Hike In Petrol Price In KSA

Hike In Petrol Price in KSA (1)

  • moideenkutty

    i want to take my vehicle to UAE by road (driven) what are the procedures to fulfill from Saudi Trafic

    • Saif

      Hello moideenkutty,

      There is nothing special you have to do from traffic department. Just usual things like your car’s registration is valid and is in your name, valid car’s insurance, valid drivers license. In case your car is leased then you must have an authority (tafweedh) letter from bank/agency.
      For GCC residents, it is now a must to apply for a UAE visa prior to enter the country which can be done through this website (https://www.gdrfa.ae/GCCIND/switchLocale.do?userAction=switchToEnglish)

      • moideenkutty

        Thank you

  • In the newspaper I saw that new prices will be applied on 11th January but I see patrol pumps now selling fuel at new higher prices, why ?

  • sher agha

    how to extend exit re entry visa from pakistan

  • M Anwer.

    I have two cars and I parked one of my car near a building parking but once I went there to sale it then I couldnt find it there, some one told me that It has been taken by Baldiya Jeddah,now its about one year ,Pl let me know how to take it from Baldiya and if they will charge something and what is the procedure to get it back.