How to check your Company’s Nitaqat category in Saudi Arabia

nitaqat category

With the confusion surrounding the process of Saudization, many people asked how they can find which category their company falls in.

It is very simple and quick. Just get you iqama no. and go the Ministry of Labor website (click here).

Next you will get the below screen. Enter your iqama no. as indicated below and press enter on your keyboard.


Once you press enter, you get the below screen indicating your category color.


  • paeng

    what about the white category? is there any problem on white color category?

  • Dear Sir, My company is Mohammed Al-Zoabi Dammam (Mazco) is not paying our salary. Please take action.
    It is a blood sucker company.

    • SaudiXpert

      Advise to you approach your embassy or lodge a complain with labor office.

  • Yes it is true Mazco is a blood sucker Company!

  • Muhammad kashif

    Respected sir I have given my ekama and paspot and transfer papers to my new sponsor sab middle east for contracting it has been 13 days since my ekama not transferred I want to check status of my ekama and plz also tell me if my ekama is not been transferred up to now can I return to my previous kafeel if my previous kafeel agree to accept me again because my transfer to new sponser is not finished yet plz reply

  • JK Jeevan

    Dear All,
    I would like to sincerely share my bad experience with one of the Manpower Company in Saudi Arabia Eastern Province by name Mohammed Al-Zoabi Corp. (MAZCO). This company exploits its employees by delay in payment of salary, Provide cheap airline ticket with multiple transits points instead of providing direct flight ticket, vacation schedule problem, delay / hold in paying vacation amount, not paying End of Service benefits, etc. So I advise all my friends who are seeking job in this company to think again before taking final decision.

  • asif khan

    what does it mean We apologize for the lack of service due to the lack of your facility in databases ranges.
    as this is my first transfer before i was under my father sponsorship now for renewal they say there is problem

  • rizan

    I want to know about the Law of Saudi arabia,for going umrah and Hajj,last days I went to umrah with company permision,after completete my umrah I came to my company,they cut my 5 days salary for went to umrah,is this a saudi rules??? not only me this is affected to many empolyees,I want to take immediate action for this issues

    Please Reply….

  • Ahmed

    Dear Sir,
    Company delaying to give exit since 2 months after giving resignation with one month notice period.
    no one is intrested to take action to release me from the company.
    plz advise….

    • SaudiXpert

      Approach your embassy to assist you. Or you can approach the labor office with your complain.

      • Akhtar Malik

        My company terminated my employment contract illegally in 24 March 2011, They hold my passport since 2011, my father and my brother passed away during this period and they don’t allow me to travel even emara ordered my sponsor to give exit re entry but no implementation, because my sponsor have big influence in everywhere. My case is in emara , labor court , High court , Haya Pakistan embassy Riyadh . Already reported two time on Arab News but no appropriate action. I have sent emails and spoken personally with minister of labor Engineer Adel bin Mohammed Faqih (عادل بن محمد فقيه), Minister of health, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabiah Ambassador of Pakistan Mr Muhammad Naeem Khan, but no action and we are helpless. My wife is sick and the company cancel all medical insurance, my wife need admission but due to no medical insurance and no job I can’t afford. I have sold my house in Pakistan and all saving of 11 years of saving in order to survive here. The high court ordered my sponsor to come in the court and swear on holy Quran but he is not attending the hearing because he is a big person here in Saudi Arabia.
        I wish someone help me to advise what to do, Me and my wife with three kids we are slave here in Islamic land and my passport is with my sponsor and court is giving date on date but no judgement.

  • Ahmed

    my forth contract have 10 months to finish, can’t I resign from the job?

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes you can.

  • SaudiXpert

    As per Saudi Labor law:

    Article (114):
    A worker shall be entitled to a paid leave of not less than ten days and not
    more than fifteen days, including Eid Al-Adha holiday, to perform Hajj only
    once during his service if he has not performed it before. To be eligible for this
    leave, the worker must have spent at least two consecutive years of service
    with the employer. The employer may determine the number of workers who
    shall be given this leave annually in accordance with work requirements.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Sir,

    How much duration will Labour office need to take action on my release / exit from company, and what will be the fee and proceedure to approach labour court.

    As my other company’s offer will expire in a week’s time.

    Please advise

    • SaudiXpert

      Usually the procedures are very long in Saudi Arabia.

  • sazid parwez shaikh

    dear sir. can u plzz give me labour office address and indian embassy adress in riyadh?

  • Ahmed

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please provide end of service Gratuity amount calculation as per Saudi labour Law.

  • Ahmed

    Plz tell me actual gratuity amount calculation as per labour law.
    if we finish 10 years in one company, then what shall be gratuity amount.


  • riyas

    Respected sir,
    I wish to transfer my visa to Gabasgulf company in it a good company?

    • Akhter

      Call up their office and make friends with people and if there is somebody from your nationality asked them if the salary is on time, vacation problem etc.

  • aris

    Asalamu alaikum.
    I had submitted my passport number and selected my country but i didn’t get my company category and the result says : ” there are more than one record we hope to achive the conditions review office ” .
    Can anyone please help me what does it mean ? Am I an unregistered worker in my company ? Thanks.

  • Assalaam Alaikum,

    This is mohammed, i need to clarify the query, if any one know the answer so please reply me.

    My company became Low green last week, its possible to take the transfers ? this Low green options works to take the transfers ? please advice if anyone know.

    • ziya vul huck

      yes possible to transfer Dear

      • muhammad Zubair

        sir plz tell me is it realy posiable go to other compney if my present compney is low green?i need fully satisfiction plzzzzz

  • S.A.Abbas

    NO BODY IS HAPPY IN YOUR COUNTRY NATIONAL AND EXPATS BOTH ARE IRRITATED BY YOUR RULES AND REGULATIONS, WHICH ARE TOTALY WRONG NOT SUPPORTED TO EXPATS, FOR EXAMPLE:- IF ANY COMPANY IS IN RED DUE TO SAUDI HIS OWNER FOREIGNER CAN NOT TREVEL TO HIS COUNTRY, BUT THE OWENER CAN GO ANY WE’RE WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM,,WHO’S FAULT IS THIS ..?THE MATTER OF SALARY THE DON’T WANT TO PAY ON TIME?why…?and Saudi receive their salary in time or before 27 of each month ,all the time you check iqama for what no body come in your country by stairs each and everybody come through airport after getting VISA from your counsellor and your government authorities ,,you people sale VISA IN HEIGH COST AND AFTER ARRIVING NOT TREAT WE’LL EVEN ON YOUR AIRPORTS,.


  • Respected sir.,
    Can i know is there a company named NILE STREAM INFO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. in saudi arabia,hafra albatin

  • Respected sir,
    Can i know the is there a company named NILE STREAM INFO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD in saudi arabia, hafra al batin.

  • adnan

    When i came in saudi arabia my sponser was in red status, and i did medical from hospital and also made insurance card. After 3 months i gave my passport to another sponser for transfer. my status has been transferd unfortunately my sponser in red and he said you shall be make new medical and insurance and after that we can proceed.
    Sir kindly tell me something regarding this from i have no iqama.I am very worry.

  • Abdullah

    My company not paid last 3 months salery can you provided me any help,?

  • Abdullah

    Please sir reply me.

  • wajed-Madani

    sir towday I read in ARAB NEWS “” Switching jobs within group now possible “” . really this good news for expats .but I want to it is mantion that WITH IN GROUP . so I want know what is meaning of WITH IN A GROUP Please explane me in a brief

    wajed hussain chishty

  • Sarav

    I have the sponsor ID to whom I will be going to, I wan to check Nitaqat status. Can some one help me. With my Iqama number I know only the presnt employer stuatus.
    Thanks in advance

  • muhammad Zubair

    Admin plzzzzz reply

  • Nodlehs Aicrag Nalcad

    Good day,plz help me to know my company color…my iquama no..

  • Kolkata Rashid

    Hi !! I am searching for a company named (world shade) in Sulai, Riyadh. Can somebudy help me to find some information about the company.