How to check status of change of sponsorship / iqama transfer from Raqm al Talab

Now you can check the change of sponsorship status or the iqama transfer status if you have the application number (raqm at-talab).

(If you want to check the status using your iqama number, click this link.)

The Ministry of Labor, Saudi Arabia, now provides online service to check the status of sponsorship transfer.

Unfortunately there is no English version for the site.

Hence, we give below the step by step procedure:


First we suggest that you use “Google Chrome” browser to check the status as they have instant Arabic to English translate option. To know more about Arabic to English Translate see our article here.

However, you can follow the below steps in any other browser also and later copy and paste the results in translator.



Click on Ministry of Labor website link given below:

Ministry of Labor website



Then click the drop down menu and select the last item. See the photo below for more details.

Iqama transfer status 1


Then go to the last item on drop down menu and click it.


Iqama transfer status 2


Your application number will be in the following format :


For example, say your application number is


There are three parts to this application number and they have to be filled in sequence on the page.

Fill the page as indicated below picture and press enter.

Raqm at talab 1


You will get the status of your Transfer.



If you get the below page; that means that your transfer is done in maktab al aaml (Labor office). Congrats!!!

Your sponsor(kafeel) or the company HR needs to followup with Jawazat, complete the process there and get the new iqama.

Raqm at talab 2

You can also check the date on which the transfer was done; click here to see how.


If however, if you get the below page, that means it has been declined by Labor office. Your sponsor or company HR needs to visit Labor office and check the reason for rejection of the application and provide the required documents or fulfill the necessary conditions.

Raqm at talab 3


You can translate the page using “Google Chrome” translate service. For more information regarding translation see here.


  • mohammed khaja moinuddin


    • Abdul Azeem

      Dear Mr. Mohammed Khaja Moinuddin,

      Is your Driving license got exchanged in Sipco – Pepsi (Jeddah).

      If so, Please contact urgently @ 0553996044.

  • shahid

    how cAN I CHECK profession change number

  • Naseer

    Thanks for launching such a useful and informative site.its realy helpful people.

  • donna

    I’ve been working in a company for 5 months they told me that they will trasnfer me but until now they haven’t yet,although i have an application number in ministry of labor before it shows there that they are my kafil but the ministry of labor denied the is there a possibility for me to be transfer if my company will do again for the second time?what is the reason why they denied?i have all the requirement the old passport with entry visa and i have print out from jawazat.

  • mushthaq

    when i check with my raqm al talab it shows under study (thahath dharasa)

  • mushthaq

    what does under study means

  • moidin saleem

    Dear sir, my iqama number as follows 2266735139, for transferring to new company sent transfer request to my current sponsor but my current sponsor did not received any more transfer request for accepting by him self since 23/06/2014 .my transfer request no 6 15981 1435 . any body please tell me why my current sponsor did not receive transfer request.

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  • kashifrazzaq

    if showing this word لم تتم الموافقة.
    what is the meaning my sponsorship changing in process.

  • Sohaib

    can anyone please confirm what is the exact status shown (in arabic) when the request is sucessfully received by current kafeel and is pending his approval
    My new company has already applied online but my current company hasn’t received any online request yet. When check on MOL website the status shown is “Under Study(tahat-al-darasa)” at the moment

    • Dear Sohaib

      Has anyone replied to you. I am too in same situation as yours.

      • Mohammad | Same here

        I’m also in the same situation.Please update here if something new happen.

        Thank you.

    • minhaj

      Hi Shoaib

      Can you forward details for above reason that “Under Study” at Ministry.

      • Minhaj

        Alhamdulilla its Approved its has taken 3-4 weeks for process under study.


      I am also facing the same issue regarding my iqama transfer, It shows as “UNDER STUDY” Please let me know what it mean and what is the following process to complete the transfer!!!

  • amear

    when Iam checking my sponser ship status this its displaying the below Arabic sentence
    لا توجد طلبات تحقق الشروط
    what does this means?

  • sher baz

    i need open/azad visa profanation Funny
    plz tell how i get this visa?

  • Asmat

    Especially Thanks to Saudi Government

    For giving a facility of Web using or check current status.
    It is working 100 % & good Web

  • rehmna arshad

    how i can check my iqama profession anyone tell that

  • mohd rashid


    I am MOHD RASHID i have 06 month experience as a ”Document Controller” in Saudi Aramco project awarded to RAJEH H. MARRI & SONS COMPANY, KSA in contracting department. which is an oil & gas pipeline construction company
    (Website :

    Right now I am facing lot of problems is that my company still not provided me IQAMA & Also Salary since last 6 months as of the date of joining, that’s why i am trying to find better opportunity.

    Furthermore, my company pay my work permit amount 1000 saudi riyal something but they do not pay my iqama fees. so according to saudi labour low i can very easily transfer to another company without my sponsor permission.

    Kindly do the needful for me.

    Thanks & regard

    Email:- [email protected]

  • Abu Rafa


  • s i bappe

    Attention guys, we serve for visiting visa issue for family without any kafil stamp/signature or any other things
    we needs just your iqama No. (1-2) days within handover you visa copy 0547205611
    نوٹ لوگ، ہم کسی بھی kafil سٹیمپ / دستخط یا کسی بھی دوسری چیزوں کے بغیر خاندان کے لیے ویزا دینے میں آنے کے لئے کی خدمت
    ہم صرف آپ کے Iqama کے نمبر کی ضرورت ہے حوالے کے اندر (1-2) دنوں آپ ویزا 0547205611 کی کاپی
    ശ്രദ്ധാപൂർവ്വം, ഞങ്ങൾ കാസിപ്പ് സ്റ്റാമ്പ് / ഒപ്പ് കൂടാതെ മറ്റേതെങ്കിലും കാര്യമില്ലാതെ കുടുംബത്തിന് വിസ വിതരണം സന്ദർശിക്കുന്നതിന് വിളമ്പുന്നു
    ഞങ്ങൾക്ക് നിങ്ങളുടെ ഇക്മാമ നമ്പർ (1-2) ദിവസം വിസ പകർപ്പ് 0547205611 ആവശ്യമായി വരും
    लोगों को ध्यान में रखते हुए, हम परिवार के लिए किसी भी काफिल टिकट / हस्ताक्षर या किसी अन्य चीज के बिना वीजा जारी करने के लिए सेवा करते हैं
    हमें सिर्फ आपके iqama नंबर (1-2) दिनों के भीतर आपको वीजा की कॉपी 0547205611 की आवश्यकता है
    মনোযোগ সহকারে, আমরা কোনো কাফিলের স্ট্যাম্প / স্বাক্ষর বা অন্য কোনও জিনিস ছাড়াই পরিবারের জন্য ভিসা ইস্যুটি পরিবেশন করি
    আমরা শুধু আপনার iqama নম্বর (1-2) দিনের মধ্যে আপনার ভিসার অনুলিপি 0547205611 প্রয়োজন

  • shehzad

    aoa sir i just want to know that my iqama is expired from last one and half month, now i want to change my sponsor and my new sponsor already submitted my transfer request, so just wanna know that approval of my current kafeel is required or not.. ?? if not then how much time they will take to approve my new transfer request..?

  • javeed

    sir I am Doctor by profession..I am transfering my sponsorship from private to moh. My all documents are processed now submitted in jawazat by moh mauqeeb. I just want to know how many days it will take to get transfer already its been 18 days I submitted my papers in jawazat.

  • serein

    The link is not working…

    please help and check if this is the correct link.