How to find Name of current sponsor / kafeel online

current kafeel

You can now find the name of your current sponsor online.

The Ministry of Labor, Saudi Arabia, now provides online service to check the name of your current sponsor online.

Unfortunately there is no English version for the site.

Hence, we give below the step by step procedure:


Click on Ministry of Labor website link given below:

Ministry of Labor website


Then click the drop down menu and select the last item. See the photo below for more details.

Iqama transfer status 1


Then go to the last item on drop down menu and click it.


Iqama transfer status 2


The click the radio button & enter your iqama number

Iqama transfer status 3

You get the status of your Transfer.



If you get the below page; your employer is shown as indicated below.

You can translate the page using “Google Chrome” translate service. For more information regarding translation see here.

Iqama transfer status 5


If you get something which looks like this, then it means that you have recently done sponsorship transfer.

Iqama transfer status 4

Your sponsorship has been transferred as per Ministry of Labor records.

The page shows the name of your New sponsor and date when the transfer happen in Arabic (Hejri) dates. To convert to English/Gregorian dates click here.

Kindly note that these records are as per Ministry of Labor computer system. If there has been recently change in sponsorship; then it has to be updated in Jawazat system also. For this your sponsor/kafeel/HR person has to follow and get it updated and get issued a new iqama.





  • Riyaz

    Asalam alykoom,

    My Sponsor has 2 different companies under his name & i am working as a sales man, one of this company name print on my iqama, is this illegal or legal if i found working in 2nd company of my sponsor.

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    with regards,

  • ansari ashfaq

    hi i am asfak ahmad my passport no. is this H4242280 plz tell me my iqama no.
    contact no. 0509277367

    • ziyavulhuck Abdulsalam

      Dear Ansari,
      Please check following links:

      • Yallu S Gaddi

        Hi sar my name yallapa sar plz give me any on online iqama transfer argent no plz sar im in problem sar this is my no 0570513232
        this is my iqama no
        2413414885 plz sar

  • Muhammed


    Please let me know how to check the Kafeel number using my Iqama no. or CR No.


  • Asifkhan Asif

    Kpeel name information

  • mohammed hashem khan

    this my aqma no-2230437341 and my passport no-x0848049 i want came back saudia arab new vissa i can come saudia or not whot abut my fingerprint pls anns me.i am from bangladesh someone tall me bfor5 years i cant came

  • m arshad

    ,satrngcarpntr abgashogol shogol

  • King Basit Tariq

    how to i know that my kafeel deposited HUROOB cancellation amount?

  • Pankaj verma

    Dear sir/mam,

    Please let me know how to check the Kafeel number using my Iqama no.

    • muhammad asif

      Just follow the same procedure to find company or kafeel name than search on google the number of that company

  • A.Tufail

    I need to know the address of my friends kafeel office as he didn’t met him face to face and the agent is creating a problem, is there any way to find out the office location of my friends kafeel

  • Yallu S Gaddi

    Dear sir/mam
    Please sar I need online iqama transfer agents no I’m in tha problem sar but coming another company good offer please help me sar
    My number 0570513232
    My iqama number 2413414885

  • Yasir Butt

    Can i get the Address & Mob Number of Someone using his Iqama Number? I found Iqama/Resident Permit of someone. Who Lost it in Lahore few weeks earlier. Trying to findout how could i dispatch to his address. Anyone know call me or WhatsApp +923214921865

  • M A Sheikh

    I’m getting salary + incentive(no mentioned anything only ‘incentive’)= total salary, for several years . My question is if I go final exit may I get benefits as ‘salary+incentive’. Please suggests me. Thanks.

  • Michael

    Goodevening please help..
    I found a Wallet here in Khobar with Important I.D’s and it belongs to Mohammed Ahmed Abdelhafeez


    and according to his iD he is working in SAUDI COMMISION FOR HEALTH SPECIALTIES ..I tried to call him at his work but no one answered..

    YOU CAN REACHED TO THIS #501601344