status of you application online. If approved, send the application number to your relative in home country to start processing. There is no confirmation within how many days the visa should be stamped though most of the people say 3 month.

Documents to be submitted at the time of visa stamping to Saudi Embassy:

1. Original passport
2. Iqama copy of sponsor.
3. 2-4 passport size photos.
4. Authorization letter – If you are trying to get visa stamped for you sister who is married, then you need to get a permission letter from your sister’s husband which has to be submitted along with the documents.

Usually the processing takes 1 week. Remember, once the visa is stamped on the passport, you have 3 month to arrive in Saudi Arabia else the visa will expire. This rule has changed. The passports are being stamped with visa valid for traveling in 30 days or else the visa will expire. One of our readers, Seemab ji has shared the following:

“I went to Saudi consulate and also on Etimad..But they refused to renew validity of visa and said that its applied only on visit visa..once expired you can’t do any thing.And from now visit visa validity will be only one month. Earlier  you can travel with in 90 days after stamping but now its not possible…you should have to travel in 30 days after the date of stamping. 
Use travel agent in your country to get the visa stamping done on the passport through the Saudi Embassy/Consulate

For Validity and Extension of Visit Visa Click Here

  • Junaid

    I have used the procedure for my mother in law visa as my wife is pregnant. Chammber has attested the application on 6th May 2012 and Now its 15th May and when I search for result only application is visible. Are they showing any refusal results. I dont know how much i have to wait because i want to apply again.

    • salman

      I Juniad.I want to know did you managed to get visa or not.Is it taking time.

    • Shamim

      Guys any luck with mother in law visa?

      • Ashique

        If your proffesion on Iqama is above foreman you can received visit visa for your mother in law, already I received it.

    • Khalid

      Dear Junaid,

      I had applied too, and it took time more then 10 days. So after that I have submitted the application to the MOFA Office in Dammam. After that the status on website changed and written is “We have received your application on 29th May 2013″. it is the same since then, I dont know whats wrong with them, may be they are busy in the implementation of NITAQAT Program..

      • Shaju

        Still now my application is showing the same.. i dont know what changes they made..

    • shahbaaz

      where i can check weather I can apply for visit visa according to my profession, weather i can apply or not, is there any website

    • Shahid

      Hello support, I am having pipeline pump operator profession at my Iqama. Can I have family visa? Plz advise. Thanks

  • Shahid

    Hi SaudiXpert

    I am Pakistani, living in Riyadh. I want to bring my sister on visit visa with her 10 months son. My profession on Iqama is “General Accountant”. I would appreciate if you could help on this.


    • SaudiXpert

      Hi Shahid.
      Due to Hajj season, the government has stopped issuing visit visa except for few cases.
      However, you can still try as per the above procedure.
      Who knows, you may be lucky.

      • faheem jamal

        can i get visit visa may iqma profis سائق اليات الطرق

      • faheem jamal

        can i get visit visa for wife may iqma profis سائق اليات الطرق

      • syed

        Assalamu alaaikum
        i have applied visit visa on 12-11-2013,bt filled the form on 25-10-2013
        still the status showing da same
        they have chambered on the same paper,they put sticker of chamber on da same paper,is that chamber valid,in some cases i saw they will give another paper after chamber,they wont keep any sticker on visit visa form.
        and in how many days the status will change.
        plz i request you to update me,

      • syed

        Hello Saudi Expert.

        i applied family visit visa on 12-11-2013,
        still the status shows da same.
        please clear my doubt,
        They kept CHAMBRED sticker on visit visa form,is dt chamber ok, b’coz my friend informed me,dt they will give other paper,and they wont touch visit visa form.
        and in how many days the status will get change.

        • syed

          It looks here no one Active,

          no one able to give any replys for my question……

          • aijaz ahmad dar

            Dear Friend,
            Did you get the visa?
            i believe there is no issue with the chamber but still you can check online for the status of your application if chamber has been done.

  • malik

    My current profession is ‘MABLAT’ (Tile Fixer) I am planning to give my transfer to company and also request to change my profession as my MBA certificates are already saudi attested, Mean while I am planning to bring my family (Wife and 2yr son) on visit visa, Is my current profession allow me to acquire visit visa for now and later I will bring them again once i get family status on my visa, Please advice.
    Thanks In advance

    • SaudiXpert

      I am afraid not.

      • saqib

        please suggest me,i am filling form and they giving me error of date format صيغة التاريخ 1433/05/16 this msg appear in red, what should i do please help me

        • Waqas

          Please write 16/05/1436


        asak..i ave applied for family visit visa of my parents and their name on application form is in arabic..i hav gone through several online application which have applied recently,their names are in english language as in passport but i got default in arabic..please let me know that whether the applicant name on online application in arabic is acceptable?

        • saqib

          Not accepted in arabic

  • rahat

    hi can anyone tell me after getting visit visa within how many days we have to be in saudi…i mean can we delay it for one mont and then with the same visa can v visit after two months

  • Usman

    From where to check that your profession in the acceptable/ allowed categories for ksa visit visa

  • Nauman

    Dear Usman,just go to MOFA website try to fill the form,if there is no any error regarding profession then its ok,
    As i know labour category is not allowed for visit visa

  • suzain

    Thanks for great sharing post. Its very comprehensive information for everyone, very important to know about Saudi Arabia family visa

  • AnExpat

    I recently applied for my parents and youngest sister (12 years of age), the approval came for parents only with sister being rejected.

    I have submitted another application only for sister and waiting for it to get approved, insha Allah.

    • aly

      Hello friend,

      Just wanted to know did u get the visa for your sister ???

    • Tahsin Ahmed

      Dear AnExpat
      Kindly let me know whether you succeeded in getting visa for you sister, please?
      Tahsin Ahmed

  • zaidu

    Hi my husband has applied for visit visa for his parents canany one tell me if thats possible now

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      He is allowed to bring his parents on Visit Visa, but then depends on his profession on Iqama. It is advised to give a try irrespective of the profession, i know one of my friends on CARPENTER Visa bought his family with parents on visit visa.
      All the best

    • hameed

      My apply visiting visa chamber finished but iam fill up the applaction my wife date birth 1991 but iam write 1990 any pro pls give me ans

  • Ayazmbz
  • Muhammad Waseem

    I need the information regarding to get Permanent family visa.

    My profession on iqama is laboratory technician and i m holding bachelor of science degree,so i can get family visa?
    if i correct the profession as per degree,i will be eligible to get the visa.

    Please comment.Thank you.

  • Ali Sikandar


    I want to know if I can apply for family visa or visit visa for my wife as she is pregnant. I heard that they do not allow to bring your pregnant wife into the kingdom.

    Please confirm me about it.



    • Abu Amir

      Salam Ali.
      I had got my wife on visit visa and she gave birth. I got the passport made from Indian Embassy in Riyadh and got the passport entered in the system in jawazat.
      There was no problem.
      Just remember to get the passport details entered in the jawazat system after the baby passport is made. Or else you will be returned from the airport to make entry of the passport of baby.
      I hope I did not confuse you.
      Let me know if anything is not clear.

      • Ali Sikandar

        Dear Abu Amir,

        I appreciate your reply, it of great help to know that I can apply for my wife’s visa while she is pregnant. I will appreciate if you can tell me if my profession on Iqama that is (Fani Siyana Takif o Tabreed) AC Technician i believe. Is it possible that I can apply for Permanent Visa for my wife with this profession, and if you can tell me the exact required documents for that, I will appreciate your help.

        Thanks in advance.



        • Abu Amir

          see reply below

          • faheem jamalabbasi

            dear brother may iqama profession is saiq alyaat tareek mein havy equp oprator plese tell me can i take visit visa

  • Abu Amir

    As per airline regulation, no pregnant woman is allowed to travel if she is more than 7 months pregnant. Atleast that is what my travel agent told.
    Secondly, you can apply visit visa for your pregnant wife same as you do normally.
    Third, will you get visit visa or permanent visa on your profession – I don’t know.
    Hope this helps.

  • soumina

    assalamualykum ,I want to bring my parents on family visit visa,but now i heared that mofa is not allowing visa for father,just i want to know the reason and what is the solution .please give me reply

    • Kashif

      I applied online visa for both my parents and got it. This a month ago.
      So, stop listening to people and start applying :))
      And by the way, I applied for my brother who is 14 yrs old,but it did not get approved. Just for you info.

      • smeera

        dear Kashif,
        i am also planning to bring my parents.
        thanks for info.

      • smeera

        dear kashif,
        Asslamu Allikum,
        i am also applied through online for my parents.
        what have to write reason to bring i am living with my wife and one child.
        i am waiting yr reply.

      • Sohail

        Assalamualium can any one tell me that how long it would be required to get visit visa after online apply. I have applied and submitted after chamber of commerce on May 11, 2013 but did not get till yet. the arabic wording showing is below :-
        تم التصديق على الطلب

        can any one help me. Regards, Sohail

  • haris

    Kindly Give me the link for visit visa form for family and also provide the link for check my profession tht it is eligible or not ??

  • Dr Hasan

    Assalomo Allikum All

    I am a medical doctor and am being offered a job in Saudi Arabia.
    I had following questions in mind and would appreciate if any one in the know could answer them.

    What is the duration of visit visa for parents?
    Can i apply for them to live with me long term?
    If they are issued a visit visa can they go for umrah/madinah Munawarrah visit? any other restrictions on visa?

    I have heard that parents of professionals can get a “ibadat Visa” is that true?


    Dr Hasan

  • http://nil Mushtaq Ahmed

    Dear last year my family came here on visit visa, before expiry of the visa they left, again this year I am willing to bring them here, I have applied online for visit visa on 2nd of March, on 6th March I did the COC, my profession in Iqama is pipe Technitian.

    I have checked mofa website my application still there, how could it will process, I have wait until I get msg from Mofa by online or I have to go to Foreign Affairs, if I have to go then I have to take all related documents.

    Thank you

    • Tahir

      Yes, you need to go to MOFA with your iqama copy and passport copy and a print of the page of visa application if they ask you to come.

  • zawar

    dear i apply for my wife and mother for visit wife visa approved but mother not.i applied for both in one application,so can i apply again for mother ?and its posible to be approved for mother

    • Tahir

      One of my friend got it on the third attempt.
      You can also try again. I guess it all depends on the mood of the approval guy.
      Best of luck.

  • Zawar

    thanks tahir. God bless u for ur free service.i will apply again inshallah until succeded.

    • Tahir

      Best of luck. Do share your experience as public benefit.

  • Zawar

    tahir just one another question. how much time it will take to expire the visit visa.i mean my wife visa i got yesterday so now in how many days it should be stammped on the passport and after passport how many days to come to saudi

    • Tahir

      I really do not remember. Either one month or 3 months.

  • mujahid ali

    Dear all i have bring my wife 2 time on visit visa and when she came last time on 24-02-2013 and again she left on 14-03-2013 she did not comeplet even one month as her father is died and i applied again and i did COC on 20-03-2013 but the problem is i make mistake in application i forget one letter A as her name is farah deeba mujahid ali but i write farah deeba mujahid li so there is any problem and if they approved so what i have to do and other question my last visa C.R is diffrent for the first one and now i write the C.R whiche is first time

    • khan

      AOA.kindly can u tell me that u got visa again or they rejected it that it is so early?…i am also going back in my 4th month bcoz my father is not well and my husband is thinking apply visa again in this week???plz reply

  • shafaque memon

    DEAR brothers how can i check and where to check that for whom im allow to get visit visa on my profession .please help my profession is marketing analyst.

  • Asif

    My two brothers are working in saudi Arabia. I want to go for Ummrah with my wife. Can they sponsor me, if yes then kindly tell me which website where i can apply online for visit visa.

    Asif Saghir

  • Ali Sikandar


    I want to know if for how many days the online visa application is valid. I printed that application on 23rd of March 2013. I have sent that to my company head office in Riyadh to get it attested from chamber of commerce after signature and stamp of Country Manager. It is expected to be attested from chamber tomorrow that is 27th March 2013. I hope it is valid till tomorrow.

    If anyone know the validity period for getting the application attested from chamber and to get it activated. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.


    Ali Sikandar

  • ARahman

    Assalam alaikum, I have applied for family visit visa on 20th march 2013 and got the chamber stamp seals too on the same day. And today is 26th march 2013. Well still waiting for website approval. It’s like playing a game blind folded. There is no proper guidance on any thing except a statement wait until your are called by MOFA. No clue or no enquiry you can make regarding your application form. The web site too contain only opinion or suggestion window. What to tell them? Website is not user friendly. Well don’t know how long the waiting will continue !!!! Meanwhile if you visit MOFA office they return you back home saying check the web site updates and then come. At least the website should have an option in enquiry stating the position of your submitted application form , wheather under processing or processed or possible date of processing or already authorised person has processed the form or processed and rejected……. Anything as information of that sought. Simply your applied form is made displayed leaving no clue what has happened ?
    Inshallah, have left with no option and just have to wait, wait or reapply paying again SR25/-

    • expat

      i also have the same case i have applied the visit visa application on 23 march 2013 and i am also wwaiting for the reply on the website but there is no answer just my application is being displayed like it is… but someone told me to just wait for at least some more days the status will come. i am also waiting for that…???

      • expat

        can u tell me which website to see for the visa approval is it the mofa website or any other site

    • Alam

      I applied online for visit visa and its attested by Chamber of Commers Jeddah. One week ago. after checking it the only my application form displayed. What to do npw please guide with all procedure. Thanking You.

  • Faizul

    Dear Sir,
    As i have “GENERAL BUILDER” profession in my iqama.whether i bring my family(wife)in family visit visa.

  • Mohammed Moiz







    tHANK YOU,

  • Ali Sikandar


    Can any body please advise what dose this message means:
    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد لدى فرع الوزارة في جدة

    This is what is coming on my visit visa application online inquiry.



    • NUR

      assalamalaikum..any update regarding the visit visa now?i applied a visit visa for my husband last nov. 26, 2012 and was approved but unfortunately the company of my husband in my country didnt approved for his vac. for 3 mos. due to some reasons.and now its ok so my husband submitted the visa in agency last feb.22 and agency advised him to renew his passport because its going to expired on dec. 4 2013.and new passport was released last april 5.the paper now is in saudi embassy according to the agency..iam much worried if the visa still ok..could anybody tell me about the status of visit visa now?thank you very much.

    • Hyder

      Pleaes go to Google translate website, then copy and paste the arabic line and click the translate button.
      The description will appear in English.

    • Zafar


      It may be a little too late to post this reply but the message you posted is asking you to place a new request for the visa at the ministry in Jeddah. Hope it helps.


  • Mushfiq

    hi dear , i just got my wife visit visa 9 months ago and left kingdon 6 day before expiring her visit visa,, now can i immeidately apply visa for her again,,,,,,

    thanks for help

  • marzook

    Hi Dear,

    Im Marzook working in Yanbu. My Iqama category is Engineer.

    I applied visit visa for my father and mother
    First it gave me a form to attest and submit in Chamber of commerce. I did . After few hours it appeared in net that i have finished the attestation. Then after two days a message was there to submit my original in Foreign ministry. I submitted the document on the following day(03rd April 2013 Wednesday). Now last few days I’m checking and the same old message displays. The officer took the original application and Iqama copy, but there is no proof that I submitted those. They didn’t give me any reference number or something. It’s been four working days now. What should I do? How I can know about my visa status weather it’s approved or not.

    Best Regards


    • makki

      Marzook , please advise if you got the visa . I have similar case i submitted my documents on 2nd april and still no update on website . I still display submit your documents at ministry (jeddah). Please advise

      • marzook

        still the same.
        donno what to do?
        it’s been two weeks now
        planning to go tomorrow (17.04.2013)

        • makki

          Please do let me know what happens tomorrow . Its been two weeks for me as well and no update on website so far.


        • makki

          Any update on this ? Did you visit ministry last week ? what did they say?

    • Ashraf

      In KAshmiri we say it ” Akh LAkhukh teh bayeh neyook chadar” So if you are lucky you will get otherwise not.

  • Ali A

    Dear Marzook,
    Be patient. It takes 3 to 7 working days. I got my parents visa application approved and am an engineer too. It took around 4 to 5 days. You should consider that they have 2 days off, So most likely you might get the approval on saturday or sunday.

    • marzook

      Dear Ali,
      Thank you for your kind reply and the status is still the same.
      How can I know weather it’s approved or not.?

      One of my friend said that there are too much application these days and the man on the counter,advised him to check until two weeks.
      But in my case, two weeks completed now.
      So I’m planning to go tomorrow (17.04.2013)and talk to them.
      Guys add me in duas so that i het the visa inshaallah.

  • dr.adil

    can anybody answer my question.

    i have applied for the visit visa for my wife and children,the problem is i have entered wrong iqama number in the applicaion,i have submitted iqama copy and the passport copy with application.does it make any problem for the visa issue and the visa stamping.its only 3 days i applied in mofa.
    kindly someone answer me.

    • syed Ali

      Assalamu WRWB.

      As I know, even slip visa approved you will face problem during endorsement in you home country. I suggest you better apply new application without correction.

  • Qaisar

    Can i apply for the visit visa of my brother living in pak. I can certainly obtain the visa of my mother as my father has already dead. My brother is not mentally fit. so he can not live with out mother alone. i have all his medical certificates and father s death certificate. any one suggest me how to obtain the visit visa of my brother along with my mother. His age is 24 now.

  • Maaz

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    Can i bring my married sister to Riyadh on Visit visa.

  • marzook

    Today I got the visa.

    Unfortunately the officer who took my previous application didn’t update it online.
    Mashaallah I got the visa today it self
    Thank god

    • Saleem


    • http://gmail Abdul Qayyum

      Assalm O Alikum Saudi Expert

      i apply online for visit visa & finish COC on 22/04/13

      and MOFA call me for orignals i submin that on 23/04/13

      today is 07/05/13 2 weeks finished

      please help & advice me what to do


      • aijaz ahmad dar

        Brother did you get visa, and how many weeks it takes after you submit the documents

  • kumar

    Myself kumar an engineer by profession,planning to come to saudi on technician visa.My company assured that there wont be any problem to get family status.They are unable to give me engineer visa as my certificate attestation in india will take more time.
    As attrsted certificates are mandatory for applying family visa how can i apply for that?
    Also i am planning to marry after 6 months of service at saudi,how can i take my wife right after marriage? Marriage certificate embassy attestation may take more time.Please guide

    • Moinuddin

      Before come get wrritten confirmation because my case is same , i heard that now they are not issuing visa to technician. Please be prepare for surprises and make your mind before come.

      For any visa you need all documents Education or Marrige certificates, must stamped form home country embbasy and also from MOFA KSA.

      • Moinuddin

        I AM IN JEDDAH.

  • Moinuddin

    Dear All,
    الحمد الله
    I had got visit visa two times for my family, first my proffession on iqama was.HADDAD steel fixer and second time after changed to FANNY KAHERBA, electrical technician. BUT I had applied through interior ministry, first i got tasreeh from MOI and same day submit to MOFA JEDDAH office and max 8 days i got approval from MOFA.


    I heard that it is one month, i am not sure because in both casses above visa stamped with in two weeks. After stapmed its validity is for two month.

    Please any one give answer
    By the way iam pakistani and visa stamped from Karachi.

  • Thomas

    I would like to know whether it possible to get visit visa for step-mother in law as her name not entered in my wife’s passport

  • Muhammad Usman

    Hi, i have appllied Visit Visa for my mother and make chamber of commerce on 22-April-2013, but still MOFA did not issue the visa, when ever i open the website only the page appears which i filled for visit visa, can any body tell me how much time it will take these days to get Visit Visa or is there any another thing to do to get Visit Visa.

  • Shoukath Mappatukara

    Dears.. I want to bring my father and mother here by visiting visa. now i working in Qassim ( saudi arabia ) my iqama profession is computer programmer. my family here with permenent visa.. so i want bring my parents upto hajj time stay here. so when i can submit the application. then if issue the visa within how many months they can reach here. also when will be stop to the visiting visa applications. first time will get 90 days is normal or.. thank you

  • SHAIKH..NAZEER name is profesion is amil.tarkheeb……can got family permant visa.pls gv me details

  • Aji

    Dear Sir,
    I had applied for visiting visa for my family, my profession is executive director, chamber attestation had finished before 15 days , but the status in the site is still no any answer, ahat I have to do can any body please help me with an answer

    • Akeel

      It should happen anyday now. If not, apply again or visit the MOFA office. Let us know what happened.

  • Sajan Babu


    My Friend want to visit Jeddah just for 5days. He is working in Dubai, Indian National. How can i arrange visit visa for him? please help me in this matter.

    Thank you very much

    With best regards

    Sajan babu

    • SaudiXpert

      You can get only your immediate family on visit visa.

  • Aurangzaib

    Dear sir i have to know about that i am able for family visa or visit visa ….please advise me where i can check my it ..
    my new iqama profession is sales representative ..
    please give me link ….

  • Ahmed Siddiqi

    I had applied visit visa request for my father on 20th april 2013, the status is just showing application received. I am planning to go their on wednesday inshaAllah to know what is the exact reason for delay. I have already called my Mother and Mother in law for which the approval came in 4 and 15 days respectively.My profession is lecturer in Shaqra university

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Ahmed,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • marlon

    Hi everyone! I’m planning to get my wife for visit visa, can anyone tell me where i can go after applying online thru mofa website. I am confused because somebody told me,i have to go to chamber of commerce, others told me that i need to go to mofa. Thanks so much.please send any feedback immediately.

    • SaudiXpert

      Marlon, there are two ways to apply for visit visa
      1. Through the mofa, then sponsor signature and final getting it attested by Chamber of commerce.
      2. Going to MOFA directly

      The second is usually for government organizations.

      • Akash

        Dear expert .

        Thank you for very informative blogs ..i am in STC ..(Saudi telecom company ) apply for my wife visit visa ..i send my Mofa application to Riyad and got a fee receipt from there of 25 SR…Now i am checking online status it show for new application. i go to Mofa they are also asking for new application.. can i submit New application in MOFA dammam without chamber of commerce..
        When i check online i am getting below message..I am living in dammam my Stc head office in Riyad.and registerd in Riyad chamber of commerse

        Application number: 6620005 Date of the request: 10/30/2013
        We hope to mobilize a new application and ratification of the Chamber of Commerce where the headquarters of your stay on 11/12/2013

  • Nauman Ahmed

    Hi Everyone, please tell me if someone applied visit visa recently? i am trying to apply visit visa for my parents online, but when i submit web page error is coming. Please let me know if someone face this issue as i don’t know it is MOFA website issue or some other issue….


    Please give me the web address to find whether my profession can get visit visa for my wife….

  • ka

    AOA.I am on visit visa if i go to my home country can my husband apply visit visa again in this week or there is any restriction about re apply visa???plz reply…

    • SaudiXpert

      There is no restriction on applying visit visa immediately after you leave.
      However, normally just before Ramadan they stop issuing visit visa.

  • raheena

    i am with my husband for 3years.I want visit visa for my mother,brothers,married sisters and baby of my sister.could i get?
    what i want to do?

    • SaudiXpert

      Visit visa for your mother, yes it possible.
      For the rest of the family members, you can try, but normally you do not get.

  • najeeb

    I am an proffession is family is living with me here.could i get visiting visa for my motherinlaw,brothersinlaw andsisters inlaw.

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Najeeb,
      Kindly see the above answer for Raheena.

      • Iftikhar

        I want to invite my Married sister-in-law for my wife take care during her pregnancy. Is it possible if yes what documents are reqired.My mother-in-law has already expired.

  • Romina

    My husband is working in jubail saudia arabia. he’s planning to get a family visit visa for us. Can he also get a visit visa for her step daughter which is my daughter?

    • SaudiXpert

      I suggest that he apply for visit visa for all of you in one form. Let him put in the relationship section as “Daughter” as there is no option for step-daughter in the form. Most probably he should get it provided your daughter is under 18 years.

      Do share your experience if you are successful or not.

      • Romina

        Thank you very much for that helpful advice.. i sure will share my experience about that.

  • Saleem

    I applied for a visit visa for my mother on and got the chamber of commerce stamped by paying SR 25.
    After 3 days when I checked the website, the same form appears with a message: تم التصديق على الطلب along with the application number and date with غرفة المدينة المنورة

    Is there any other procedure to be followed such as going to Istekdam or MOFA office, etc.

    Please advise.

    • SaudiXpert

      It means your application has been forwarded by Chamber of Commerce to MOFA.
      Kindly wait as now a days it is taking upto 15 days to get visa confirmation.

      • Mrs Khan

        Aoa,can u tell me u got visa or not n if u got how many days it took as my problrm is same as your??????

      • Fahad

        Hi dear …
        I applied visit visa for my parents & now after 8d in Arabic is that ” Go directly to the Embassy /Consulate and take your electronic Letter of Invitation . What does it mean ? Please tell me ASAP.

    • abu hamzah


      brother are u in madinah? where is the chamber of commerce? what do they say it in arabic language?

  • Ahmed Siddiqi

    Dear friends, i just learned an important lesson a few days back. If you apply for visit visa and dont see any result except for the message “Your application has been received on this date”. Don’t wait for more than two weeks, go to the ministry again along with the form copy and tell them “nateeja ma jaa” (result not arrived). The person might take a note of it and write it as delayed. U can the get the visa approved on the same day itself. The same thing happened to me too. I waited for 21 days and then when i went there to enquire, they issued the visa starightaway.

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Ahmed,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      May Allah reward you.

      • Ahmed Siddiqi

        Waiyyakum friend.

      • mahaboob

        DEAR SIR
        I applied the visit visa for my wife on 15th jan,till now its showing the below massage.
        pls advice me what i will do

        The ratification of the request: (9167755) on 01.15.2015 (Jeddah Chamber)

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Appreciable, i have a same case its 2 weeks now the message says “Your application received” going tomorrow to report ministry hope it will work in my case also.
      Thanks a lot for useful information

  • Z

    The website is not very good. It doesnt update regularly. sometimes u need to visit the MOFA if its been more than 2 weeks.

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, Z. Sometimes, it happens as they are not updating the MOFA site.
      As seen from Ahmed Siddiqui’s experience in the above comment, if it is more than 2 weeks, then it is recommended to visit the MOFA office.

  • mohammed

    my profession is hamil.could i get visit visa for my wife,married daughters with one year baby and two sons.

    • najeeb

      l am also have this problem.please reply

  • Asad

    Dear Friends

    Main ney aur mery office friend ney aik sath family visit visa k liey apply kia. 02 din k baad hi meri family (wife & 02 daughters) ka visa approve ho gaya jab k mery friend ko Jeddah bulaya gaya. unhon ney ja kar required documents submit kar diey they aur unko kaha gaya k online check karen. Ab is bat ko 05 weeks guzar chukey hain par online check karney par same message hi appear ho raha hai, jis main Jeddah bulaya tha. Aap main sey koi bata sakta hai k maximum kitna time lag jata hai aur kia without rejection mery friend again apply kar sakty hain. Thanks in Advance. Jazak Allah

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Asad, if can post in English, I may be able to help you.

      • Asad

        Dear SaudiXpert

        Me and my office colleague applied for family visit visa. My visa has been issued after 02 days while they called my friend to Jeddah with original visa request and Iqama copy. He visited and submitted the requisite documents on 16-04-2013 and they said check online. Now after expiry of 40 days no update through mofa website. Kindly guide us can we apply for his visa again or how much we can wait?

        Thanks and Best Regards

        • SaudiXpert

          Dear Asad,
          I suggest that your friend visit the MOFA office again and ask them for the update.
          Let us know what happened.
          Best regards,

          • Asad

            We are in Jazan and it is very difficult to visit again and again to Jeddah therefore my friend not willing to travel Jeddah again. Is there any other option available?

        • SaudiXpert

          Tell him to apply again. All the best.

  • Zaheer

    Assalam alaikum,

    I received visit visa for my wife.
    Am I able to get family visa for my wife ?

    Pls. let me know.


  • Amir Mohib

    Dear’ can any one tell me that i am a land surveyor and my profession is land surveyor my pay is 2500 .wheather i bring my family in visit visa.plz
    ans me

  • Farrukh Masood

    Hi Dear,

    I want to get visit visa for my Aunti(My Father’s Sister) and my current profession is Computer Programmer so how can i get the visa or mean do i eligible for the this visa?? Thank you.

  • William

    Try it online. You never know how the Saudi mind works. And it cost only SR25 ? So what is there to lose ?

  • Syed Zaheer

    Dear SaudiXpert,

    Please let me know Profession ” Mamdu Mubayadh ” (Sales representative) this profession is eligible for family visa ?

    Any general degree acceptable to get family visa for this profession OR specific degree is required of sales ?

    Pls. advise.


    • Salim

      Yes dear you can appaly

  • Usman Shahid

    Dear SaudiXpert,


    My father applied for our family visit visa on 25 May and COC attestation on 26 and on the same day we got the forwarding message that is been forwarded. Now its been 9days and same happening.

    He is working in Effat University and we have our own agent of company for jawazat and passport work. He fills the form usually for all employees.
    I noticed he fill the mobile number 508******. There is no 0 in start. Do you think it matters? Kindly tell me and also when should we visit MOFA office.
    Please advise.


    • SaudiXpert

      The difference in mobile number does not matter at all.
      If the status of visa does not change after 15 days of COC attestation, then I suggest that father visit the MOFA office.

  • Abhay

    Dear Sir,

    I have Iqama written profession is “Masahe Aam” it is General Surveyor, on this can i got Family Visa?

    My got Iqama from Riyadh, for some work i am at Jeddah, can i shall get for Family visa form Jeddah MOI.

    Please give me your valuable suggesion.

    Thanks in advance.

  • anishkumar

    my profession is labour visa if possible to bring my parents ?
    if possible what i want to do ?

    • SaudiXpert

      As far as we know, it is not allowed to get your parents if your profession is laborer. However, I heard of few people getting their families by contacting some agents.

      • Muhammad Siddiq

        can u give me contact of some agent who can help me to get my family here

  • Muhammad Siddiq

    Dear Saudi Expert,
    AoA, i m pakistani and working in Riyadh as plumber, profession on my iqama is also plumber, is this profession in allowed cattagory to get the family visit visa. kindly answer me as soon as possible as Ramadan is comming soon and some persons say that just before Ramadan , they stop to grant visit visas,
    thanks a lot

    • SaudiXpert

      As far as know, it is not possible.
      To confirm, you can try online and you will get the results immediately.

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Dear we cant say its impossible, better try
      Good Luck

  • Mrs Khan

    AOA,I applied visa on 26.5.2013. the form is changed with arabic headline on form’s top still no result came.plz tell me what problem can be???

  • Salim

    رقم الطلب:


    تاريخ الطلب:


    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدون فيه بياناتك بكل دقة وتدوين اسماء المطلوبين للزيارة كاملة كما بالجواز السفر (ثلاثي)

    Can any buddy tell me whats the meaning of this status


    • SaudiXpert

      Salim. They are asking you to re-apply with the complete names as they are in your passport. If your passport is in English, type the names in English.
      Best of Luck

  • Zaheer

    Assalam alaikum,

    My profession is Mandub Mubayad,(Sales representative) My Biotechnology, Microbiloty & Chemisitry. Am I eligible to get family visa ?

    Please advise.


    • HUCK

      Yes. Dear you can apply

  • Shahnawaz Khan


    I had applied visit visa for my family on 04-06-2013, still the application remains the same. I could not move further.

    I already rented a flat and please brothers suggest what should i do !!!

    Jazakallah Khair…

    • Saleem

      Wait another 2-3 days and then approach MOFA office.

  • Aslam

    I have applied for visit visa for my parents thru’ my university (king saud Univ). On the next day when I checked the status I found that visa was not approved as saying dat apply after Haj. May I know what to do now, I want to bring parents ASAP. They came on visit visa two yrs before as well. Is there anyone who got approved visit visa application submitted after 16 June 2013?

    Jazakallah Khair…

    • SaudiXpert

      That means they have stopped issuing visit visas now and will start issuing next Arabic year from Muharram which will be in November, 2013.

  • shafaque memon

    hi all

    i applied for visit visa for my wife and i submit form along with istakdam white papar on 09/06/2013 and after week new update came its says your application as been recieved on 15/06/2013 .any one can tell whats a next step and how long should i wait to get yellow papar .??

    • SaudiXpert

      Suggest that you visit isteqdam and check the status.

  • tarannum

    will they issue visit visa for family in ramadhan

    • SaudiXpert

      No visit visas are issued in Ramadan till end of Hajj.

  • Afzal

    I applied for my parents visit visa on 21st may, 2013 and the application was displayed online on 26th may. When the status didnt change for many days, i visted the MOFA office on 9th june, they asked for the required docs ( iqama and my parents passport) which i provided right there and then. The same day they changed the status to “application has been received” . Now its been many days but no luck so far. My wife is expecting and has difficulty in air travel so i really need my parents here for support. Please advise


    • SaudiXpert

      Suggest that you visit MOFA again.

  • Hussain

    Dear Author,

    Can you please provide complete link of GOV website to check If one is eligible to apply for family/parents visit visa. Many Thanks.


  • Desperate_to_Know

    Dear All, Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    I am offered a job in Riyadh and received visa for this. Profession on visa is Computer Programmer.

    I am single and live with my mother who is an elderly lady of over 75 Years age. There will be no one here back home to look after her once I leave. I am told by my employer that after I arrive in KSA and have my Iqama issued, I will be able to invite her on extendable visit visa. My questions in this regard are;

    1. Is there any way that she can ask for a long term visa like wife and kids get?

    2. If I invite her on visit visa, will I be able to get one before Hajj. On compelling grounds?

    3. Visit visa are extendable, is there any limit to how many extensions?

    4. Is there any limit to number of visit visas per year for same person (my mother)?

    @SaudiXpert: Please throw some light, if you can.

    @All: I appreciate any input from anyone.

    Best Regards,


    • M.N.B

      @DTK..As per your quesries..i only have some information.

      2. If you want to invite her on visit visa then apply after Hajj, as per my info visit visas are closed now and will open in new islamic year.i.e. Muharram

      3. Yes visit visas are extendable. it can be extended 3 times once the person is in the kingdom. So suppose if your mother’s visa is stamped and the limit is 30 days(1 month) it means you can you can have 3 more extensions after the first one. so a total of 4 months stay. If you can get visa for 60 days(i m not sure if it still holds) then again the same condition but the stay period increases

      But i prefer that you should also confirm from some agency/ agent and refer to mofa site as well as rules and regulation are subject to change

      • DTK

        @M.N.B. Thank you very much for taking time and replying to my queries. Jazak Allah.

        I have visited and yes there is tons of useful information there.

        Now I understand the visit visa and the extension process. I would also like to explore possibilities for issuance of Iqama for my mother under my sponsorship? Can any other gentleman throw some light?

        Thanking you in advance.


  • nadeem

    i need information that can i bring my wife here in Permanent or Visit visa on my profession.
    my profession is ( رسام تصاميم كهربائية ) (Painter electrical designs) …

    Please help me and tell me on my email as soon as possible..thanks in advance….

    Best Regards,
    Nadeem Arshad

  • Mohammad

    can you please tell me if the visit visa for wife is open after the ramadan period..

    • SaudiXpert

      I heard that only for wife, the issuing of visit visa open through out the year.
      You can try. All the best.
      Kindly do share your experience as others in similar situation will benefit.

  • farooq

    Dear brother

    I submitted documents for visit visa of my in law parents on 02/06/02013 and it was confirmed by ministry web site, but their was no progress in the status, though it is going to expire one month,pls suggest what shall I do to get visa ,shall I go for new one or shall I wait for some more time pls suggest
    JAzaikumullahu khair

    • SaudiXpert

      Give MOFA a visit and check.
      Most probably they have stopped issuing visit visas as Ramadan is approaching.

  • Fazil Mohamed

    Dear Brother,

    Assalamu alaikum.

    i would like to know if it is possible for me to apply for permanent visa for my mother and younger brother (12 yrs)both of whom are under my dependency as my father recently passed away.

    I am on a married status in my current employment also my visa category is favourable to apply for permanent family visa.

    thanks in advance !

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum as salam.
      You can go to isteqdam and try. If you can prove & convince them, they might issue.

  • Filipinain dubai

    My sister works in jeddah as nurse can she apply for visit visa for me? I am presently living & working on dubai. Or can i ersonally apoly for visit visa to jeddah fom dubai?
    kindly advise.

    Many thanks

  • mohmmed

    my profession is electronic engineer.could i bring my wife sons ,married daughters and one year grand son for visit visa?

    • SaudiXpert

      It is possible to bring your wife, sons and daughters on visit. However, regarding grandson it depends on the mood of officer approving.
      Also note, the jawazat will start issuing visit visas after Hajj only.

  • Muneer

    My proffession is funnylaham,could i bring my wife son

    • Muneer

      My proffession is funnylaham(what is the meaning of funnylaham),could i bring my wife and son for visiting visa?

  • Sajeev

    our company is planning to start an office in Jubail,i wish to bring my Wife son and my mother is widow . can you suggest me which profession is better to get visa. especially i want my mom with me ( not visit)

  • Muneer

    Assalamu alaikkum,

    Anybody help to me,my proffession is funnylaham.Could i bring to my wife and son for visitingvisa.?

  • Ali murtaza

    Slam to all,

    I want to apply visit visa for my wife.I’m confuse that In Ramadan MOFA proceeding about Family Visit Visa’s?

    Anyone have info please share.

    • mohammed salar

      Dear Ali,
      i just applied on 17-7-2013 and they accepted my application,, so don’t wait apply as soon as possible
      i heard that visit visa is opened through out the year for spouse,,

  • mohmmed

    my daughter is 25 years is old and married .there is any restrictions in age to get family visit visa

  • Rehman

    Can you please advise what are the requirements to process my mother’s visit visa. She is in India and I want to bring her to KSA to take care of my new born baby who will be joining me within 2 weeks.( My wife + my son-2 months old are in India). This is my first child and my wife is unable to take care of her baby – she seeks Parental guidance… – Is there any way to process my mother’s visa now.. please advise

  • sajid

    Dear Expats/ Friends:

    I would like to know it is possible to get visit visa for my parents and unmarried sister 22 years old and brother 18 years old as my iqama profession is fanni kharabai (electrical tech) and i am unmarried.

    Please help me and reply with your suggestions asap….



  • Rameez Mustafa

    Dear SaudiExpert! on which Iqama Statuses a person can get visit visas?

  • Muhammad Ali Butt

    Asalam O Alequm ,

    please koi info de sakta hai mujhe apni wife ko lana hai family visa par , mere professtion building construction labor tha jo change kar ke electrition (diploma ) ka kara liya hai par mre diploma abhi aya nai hai
    mujhe kon kon se document chahiyeh honge or pakistan main mujhe kia karna hai or kon se document chahiyeh hain please help me out [email protected]

  • salih

    assalamu alaikum
    can you please tell me eid ul fitr holidays for jawazat offices

  • Shaikh Mohammed Gayas

    Asslam alai kum Weramatu allahi barakatuhu
    Dear sir i am Trying to call my wife end daudhgter next monthe i wanted now can i get visit visa in my campany i am capble for family

    • SaudiXpert

      wa alaikum as salam.
      If you are eligible for famliy visa, your company will do the required paperwork and procedure. You can approach your HR.

  • Huzaifa

    Hello Xpert. i want to know that may i call my mother and sister (unmarried) and brother (unmarried) my iqama profession is ‘Cashier’
    and i also want to know the link where i can fill a form.

    thanks in advance.

  • Shabbir

    Hi expert, my parents-in-law are here on a visit visa. They were given entry for one month. I got it extended twice. But in this recent extension they did not stamp mughadra.can they get an other extension. Please advice. Thank you

    • SaudiXpert

      If they did not stamp “final”, they can more extensions. I have personally experienced that for one month visa, they are renewing upto six times; each time one month.
      And 3 months visa are normally renewed only 2 times.

      Any how, if they did not write/stamp “Final” on the passport, it can be extended.

      Hope this helps.

  • mohmmed

    previous year my friend got family visa in the month of shawwal.would they issue visit visa in this year also. could i get visit visa for my family for only one month.

    • SaudiXpert

      “Permanent Family” visa are open throughout the year.
      Also, some times they are issuing “visit” visa for wife during Ramadan & Hajj period.
      But as a general rule – Visit visas are closed during Ramadan & Hajj period.
      Hope this clarifies things.

  • Romana

    Hi, Im a british female, got a job in Saudi as an TEFL teacher. I have 3 children who I want to take with me. Is it possible for us as a whole family to travel together (kids and husband) at the same time. It will be hard for me to apply for visit visa once im in Saudi due to not have a mehram there, also my children are small so I want them to be with me straight away. Is that possible. Also are family visit visa’s issued when visit visa’s are closed for hajj?

    • Shabbir

      Hi romana. What i know from my knowledge and experience is that you cant get a visa for ur family until you get ur iqama( resident permit) made and u will get ur iqama in a couple of weeks after entering once u get ur iqama u can apply for ur kids visit visa anytime.

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, it may be possible. At least I have heard of gents who got their family along when they are coming for the first time on job visa. You can try with your employer.
      Hope this help.
      All the best.
      Do let us know what happened.

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Yes Employer can help you in this regard

  • Iftekhar

    Hi dear, my profession is Marketing specialist and my family is already in KSA on permanent visa. Would you please advise if i can apply visit visa for my brother (42 years) with his wife (my sister in-law) and what are the documents required by Saudi government to issue the visit visa. also can i apply after Ramadan? Appreciate your great support. Looking forward your help. Thanks

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Iftekhar, you can try. There is nothing to lose except Sr 25 chamber fee. There have been few cases, where some people were successful in getting relative who were not immediate family members.
      However, visit visas are not being until end of hajj. So you may try after that.
      Best of luck and do share your experience.

      • Iftekhar

        Thanks dear. I will try as advised after Hajj and surely will share my experience.
        Thanks a lot.

        • Kal

          Dear Saudi expert,
          You’r doing great job. Thank you on behalf of everyone.
          I am in Riyadh, married with 2 babies. they’re with me with Iqamas with everything. My wife wants me to invite (her sister_husband_two daughters in high school)this summer. Is it possible? It will be great if possible.Your prompt answer is highly appreciated.

  • umair

    Hi , i hope all will be fine, i am applying for my wife visit visa online , can any one tell me that are they approve this visit …any idea or chances. of approval.?
    i am in jeddah
    your reply will be highly appreciated.


    • SaudiXpert

      It depends on your profession.
      Also, during starting from Ramadan to end of Dhul Hijjah, visit visa are not approved generally. However there can be exceptions.

  • Rafeeq

    please provide me the link know the profession acceptable categories to apply visit visa

    • SaudiXpert

      There is no official link available for list of acceptable professions.

  • Mohamed Irfan

    My Iqama profession is “Statistics Specialist”, my diploma certificate is “Diploma in Computer programming languages”. Is it matching with proffesionals? please clarify.

    • Mahboob

      Yes, you can try for family visa but of course you need to get attestation for your degree and marriage certificate.

  • Mohammed Shah Alam

    I am Mohammed Shah Alam my Iqama profession is Computer Technician, I want to bring my wife, children, Father, Mother alone with my big brother in visit visa, could you reply my can I bring them same time?

    Mohammed Shah Alam

  • rowena

    hi! how long does it takes to approve permanent visa in saudi? As my husband asked agent to do the papers june 25, 2013.. He thought better to ask agent to do the papers than to do by himself..
    Also i will ask if it is true that u need too pay 2000 sr together with the document? what if the istiqdam or MOFA reject the document? they will refund it?

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mahboob

      Yes, its true you need to pay SAR 2,000 and it will be refunded to same channel, if they don’t grant the visa. They will tell you same time when you submit the application to the office whether your visa granted or not.

      • mayan ali

        dear mahboob sir
        i need the same chanel pls give me the no

  • rowhen

    i mean how long does it take to approve the papers if the agent do the processing of papers?

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Getting Permanent Visa is just a matter of one day, all you need is complete documentations, fee of SR 2000 and a profession eligible for getting the family on permanent Visa
      All the very best

  • Asma

    I am lecturer in Jeddah , can I apply visit visa for my parents now or I need to wait after Hajj , I also want to bring my sister here with them ,she need her husband authority letter or not beacuse my father will be coming with her and he is mehram of her.

    Kindly reply me and I also need address and contact number of “Istiqdam visit visa submission office in Jeddah

    Thank you

  • Touseef Ahmad

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Nokia. I am living with family in Madina Al Munawwara. My Iqama profession is Funny Ittesalat (Telecom Technician). I want to call my parents ( mama & Baba) to saudi Arabia with visit visa. Can I get visit visa for my parents. Please reply me.

    Thank you very much for consideration.


    • Mahboob

      Yes there is big possibility that you can get visit visa for your parents, some times its depend on the mood of office. So try and INSHAALLAH you will get.

  • Khanzad

    I want to bring my wife and a 4 months old infant son, should i prepare a separate passport for the child as well? what will be other requirements?

    • Mahboob

      Hi dear, yes of course, you need separate passport for your kid, you also need marriage certificate attested from Saudi Embassy.

  • big Vince

    Hi saudiexpert! How’s your day?? I am ATM Engineer now and my profession in my iqama is Electronic engineer. Can I ask if I have a rights or am I eligible to bring my brother or my sisters here in saudi arabia?? Many thanks for your time..

  • 浴衣

    ラミー サファリ 万年筆

  • Rashid

    I am working in Saudi Arabia as General Mechanical Engineer. Can I bring my family on visit visa and process their IQAMA during their stay in KSA?

  • Mahboob

    @ Rashid, actually you can not process for Iqama with visit visa, your profession is good and you are eligible to get Family visa , in my opinion, you need to go ahead to apply for permanent family visa. In this regard, you need to get attestation from Saudi Embassy for your marriage certificate and Degree. If you need any further information about permanent family visa or visit visa, you may call me 0551831034 or you can send e-mail: [email protected]

    • Syed

      Dear sir,
      If I bring my wife on visit in K.S.A because it will take time for attestion etc in Pakistan. During her stay can i proceed for a permanent visa. My current profession in AC Tech. and I am going to change it to engineer ASAP.

  • rowhen

    thanks you Sir for ur response

    again I will ask if its compulsory to attest documents in home country? my husband is an Egyptian and hes a Doctor… tnx

    • zeeshdon

      will i get a visit visa for my wife ,if i apply in september?if so how long will it take as the hajj season is approaching?also will there be any delays coz of this nitaqat system?

  • Javed

    Dear Saudi Xpert. My profession in Iqama is machine operator , can I apply for visit Visa

  • Sajjad

    Did anyone of above had experienced in bringing her sister on family visit visa. if some of one did it, so please let me guide and tell me the requirements.

  • Hafiz


    Can anyone let me know if someone visa category is “Sales” so the person can bring his family in KSA on permanent visa?


  • ali


    Please suggest whether it is possible to get a visit visa for parents in period after Ramadhan and before Hajj. My profession is Industrial Engineer and I have my family with me here in Saudi Arabia. Like what I read in some comments above and also as told by SaudiXpert that during the period from Ramadhan to Hajj no visit visas are issued by MOFA. Is it official? or just like expats understanding of unwritten rules in KSA?… Your advice will be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

  • Shahid

    My wife is pregnant and i want to call my mother on visit visa to care the issue.
    MoFA has declined my application 2 times online due to Hajj ban.
    Tomorrow i will go to MoFA office in Jeddah to request in person.

    Please any advice from your side.


    • SaudiXpert

      I suggest that you also try at isteqdam office for visit visa.
      Do share your experience with us so that other may benefit.

      • Shahid

        i went to Isteqdam after rejection from MoFA but they also closed their counters and asked to come after Hajj. No emergency/exception granted. All hopes lost.

        • SaudiXpert

          Really sorry to hear that Shahid.
          May Allah make it easy for you.

  • shajahan

    assalamualykum,i want to bring my in laws in visiting visa,is it possible to bring in laws ? ,My profession is Electronic technician.waiting for ur valuable information

  • Najia

    My father died on 22 august 2013 & only my mother and my sister her age is 25 left.i have no brother and married can my mam & sister can be transffered on my husband visa.his visa status is general surveroy.we born in jeddah and never went ti our home land.can we do & can we get permission from ministry?

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum as salam.

      I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. May Allah grant him jannah.

      I would suggest that your husband approach the jawazat & Ministry of Interior and check
      with them if there is any possibility to transfer your mother & sister.

      Also, if any of our readers know of similar case, kindly request you to share your experience.

      • Kashif


        My wife had already 1 child when i married to her,Now the name of baby is with her father name….Like “Noora Sultan”.
        I want to apply visit visa for my wife and the child….pls advice me
        Her father left her with mother…what documents should i need to fulfill the requirement of visit visa for wife and the child.


  • Shahed

    Assalamu alaikum,
    My Profession is computer engineer. Is there any possibility to get visit visa for my grandmother along this my parents. I want to apply after Hajj as visit visas will be closed now.

    • SaudiXpert

      You can try, however there is no guarantee.
      Do share your experience so that others can benefit.

  • Riyoz

    Dear All,
    I am planning to bring my parent to Saudi in visit visa for 3 months. My Sponsor is in Dammam but I am working in Riyadh .Can you please tell me whether I can submit the online application in Riyadh Chamber of commerce . My friends are telling they are not accepting in Riyadh chamber of commerce because my sponsor is in Dammam. Please confirm where I need to be submitted the application from (Dammam or Riyadh).Thanks

  • SaudiXpert

    If your sponsor has C.R (Commercial Registration) with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, then you can apply in Riyadh; else you have to apply in Dammam.
    I suggest that you fill the form electronically and send it to your sponsor to sign it and then ask your HR person or your friend to submit to Chamber of commerce in Dammam.
    Best of luck.

    • Akash

      MY STC company has also the same i did chamber of commerce . then i go to MOFA dammam but they check in computer and ask new application..i sgn from my company.what should i try next.

  • Jamisa

    When do you think my Requested visa be released??

    تم استلام الطلب بتاريخ 05/09/2013

    • SaudiXpert

      Usually it is one week. Sometimes it took upto 2 weeks.

      • Jamisa

        Still not available…=(
        They issued me one last aug but unfortunately, i put my iqama number wrong.. So i requested for a new one.. And it’s still on processing.. So i have to rebook the tickets i bought.. Is it true that there’s a delay in processing this time? Thanks!

        • SaudiXpert

          Have to wait and see.
          If it is more than 10 days, then visit the MOFA office with a copy of the application.

  • Afsal

    I m planning to bring my parents on visting visa to Saudi for 2 months…when i apply for the visa, how many months of iqama validity is required.

    please your reply as possible as earliest.

    • SaudiXpert

      I have not heard till date anyone’s application for visit visa being rejected on the basis of validity period of iqama. I guess that as long as the iqama is valid, there should be no problem. If you come across information on this, kindly share so that others may benefit.

  • Sulthan Kaja

    Dear ,

    I am working in Riyadh as a engineer ( My iqama profession also ). 10 days ago i got a family visa ( Residence ) for my wife.Unfortunately it was cancelled 5 days ago.So , i enquired reason for cancellation in MOI but they are telling the engineering catagory is not mentioned in the iqama ( civil or mech ). My doubt is,
    1.Is it possible to change engineer to Civil Engr.?,,How long it will take ? & what s the procedure?.
    2.) If i change the iqama status , Is there any problem to reject my visa application?

    Please let me know friends.

    • Fahad Yousuf

      What happened with your case brother, I am facing a similar issue right now.

  • salam


    can any anyone guide me about family visa while my Iqama profession is “Electrician” can i apply on this profession for visit visa

  • KHAN it true that MOFA is not extending visit visas now?plz reply its urgent?n anyone who extend his visa plz share his experience?

  • boch

    I have applied and succesfully recived the yello slip needed to bring my wife over to Saudi Arabia. My visa agent submitted the application the same day, and an hour later was issued a file number with the Embassy in Ottawa Canada. When i go online to the embassy webiste. they have a post which states that it will take 10 days to process the visa once the application has been registered at the Consular section. My question is. the file number which i recived is that confromation that the application has been recived by the consular section?

  • riyaz

    Recently i change my profession on my iqama as marketing specialist then i bring my wife and my son on visit visa now they are staying with me . visit visa will expire on 2 Nov now i am planning to transfer them on family visa is it possible to change visit visa to family visa what is the procedure kindly advise me ….

    • SaudiXpert

      We are not aware if what you say is possible.
      If you are able to do it, kindly share your experience so that others may benefit.

  • rowhen

    Assalamu Alaikum to all

    Thus anybody here tell me what are the procedures to apply visit visa? I have already here the complete requirements and also i am eligible for it

    what would be the next step i do? i want to go personaly in jeddah but i dont know from where office i will go..

    hoping for your as soonn as possible reply.. tnx

  • Ajmal

    is it possible to apply for visit visa or permanent visa for the below iqama status ??
    iqama status = مساعد اداري ( Administrative Assistant )

    can i apply on November ?

  • azhar


    To all of my brothers ..I want to know that how to apply a visit visa in saudi arbia nd how to fill the application form because before i fill the application form and that was rejected they are saying this all data in arbic language only names in latin language nd second time i fill same what they are saying but that one also rejected nd they are again given same message … i just want to asked anyone or experts here … should i write the names with my name means i want my wife visa .should i write fatima azhar khan like this or what please help me my brothers … thank you

  • Riyaz

    Dear Brothers,

    Can you please someone tell me step by step procedure how to fill the fields in online family visit visa in Arabic.If you share screenshot or sample filled form would be really help me to fill the form for my parents.Thanks.

  • rowhen

    Hello Expert

    It is possible to apply family visit visa or permanent family visa this November 2013?


  • abdul navas

    are they started visit visa after hajj -2013

  • Javed

    Dear Brothers in Islam,

    Please help me…

    My Iqama has expired and I want to go on Final Exit, but before final exit we were blessed with a cute Baby Boy, I have got Passport & Birth Certificate, but since now Iqama has expired I cannot add the baby on my Iqama,

    Please brother advise as to how can i exit along with my child,, is it possible to exit, since we are going on final exit, i have read on some blog that the baby passport only needs to registered in Jawazat for exit.

    Please kindly someone reply me for Allah(swt) sake.

    My email is [email protected]

  • Rowhen

    Dear Expert…

    It is possible to apply permanent visa or visit visa this November 2013?


  • Ahsan

    Dear Brothers,

    I want to apply family visit visa but my iqama is going to expire on December 2013(2 months) can I apply now and get 3 months visit visa or it will be till my iqama expiry date. Please provide me the information.

    Can I apply now or after Muharram 1?

    Thanking you in advance.


  • Gul

    When visit visas are going to open now after Hajj? Is it 1st Muharram?

    • amir

      the visit visas are being processed. u may apply. i got one for my parents last day

      • Gul

        Ok. Thanks.
        Actually I applied last week but it got rejected. So I thought may be they will open it in Muharram.
        When did you apply? And how long the process take?

        • amir

          I applied online on thursday and waited for two days as it was off (friday & Saturday). I checked the status on sunday around 3,o clock and it was approved.
          so you may say it took one day to process

          • Gul

            For me my company applied it. I don’t know what’s the exact procedure. Could you please advise on it.

            1. I have to apply online on mofa website. Fill all the information and wait for approval?

            2. Do I need to visit the ministry office personally and chamber of commerece also? I’m confused here. Appreciate your guide.

          • Qayyum

            dear amir, i also applied online for visit visa and got an application no.. now what to do now. should i submit this application to ministry after signature or it will be approved automatically.. and how can i check my status online?? help me please

        • amir

          just fill your application online with the help of any arabic friend. Type the visitors name in english as appeared in passport. rest all in arabic.
          while filling in the visitors name write the full name.for example one’s name is abdul aziz and his father name is muhammad ali then write abdul aziz muhammad ali. in case of women if someone’s name is hina bukhari and husband name in passport is sabeeh bukhari then put hina bukhari sabeeh bukhari. hope its clear to you now.

          Once completed you can print it out. sign at the bottom with date and get your company stamp.

          take this completed application with company stamp and your signature to chamber of commerce office (also take a copy of it with you) and pay 25 SAR.

          He will enter some details on website again and will keep the copy with him.will give you back the original and a new receipt.

          Nothing to do now.Just keep on tracking your application with the number mentioned at your application.

          • Gul

            Thank you very much for the guidance.

          • syed

            Dear Amir,

            Totally process i followed and done,but they have done chamber on my visit visa form,i mean they kept sticker on the same form,and i have not received any new receipt.

            IS THAT CHAMBER VALID,please help me.

  • Sahil Khan

    Dear Brother Islam:

    Can anyone help me getting visa for my parents and my young unmarried sister age 20 years old.

    I am Indian and my age is 25 years and i am unmarried and i tried to apply visa for my parents and my young unmarried sister 20 years before hajj and visa got rejected and i think due to hajj season ministry did not approved my visa and after hajj again i tried for visa on 23rd October 2013 but today again visa got rejected by MOFA.

    when i apply for a visa first time my profession was electrical technician and now i have changed my profession as purchase officer.

    Please let me know what is the actual reason and is their any possibilities to get visa for my parents and sister.

    Thanks & Best regards

    Sahil Khan

  • Abu Omer

    Want to bring my parents on visit visa along with nurse as my mother needs here support.
    My Parents are above 70 (Indian citizen).
    Can I get visit visa for all three (Parents+nurse)

    The feedback is much appreciated.

  • Asif

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied Visit Visa of my Mother on September 2013, Reply was ”
    تقديم طلب الزيارة بعد الحج بتاريخ 05/09/2013 ”

    After that I went to MOFA office Dammam on 24th October 2013 submitted Medical Certificate of my Wife,Iqamah Copy and My Wife Iqamah Copy.

    My Profession is Project Engineer. until now the same result displayed.

    I am planiing to go MOFA , next week. Please advice.

    • SaudiXpert

      What did they tell you last time when you went to MOFA ?

      As per the Arabic text you mentioned above, it is telling to apply after Hajj.

  • Muhammed

    hi, i want to know when visit family visa for parents can get as after hajj i apply two time and its reject

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly wait for a month and apply.

  • Asif

    Hi Saudi Expert,

    It has been several days(almost 2 weeks) since I applied for visit visa for my Mother however the online status still shows تم التصديق على الطلب. What is your advice?

    • SaudiXpert

      Suggest that you visit the MOFA and check with them.

      • Expat.New

        I got the Visit Visa for my father in 4 days. So, I would suggest you to wait and be patient. You will get the Visa for your mother, InshaAllah.

      • Ali jz

        Hello saudiXpert ,

        i applied for visit visa for my parents and sister in a same application and got this message :

        نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول بتاريخ 05/11/2013

        • muhammad Fahim

          dear All,
          if you receive any message like this
          نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول.
          it simply means you made the same mistake like me,,, when asked for رقم تأشيرة الدخول.
          just click the “?” in the end of the line to clearly understand the meaning.. a pic will pop up stating that u needd to put your VISA number.
          Hope it helps all.

  • Ali jz

    Dear SaudiXpert,

    I applied a vist visa for my parents and sister on 2nd nov today i checked the status i showed me that my saudi entry number is not correct even i entered the correct number.

    ” نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول بتاريخ 05/11/2013 ”
    My profession on Iqama is financial analyst , what could be the possible reasons for this rejection ? is it because i applied for my sister visa along with parents in the same application ? i will apply again tomorrow with the same number coz i dont have anyother entry number i confirmed it from Mandoob

    Please let me know


    • amir

      Dear Ali,
      while filling the online visit visa application they ask you to enter your visa number not the entry number. i know when i was filling the online application for my parents i entered the visa number.This number is available at the top right of your visa page in your passport (Al-Raqm).

      Try this i am sure this will help.

      • Ali jz

        I tired that number as well , again got rejected , GOD know what number they want .There is no proper system , sometime i feel they use to reject just to earn money . :P

  • Xulfi

    Dear SaudiXpert,
    Please let me know, my profession on my IQAMA is Mechanic for trucks and buses. I am also working as workshop controller/workshop supervisor in an automobile company. Am I eligible to bring my family (Wife & Kids) on IQAMA/permanent visa???????

    Please note that I am a mechanical engineer by qualification and I have already submitted my degree (translated in Arabic and attested by Saudi consulate) to my company if they need to change but they have not changed my profession yet! They said that after my completion of my probation the company will bring my family and i don’t need to worry.

  • http://nil shahulhameed

    Dear Saudixpert,

    I applied for visit visa for wife on 31/10/2013. I got notification from mofa website today as follow
    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين رقم خطاب مكتب العمل بتعديل المهنه في مبررات الزيارة بتاريخ 03/11/2013 Did’t get visit visa?my first profession was فني سكب but now changed my original professionرسام عام 3month ago without submit my certificate.What is next procedure


    Dear Saudixpert,

    Please let me know can i bring my mother and sister on visit visa. i am leaving in Jeddah and my iqama profession is فني كهربائي تمديدات.

    • SaudiXpert

      The response from MOFA is not uniform.
      You will only get to know after applying.

  • Syed

    Dear SaudiXpert,

    i heard recently that visit visa could be extended to max of 14 months, is this news correct?
    Point to note that :: earlier i was only given maximum extension upto nine months for my wife.

    Please confirm and enlighten us with correct news.


    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Syed,
      This is the first time I have heard that it can be extended upto 14 months.
      Most of the cases I have come across did go more than 9 months.
      If any of our readers have experienced it more than 9 months, please do share.

  • Shoaib

    Dear SadiXpert,
    I heard through one of my colleague that visit visa will be only for 90 days and after that no extension will be granted based on a statement before 15 – 20 days.
    Is it true because i am preparing my family documents for applying?
    Please update me.
    Thanks & Regards

    • SaudiXpert

      I did not understand your situation.
      Normally you get a 30 days or a 90 days visa.
      If you want to extend the visa, then you go to the jawazat 1 week before the expiry and apply for extension. You need to go early in morning.
      You usually get extension for 30 days or 90 days.
      You can keep getting extension at the end of every expiry until the guy stamps “nihaee”, which means it is the final extension and you will not get any more extension and you will have to leave before the expiry date.
      Hope it is clear.

  • Asif Raza
    • SaudiXpert

      If I have understood the Arabic right, it is telling you to apply for a new application after changing your profession.

      However, I would suggest you to visit MOFA first and ask them to clarify what they exactly require.

      Do share your experience

  • waseem

    I applied for my Mother & Sister(Unmarried, Lives with my mother) Visit Visa 4 Days ago, My Profession is “Computer Programmer”.

    They Rejected with this Message “تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب بتاريخ 12/11/2013″

    Any body can help?

    • Mohamed Farook

      Dear Wasim, I also facing same problem If u get any positive solution pls don’t forget to share me.

      My No.0530890649

  • A J

    Can anyone explain what this message means.
    تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب بتاريخ 07/11/201
    I got this today although I applied on 6/12/2013

  • syed


  • muzaffar

    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين رقم خطاب مكتب العمل بتعديل المهنه في مبررات الزيارة بتاريخ whats means of this please any body reply

    • Kiani

      You have changed your profession before, they need the code number of that paper that your sponsor sent to labor office to change your profession. please mention it on ” مبررات الزيارة”

  • Nas

    My iqama have validity of 2.5 month more, if i requested for visit visa for 90 days, they will accept or not or need to renew iqama. my profession is eligible for visit visa.

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      You can apply, your Iqama shall be valid at the time of application
      All the very best

  • Usman

    I applied for visit visa for my parents
    today I seen this message coming
    please what is the meaning of this,,,,,,,,
    مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده بتذكرة المراجعة وأصل الطلب وأصل الإقامة وصورة منها بتاريخ 19/11/2013

  • Wasim Aslam

    Dear Sir

    My iqama profession is Marketing Specialist and i want visit visa for my wife. tell me can i get the visit visa ? what whats kind of documents required ?

    Thank you

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Yes easily,
      the only documents required is Passport copy of your wife (make sure the passport is valid for atlease another six months and your name appears in her passport), then a copy of your Iqama and passport copy.

  • Ali Kashif


    The profession on my iqama is Engineer. Is it possible to get a visit visa for my mother-in-law along with sister-in-law? My wife & kid are already here in KSA with me under my sponsorship.

    Has anyone had an experience of this particular case? Please advise?


  • Arslan Khalid

    Dear Sir,
    I am Arslan and Currently working as a Accountant and my Current Profession on Iqama and Passport is (AMIL ADDI) which is General Labor.
    I want to change my profession to bring my family from Pakistan.My employer is saying that after all when he will change my Profession from General Labor to Accountant but after changing profession i will be unable to bring my family because Ministry of labor will reject your request for family visa because your first status when you reached Saudi Arabia was labor.Please guide me.My please of Iqama issue is DOWADMI..Thanks

    Please reply soon

  • Abdul
  • Hassan

    @SaudiXpert & @ All
    I filled the form online, then got a print out, had it signed & stamped by my employer and took it to COC. COC charged me fee, gave me receipt and returned original papers.

    Is that all or do I need to take the stamped application printout & COC receipt to some office? Do I just need to track my application on line?

    On line status has changed to :
    تم التصديق على الطلب:) بتاريخ 2013/11/21 (غرفة الشرقية)

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Yes dear you have to wait unless a message saying something like “Submit the documents” will appear, then you need to go MOFA with the original application attached with a copy of your IQAMA & copy of family passport(s).
      Note: dont forget to take a printout of the application with the message “Submit the documents”

  • Mohammed Salah Uddin

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Bangladeshi My entry proffession to kindom was labour, Recently I changed to Quantity Accountant . i would like to bring my wife & a daughter . Can I get permanent family visa ? if so then please let me know the procedures & what kind of documents I need to submit to istiqdam .


  • Hassan

    Hassan did you get any news regarding your application>

    • Hassan

      Not, so far.

      • Hassan

        Got this, which apparently means that application has been rejected & I need to apply again.

        تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب

        • Umar

          Did you apply again or you got the visa on same application ?

          • Hassan

            I have applied again, 7 working days ago & waiting for status update

          • Hassan

            Applied again on 10th Dec & still waiting for any response from MOFA!!

  • Murtaza

    Same here.. They don’t update website even in months

  • abu hamzah

    assalamu’alaikum all..

    i’m abu hamzah a student in the Islamic university of Madinah,
    i have a few ques 2 ask..

    1. is it possible for a me to apply for a visit visa for my parents?
    2. where is the chamber of commerce? can i do the process in madinah or must i go to jeddah?
    3. what is the difference between the chamber of commerce and MOFA?

    the reason for me bringing in my mom is because my wife is giving birth in a month time, i would really appreciate a helping hand..thank you in advance..

  • abu katheer

    Is it possible to get a visa for my ex-wife so she can come visit her/our children that are here with me. She was here before with iqama, etc and we got a divorce and she went back and her exit/entry has expired. She needs to come and visit her children. Can i get her a visa visit? What would I put on as her status “mother of children” as we are no longer married. I’m here on a work visa, with iqama, etc.

  • Muhammad Imran

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    i have applied for family visit visa on date 07-Dec-2013 and did COC on date 08-Dec-13…

    still i am waiting for visa to be approval, still it is showing status تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 6880803 ) بتاريخ 2013/12/08 (غرفة الأحساء)

    Yesterday i was go to MOFA Dammam Office, i ask them to check they read my bar code of my application forum and told me to wait,

    i dont know how much to wait,
    my demand number is 6880803
    my iqama number is 2273593026

    please suggest me what to do

    • Umar

      Dear Imran, Did you get visa as I am experiencing the same case. Almost 10 Days after COC and still the application is shown.

      • Muhammad Imran

        hello brother Umar,

        still there is no changes in my visit visa application status, i am waiting for it
        if i receive any changes, i will inform here on forum INN SHA ALLAH

        Good Luck All Of You

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Dear still to go through a lengthy process, the next update will be to present documents to MOFA, and after they receive your documents a message will appear something like “request received” and then you have to wait for the result.
      i have a bad experience done COC on Nov 20th still waiting, i have submitted the Original Form to MOFA on 12th Dec then status changes to تم استلام الطلب, and then nothing happened
      Please keep updating about the status of your request

  • ahmed

    مستند تأشيرة

    الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول
    Could someone pls tell me what does this mean? I had applied for my in laws visa and this is the response that I have got. Does it mean visa has been issued and I shd get it stamped from home country?

  • rowhen

    Hi to all:

    anybody here knows how long does it take the yellow slip upon submitted? My khafil sumbitted all my requirements. they said on him to return back.
    thank you!

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      sorry dear i cannot understand your query

      • rowhen

        To: Aijaz ahmad dar

        for you to understand.. My employer was the one submitted my papers to istiqdam office for permanent family visa.. Upon submission they didnt give anything.. just they told my employer to return back.. my question is? how many days the istiqdam give visa?

        • aijaz ahmad dar

          Dear, its an instant service the permanent visa is issued on the same time of submission of the application form if all the documents are as per the requirement else they will immediately reject or return the application to fulfill the requirements.

  • Ali Khan


    I Have applied visit visa of my Mother and sister. Twice it was rejected.

    Can anybody guide me, how to get visa of mother and sister??

    i will be very thankful.

  • syed

    Assalamu Alaikum dear all,

    I have applied VISIT VISA FOR MY FAMILY and after chamber i got status مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده بتذكرة المراجعة وأصل الطلب وأصل الإقامة وصورة منها ,then i went to MOFA JEDDAH and submitted chamber paper and shown my iqama and a copy of that,MOFA Accepted my form and said me to check online after 10 days,but still the status shows the same مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده بتذكرة المراجعة وأصل الطلب وأصل الإقامة وصورة منها ,after submitting the said documents.the status is not changed still.
    Plzz help

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      it is advised to visit MOFA again take a copy of application with you, the status should change immediately after the receipt of your application by MOFA. the following message shall appear تم استلام الطلب then you have to wait another10 days (sometimes less or could be more the time is not defined) to get the result.
      All the best

      • aijaz ahmad dar

        the above information provided is based on my personal experience and everyone of us here knows that nothing is certain.

      • aijaz ahmad dar

        i had a similar case and today on 23 Dec i went to MOFA for follow up, the person in the counter show good response and made note of my request and promised that the visa will be processed very soon. (i will let you people know once i get the visa inshallah)
        Note: I went to one of the counters where we submit the application, i mean there is no separate counter for follow up.

        • aijaz ahmad dar

          I forget to mention, dont miss to take a printout of Online Status of your application, copy of IQAMA and preferably a copy of your application submitted to MOFA (for follow up all they need actually is the application number and your Iqama copy.
          In my case they asked me for original iqama for verification, and made note on the documents i submitted (Iqama Copy & Printout of online status)

          • Muhammad Saeed

            Dear Mr. Aijaz Ahmad dar

            Could you please update what’s your visa status? did you get it?
            I applied on 19-Dec-2014 still there is no change. Do I need to visit MOFA.

            your kind reply will be highly appreciated.

    • riaz

      i applied 1-1-2014 family visit visa after champer update go to mofa ,iqma copy and application orgl i went to mofa accepted he say after 10 days but still same status some one help me.

  • Muhammad Imran

    You must have to wait, if status not changed in 7 days, then again visit MOFA and submit your application and Copy of Iqama again,

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Fully agree with Mr. Imran

    • Syed

      But Bro’s
      ,i have already submitted the application form,now i just had a copy of that application form,will the Ministry will accept the Copy of my application,or should i go with the new application from beginning.

      • aijaz ahmad dar

        No need to resubmit the application, take a copy of your old application, printout of online status and copy of IQAMA and go to MOFA to one of the counters for Visit Visa where you submitted the application. for more info refer my above message

  • Naseer

    Hi SaudiXpert,
    I applied visit visa for my mother-in-law 7-12-13. It was chambered in a couple of days.
    After then i checked the status, it showed: تم استلام الطلب
    After 5 days, when i tried to see the status, they ask me to be in wazarathul harjiya with my original Iqama. Last sunday (22-12-13) i went there and showed my original iqama.
    Since then the online status shows تم استلام الطلب
    Is it possible that i will get visa?

    Actually my wife is pregnant, she wants her mom to be here to accompany.

    Please advise.

    • aijaz ahmad dar

      Dear as per my understanding your request is under process and you should get visa within one week inshallah, if the status doesn’t change do visit then MOFA (Wazarati Kharija) for follow up take a copy of your application and Iqama copy with you.
      One more thing did you submit the original application at the time of presenting original Iqama?

  • Naseer

    Thanks for the reply Aijaz,

    When i chambered, The COC didnt stamp anything on my application. They just gave me the receipt that i chambered by paying 25 SR.

    I just took a print out that calls me to be in Wazarathul Harziya, ie, online status record.

    Do you suggest me to go wazarathul Harziya with my application, CoC receipt along my Iqama copy.

    Thanks and wassalam


  • amir khusru jaami

    i apply famili visit visa but profession in my iqama DAHAN MABANI i want to bring my wife and daugter
    is it possible or not

  • Muhammad Imran

    @ amir khusru

    yes brother it is possible to bring family on this mahna, because my friend bring family on this mahna, so you dont worry, just apply
    Read BISMILLAH and apply

    he is lucky, you never trust, he got visa in 3 days, he is lucky,

  • Abrar

    Dear Friends

    I applied visting visa for my wife. after 15days it is rejected as تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب
    What i have to do know? please help is possible to get visit visa?
    My profession is فني كهربائي تمديدات

  • Abrar

    Dear Friends,

    i applied visiting visa for my mother. after 15days it is rejected as تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب
    what i have to do now? is it possible to get the visa on my profession level فني كهربائي تمديدات


  • Syed Zaheer

    @ SaudiXpert
    Assalam alaikum, Please help me in this regard.
    I am changing my profession in Iqama from “MASHAGAL ALAT ALAF” TO “MANDUB MUBAYAD”

    Pls. let me know if I will be eligible to get family Visa on my new Profession ?
    My qualification B.Sc. Bio technology, Michrobiology, Chemistry.

    Thanking you for your kind help in this regard.

    • Syed Zaheer

      Dear SaudiXpert

      Pls. advice.

  • firoz

    After applying many times they finally told me to come to MOFA for verification. My iqama head office is in khobar but my company branch is in riyadh. My iqama is issued from JAWAZAT Khobar so when I went for verification at MOFA riyadh they told me I have to reapply from behinning and submit to COC Riyadh.

    Does any body know here whether they will accept if I went to MOFA khiobar for verification , will they accept or will they tell to do the process from scratch again in dammam.

    • firoz

      Correction* they told me submit to COC Dammam

  • Altaf

    is it possible to get a visa for my mother ??? I’m not married and i came to know from other people that if you are not married the visa will no “IS IT TRUE”?? Please help me and also tell me how much time period required does it take to issue a visa.

  • Altaf

    Is it possible to get a visit visa for my mother ?? Well I’m not married and i came to know from other peoples that if I’m not married the visa will not be issue for me “IS IT TRUE” ?? Please help me and also tell me how much time period does it required to issue a visit visa.

  • Muhammad Irfan


    i have deposit application for family visit visa, but still not updating since one month, they required for commercial registration copy(احضار صورۃ سجل تجاریہ). i deposited also this copy more then 10 days but no update. any one have idea why they delay in issue visa.



    Salam ,How r u ………………Kindly guide me for parents visit visa from MEDINA AL MUNAWARA,,,,is this manditory to go to JEDDAH…………THANKS

  • abubakr

    Dear Saudi Expert,

    I am a Mechatronics Engineer(degree is verified from Saudi embassy/Culture office Pakistan) but I came here on Labour visa as my company had no iqamas for pakistanis. Now they have changed my profession to Telecom Technician. I want to bring my family here on permanent visa. Is my profession valid to bring the family or not? KIndly guide what documents I need to get attested and from where. Some say marriage and birth certificates need to be attested from Saudi embassy pakistan and some say it is not required. Kindly guide….


  • asif khan

    ASAK! Please help us out. I came from Saudi with my two kids and wife on proper final exit visa. My wife lost her visa in India. Me and my kids are having that visa. Now as we all want to come again and my wife also coming on work visa, they require our old final exit visa issued from saudi arab. Is there any way to get print out of that visa, I am knowing the visa number. We came to India 6 months back.

  • Rowhen

    i need assurance pls. help..

    how many days to issue yellow slip for family visa after submitting my documents? as they said nid to return bac as they nid to verify my documents.. tnx

    • Ajaz

      Hi guys.

      my company has submitted my wife visit visa since 22/10/13 and since then the same message تم استلام الطلب
      is reflected on the status.
      I had surrender my original iqama for activation immidiately after application submission.
      please advise

      • Iftekhar

        Dear Ajaz, same situation for me and one of my friend as well. We have submitted our original application along with Iqama copy and then status changed تم استلام الطلب. From last 20 days there is no change. My friend went to MOFA office to inquire about it but they said just wait. Don’t know how many months we need to wait? Please do share with us if any progress in your visa application status. Thx

        • Ajaz

          Thanks Iftekhar.
          I will keep you posted if i receive any update
          I heard lots of rumored that visit visa’s are blocked at this moment and expected to be released in January 14.
          Is that true?

          • Iftekhar

            Dear Ajaz,
            My friend got the visa yesterday that means there was no hold up by MOFA. Anyhow, January has also started now and hope we will also get by next week In Sha Allah. I will keep you posted once I get mine. have a good day and very happy new year to you and your family. Thank you…

        • Ajaz

          Hie Iftekhar,
          Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
          Could you please tell me when did you applied for the visa
          because i am bit worried since i applied in 3rd week of October 2013.
          will really appreiciate your information.

          • Iftekhar

            Hi Ajaz,
            I applied on 02nd December 2013 and have submitted the originals in MOFA office on 12 December 2013. But your application of October month is really worrying to all of us. When actually you have submitted your documents to MOFA?

          • Ajaz

            Hey Iftekhar,

            I have submitted all documents in MOFA in 1st week of November 13

            Please suggest, what should i do

  • omer faruk


    my parents living in saudi arabia and I’m a studying abroad … i have two kids and i want to send them to stay with their grand parents .. what kind of visa is required or is it even possible ?? i would appreciate any help

  • maj

    Hi! I am currently awaiting my wife to get her visa from the Saudi embassy in the U.S.
    Thank the All-Mighty it got approved here in Saudi now just curious about the documents she needs to show the embassy, is it still the same as the post above since that was from 2012 AS WELL AS the marriage certificate? does she have to show them this, does it need to be original? Notarized?

  • mohamed

    Dear Brothers,

    I applied family visit visa for mother, wife and my daughter on 25th of December, 2013 on 2nd of January 2014 Mofa online showing apology message, what is my next step, please advise.


  • Kashiff

    Dear Brothers,

    I have applied for my wife visit visa on 11th of Nov’13 and MOFA(Dammam) verification completed on 8th of Dec’13, but til date its showing the same msg تم استلام الطلب. please can anyone suggest me any solution for this. still need to wait or should re apply. Are they issuing visas or is there any held up. Please share your valuable feedbacks.

    • N_Abbasi

      I am having same issue. Applied 17 Nov for my mother in law visa, completed all requirements, after completion of process I have visited Jeddah MOFA office twice for visa status and they assured me that visa will be granted after five day but I am still waiting for those five days from last one and half month.

      • N_Abbasi

        Dear All,

        Alkhamdolliah finally I got the visa exactly after 40 days.Good luck all of you.


  • jamal ahmed

    dear sir please tell me how can i get visa may profanation is labor can i get visa i have 5400 sr salary so i can get visa or not please replay me thanks

  • Ali

    hello everyone,

  • Ali

    i applied a visa for my wife on 10th DEC but untill now it show in the system تم التصديق على الطلب what should i have to do pls suggest anyone having the same problem

    • http://google wajid

      today my friend received visa to his wife he applied 19 december.

      • Ali

        how about yours did you got any good new for your visa. last week i visited at

  • ali

    anyone suggest me im waiting for your kind reply i applied on 10 december i dont should i have to go mofa to check my status coz in the system it shows تم التصديق على الطلب anyone tell me plz

  • Mudabbir Ul Haq


    My Brother-In-Law Waorks In Dammam Could Anyone Please Tell Me If He Would Be Able To Apply For Visiting Visa For Me As My Siste Also Stays With Him In Dammam.

    Answers Would Be Highly Appreciatable.

    JazakhAllah Khair,

    • Ali

      dear mudabbir,

      • Ali

        as per my knowledge you brother in law wouldn’t able to grant you visa coz there is no any option for submitting visa in MOFA for such type of relation

  • Ali

    Dont know how long i have to wait to get visa its been more than 1 month now and there is no update form MOFA for my wife visa i visited at MOFA (DAMMAM) they says inshallah you will get next week.

  • shahid

    can i get visit visa for my mother and sister (unmarried) on my iqama profession (General meason)

    • Ali

      try your luck may be you wil get

  • Muhammad

    Dear, i have applied on 05-01-2014 for visit visa of my parents. Chamber done, they put stamp on application and give a receipt. After that message is تم التصديق على الطلب
    what will be after this, and how much time , it will take, please guide me. Thanks

    • Ali

      i applied just for my wife on 10th dec 2013 still there is no any update the same status show which you have so dear muhammad be patience nad wait.

  • Aamir


    can someone help me if someone got the visit visa issue from RIyadh and can he or she be landed in Dammam airport?please your useful information will be highly appreciable…

    • Ali

      Dear Amir.

      once you got the visit vist so they can entery from any city of Kingdon so dont worry either its from riyadh or from Dammam


    i have recently changed my profession to salesman, can i apply for a visit visa for my wife or ihave to wait…..please reply

  • Waqas


    I have applied for visit visa for my wife and 1 year old daughter chamber of commerce ratified my request at 02-1-2014 and now its 18-1-2014 there is no approval or rejection it showing the same visit request page with names. Please guide me what i have to do now?

    • meraj

      I am facing the same problem, can u help me-0507317662.

  • Lakshmi

    I am eligible to apply for family visit visa. I wish to bring my mother and step-father here. Can I get family visit visa for my mother and step-father??? Please suggest me

  • Lakshmi

    I am married and living with family. Is it possible to get family visit visa for my step-father?

  • mazhar

    slam:my bro,i am five time appley for famaily visit visa but three time he objectin 1st time coming massege mofa submitt with visa number,2nd time same third time name in english so last time answer Rejected…
    pls pls pls suggection me….

  • TMH

    I have applied for family visit visa on 7 january 2014, my profession in iqama is marketing specialist (changed my profession in october) and i am from bangladesh, still now no change or message when i check it online !!! it shows the same exact page as the print out i made earlier with the stamp from chamber of commerce, how many days should i wait to get visa or rejection? what should i do next if no online status change in one month?

    your valuable comments are welcomed. thanks in advance.

  • Altaf

    Asalamualikum Brothers,
    Please help me, i have filled my online form for visit visa for my mother and also taken the chamber stamp so do i need to submit this form in “ministry of foreign affairs” ?? when I’m checking online it is showing “your application have been submitted. Please help me what to do.

    • TMH


      when did you apply for the visit visa? i have already waiting for 2 weeks already, online status still says the application has been submitted, you dont need to take this application to mofa office unless they advice you online, so keep on checking your online status, best wishes.

      • Altaf

        Thanks for your reply,
        it’s exactly one month today still the same mesg, Pray for me brothers

  • Sheraz

    My mother is coming on visit visa. My job place is in Riyadh having iqama of same city. I can receive my mother in at any Airport of Saudi Arabia e.g Jeddah, Madinah.

    • TMH


      you should not have any problem what so ever as per my knowledge, your relative can land at any airport of ksa as long as the visa is valid, best wishes.


    can you please share with me which govt site will give my eligibility for visit visa .please send the link ……………….

    • TMH

      go to this website to apply for visit visa, then you have to print out the application and get it stamp from chamber of commerce, and then wait to get for visa from the same website. best of luck.

  • riaz

    i applied 1-1-2014 family visit visa after champer update go to mofa ,iqma copy and application orgl i went to mofa accepted he say after 10 days but still same status some one help me.

  • dp


    I am planning to apply for visit visa in few days. But, today I heard from one of my colleague that now a days visit visa’s are giving for only 1 month instead of 3 months. He is saying that after getting the visit visa for 1 month, I can renew it for 2 times i.,e 1 month + 1 month….So, totally we will get the visit visa for 3 months instead of 9 months after 2 renewals.

    Is it true??

    • TMH

      first of all it is now very slow to get visit visa, after applying, it used to take 2-5 days to get visit visa online, now it is taking 1 month or more to get, so first you apply and wait, coming to your question, it depends for whom you are applying, if you are applying for wife then it could be for 3 months and for parents it might be 1 months, it also depends on the mood of the visa officer and your luck.

  • SA

    I am getting the following response:
    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول

    does this mean my visa application is rejected?

    • Muhammad Imran

      its mean, Apply Again and in new application you must have to write your visa number from your passport,

      visa number write on the right corner section of your visa paper

    • Mohammed Yousuf

      Salam Alaikum Dear Brother,
      May I know when did you apply for the visa and from which place.

  • khanx

    sallam allz…plz any one know how to check it my iqama eligible to get visit visa?

  • Ibrahim sham

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for an visit visa earlier this month and got chambered, after a week got result and checked site then printed the result. next day i went to mofa, they just rejected my application.. and told me that i have to apply new application because of profession update. i was changed my profession from building electrician to computer technician on nov 1. they told me that profession will be updated in mofa after three months.. ie.. i was changed on november 2014. will it be updated within january 2014.. now its end of jan.. therefore, can i apply new application on feb 2014? or is there any way to know the update of profession from mofa.. hoping to get your kind reply soon..

  • Shaheryar Mehmood

    I am working in Jeddah but my Iqama is from Dammam, I had earlier applied for visit visa for my family with the details that were on my Iqama but the name was wrongly mentioned on my Iqama so my company changed the name during the time my application was in process. When i got the new Iqama with the name change my application status changed to show original documents. I talked to the HR guy in my company and he said that it is better you should reapply since they will reject your application now since your name is different.

    So I did not go to MOFA and submitted another application which was chambered on 31st Dec but up till now the status is the same. I have read somewhere in the forums that MOFA does not process your new application untill your previous one is rejected. Is this true, since i am based in Jeddah it is very difficult for me to go MOFA for the previous application and i have also lost the old application. Please I urge the people here to help me in this regard I will be very thankful to all for any help.

  • spanolan

    on 01/01/2014 i have applied for visit visa for my parrents, & on january 16 مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده بأصل الطلب وأصل الإقامة وصورة منها + اقامة الزوجة message came. i submited all the documents on 19th january .

    still in the web the same message is appearing . how much time its usually taking to process visa. if they ask to submit documents in MOFA means it is confirmed ?

    thanks and best regards

    • Dzu

      Respected Bro, I have also submitted my documents on 26 Jan and still waiting. Well just wait and watch. 1 thing I want to ask is that they gave you papers back? Or taken from you?

    • Dzu

      مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجدة بتذكرة المراجعة و أصل الطلب و الإقامة وصورة منها

      I got this reply

  • Dzu

    مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجدة بتذكرة المراجعة و أصل الطلب و الإقامة وصورة منها

    I have got this reply and I have submitted this Reply page+ My Iqama copy+ Original Application form
    They taken and kept with them 4 days ago.
    Is it right or not?

  • San

    My question is that My mothers sister can come on visit visa?

    • Dzu

      Yes why not. If sister is married then you need the authority letter from her husband stamped and authenticated

  • mariam

    assalamu alaykom warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…my husband ask a visit visa to MOFA last Jan.20,2014 and that visa is for me his wife,until now,no more answer from MOFA,my question is,,is it advisable to go to the MOFA office even their answer is still not receive? jazaak Allahu khayran.

  • Muhammad

    Dear ,
    I want to bring my Parents (In Laws) on visit visa but my sponsor is not signing on my application so Can i take the chamber stamp on my online application form WITHOUT my sponsor signature …. I have good technical profession & in 2012 i have already brought my parents here on visit..
    Can anyone help me & give one good solution on this issue unnecessary issue…

  • Muhammad

    Dear All, i got visit visa for my parents, i want to know that how much now i have to bring my parents here, because i want some delay, for 3 months, Please if someone have experience of this kind, let me know

    • saeed

      i beleive one month from the date of visa issuance in the system
      you need to present to the agent/embassy

  • malik

    On visit visa, a person can move to any part of saudi arabia or not.umrah is allowed on visit visa or not.If know it please send a reply on my e-mail


    Visit visa for my mother is going to expire on 28 March, 2014. Please explain to me the procedure to renew it for further 3 months. I am in Jubail. Jazakumullah khair

  • Mujib

    I fiiled up the online application of family Visit Visa on 24th Feb 2014, Everyday I am going to Chamber of Commerce,they told me , the system is down. What to do, is it required to get attested within three days or is it allow to do in more days. After Chamber of Commerce, it is necessary to submit the application form to MOFA office??
    Please advise me.

  • atharasif

    I want to ask a question if anyone can guide jazakallah

    i got visa for my mother and i am leaving for lahore. now i have to come back to riyadh with her on same flight. I am getting a flight for oman airline and my mom has to return back to lahore. return flight is saudi airline
    I want to know on visit visa if we have to buy return ticket from pakistan for my mother
    can i buy in advance from two different airline.

    me and my mom come riyadh = oman airline
    my mom retuns lahore i stay here = saudi airline

    is there any issue in it ? as many people coming up with uve to buy same airline return ticket ?

    • Umar

      @ AtharAsif.

      You Have to Buy Same Airline Return Ticket..

  • Umar

    Asslam Alaykum SaudiXpert,

    My Wife is in Saudia on Visit Visa and Now she is pregnant,
    My 1st Question is…Can i Apply Visit Visa for my Mother in-Law? if yes then which documents are required?
    2nd Question is…My Wife Will Gave Birth to Baby (INSHALLAH) Then what is the procedure to send back the baby with his/her mother to Pakistan?


    dear sir, i need family visit visa with parents.can? my iqama profassion is bulding electrician. can? PLZ inform me

  • junaid

    i have been applying for visit visa of wife. my iqama issued from madina. i m doing job in dammam branch.
    i applied visa and wrote address dammam but company head office is in riyadh. they chamber it from riyadh.
    i got result go and coc from dammam.
    now how can i coc from dammam. my company don’t have chamber from dammam. we have only riyadh and madina chamber.
    pls don’t reply me change ur address. becuase i already change address riyadh madina and try but the result is same go and coc from dammam

  • riaz

    dear junaid
    first where is the iqma issued and then followup madinah branch all docment same place .no use dammam riyadh .where is the iqma issued

  • Salman Aslam

    Asa Brother,

    I have just recently married and i want to bring my wife here on visit Visa. My query is, her passport is on her fathers name until now . Can i apply for her Visit Visa.If so,what will be the procedure.


    • admin

      Yes you can.
      You need to submit your marriage certificate at the time of endorsement.
      Best of luck.

  • Saqib Latif

    Dear All,

    Please some one help me , Can i get permanently Visa for my Wife , and my Professional In my IQMA (Sale ) ,
    Can i get visa and which Document i need it , i mean any Degree Required for that

    • admin

      What is your qualification/degree?

  • arjhayjimenez

    My Family Visit Visa was approved by the ministry of interior and the next step is processing for visa stamping in the Philippines but my wife have to stay in the Philippines because she have a good job opportunity and did not process the visa in Philippines. i will have problem since my wife and son did not process the e-visa in philippines or any penalty for visa expiration

    • admin

      Don’t worry you won’t have to pay any penalty for not processing the visa.

      • Adnan Khan

        Dear Admin,

        Asalam Alaykum,

        My Name is Adnan and I am working here KSA Riyadh as Accountant. I have family here Ahhumdulilah. I applied visit visa for my parents and sister. I got visa for my parents but sister got rejection. Now problem is that My sister cannot lives in Pakistan alone. So my parents are saying apply again and they want to come together. Now Just want to ask if i re-apply then is there any issue because I have already visa approval for my parents. OR can I apply only for my sister and mentioning that I got parents visa and sister can not stay alone there.

        Please please advise.



  • Mohamed shafeeque

    I applied for visit visa for my parents and the result shows “تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب”..what does it mean..please advise.

    • admin

      It says you are not able to fulfill the Ministries demand.
      Try to visit their office with your original documents.
      Best of luck Shafeeque.

    • Deep

      What happen to your application Shafique as I I also get same reply now..? Any help will be great..!!

      • Shafeeque

        I submitted the original application and copies of all other documents(iqama,visa and passport of my parents) to MOFA and I got the visa approved on the same day.
        Hope this will help you.

  • neil

    Dear All,

    Can anybody help me how to apply for resident visa for my mother to come here with us in Riyadh,What are the requirements and procedure?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin

      You need to prove to the Saudi government that there is no caretaker for your Mother.
      For this you will need an affidavit from your home country.
      Moreover you should have a good profession on your Iqama.
      Best of luck!

  • naeem ashraf


  • Kamran Rasool

    Assalam o alaikum Wr Wb Dear all.
    I am a Lecturer of English Langauge in a University with trade “Ustaaz Jamaai”. I have applied visit visa for my 51 years old mother and 65 years old father. Online appliation has been filled in on 18-03-2014 and i have applied in person to MOFA Jeddah on 23rd of March 2014. Right from the next day the status is just the receiving. It is not showing the rejection or anything else till today. I have provided them all the necessary papers but they took only the photo copy of my Iqama, print of the filled form attested by the university and salary statement on the window and given all the other papers back to me.
    Its been 18 days since i applied. I have come to know that it takes only a week to get a via but here seems something different.
    My question is that how much time it takes now a days?
    Do you feel that something i wrong in applying or in issuing of the visa?
    I have sent a query by using the link at the end of the electronic visa page but till now no reply.
    Do you suggest me to apply once me though its quite difficult for me as i am working in Jazan.
    Quick reply will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks All.

  • Younus Khan

    Aslamalikum Brother,

    I have Applied for My Family Visit Visa on 24-03-2014 and got MOFA Activation on 27-03-2014. I am checking since then the Online Status it shows no need to Visit MOFA and Fallow the Request online only.

    I Visited MOFA Office also their the Officer told me to Fallow Online Only.

    Can you tell me The Duration I mean no of days it takes to MOFA a Issue a Family Visit Visa.

    Your reply will be highly appreciated.


  • Shebeer Sulaiman

    Assalamu alikum

    I have applied family visiting visa for my wife in Riyadh Chamber. It rejected and they are asking for the Third name of my wife (surname), but my wife’s passport only have ” Shahana Shebeer” Shahana is a wife`s name and Shebeer is my name. Could you please guide me to what will I supposed to write in the visiting visa application form for apply again.Looking forward to your reply


  • manjesh

    my name is manjesh. my father had given a visiting visa application for me on 03/04/2014 and til no the message is تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب in between the message was تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلبتعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب .could you tell me what is the problem

  • Abu Adnan

    I need to bring my mother on visit visa on end of September to support my wife during her delivery period. Her due date is October 3rd week. As in know the authorities will stop issuing visit visa during Hajj season. So what can i do in this case? I heared that their is some exceptions in similar cases.

    In addition, she want to go for one Umrah too. How i can mange this situation? Please advice.

    Does any one know when Saudi Consulate in Mumbai will close/re open during Hajj season? Will they stamp always once i managed with MOI in ksa?

    • Kamran Rasool

      no need to worry. in this case you can bring her on visit visa at anytime. when you will prepare a file of form an the other photocopies like iqama and other things just get an attested medical certificate from any hospital and also put it into the file. at first visit istaqdam office. they will surely give u an approval. after this apply at MOFA. u,ll get visa soon

    • Adnan Khan

      Dear Abu Adnan,

      Same case(wife delivery) is with me. could you please let me know if you find a way. I am also worried because due to Hajj KSA govt will not allow to bring my parents here. Please please let me know if you find something. If I find a way I will let you know



  • SheikhSD

    Dear All,

    Can u guys let me know, once done with online application till how many days can i get the application stamped from COC.
    Is there any expiry time for online Application.


    Dear Expert,

    I have got Family VISA for my family and sent to an Agent for Medical (My Wife, Daughter14years, Baby 1.3Years)
    16April 14 they have given Medical test. Agent says waiting for MOFA number.

    Kindly suggest how many days it will take my family Passports VISA stamped and we will get on Hand
    This helps for prior Ticket booking, since my wife is going to travel with kids

    Kindly suggest the process sequence
    Your early advice will help us better travel and less expenses

  • eih

    Dear all,

    My father lives in Saudi Arabia and has got me a visit visa, so that I can go visit my family! However the application for visit visa for my husband was rejected. I just wanted to know IF it is possible to also get a visit visa issued for a son-in-law.

    Thank you all.

    • Sunil

      Tell your father apply again. That is the only solution.


    I am chemical engineer working in one of the well known refinery in India. Recently I got job offer from one company of Saudi Arabia. The job belongs to SUPERVISORY category in nature.
    In my family there are total four members: Myself, wife, two years old daughter and my dependent father.
    Please note that my mother is expired and my father is retired person and dependent on me. I don’t have any brother who can take care of my father. My father’s health is quite ok. He is of fifty eight years old and healthy person.
    Company has offered me Family status. According to Saudi Arabia rules Term Family does not include Father. So I can not bring my father with me under that Family status visa system.
    I can not left him alone in india as I am the only person on whom he can depend.
    I am looking for alternate ways through which I can bring my father to Saudi Arabia so that he can live with me till the time I live in Saudi Arabia.
    I got few information through some resources. One option to bring my father with me is through visitor visa system.
    My plan is as per below:
    Under visitor visa my father will get visa of 3 month. Before completion of that three month I will apply for extension. My father will get extension of 3 month. After completion of that 3 month extension I will again apply for one more extension of 3 month. Thus My father will get another extension of three month. So total 9 month (3 plus 3 plus 3) my father will live with me at Saudi Arabia. After completion of that 9 month my father has to come back to india.
    Once he come to india for a while, I will again apply for another new visit visa for him for three month. Again he will come to Saudi Arabia for three month. Again I will apply for two extension each of three month again he will live for total nine month.
    By repeatatively doing so, my father can live with me practically throughout the period I live there.

    Now I have few querry / doubt I request you to resolve it.
    1. Does the visitor visa system related information which I mentioned above is true?
    2. Will my plan which I mentioned above will work practically?
    3. Is there any deficiency / risk / loop holes in my plan?
    4. What are the factors which can ruin / spoil my plan to work?
    5. I heard that visitor visa duration can be 1 month, 2 month, 3 month. It depends on who is giving visa. Is it so?
    6. I heard that visa extension period will be same as your original visa duration. For ex: If visa was given for 1 month duration than extension will be also for 1 month. Is it so?
    7. Can I bring my father repetitively through visitor visa ?
    8. Is there any restriction that I can bring my father maximum xyz time through visitor visa?
    9. Is there any agent/mediator in Saudi who can help me in all this visa issuing/extension procedure.
    10. Is there any alternate way through which I can bring my father with me at Saudi Arabia.

    I request to provide me guidance on above ten points as lot depends on it.

    You can reply me on my mail id: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Sunil

      The plan is OK. But dont expect that every time they will give you extension for the same period as in the original visit visa. some times they give extension for only one week.
      Original visit visa can be applied through the website For extension you may have to visit the ministry of foreign affairs personally.
      The time gap between requesting new visit visa, getting approval for that and stamping again should be taken care of.

      • GAURANG

        Is there any Dependent visa system under which I can get my fathers visa ?

        • Sunil

          Ya.. just apply through

          • Gaurang

            Are you sure that there will be no hurdle in getting dependent visa for my father.

            Lot depends on it actually.

  • rj.addi

    Asalam 0 alaikum wa rehmat ullah ..

    I have two Questions : My Profession is Mohasib Aam (General Accountant ) with attested degree from Saudi Culture .

    Q1 ) I am single here and my father is not alive . Can I call my mother on visit visa ?

    Q2 ) Is there any possibility to convert that visit visa into permanent visa ? as there is no one to take care of here except me ?

    • ziya vul huck

      Dear Addi

      1, Yes its possible
      2, As i know.not convert to visit visa

  • mohammad ishtiaq

    from where i can get the online application form?
    kindly guide me in this way.

  • Gaurang

    I am chemical engineer working in one of the well known refinery in India. Recently I got job offer from one company of Saudi Arabia. The job belongs to SUPERVISORY category in nature.
    In my family there are total four members: Myself, wife, two years old daughter and my dependent father.
    Please note that my mother is expired and my father is retired person and dependent on me. I don’t have any brother who can take care of my father. My father’s health is quite ok. He is of fifty eight years old and healthy person.
    Company has offered me Family status. According to Saudi Arabia rules Term Family does not include Father. So I can not bring my father with me under that Family status visa system.
    I can not left him alone in india as I am the only person on whom he can depend.
    I am looking for alternate ways through which I can bring my father to Saudi Arabia so that he can live with me till the time I live in Saudi Arabia.
    I got few information through some resources. One option to bring my father with me is through visitor visa system. Another option is to bring him on dependant visa system.
    I have two plan: Plan A & Plan B.
    Plan A:
    Under visitor visa my father will get visa of 3 month. Before completion of that three month I will apply for extension. My father will get extension of 3 month. After completion of that 3 month extension I will again apply for one more extension of 3 month. Thus My father will get another extension of three month. So total 9 month (3 plus 3 plus 3) my father will live with me at Saudi Arabia. After completion of that 9 month my father has to come back to india.
    Once he come to india for a while, I will again apply for another new visit visa for him for three month. Again he will come to Saudi Arabia for three month. Again I will apply for two extension each of three month again he will live for total nine month.
    By repeatatively doing so, my father can live with me practically throughout the period I live there.

    Now I have few querry / doubt regading my plan A, I request you to resolve it.
    1. Does the visitor visa system related information which I mentioned above is true?
    2. Will my plan which I mentioned above will work practically?
    3. Is there any deficiency / risk / loop holes in my plan?
    4. What are the factors which can ruin / spoil my plan to work?
    5. I heard that visitor visa duration can be 1 month, 2 month, 3 month. It depends on who is giving visa. Is it so?
    6. I heard that visa extension period will be same as your original visa duration. For ex: If visa was given for 1 month duration than extension will be also for 1 month. Is it so?
    7. Can I bring my father repetitively through visitor visa ?
    8. Is there any restriction that I can bring my father maximum xyz time through visitor visa?
    9. Is there any agent/mediator in Saudi who can help me in all this visa issuing/extension procedure.
    10. Is there any rule that according to which my father and my wife can not live together in Saudi.

    Plan B:
    To bring my father through dependant visa system.
    1. Is there any dependant visa system? If yes what it is all about. How I can bring my father through dependant visa system?
    2. I heard that on insisting my sponsor company, They can do something for my father. Is it so? If yes what I will required to do? How I should approach my company?
    3. Is there any way though which without help from company< I can get dependant visa? If yes how?
    4. What other people do in this matter who has same case like me having dependant father?
    5. Is there any agent kind of thing to help me in this matter? If yes can you give me contact details, mail id etc.

    I request to provide me guidance on above points as lot depends on it.

    You can reply me on my mail id: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Mohammed

    I have applied for visit visa two days before (mother & unmarried sister) but when i access the website it shows “Apologize for the ministry to achieve demand”. Please help me to understand this phrase. Is it rejected? or do i need to go personally? Thanks a lot.

  • Muhammad


    i got the yellow slip for residency visa, but my family is here in the kindom alredy under visit visa, is there any system i could get the Iqama for them without going back and comming back on new visa?

  • Syed Haider

    Hi, I applied visit visa for wife on 29th April and COC 1st May 2014, my profession is Fanni Hansiah Salat, Note: Last time i was applied in 21 April but unfortunately did Arabic spelling mistake and got message to reapply the visit visa and correct the Profession name as Iqama. Could you please any one advise the process time and any one had same issue before. Thanks

  • Abdullah

    Assalyamu alaikum. I applied for a visa for my wife March 30, 2014. 10 days ago I checked my status on the site and there visa.mofa satus updated was written مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجدة بتذكرة المراجعة واصل الطلب واصل الاقامة وصورة منها. The Foreign Ministry in Jeddah brought all the documents they asked. Then carp, that must wait 3 days. But now I wait … It’s been a week and State on the same page … What can be done .. Help.

  • Ameer

    Hi Guys,

    I planed to bring my family here in KSA on a visit visa My Iqama position is Document Controller. Additionally my wife’s sister and her husband would like to visit me for a short term stay during Ramadan.

    Therefore, please advise me the possibilities of applying for the visit visa for them because every body talking that is not possible


  • shariff

    can i get visit visa for my wife my proffesion is فني كهر بائي ثمديدات

  • Awais

    I have apllied Visit for my Wife on 27-4-2014 and a long time they replied show you original Iqama which i did on 14-5-2014 and since then they Status has changed to RECIEPT OF THE REQUIRED and checking online regularly its the same .Admin please can you advise how much time does it take usually .And whom can i approach to take exact Update

    • SaudiExpert

      It should take 15 days, else you need to apply again

  • Toxic

    Dear Saudi Xpert,

    Does everyone has to attest their application from the chamber of commerce or some has to submit the printout in MOFA? Because on the online print out two different statements are written, I am a government employee and asking for a parent’s visit.


  • asik mohamad

    Dear all,

    i applied family visit visa for my wife on 12-04-2014 and got chamber from chamber office, after one week status was changed that مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده بتذكرة المراجعة وأصل الطلب وأصل الإقامة وصورة منها like this. accordingly i went to jeddah MOFA office and submitted required document on 23-04-2014, after that its showing same status. there is no change in status im waiting for more then one month. how long i have to wait to get visa. anything went wrong?. what im to do next. anyone know about this. kindly help me.

  • http://none Israr
  • Danish

    Hi Everyone! I request all of you to please reply on my query. I got my Iqama from Riyadh and now I’m have been posted in Jeddah, can i get family visa from Jeddah as my Iqama has been issued form Riyadh.???

  • NadeemKhan

    From 22nd May in Pakistan a visiting memeber has to submit his/their application in person to Etimad Agencies instead of thru agents.

  • Honey

    Im planning to sponsor my son (1 year old) for visit visa and my sister will be the one to bring her. Husband not in good terms. Is it possible? Thanks

  • Muhammed Hassan

    Dear Sir,

    Can i get visit visa for my wife now. My profession is Sweet maker.

  • Sohaib

    I applied for visit visa for my wife and son on June 6,2014. Got it stamped from chamber on June 10,2014 and was submitted at MOFA same day. Till June 9,2014 all details were listed on the MOFA website however since June 10,2104 there is only a RED DOT appearing when I check the status. No other details are listed as to if the application has been accepted or rejected or what is its status.
    If anyone has had a similar experience can you please share the details. If not can anyone please guide what can be done further regarding the application.

  • naved

    dear sir assalamualikum ,

    i am working in saudi arabia i have general accountant visa and all the required documents for family visa but when i went to apply for family residence visa they rejected my 17 and 18 years old daughter saying that they are above aged. when i asked the manager he said though they are girls still we are not allowing them.
    please suggest me on what should i do.
    i am very disturbed my family is alone in india especially i have 3 daughters.

  • Alfie Castro

    Hi Sir, i just wanted to know how can i do the Electronic visa? we applied already and they approved.
    they give me a paper online says that the visas is ok. then the agency in the Philippine ask me for E-VISA i thought that is already the visa. thank you in advance i hope some can help me. Thanks.

  • Sampath

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for family visit visa. The names were entered in Arabic language while applying online.

    I have taken a printout of the form and done chamber stamping also. after two days, when i checked status of application it is giving
    اعتذار كتابة اسماء المطلوبين للزيارة باللغة الانجليزية
    (Apology in writing the names of wanted to visit in English.)

    my doubt is …. I have to apply online – freshly
    Or need to wait for more time to check the response/ update on status.

    Kindly suggest.

    Thanks and regards

  • Umer

    Dear sir,

    My Iqama profession was “Mechanical Technician” can i am able to send UMMRAH sponsor visa for my MOTHER.only from here…

    kindly suggest me

    Thanks and regard

  • Zeeshan Alvi

    Dear Sir, I have come to know that all types of visit visas are stop rite know due to hajj, so I just want to know that when will open the family visit visas again? After immediate of Hajj or take some months after Hajj? Because I want to bring my family on visit as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards
    Zeeshan Alvi

    • أبو عبد الله

      1st Moharram.

  • mrs shafiq

    Sir I am in saudi arabia from 3 months now husband has extended ord visa .can he applay f
    Or vist visa for his mother after it possiple saudi ambacy wikl give us another vist visa.


    Hi Good Afternoon,

    I am working in saudi aramco and I want to bring my grandson here in saudi arabia since his father is working also here as contractor. We are already the guardian of the child because his mom leaf him and go with other men. Please help me.

  • shoaib

    please can someone tell me the procedure and send me application form for short time family visit visa

  • Ali


    My wife and i are expecting our first child in late september insha Allah.. Im trying to call her mother over here on visit visa to help us during the final days of pregnancy. I applied through the online portal and got this reply… نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد بعد موسم الحج

    im assuming it means i should try after hajj…which would be too late for us…is there any other way to apply?



  • Zubair Ahmed

    I am planning to apply for family visit visa within the next 2 days. What do u advice…..should I go for it……or better wait to apply after Hajj. Coz I am worried if I apply now I might get only 30 days approved. Is there any rule during Hajj. If not I need to apply now. Kindly guide.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Danish


    i want to bring my brother on visit visa i wan going to apply but one saudi guy saying that MOFA will not approve your request you can only apply for your father,mother or laws etc….

    my profession is : Computer Programmer

    kinldy let me know should i apply or not ??



  • Mahmood

    Dear ALL,
    Please help me, Can I get family visa and how can i check that my profession is able to get family visa.My profession is Electrical equipment examinati (AAMAL FAHAS).



  • Sarwar


    I have applied for family visit visa and did COC on it and got the message.
    نتيجة البحث
    رقم الطلب: 8318590 تاريخ الطلب: 2014/08/17
    كتابة اسماء المطلوبين حسب الجواز

    • Imran Farooqi

      Names in application are not exactly same as written in their passports.

      • Sarwar

        Assalaamualaikum, thanks for your reply but I want to know what I have to do to correct it. Please reply

        • chishty

          write the names of the visitors in English if they are in English on their passports

  • askar

    نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين العنوان باسم المدينة…after i submitted application in ministry after i got the message…whats it means

    • Niyas

      We hope to mobilize a new request in writing on behalf of the City Address

  • Ansif


    My profession is “Data Entry”. Can I get visit visa for my parents? If so, please let me know the procedures.

    Thank u

  • Umar Ali

    Asalamu Alaikum,
    Well i have applied visit visa for my wife today.May i know how long it will take to issue the visa and how can i check the application status.
    Jazakum allahu khiaran

  • asad khan

    when will visit visa start after hajj date please;

  • Abdul Ahad

    Hi every one, can any one tell me the procedure after getting family visit visa from MOI? i have one page visa, where should i go? what to do now? some one is telling me to go MOFA …….

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    ASAK Everyone,
    Can some one let me know when visit visa will be opened after hajj? I want to apply for my mother. Please revert.

    • chishty

      Visit Visas are open now, you can apply online.

      • Ali usman

        I applied for my parents visa today and still got a message that please apply after hajj season.

  • Syed Mohamed Buhari

    Assalamu alaikum

    Dear All I am Indian My Iqama Profession is General Accountact I Can Bring My Family For Visit Visa? If possible which document required?

  • Anzarisain

    Very useful site. congratulations and wishes all the success…..

  • Angelia

    This web site truly has all the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    Feel free to surf to my blog post … Crediti Gratis Fifa
    15 (Angelia)

  • Umar Ali

    Asalamu Alaikum,
    Dear All,
    Can anyone tell me what does the following quote mean?
    تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 8429962 ) بتاريخ 2014/10/14 (غرفة الشرقية)
    I have recently got stamped from chamber of commerce. Today i have checked the status of the visa which i have been applied. May i know what is the next procedure to get the visa.How long it will take to issue the visa?
    Umar Ali

  • Umar Ali

    Asalamu Alaikum
    what does it mean تقديم أصل الطلب والاقامة ? Can anyone explain me?
    Umar Ali

    • chishty

      it means you have to visit MOFA with the orignal application and your orignal Iqama. they will just verify and then with in a day or two you will get the visa online.

  • Khalid Haq

    I and one of my colleague had applied for visit visa in Jeddah yesterday and we received this message today morning for both of our applications
    نامل تقديم طلب جديد بعد موسم الحج
    I am not sure when to apply again. Any inputs would be appreciated. Jazakallah Alkhair.

  • niyas

    after the electronic champer how much days will take usually to approve or reject the application

    • chishty

      usually it takes 5 to 10 days max.
      I applied did Chamber on 14th Oct 2014 and got the visa on 18th Oct 2014.

      • Khalid Haq

        Dear chisty, did you apply in jeddah ? In jeddah they are accepting the applications for MOFA activation in COC. I applied on 20 Oct and on 21 Oct I got the message نامل تقديم طلب جديد بعد موسم الحج‬. The same happened with my other colleague also.

        • chishty

          Dear Khalid, I applied and got visa in Riyadh.

      • Niyas

        let me know ur application number.

  • Anees Kallingal

    I am working al khobar for a leading company as data entry clerk but my profession is hamil hadi.i already submitted request for visiting visa .chamber done but i am waiting for visa 2 days finish. There is no any reply. Is it possible to get visa for this profession. Pls help me…

  • Niyaz

    Dear All,

    let me know how many days taking now to get the visit visa, because i requested on 13/10/2014 still no responds

  • Muhammad Farooq

    hi experts
    I have applied visit visa for my mother in law online at on 20.10.2014 but since day before yesterday it is showing that result تم استلام الطلب . I am unable to figure out anything and how can i chase my application. Please guide me as it is urgent for me because wife is expecting and i really need that visa.

    Kind Regards
    Muhammad Farooq

  • Muhammad Farooq

    hi experts
    I have applied visit visa for my mother in law online at on 20.10.2014 but since day before yesterday it is showing that result تم استلام الطلب . I am unable to figure out anything and how can i chase my application. Please guide me as it is urgent for me because wife is expecting and i really need that visa and just for your acknowledgement my profession is Computer Programmer. Please help me.

    Kind Regards
    Muhammad Farooq

    • Niyaz

      Dear Mr. Muhammed Farooq,

      I have applied on 13/10/2014 and did champer on 15/10/2014.still waiting for the responds App # of my friend he got the responds his App # is it means they are according to sequence so we have to wait

      • Zohaib


        I submitted application on 12 oct did chamber on 13 . My status was changed to visit with iqama and orignal request to mofa on 19th . same day i went to mofa and submitted .

        My status was then changed to receipt of request.

        But after 5 days on on 24 of this month my status was again changes to visit mofa with iqama and orignal request (which i have already submitted)

        Now every day i go to mofa and they say you dont have to come to us but the website says you have to go to mofa .

        Soo confused on my situation really.

        My app # is 8455059

        Zohaib Nasir

        • Niyaz

          Dear Mr. Zohaib,
          Where you submitted in Riyadh?

      • AchmadF

        Hi Niyaz,

        Is there any update for your status?
        My app # 84986xx and still in the status: تم استلام الطلب

        Thank you..

        • Niyaz

          No dear, still the same staus”تم التصديق على الطلب”

    • AchmadF

      Hi Mohammad Farooq,

      Can you please share the update. We are in the same situation. I got that result (تم استلام الطلب) at 28-Oct-2014. And now is still in the same result. App# 84986xx


      • Niyaz

        Dear Mr. AchmadF,

        let me know that where u applied ? riyadh/Jeddah or Dammam?
        because my application number is 84686XX. there is no anyupdate

      • Sheik Asim

        me to in same situation,,,, تم التصديق على الطلب: ( XXXXXX ) بتاريخ 2014/10/29 (غرفة الشرقية)

        • Niyaz

          any update for u

          • Sheik Asim

            still same,,what about u?

          • sheik asim

            yesterday i got a message like this “مراجعه الوزاره مع اصل وصوره الاقامه 0″ as i translate in google ” Review of the ministry with the original and copy residence 0″..but unfortunately my employer loose my visa form which is stamped by camber of commerce,i hear that i have to bring original form and original iqama to show mofa officers for further process ,should i bring the original form or is the original iqama is enough

      • Niyaz

        where you applied in Dammam?

        • AchmadF

          I live in Jeddah. My company (head office) in Dammam.

          Request number: 84986xx, submitted in Coc in Dammam.

          1. The first status, at 20-Oct-04:
          تم التصديق على الطلب – الغرفة الشرقية

          2. Second status, at 27-Oct-04:
          تقديم الطلب للفرع مع الإقامة
          I sent directly the original of my iqoma and my wife’s iqama to my company in Dammam.

          3. Third status, at 29-Oct-04:
          تم استلام الطلب

          4. Fourth status, at 4-Nov-04:
          يرفق مع الطلب صورة الإقامة و إقامة الزوجة

          Now is still the status #4.

  • Niyaz

    Dear Mr. Zohaib,
    Where you submitted in Riyadh?

    • Zohaib Nasir

      No Dear i submitted in dammam

  • Saqib

    Dear All,

    AOA – If my parents are already here in Saudi Arabia on visit visa, can I apply another visit visa for my parents in law in the same duration?
    Does anybody have experience of this, having visit visa for parents and parents in laws at same time?

    Appreciate valuable feedback.


  • Shan


    I applied for Mother & Sister Visit Visa, But rejected by MOFA. My mother Cannot Travel Alone.

    Is there any way to get it?

    Should i go to MOFA? what documents should i keep with me?

  • Fahad

    Dear All,,,
    I applied for my parents visit visa on 21st October and now i got this message :

    يرجى التقدم للسفارة / القنصلية مباشرة بخطاب دعوه الكتروني

    Please tell me about this …. WHat does it mean …??????

    • Khalid Haq

      Dear Fahad, where did you apply, jeddah/riyadh/dammam ?

  • Mohammed Mustafa

    Hi sir, I have applied for my wife visit visa on 16/10/2014 and COC on 23/10/2014 and from 23rd the status is showing “ratification of request ” no change in the status up to know.plz let me know hw much tym I should wait for the process much tym it takes to process .rep me ASAP

    • Niyaz

      Hello Dear,

      Where you fromRiyadh/Dammam?

      • mohammed mustafa


        • nazeer

          Dear mustafa any updates for your application

  • AchmadF

    I live in Jeddah. My company (head office) in Dammam.
    Request number: 84986xx, submitted to Coc in Dammam.
    Invitation for both my parents and my wife’s parent (4 person).

    1. The first status, at 20-Oct-04:
    تم التصديق على الطلب – الغرفة الشرقية

    2. Second status, at 27-Oct-04:
    تقديم الطلب للفرع مع الإقامة
    I sent directly the original of my iqoma and my wife’s iqama to my company in Dammam.

    3. Third status, at 29-Oct-04:
    تم استلام الطلب

    4. Fourth status, at 4-Nov-04:
    يرفق مع الطلب صورة الإقامة و إقامة الزوجة

    The status #4 is the current status.

    • Niyaz

      Any update?


    my profession is marakab harkatul makhzoon (supervisor of W/H)
    can i eligible to bring my parents and wife on visit visa in ksa.

  • Asad khan

    what is duration of family visit in 2015 because i hear that any one can extend for one year is it true?the duration increase from 9 months to 12 months.please reply.

  • shanavas

    Me to applied on 12.oct.2014 ,and camber done on 21.oct .still waiting
    Same dammam

    • Niyaz

      Dear Shanavas,

      I applied on 13/10/2014 did coc on 15/10/14 still no updates my App# is 8468XXX

      • AZEEM

        i applied on 14th oct 2104 & got chamber on 20th Oct 2014in khober, but still my application page is still showing, can any body suggest


    I have applied for my wife visit visa on 14th oct 2014 and did chamber on 20th Oct Dammam, still my application page is showing. Why this much delay , please any one suggest

    • SaudiExpert

      You should apply after 15 muharram

      • Azeem

        but what should i do know, should i reply again or wait for response of my application that is showing status of تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 8486…) بتاريخ 2014/10/20 (غرفة الشرقية)


    I have applied for my wife visit visa on 14th Oct 2014 and get chamber from dammam on 20th Oct 2014, But still my application page is showing. Can any body suggest why this much delay.

    • mubeen

      dear mr. azeem any good news for your visa please tell me thanks.

      • AZEEM

        MR MUBEEN


  • shanavas

    Dear Niyaz
    My visa requst status changed today as ( مراجعة فرع الوزارة بأصل الاقامه مع الطلب) Trans-Review ministry branch origin accommodation with demand . what it means ? should i visit ministry ?

    • Niyaz

      Dear Mr. Shanavas,

      I think you have to visit Mofa with Orginal Iqama and Application

  • shanavas

    Dear niyaz
    What about your request? Any good news? My app number was 8473xxx

    • Niyaz

      Dear shanavas,
      no any updates, My app # 84686XX. still its showing”تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 84686) بتاريخ 2014/10/15 (غرفة الخرج) ”

      • mubeen

        I did also coc date 28/10/2014 for my father and mother but still no respond. my app. no. 8590302

    • Niyaz

      I received yesterday my visa

  • http://yahoo imran Riaz

    plz sir i need help I applied for visit visa 8/11/2014, but until now had no whichever communicate new

  • Zohaib

    After a long wait of 36 days i made a new request yesterday and did coc yesterday aswell .

    it is my third time application to bring my mother on visit visa my profession is marketing specialist and hoping for visa again this time.

    Can any body suggest as last two times when i did coc my status was changed to ratification of request right away but yesterday when i did coc my status is not changed till now and i can only see my application ?

  • S A

    I am trying to bring my son and his wife here, I have placed a request to the MOFA. They are taking unusually long. Do anybody of you know if policies or rules have changed. What could be the expected duration? 1 Month or longer?

  • shanavas

    me also received yesterday my visa .after 35 days from the request date

    • Anees

      Dear Shanavas,
      I am from al khobar. I have applied for my wife and son visiting visa on 05/11/2014 and chamber done on 06/11/2014.Now 13 days finish.there is noa any response from mofa.Did u get your visa From where are you got visa and how much time it will take. I am waiting for your valuable reply…

    • mubeen

      dear shanavas please tell me the date of you apply and your request no. because I apply date at 28 oct 2014 but still I don’t have any audate.

      • nazeer

        Where did you apply Mr Mubeen

    • nazeer

      where did you apply brother

  • sheik asim

    yesterday i got a message like this “مراجعه الوزاره مع اصل وصوره الاقامه 0″ as i translate in google ” Review of the ministry with the original and copy residence 0″..but unfortunately my employer loose my visa form which is stamped by camber of commerce,i hear that i have to bring original form and original iqama to show mofa officers for further process ,should i bring the original form or is the original iqama is enough

    • nazeer

      Dear Asim ,

      May i know where and when did you apply visa ?

      • sheik asim

        i applied on 23-10-14 and cc at 26-10-14 ,,,finally i found my visa application and i submitted my original iqama and application in dammam at 23-11-14 to confirm and the status was application received ,,today my status is application under process

        • leo

          Hi asim,

          did you received your visa after you got the message from mofa DEMAND UNDER MESSURE?

  • habib

    Dear Friends, I have applied visiting visa for my mother on 27/10/2014 in Jeddah MOFA…then i got a message from mofa …submit residence proof and i have submitted all the document on 03/11/2014. but till now same status is showing in my any one can advice me what i have to do…..

  • deepu

    I had applied for family visit visa in riyadh. Now MOFA uploaded the following information
    “We hope to mobilize a new request and enter the number of visa”[ نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول ]
    Please any one have to know about this, kindly reply.

    • talha

      it means that , make a new request and must enter a visa number in online form.

    • Muhammad Fahim

      Mr. deepu,
      Can you please help us by explaining that whether your application got approved or not, if so then what was the solution.

      • Muhammad Fahim

        Can any one please help as I have the same case,,,but some ppl are sugesting its Border entry number,, some are suggesting its visa nuber,, but ppl in this post have posted that both get rejected.
        Is there any one with a confirm answer to the issue of,
        نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال رقم تأشيرة الدخول.

        • muhammad Fahim

          Please read my comment up…
          The site itself gave “?” in the end of the line where you put this رقم تأشيرة الدخول.
          Press will pop up a PICTURE circling the VISA number.
          hopefully it helps any one.

  • ahmed

    asak,can any one tell me i am eligible to get family visa or visit visa for my mother my profession on iqama is …مفتش التذاكر (inspector ticketing)

  • ZERO

    my application to MOFA for my parents is almost a month old, my profession is fine and the status of my application is still— “No need to review the Foreign Ministry or its affiliates for family visit requests approved automatically by the Chamber of Commerce and you follow a request on the site..” for almost a month now. I’m planning to go to MOFA tomorrow and follow up my request. I saw a comment here where sometimes the encoder forgot to update it online. Hopefully, there will be good news. I will inform you brothers whatever the result will be.

    • Zohaib

      Dear if you are not getting ratification of request message on the top of the status it means Chamber Staff has not updated it yet go to them and ask them to update if you are getting this message then you have to wait like us visiting mofa will not help

    • chandra

      my status for wife visit visa is showing “No need to review the Foreign Ministry or its affiliates for family visit requests approved automatically by the Chamber of Commerce and you follow a request on the site”. It is ratified by COC on 23/11/14. Do I need to visit MOFA. How much time it takes. Please reply

      • chandra

        Did anybody got Visa

    • chandra

      Did You go to MOFA. Did you recieve the Visa brother

  • talha


    i applied for family visit visa in jeddah , COC done on 20 nov . can any one tell how many days should i wait more.

    • chandra

      Mine too. Did you ask anyone brother

      • habib

        Chandra…talha…anybody got visa

        • talha

          Not yet. Still waiting.

    • malik

      Mine took 2 week and thn directly approved.

      • younis

        Dear malik can u tell me ur application and coc date? when ur status wr changed?? I applied 11days ago bt still no newd? I dnt know wts wrong wed my application?

  • Danish

    Hi SaudiXpert,

    Kindly let me know that is it necessary to submit the Family visit visa application to MOFA after chamber of commerce. ?

    Many thanks,

  • Zohaib

    its my third application to bring my mother on visit at first it was rejected with a message apply again after hajj the next was stucked with a message to come to mofa after submitting my original paper for 1.5 months then i applied again on 16th November and this time it is stucked in coc message .

    My mother is all alone there waiting for this and its bin 3 months and am waiting for the status

    can anybody help on this wht is so wrong with my application every time :(

    • malik

      you should visit to office with original documents. i believe untill clearing your old request your new application will not be processed

  • malik shahzad

    in my first application mistakenly i put wrong kafil id but did not ratified from Coc then i filled the form again through online procedure and ratified from coc now its 10 days and status appearing coc done

    can anyone please tell me i should cancel my first application form or not by visiting moi office

  • dr younis

    Applied on 24nov bt still the same status. .tum estelam al talab ba tareekh 24/11/2014…when the status will change? how much it will take???

  • younis

    Wr r u guys? no rep

  • Kazim


    I would like to discuss my position and possibility to apply for visit visa.
    Actually, I am currently living in Yanbu and my Iqama Was issued from Nariya (Riyadh).
    Am I eligible to apply from Yanbu Chamber of Commerce. or should I go to Nariya (Riyadh) Chamber of Commerce.?

    Kindly Advise….
    Appreciate your Supports …

    • nabbasi

      Yes you can do this

  • DMS

    According to my recent experience this is how you should apply for Saudi family visit visa..

    1.visit the MOFA website as this page suggest and fill the application (required Saudi assistant )

    2. Take a print out and sign & put the date on applicant side.

    3. go to your HR department and asked them to put the authorized persons signature .(some company themselves will go to the chamber of commerce and attest the application on your behalf. )

    4. This is very important….AFTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE attestation on the application(either by you or by the company) it is necessary to activate the application by submit the same attested application to the Saudi foreign ministry . (IN JEDDHA IN SIDE THE CHAMBER OF COMMRCE BUILDING THERE IS A SEPARATE COUNTER WHICH ACTIVATES THE APPLICATION..SO IT VERY EASY IF YOU LIVE IN JEDDHA).

    6. once this is done regularly check the web site to see the status of the application..

    7. If every thing is ok you will receive the permission..

    8.Take a print out and E mail this to your family.. after that the concerned person can take the same print out along with all other documents mentioned in this web site and visit the home Saudi embassy .after couple of days your concerned person will receive the visa to visit you..

    thank you

    • Vinod

      Thanks for your kindness to share your experience. I had started my effort to get a visit visa on 11th November. Now i am stuck with the status says ” Receipt of your Request” . Today 11th December. still i am waiting…. May be i could bring my dear ones by March next year for kids school vacation…… online made more delay in this visa procedure…

      • Ashfaq

        dear Mr. Vinod
        had u got the visit visa for your family ?? from where have u applied Dammam/Riyadh/Jeddah ??

  • Qasim

    Hi, I applied for my family Online visit visa after chamber of commerce status of application did not change I take stamp of chamber of commerce on 23 November now more than two weeks no message from Ministry on website still old message what to do now?

  • Zohaib

    Dear friends i have got the visa for my mother on 8th December for 90 days

    Can any one tell me how many days i have to get it stamped from Pakistan and after stamping how much time she have to travel to Saudi Arabia ?

    Please reply its urgent.

    Thanks in advance

  • Vinod

    she need to stamp the visa with in 90 days. after stamping she need to land in KSA with in 30 days.

  • Zain

    Aslam o alaikum

    Can someone please send me the link of application form to apply for Family visit visa of KSA..

  • Yousuf

    Can I bring my brother on visit

  • Mudassar

    Could you please describe about this message? i was applied family visit after few days i received this message.

    نامل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال بياناتك بدقه كما هي بالاقامه


  • Syed Bilal shah

    But here the above mentioned you wrong about the profession.Because my profession is Mason and i got the family visit visa….

    Thank You

  • Asad khan

    i hear that family visit duration is 6 months not 9 months is it true? please reply.


      Dear Sir

      I have applied for my father visa it has already attested by C.O.C.
      My profession is STEVDORING CLEARK . Please advise.



    Hi Assalam,

    Thank you for your valuable service, well, I am planning to bring my mother on Visit Visa for the intention of performing the Umrah, but the issue is there is slight name difference in my passport on mother name, and the name mentioned in Mother passport is this cause reject on VISa…please guide in order to start applying. Awaiting your quick feedback,

    thank you,

    Dawood ali

  • Zeeshan Alvi

    Dear Sir

    I have applied family visit visa in Damam but now I am in Riyadh also my application status has been change and MOFA is calling me for bring Original Iqama with Application. I just want to asked you that I can go Riyad’s MOFA or should I go to Dammam MOFA with required documents??
    Looking forward to your kind reply.

  • Zeeshan Alvi

    Dear Sir

    I have applied family visit visa in Dammam but now I am in Riyadh also my application status has been change and MOFA is calling me for bring Original Iqama with Application. I just want to asked you that I can go Riyad’s MOFA or should I go to Dammam MOFA with required documents??
    Looking forward to your kind reply.

    • Vinod

      I think you can go to any MOFA offices in Kingdom. since the MOFA system is linked together all over in kingdom. and in MOFA website, it dosent mentioned any particular office to visit. try your luck.. visit MOFA in Riyadh.

  • asad khan

    thanks to Allah today i got visa with going to mofa.after 25 days.

  • MAK2010

    Dear Guys,
    I had applied visit visa for my family (wife and Daughter), two times and I got same status as mentioned below. I have provided all information as per iqama even profession but I received same error.

    نامل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال بياناتك بدقه كما هي بالاقامه

    Moreover i got visit visa in 2013 & used same data filed in my current applications. Only i changed my current position …but now I don’t know what the exact issue is? Please be note that just I change my position from “Building electrician” to General Accountant. My data is updated on MOI site online and I have updated iqama as per my current position “General Accountant”.

    I would be highly appreciated if any guy guide me for the same urgently , am waiting for yours prompt response.

  • Iqbal

    Dear Friend,

    I have following queries over visit visa:-

    1. My Father-in-Law is on 90 days visit visa in KSA I want to extend his stay to another 90 days if it is possible how many days before I have to apply I checked with the Absher (MOI online account) it says seven days before visa expire.

    2. On the save side I online request for an another visit visa while he is inside KSA from MOFA website and got printout my company also sign and stamp. In how many days I have present this visa request form to MOFA office.

    3. I am waiting if his first 90 days visa extended from MOI website then apply for another visit visa for 90 days from MOFA or I can go MOFA to process 2nd visit visa request because there is no relation between first and 2nd visit visa.

    4. If first visit visa extended for 90 days MOFA will issue another visit visa while he is inside kingdom.

  • Ashfaq

    I have applied for KSA Visit Visa for my parents on 29/12/2014 at east room DAMMAM, but until now no response from MOFA. usually how many days they will take to approve the application and granting the visit visa for parents. can any one is there to help me.????

  • asif


    I have got to know that the family visa process has changed. and got online, no need to visit jawazaat or foreign office any more.
    do any body know the procedure, how can i apply for my parents by new procedure.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Faisal Asif

    I have Family Visit Visa which is issued by MOFA only. It is not stamped from Pakistan. I want to cancel this visa. what is the procedure to cancel it from Saudi Arabia.

  • abid

    hi friends

    please any one till me that after getting this message that تم استلام الطلب how many days it will take more to get the visa, 9 days before this message came on family visa status,

    thank you

  • Qadar Shaikh

    Can i bring my friend on visit?


    I applied for Visiting Visa to my parents on 18th of January 2015. But still the status was showing تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 9188556 ) بتاريخ 2015/01/18 (غرفة جدة) . Anyone knows how many days needs to be wait again to receive the changed status?

    • Vinod

      Dear Friend, Submit a new application ASAP. I heard that, starting from Feb 01, a new stystem implimented by MOFA. that is why, I have instructed by MOFA to submit a new application. least week.


    Dear Sir,

    It is possible to get visit visa for my wife with my parents. i have Technical Accounts profession (Fani hisaabathul a’am).


    Dear All,
    Assalamu alikum,

    Finally, my application status was chaged after 25 days into “نأمل تقديم طلب جديد وتدوين رقم تأشيرة الدخول”. Unfortunately, received information was not good to me. Concerning to this, I have checked with my passport and confirmed that provided visa number was correct. Then I don’t know why they told me to submitt it again. Can you please help me anyone knows regarding this issue. Is it related to my visa number in Passport or any other things?

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  • Waseem

    As salam o alaikum,

    will some body tell me that can i bring my grandmother here in saudi arabia on visit with my wife and child. i m waiting for ur kind answer.

  • Shahid Abbas

    My Question can i apply for mother in law visit visa ??

  • jamal ahmad

    salam my question can my cousin invited me in visit visa plz.

  • sakso videoları

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.
    I will always bookmark your blog and definitely will come back from now on. I want to encourage you to continue your great work, have a nice day!

  • Mohammed Farhan

    I have applied almost one month before after but still showing the chamber status only. Till how many days we should wait for the next update, can someone tell me…….

  • Edythe

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I find
    It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer one thing again and help others like you helped me.

  • Sameer

    Asssalamu Alaikum
    I have got family visit visa on 27-04-1436 for my wife and daughter. I sent the same to the agent with all the required documents for stamping. But now he says that it was submited for stamping but was returned. The reason for return is, it is not reached in counsulate. What should I do ? Expecting your earlier reply

  • Ajmal Hussain

    Salam o Alikum,

    Can I apply visit visa for my mother in law with my wife

  • http://familyvisitvisa Nisar ali

    assalamo alikum my friends
    con i get for our family visit visa in this profession حداد تسليح بناء please help me please please please my friends reply me soon.

  • Mubeen

    Assalamu alaikum.. I was trying to apply visit visa for my family. and i filled the National identity number consists of 10 digits(iqama number) and iqama expiry date in arabic farmat. and my date of birth in arabic farmat.. but i am getting error لرجاء التأكد من صحة وادخال جميع الحقول الإلزامية there are only three buckets to fill and i filled three as above.. still its asking me to check the mandatory fills.. please suggest me in applying visit visa.. thank you.

    • vinod

      better go to a general sevice office and get it filled by them. that is the best way …

    • zaid

      brother in first step there are three brackets,
      1 ) fill u r iqama number
      2 ) fill u r iqama expiry date
      3 ) fill u r visa number which is consists of 10 digit number (it wil be right top of visa )

  • lateef

    My degree is biotechnology and my iqama profession is “quality control inspector”. Can I get family visa on this?

    • vinod

      yes you can. you need to apply the visit visa through online. you will get approved within 3 or 4 weeks..

  • Riyaskhan

    Dear Sir,

    My Wife and daughter is already in Saudi Arabia by Visit Visa, Now I want to bring my parents to here in Saudi Arabia. Is it possible to get a visit visa while I have already one??? Pls answer this question.

    • Saudi Xpert

      Riyaskhan, It is possible. It depends on the mood of the person approving.

  • Hussain

    Dear Friends,

    I have applied visit visa of my Parents and now online status showes as following;
    الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول

    Please let me know what is Next step?

    Best regards

    • Usman Pardesi

      thats ur visa issued dude send copy to home country for stamping from embassy

    • friend

      it means your visa is issued from mofa send visa copy along with your documents by email to your country to stemp visa there

    • Shaikh

      Ask local agent in your country to process the visa. Send this visa page as picture format, and also send scan copy of your Iqama to your parents, ask them to print and give this along with passports to the agent. Agent will guide if any farther documents are necessary.

  • Ratheesh

    I have submitted visit visa application for my mother. Status shows as below تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 9566796 ) بتاريخ 2015/03/08 (غرفة الشرقية)
    Do I wait more days or submit another application.

    Thanks in advance for reply.

  • Tayyeba Akram

    are visit and family visas in saudiarabia closed now a days?

    please tell me,

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Its open but it will take time to get visa

      • Tayyeba Akram

        when i click on “New family visa application” the status in red color is:
        “Sorry! Female applicants are not eligible to apply for Istiqdam Family
        Visa via this electronic service. Please visit Istiqdam offices”
        why it is like this?

        • Mohammed Ahmed

          they not allowing females to apply online for permanent visa but you can apply thru istiqdam

    • Sahim

      Did you got visa for your family ?

      • Tayyeba Akram

        when i click on “New family visa application” the status in red color is:
        “Sorry! Female applicants are not eligible to apply for Istiqdam Family
        Visa via this electronic service. Please visit Istiqdam offices”
        i dont know why it is like this?

  • visi service

    Dear All
    My profession System technician …can I get visit visa for my sister ????

    • sakeer peringady

      ofcoz you will get,, but u have to submit a medical report that your wife is pregnant and need a companion to take care of her.. try to submit manually at Istiqdam,, not at mofa site.

      • azej

        Hi sir,i am a MOH staff,so automatic no need to get COC.Im just wondering some of my colleagues got their visa after 3 days but for me,since the system was updated,(i submitted March 30)still showing the receipt of the request.I am just wondering though if i forgot to pay some fees that’s why my application is not processing.They just scan my application,is there anything i forgot?please help

        • sakeer peringady

          requested for? relation.?
          usually request for husband/wife/children will be accepted within few days,
          however parents and other relation will take time.

          • azej

            i requested for my husband.I think it’s taking time.I submitted March 30

  • Visa Service …..
    • sakeer peringady

      choose relation other category,,, and write relation as sister..

  • Amir Afzal

    kindly send me the link to check profession for visit visa eligible or not

    • sakeer peringady

      any profession under labor category is not accepted,,, even saloon barber is eligible.

      • Mohammad Shabaz Athar

        Every one is applicable except House Driver and House Maid.

  • Imran Sayed

    There are two errors in the above post.

    1. Visit visa is not issued for brother and sister. Its only for Father mother wife and children
    2. The correct fees is 50 Saudi Riyal. For CoC 25 SR and online authentication of visa from MoFA is 25 SR. CoC will take 50 SR and provide a receipt of 25 SR for online authentication of visa applied.

    • sakeer peringady

      cheated for 25 riyal.. lol

  • Amjad

    I am Electrical Engineer by profession .Can I get visit visa for my elder brother(54 years age) ??

  • Amjad

    My profession is Electrical Engineer , can I get visit visa for my elder sister (58 years age ,a widow) ???What documents do I need to submit for her visit visa ???

  • Rashid

    My profession is electronics technician, can I apply visit visa for my sister in law.

  • sakeer peringady

    is visit visa valid for one year from the date of issue?? so i can keep for stamping after 8 months..

  • Khalid

    I have applied for family visit visa but the application was rejected by ministry.My iqama is valid and profession is Electrical Technician Extensions “فني كهربائ تمديدات”.Am i eligible to get the family visit visa.

    • Abdul Rahim

      You Should Get visit visa, My Iqama is also same and my family use to visit here in ksa

      • Khalid

        Can u help me out the procedure how to apply fr visit visa..Xplian the steps if u like plz..

        • Abdul Rahim

          sure my pleasure , but I Applied by normal process, if its rejected once, please try again..

  • russell

    I am a Bangladeshi National . My profession is ( Quantity Serveyor – Haseeb Kam-mi-yaat ) . Am I eligible for family visit visa ? please reply me.

    • sakeer peringady

      bangalis’ aplications to be rejected automatically,,,however engineers and doctors can apply

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  • Tanvir Ahmad Sheikh

    My family is on permanent KSA visa except one son of age 24 years who is student of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan. He is not eligible for permanent visa and feels loneliness without his family specially in summer vacation and Eid Holidays. Please advise and help for permanent visa. Thanks. Tanvir Mechanicaln Engineer Iqama # 2308242441

    • sakeer peringady

      aply for a company visit visa thru your company,, as profession short term project engineer,
      so your company can renew,,,

  • Guest

    Hi i am employee MInistry of health consultant surgeon , before many years i jus apply online visa for parents and post to MOFA riyadh, and visa easily stamped but now i have applied month ago still not get. My queiry is this is necessasry to go to Chamber of commerce and stamped. Because for MOH profession no need COC . Plz reply

  • Guest

    i am employee MInistry of health consultant surgeon , before many years i jus apply online visa for parents and post to MOFA riyadh, and visa easily stamped but now i have applied month ago still not get. My queiry is this is necessasry to go to Chamber of commerce and stamped. Because for MOH profession no need COC . Plz reply

    • sakeer peringady

      ya no need,,,

  • Dr shaikh

    i am employee MInistry of health consultant surgeon , before many years every time i jus apply online visa for parents and post to MOFA riyadh, and visa easily stamped but now i have applied month ago still not get. My queiry is this is necessasry to go to Chamber of commerce and stamped. Because for MOH profession no need COC . Plz reply

  • shan ummer

    I am working ministry of health as staff nurse,I have taken
    visit visa for mother in law and father in law but mistakenly it was
    wrote Down mother and father visa is issued but written as mother and
    kindly give suggestion whether there will be any problem for them to come in this visa.whether i need to cancel this visa

    • sakeer peringady

      no prob, they will stamp visa from embassy abroad,

      • Shan Ummer

        If it is not stamped from India how can cancel this visa what
        is the procedure? If i cancelled this visa if it possible for me to take
        another one.

        • sakeer peringady

          no need to cancel, just apply new one,,

  • Rizwan Zafar

    Aoa. You have mentioned that brother and sister can be invited on visit visa but I have applied many many times for my brother and sister’s visit visa. However, they always refused. How can I get a visit visa for my brother and sister. Is there any special procedure?

    • sakeer peringady

      aply more your mother,,along with brother,, and mention relation “other” and enter it as ” companion of old age mother”

  • Mr khan

    I applied for my mother in law visa,after 20 days status changed into
    “مدة الزيارة المطلوبة أعلى من تاريخ صلاحية اقامة صاحب الطلب”
    Can u tell me whats the meaning of it???

    • sakeer peringady

      it means your iqama valildity not enough to issue visa.. validity should be more than 3 months



        • sakeer peringady

          usually they dont approve for brothers, in case if your brother is accompanying your old aged mother,, then only he will get visa,, so apply for your mother and add your brother as companion,,

    • Mr khan

      Its mean visa is rejected??

    • rishila

      Ur coc date?

  • Farhan Nazar
  • Shan Ummer

    Visit visa is not stamped from India how can cancel this visa what
    is the procedure? If i cancelled this visa if it possible for me to take
    another one.

  • Shariq tanvir

    Please tell me the validity of saudia family visit visa. How much time will it be valid after issuance. And after how many days will I have to travel after get it stamp on my passport. Thanks

  • Waqas

    Please tell me if today i got visit visa than how many days i have to stamp the visa 90 Days or not? and after stamping the visa i have 30 days to travel?

  • Saleem

    Kindly tell me brother and sister is allowed on visit visa ? I’ve very bad experience I applied several times for sister but always rejected. Anyone applied recently after online implementation. Please let me know.

  • shams

    I want to know the Visit visa (to ksa) Validity before stamping

  • Saleem

    I’ve Bachelor degree in Arts and attested by Saudi embassy but my profession on Iqama is “Oil Technician”, Can i get the permanent Family visa.

  • Bealley

    visit visa must be travel return ticket? or one side

    • dolli4u

      yes with return ticket

  • Ishan Ghaniwala

    my wife permanent visa application is reject by MOFA even it was approved by MOI and i got confirmation message with visa number.
    its not showing any rejection….
    do you have any idea why it could be rejected?

  • Mark

    My Father is getting me a VISIT VISA. Is the visa stamped in KSA or in my home country? i can delay stamping for 3 months but i have to travel within a month of stamping is this correct? what happens when i fail to leave within a month, is it still possible to get a new visa? looking forward to your reply

    • sakeer peringady


  • Wajahat Afzal

    do anyone has information regarding MOI online family visa services. My question is that Once visa issued what is the validity (Expiry) of family permanent visa before stamping? Kindly advise me so i can plan further…

  • shams

    Assalamu alaikum..
    I am an Engineer.But my wife is in visit visa now in KSA.I wan to bring my parents in visit visa.Is it possible to bring my Parents without having family status.Please reply

    • sakeer peringady

      your profession in iqama is quite enough

  • Waseem Abbas


    • sakeer peringady

      at least 90 days validity needed

  • Mubeen

    I have applied for my family visit visa online and done CoC on 09 April. and status is showing as The ratification of the request: (9594371) on 09.04.2015 (East Room ). what id does mean..?

    • azej

      U need to go dammam and submit your application

      • Mubeen

        do i need to wait for 7 days? as its just been two days.

        • azej

          no need,just go there in dammam mofa,show your request to them,make sure you had the paper printed and signed by your employer then they will scan there

  • russell

    I am a Bangladeshi National . My profession is ( Quantity Serveyor – Haseeb Kam-mi-yaat ) . Is this profession eligible for family visit visa ? please reply me . 0551861281

  • Umer Waqas

    I have applied visit visa for my Father and my Wife, but the application was rejected by ministry as replied (تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب). and they didn’t mentioned any reson for rejection, My iqama is valid and profession is General Supervisor “مراقب عام”. could anyone tell me why they reject or what i have to do…

    Thank you.

    • azej

      when did you apply sir?

      • azej

        did you follow the steps in applying visa?

    • lowen

      Keep applying .. Insh Allah it will be accepted my husband had all the right stuff but was rejected 3 times for me to come with no given reason till they accepted 4th time.

  • Mubeen

    My online visa status is show as below

    الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول (Please print the document and review of the Representation of the Kingdom to issue a visa) what shall i do next? please suggest me with the procedure.. thank you.

    • azej

      maybe they need proofs,better to go there and bring all the necessary stuff you need to bring and just show them

  • azej

    Is anybody here knows how many days will it take time for the visit visa?For me,it took already two weeks and still my status is ( the receipt of the request)which means under process,right?

  • Mr khan

    What is the validity of visit visa before stamping??

  • Fazilath Mujir

    asa!can nyone tell what dis meansتعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلبi

  • Fazilath Mujir

    v applyd visit visa for my daughter n grand daughter on 12 april coc on same date tdy status changed like dis,nw wt to do can nyone help,thanks.تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب

  • Muhammad

    can I log another application by adding sister after getting mother’s visa? could it effect my already approved application for mother?

  • Tayyeba Akram

    when i click on “New family visa application” the status in red color is:
    “Sorry! Female applicants are not eligible to apply for Istiqdam Family
    Visa via this electronic service. Please visit Istiqdam offices”
    why it is like this?

    • Abdul Shukoor

      This is the rule of passport department

      • Tayyeba Akram

        then how can i apply?
        non of the females can apply online?

        • Abdul Shukoor

          You can apply Istiqdam office you get your visa immidiately

  • Asiff

    ho i can get the list of profession eligible for permanent family visa with government website

  • Amjad

    Will they issue family visa for data entry operator

  • Mark

    just a quick survey, how long did i take for your visit visa to be apprroved?

    • Abdul Shukoor

      After COC stamp max two weeks