Grace period announcement – Share your story

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We are looking forward to hearing success/failure stories & experience of fellow expatriates regarding :

– Iqama transfer from Red / Yellow company  to Green.

– Getting Huroob removed and transfer to another company

– Profession change – How did you do it & how long it took.

– Other government related issues.

Share your experiences below in the comment section.

Who knows, someone in same position as you can help you…



  • foysal ahmed bashir

    need my iqama number my passport number is. A0763384

  • mohamed arsath

    sir i need to change my profession how to do this give me the best idea…

  • zaroonbawa

    Dear sir,
    My name on iqama is totally different from passport in arabic and also in english spellings are not the same, when i ask my sponsor to correct it, he said it needs First passport on which visa sticker was stamped but unfortunately i have lost that very first passport. although information is transfered on my current passport but sponsor is not able to correct it.
    Is there any procedure to correct it ?

    • SaudiXpert

      You can go directly to Passport office (Jawazat) and check with them regarding how to rectify the status.

  • Asraf

    Is there any hope to extend the grace period?

    • SaudiXpert

      We can always hope for good.
      Seeing the current situation where thousand of people are still trying to rectify the situation and the Passport and labor offices unable to handle the pressure, it seems logical that they should extend the deadline. But, will they ?

  • mahfuzul

    my iqama and passport with my employer i am working last eight years in saudi arabia but i leave my sponser last eight years ago now i dont have any photocopy or original iqama and passport how can i get document or any suggestion to legal my visa status

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly approach your embassy. In such a situation, they can advise the best course of action for your case.

  • mahfuzul

    my iqama and passport with my sponser i have nothing document how can find document

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly approach your embassy. In such a situation, they can advise the best course of action for your case.

  • khurram

    I want to ask that I was in huroob previously but my kafeel has said that he will remove it. He has removed the huroob from ministry of labour but still it is in huroob from ministry of interior. Can you plz guide how much time ministry of interior takes to remove huroob as mol took 3days for huroob removal.

    • SaudiXpert

      With the current high load of work at the jawazat, it is hard to predict.
      Ask you kafeel to do follow up with Jawazat after another 3 days.

      • khurram

        Thanks Alot. May ALLAH bless you.

  • I want to ask about my eqama,i am working in zaharan company for 3 years but until now I have no eqama,i was absorbed from afras company last 2010 was my finished contract after that Im working in zharan company until present,now I need to go final exit because its already 6years without vacation,but my employer told me to wait until my eqama ill be renew,now adays I am afraid about my situation because of my status that have no eqama,my mind always disturbed every time I can emagine my situation,i am not a run away,i am a legal worker works to zaharan company,please help me to solve this problem as early as july 3,2013,thank you…………….

  • SaudiXpert

    This is the right time for you to leave – if you have your passport with you, just approach the passport office (jawazat) and tell that you want to go on final exit. If finger printing is already done and there are no claims against you by your employer, they will grant you exit visa. Do it before the grace period end.
    And most important of all, visit / call your embassy as they having different days for different nationalities at the govt. offices.

  • sumon

    I have my old passport copy with visa page, and my iqama is still valid, also i get new passport (without visa) from our embassy,

    my sponsor put hurub on my iqama number, according to the grace concession i can catch new sponsor and rectify the status, but i am hearing from so many person that jawajat doesn’t receive new passport (to rectify their status) in this case what the next step i can take.or what the procedure to go ahead to rectify the status.

    your valuable advice will help me lot and will be very much appreciated.

    • SaudiXpert

      In the current situation, where the rules are changing on daily basis and so many rumors going around, I suggest you go and try it our for yourself. It would be good if you have an Arabic speaking person with you. Best of luck.
      Let us what is the update.

      • sumon

        thank you so much for your valuable reply,

        i already arranged with new employer and they will do it, but they are very slow, so i am afraid that i mightn’t be able to complete within the grace period. if i would know what the time may consume to complete this procedure so i could decide either to depend on this employer or to find alternative way to make it fast.

        thanks a lot.

        • SaudiXpert

          You are welcome.
          All the best.

          • sumon


            I am planning to change my iqama profession here in KSA , but i can’t specify that which profession i can chose while i am working as secretary/document controller.

            expecting some suggestion from all of you.

  • n my wife lived in jeddah before 7 years in umra visa please give me information kindly help me what about if she go pakistan with finger prints what she whil return back jeddah saudia on family visa

    • SaudiXpert

      As per the current announcement it says you can.
      However, why don’t you transfer her locally instead of going back during the grace period ?

      • dear when i go to maktab amal for the information about dakhli visa, so there is so many maktab for this every maktab told me this announcement is not for family status but u can bring me here if u apply in istaqdaam. and she w ill comeback to here again, dear my profession is FUNNY AJHAZA TAHKAM (EQUIPMENT CONTROL TECHNICIAN) it possible here to do it so pls let me procedure. thanks nd best regards.

  • sir aactully family ke enternal visa to close hain or khaddam ke vise per kafil bohat tease kerte hain or phir after one year me apne akame per lesakta hun kia ye sahi he kia locally family visa ka koi procedure he to please help me kindly please thanks

  • Umair Ghouri

    Dear Sir,

    I would likt to seek your assistance in regards to my transfer of sponsorship to new company.

    FYI, my profeisson is (House Servant) Amel Manzili and gave my all documents to my new company in order to do smooth transfer, but they asked me to bring 3 letters from my existing sponsor which are as follows:

    1. a letter from kafeel to my new company stating no objection of transfer
    2. a letter to jawazat (IQRAR TANAZUL) & should be stamped by jawazat.

    My kafeel refused to provide me such letters, therefore kindlt advise me what shall i do?


    • SaudiXpert

      If your iqama is not expired and you are not in huroob, then you need the permission of your previous sponsor. Without these letter, it is not possible to transfer. Try talking to previous sponsor and convince him to give you release.

  • Dear,
    Salam w rehma my wife is here from 9 years on umra visa if i want to transfer her with me, it can be possible or not? if possible so pls let me tell the procedure or if she go-back to home country, she can comeback or not? and wht about the extension of 3 july.

    thanks and best regards

    • mohammad layeeque

      respected friend i am facing the same problem please let me know if you get any information regarding this

  • Jemal

    please what is the way to get Iqama to my wife who came 10 years before with umrah visa?
    can I sponser her, b/e my visa permit ?
    or can she come back if she leaves after finger print?

    • SaudiXpert

      She can come back after she leaves on a new visa, if you can arrange it.

  • Ahmad

    My kafeel took 4700 riyal to give me the transfer from last 11 days i am waiting that he will give me my passport and required documents, and he never gave his Saudi ID to me

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly follow up with your kafeel. Ask him for a date by which he will finish the work. And avoid giving money in advance. Only give when he gives the required documents in your hand.

  • Tamer Abduh

    saudess suck!!

  • aya

    what is the procedure in cancelling huroob ? and transfer me as dependent of my husband. i get already my printout in jawazat. what form my husband to fill out. his company give him letter of declaring his salary attested by chamber of commerce and application letter to istigdam. kindly need your help.. thank

  • AlsoInSameBoat

    Dear Expert,
    I have been having same problem, sponsor refused to renew iqama , make hurroob but I complained to Labor minister and cancelled. Now Labor Ministry is refusing to call or punish sponsor, saying I must leave KSA and transfer not allowed. I got new job and applied transfer in grace period. How I cant transfer in this Grace period? also, can I go to court to claim money for 7 months I was waiting for final exit ?I not working 7 nths wating final exit and sponsr lied

  • Mohammed

    Dear Sir,

    Today (10/08l2013) is the last date for my exit reentry visa to saudi arabia. Due to some personal matters i couldn’t reached saudi up to now. Can any one let me know that is there any grace period (1 or 2 days with the expiry date) for my exit reentry visa to saudi, so that i can start immediately to KSA and shall not face any problem with the Airport Authorities.

    Kindly help me regarding this matter as early as possible, Jazaak Allahu Khairan.

  • Mohammed

    Dear Sir,

    Today (10/08/2013) is the last date for my exit reentry visa to saudi arabia. Due to some personal reasons i couldn’t reached saudi even now. Can any one let me know that is there any grace period (1 or 2 days with the expiry date) for my exit reentry visa to saudi, so that i can start immediately to KSA and shall not face any problems with the Airport Officials about my exit reentry to Saudi Arabia.

    Kindly help me regarding this matter as early as possible, Jazaak Allahu Khairan.

  • arif khan

    I came on saudi on 07 june 2013 in green category company on employment visa.i have 3 year contract but after arrival company is not good.i got another job but my sponser is not giving me release or final iqama is not made.what i do.can i get transfer without my sponser permission kept my passport.can i get advantage of grance period .plzz sugeest me.


    Dear Sir,

    I am working here in Jeddah as a nurse for 8 months now to be exact on October 21, 2013. still i don’t have my Iqama and my Saudi license.
    they always say tomorrow. . or next week…. they even lost my original copy of my Prometrics (certificate of my exam taken in Phils.) Sir I want to go back to Phils. what is my chance . . . Not only me but i have a colleague also for 2 yrs of their contract the did not received their Iqama.

    please help me give me some idea Sir.

    Thank You



    my contract is still ongoing but it is not my fault that i don’t have my Iqama. Sir can I also ask my hospital for some penalty . . . Can i ask them to pay my remaining year of my contract . How can I go back to the Phil. If i dont have my Iqama. . how can i request for exit visa. my passport and all of my documents original copy are with my employer. I need your help pls help us I am suffering from a psychological trauma now sir pls help me. pls.

    waiting from your reply soon. ..

    Thank you very much and more power. .

  • zunaif

    sir i h

  • zunaif

    sir my iqama is in the status of huroob.kafeel given me passport and chamber letters. i gave it to the company which i am working now.when they went to get my iqama transferred they told my iqama is huroobed and kafeel has to take take back the huroob because it was put after new law came after shahban.but when i tol about this to my kafeel he told that he cant take back the huroob because of he put huroob after shaban new rule.plzzzzz anyone suggest me what sahould i do?as soon as possible

  • Mohiuddin

    i ma working as third party, can after 3rd November is it Possible work as third party or i shlould leave this Job

    • SaudiXpert

      It is not clear what the authorities will decide on this point after 3rd November.
      It is a wait and see situation.
      You can ask your employer(s) to check with jawazat.
      You may think of taking your monthly vacation from 3rd November and see how things settle down after a month.

  • mohiudin

    if someone go for exit renetry for one month period but but he did not come back then also his Iqama is Expire then can he come in his new Visa and New Sponsor
    or not
    explain this poiint

    • SaudiXpert

      I heard of guy who went on exit re entry and came back on a new visa with a new sponsor.
      But I do not know what were his exact circumstances.

      If any of our viewers have any idea on this point, kindly share.

  • mohiudin

    i have two years agreement with my Kafeel i want go for Vacation of one month but he allowing me for Vacation he demands me 5000 SR for Guarantee
    what i can do now

    • SaudiXpert

      Your question is not clear,
      if you are going for vacation after completion of your two years contract, then your sponsor has no right to stop you. Legally you can approach the labor court if the sponsor does give you your rights. However, practically labor cases take long time to resolve.

  • mohiudin

    i have two years agreement with my Kafeel i want go for Vacation of one month but he allowing me for Vacation he demands me 5000 SR for Guarantee what i can do now but i have competed only one Year.

  • mohiudin

    No reply question, i have completed only one year yet can i go for Vacation but my kafeel wants 5000 SR as Guarantee .what can i do

  • mohiudin

    whats are the latest rules when exit re entry visa expired and due to some personal reason i wasnt able to come back
    or can i get new Vesa under new sponser

  • mohiudin

    i send two Questions but no answer………….. why

  • Radwan Ahmad

    Dear Sir,
    I want to change my profession,and I have talked so many times to my company HR department but all the time I was replied that I must have a collage degree. But I have not.please give me a solution what can I do to change my profession?

    • SaudiXpert

      Change to a profession where college is not required.

  • rohit

    my visa grace period has been expired how i know my status that i’m legal or illegal my kafil isn’t make my iqama .

    • SaudiXpert

      If your kafeel does not make your iqama within 3 months of your arrival, then you are considered illegal.
      As the Grace period is ending soon, I suggest that you approach your embassy to resolve your issue.

  • sara

    assalamualaikum am divorced and my kafil is my husband .since i cant take transfer on my dads
    iquama…i dont want to give my passport and iquama to my husband for his renewal benefit
    as he threatens to put me on exit ….can he issue an exit without my passport and iquama …how can i protect my self….he also snatched iquama and passport from me and has applied for his renewal

  • enuddeen

    Dear sir,
    Currently i am working with an organisation in ksa.My contract is 2 yrs.Even after the completion of 2 years my compnay is not giving me the final exit.I dont want to come back to this same company.Can any body help me in getting the procedure for final exit.

  • Ahmed

    Sir, I came in August on a new visa fresh into Saudi Arabia on Funny etisalat profession, Till today my kafeel says he already applied my Iqama and will get in 2 /3 days. But still i did not recieved anything such. Can you please suggest me what will be my next go.
    Thank you in advance. Ahmed

  • Shaju Siraj

    Dear Sir,
    Assalamu Alaikkum,
    I am an indian presently staying in Saudi since 1year under my wife;s sponsorship and she is doctor by profession. now i got a new job in a famous company and they are ready to take my transfer from my family iqama to a job iqama as per the new rule.. can you please suggest the procedure to transfer my family iqama to the new company.

    Thanks in Advance
    Shaju Siraj

  • abdus sami

    assalamu alaikum,
    before iqama expire if we put for tanazul request comes to present qafeel, if we sent request aftr iqama expire, request will comeor no ?

  • suresh oberio

    Dear All,

    I need to change my sponser, my current sponser is in red category.
    His chamber of commerce expired.
    My new sponser is asking me to do chamber of commerce on tanazul papers.
    What to do ??
    Please help me one,,,

  • kalyan

    What is Iqrar Tanazul,please explian?

  • Jun Arsenal


    Could i ask you if there’s a grace period during renewal of Iqama? Because my passport was also expired and the procedure is should have a valid passport when renewing of iqama. There’s a possibilities that i can not catch the date the time when my iqama be expired , due to the scheduling procedure to our embassy in renewing the passport thru online priority list.

    Looking forward to your positive response.


    Jun Arsenal

  • Mohammed khan

    Dear Mr. Steve,
    My Iqama Profession is Cartographer I am not a Engineer,
    I would like to know that still the system is closed or opened from MOI for changing the Iqama profession.
    hoping for an early and positive response
    Mohammed Khan