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How to Check for Saher Camera traffic violations on your name

With stories of people being charged between SR 1000 to 2000 Saudi Riyals for delays in fine payment, it is good idea to check for traffic violation on regular basis.

The traffic violation is linked to your Saudi ID (Iqama) and the vehicles registered on that ID.

Follow are the ways to check for traffic violation on your name:

1.  By checking on the Ministry of Interior website and entering your Saudi ID / Iqama.

2. By calling 011-292 8888,

then press 2 for English

then  press 1 for Traffic violation

then enter your Saudi ID/iqama no.

3. By sending SMS in following format –


for example if your iqama number is 2223331234, then send

56*2223331234  to

STC: 888995

Mobily: 625555

Zain : 709445

This service cost SR 1.5 for each sms inquiry.

You can also download software provided by Ishaar to your mobile to regularly check your fines here.

4. By ATM. If you have bank ATM card, just to ATM machine and after logging in into your account, go to services then traffic violations and enter iqama number.

5. Online bank account – Just log in to your online bank account and go to Services/Payment – Traffic violations and enter your iqama number.


It is also important to register your ID and mobile number with Ministry of  Interior to update of any fines incurred directly on your mobile through sms. For details on how to register check here.




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  1. H.M Afzaal
    H.M Afzaal says:

    i do not have a car till 5 months then how i have traffic violation.
    even i have paid my old violation before exit re-entry.

    please reply me soon
    eqama i.d 2278128976-(8976 v-id)

  2. Masood
    Masood says:

    1. How to pay Sehar Fine Online through Saudi Holandi bank.
    2. When i try to pay online through SHB thay ask for ticket number or fine number after adding my iqama number.
    from where i can get my sehar challan number ?

  3. Ahsan Raheem
    Ahsan Raheem says:

    I am unable to search detail of my violation even don’t know exactly the amount I got as violation belongs to over speeding or something else. I myself trying to be very carefull but this is fourth ticket in 2 months and today I received 2 tickets in consecutive days.

    Question 1: How can I get detail of these tickets
    Question 2: How can I claim if I was not Guilty


  4. Ken
    Ken says:

    why my company,cut my salary..from oct.2012 to may 2013,,amount of 650 sr,for traffic violation,but i know i have no teckit violation,for those months…

    • SaudiXpert
      SaudiXpert says:

      Ken, you have to ask your company to clarify the issue.
      If you are driving company car, then ask them to provide the proof the violation.

  5. yasir
    yasir says:

    im new to saudi wen i come to saudi my sponser not give lisens fore 3 month wen the police man chek me he Give me a ticket i wase give to my sponser i thot he wase paid it but today i wase chek my i d i have 18000 total non paying count 4 aevri month goverment charge intrest fore that its a muslim cuntry im a indian we dont have aeny intrest fore that its ok allah is no aevrithing my salary is just 800 its ok ill pay WHAIR I WONT PAY TICATE WICH BANK PLESE SEND ME TO MY EMAIL OR SMS [email protected] 0537214703 plese help me in the name of allah :

    • SaudiXpert
      SaudiXpert says:

      Dear Yasir,

      It seems you have received two violation tickets:

      The first one is violation number 108315683 of SR 1,400 done on 18 / 6 / 1434 Hijri (approx 28 April 2013).

      You were fined SR 500 for driving more than the speed limit

      & SR 900 for driving without license.

      The second is violation number 107436186 of SR 900 done on 19 / 7 / 1434 Hijri (approx 29 May 2013).

      You were fined for driving a vehicle without proper function like brake or lights etc

      Total amount due is SR 2,300.

      If you have dispute to any of these points, you can visit the police station and lodge a complain.

      Best of luck.

  6. shaffaf
    shaffaf says:

    It would be appreciated if you send me the method for finding all the details of traffic violation (ie, time,date, place etc…)
    Or kindly inform the details for the following iqama number: 2325321020

    • SaudiXpert
      SaudiXpert says:

      Dear Shaffaf,
      The details for your violation are as below:

      Description : تجاوز السرعة المحددة باكثر من 52 كم/ساعة – رصد آلي
      Fine Amount : 500
      New Plate Number : أ ن د 6737
      City Happened : المدينه المنوره
      Detection Center : الرصد الا لى جدة الصحافه
      Violation Date & Time : 26 / 08 / 1434 08:19

      It seems this happened on Madinah – Badr road.
      If you have dispute, you can contact the traffic police. They will even show the photo of the car at the time of violation. But you have to go in person with your original iqama.

  7. Mohammed Shadeed
    Mohammed Shadeed says:


    I am Shadeed.

    I was owning a car , but sold it 2 months back. Now the company to which I m transferring my Iqama have asked me to clear the fine. But as far as I know I have not violated any rules. Also I couldnt get information on MOI site,

    I would appreciate if someone helps me to find the details, My ID is 2319193179

  8. Rizwan
    Rizwan says:

    Hi Saudi expert,

    This is my violation ID 6026555475 . Can you please let me know the details of this violation. like the time and place where it happened.


  9. shaffaf
    shaffaf says:

    I would like to know violation details for my Iqama Number. I found 300 SR in the government site but i didn’t get sufficient details.
    So please send me the details ASAP

    ID number: 2325321020

  10. Muhammed Owais
    Muhammed Owais says:

    I had a text massage yesterday from MOI for a ticket.
    I checked online it says I have to pay 300 SAR for a traffic violation.
    Can you please share me details on where and what street I got this ticket. Was it on highway or city.
    Also if you can please let us know too how you check details on ur tickets.
    Iqama = 2319331993


  11. Mohiuddin Ali
    Mohiuddin Ali says:

    Dear Xpert ,

    Can you help me in finding the details about my traffic violations.I know the number of violations but i dont know there details , like when and for what im being fined.

    I will be able to dispute if i have that information.

    ID N0 # 2319527616

    Thanks for your help.

  12. Haneef
    Haneef says:

    I’m using company car, and have received violation notification (ticket number) by mail from the company. I would like to check the location and time of violation.

    Please guide me in this regard how I can check it without my ID.


  13. abbas
    abbas says:

    Dear I do nat have car i have driving license but just today i checked it shows me 100 riyal violation on my iqama id number which is 2305613305…and traffic violation id number is 0111402451 violation is for private parking which i checked through moi..What should i do now.i did not get any paper or some one did not get my iqama for parking violation
    kindly rply

  14. Salem
    Salem says:

    anyone help.. I write my ID number and i have violation but my problem is where can i see the violation ID? when and where did i get this penalty? please help..

  15. Dr. Gohar Ali MAhar
    Dr. Gohar Ali MAhar says:

    my ID is 2294113309, there is written 500 SR fine on my Id.
    Can you tell me the date, time , location and Violation so that I can see my fault.
    I can’t approach through land line (#012-2928888) from my mobile .

  16. Haseeb
    Haseeb says:

    Dear Sir,

    Assalamu Alaikkum,,

    I am using company car, so my traffic violation is not coming to my ID, is any other way to check the traffic violation either by plate number or isthimara number.

    please help

  17. zafer
    zafer says:

    Hello guyz,
    i am not able to check my violations.
    my car is under companies name.
    my car number plate is ABB 3387



  18. amiablege
    amiablege says:

    how can I check my violation I have company car. before I can check with the id no on registration card but now I can’t get website is reply wrong id no

  19. LS Young
    LS Young says:

    I don’t read arabic but I am receiving texts messages in Arabic from KSA passport, since last month. I thought it was nothing but a friend told me it is about traffic fines. I checked the website and I don’t have any fines due. Any idea why I receving texts?

  20. doni
    doni says:

    i got fine of 500sar by checking moi website but no details of car plate number, date & place of traffic violation & no violation ID received from SMS. also, traffic violation ID is not showing in ATM but i already paid the fine. 2 cars are named under my iqama: 1 personal & 1 company car. i need to know where can i get the violation ID so that i can trace which car got fined. thanks.

  21. Alvin
    Alvin says:

    Assalamo Alaykom Admin

    can you check the details of my traffic violations here’s my iqama number 2301584146 i want to know what time and date and which location shukran…

  22. Pappadam
    Pappadam says:

    How to check car in company .
    my car in our company name . i don’t know how to check the penalties . if anyone know about these please reply

  23. Farhan
    Farhan says:

    Salam … Hey Today I got flash while I stop my car on yellow light at signal , but my car was on zebra crossing … So is there any violation for this ? .. If yes ,how much time it will take to update on my id ? … I have checked traffic violation on website it showing 0 SR … Plz plz help

  24. M.Nawaz
    M.Nawaz says:

    Dear Brother,Asslam o Alaikum,
    My iqama # 2343047268 , please check my traffic fines with details (date, amount, kind of violation, place)

  25. Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar says:

    I came back from vacation 2 days before. While renewing the iqama, the company had to pay 1050 riyal as traffic violation (2 violations).
    I want to know if I can know the details of the violations such as date, reason for violation, place etc?

  26. Saqib Latif
    Saqib Latif says:

    it Would appreciated if you send me the method for finding all the detail of traffic violation (Time , Date , place )
    or kindly inform the detail for the following IQMA number (2314419744)


  27. Asad
    Asad says:

    Last month i parked my car in an outer lane. When i came back; i saw yellow paper (fine) on top of wind screen. I checked ministry site as well as my bank account on numerous occasion for any penalty but it did not appeared to-date. Even i sent a SMS today as mentioned in the blog.

    How can i pay for this fine to avoid any issue in future.

  28. arif hossain
    arif hossain says:

    salm sir………sir i want to know ,i am driving minibus totoyta coster 2014. if road speed 80 km.wht the speed safe for me 70 0r 80…what speed good for me,i am afraid for panelty please sir help me

  29. arif hossain
    arif hossain says:

    please sir can u help me.i want know if speed limit 80 km,if i runing my minibus coster totyota 2014, 70km its panltey or no what is the speed safe for me,please sir help me

  30. Adnan Akram
    Adnan Akram says:

    today i check on ur site and fined 900 SAR fine but i want to know violation date and time
    my iqama # 2336428376.

  31. adil
    adil says:

    I received a fine of 500 sar, but i believe it is false.
    Speed limit at poit was 100, my speed was also the same. What is the reason i got challan..

    Is it possible that they make mistake. It might be another person who was exceeding the limited speed.

    can any one correct me.

    • SaudiExpert
      SaudiExpert says:

      You can go to police station. They will show you the picture on the computer with license plate and sometimes the face of driver.
      It is free of charge and there no documentation. Just you have to show your iqama (original)

  32. Jesudasan
    Jesudasan says:

    Today i received a mail from MOI service for traffic violation fine of 500. No.6037801776. Please help me to know why this massage is came to my mobile, because i am a new driver i will drive very carefully and i used to follow all the rules and regulations, so let me know the details. My iqama no.2233184932.

  33. says:

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  34. muhammad kaleem
    muhammad kaleem says:

    Dear sir resonsible i want requist sir please kharji person from take 50/ persent discount violation payment because salery kharji very low not same saudi peopel is mashallah good salery please solove our problem

  35. chino
    chino says:

    i received sms that i had traffic violation but when i log in to moi and register my iqama 2301149791 and after entering the image it does nothing.. i also try to call but i don’t get answer. please help.

  36. Saqib
    Saqib says:

    I have company car. I cross red light three days before.
    Seems all above options valid for personal vehicles. how can I check for company vehicles?? anyone can help me.
    details are:
    Hawiyya # 7001583587
    Plat# 872 TVU

  37. Star
    Star says:

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  38. Muneer
    Muneer says:

    Dear Brother Good Morning Today i went to deposit my cousin’s Iqama renewal fee but it shows that there is some traffic fine which should be paid, I try to check on above land line number. its not responding, Then search on MOI site its also not showing but as today is almost last day for Government that is why i have to pay through Rajhi Bank online from my home.

    But as proof for my cousin as he is saying he never present his iqama to any officer of traffic during the last one year how he is charged with Sr 300.

    Kindly help to settle this problem.

    Thanks in advance his Iqama Number is 2345778340.
    waiting for your kind feed back.

  39. noel
    noel says:

    How can I check the due date of my traffic violation? It only shows the amount, I want to know the due date. thanks

  40. sarath nair
    sarath nair says:

    Salam alikum sair I driving in dammam I crosing in rite side but crosing time flash comin this comin mukalafa or nocamin bill comin how maney day need comin bill plis help becoues I whill go to india

  41. zohaib
    zohaib says:

    Dear xpert!!

    My question is til how long u cn pay the traffic fine?? Will it get doubled if u donot pay on time?? How much time??
    Please reply

  42. John
    John says:

    That’s incorrect. I tried calling and its all in Arabic!

    can you tell me my violation date and place? not to where this ticket happened….

    also, how do I change my registered phone number with sahar? when you go online to fill out new registration with MOI you have to print the form and hand deliver to an office??? that too complicated.

    My iqama ID 2347900512

  43. shahul
    shahul says:

    I have company car. seem’s all of above options valid for personal car.
    how can i check for company vehicle.
    anyone can help me please

  44. Mudassar Nazar
    Mudassar Nazar says:

    May i know if a fine is levied on me, when i stop a car just ahead of the traffic boundary lines and camera does not flash but a red light was blinking on camera for awhile.

  45. Maideen
    Maideen says:

    Dear Sir

    I got one voilation because i dont have driving licene aftre police gave one paper but problem is fine is 500 but here its showing 1000 i dont know pls help me

  46. Umair
    Umair says:

    Dear ,,

    I am going to buy a used car.. Every this is clear to me except for one. He has some mukhalifas and he told me that it does not effect you if I am going to transfer his car in my Name. Kindly Guide.. Because these traffic violation charges are directly goes to the person ID who has breached a law. Is it will effect on me If Iam going to buy his car or not.. neet your advice. .soones Awaiting,.


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