How to get permanent visa for your wife and kids

family visa

This is topic all expats start looking up as soon as they get engaged – How to bring their future wife to Saudi Arabia immediately after marriage. And also those new expats who just arrived in Saudi Arabia without their wife and kids, this topic holds more importance.

To begin with, you need make sure you “qualify” to apply for a permanent family visa with iqama (residence permit/id).
The first and the foremost thing is your profession – It should be either doctor, engineer or any other technical (fanni ) profession. By profession, we mean the profession on visa and on the iqama. You may be engineer but if it is written on the visa or iqama that your profession (maheena) is labor, then you cannot get the visa until you get the profession changed on the iqama. (here is how you can do it). If your written profession is considered professional, then the following documents need to be prepared for submission to the istaqdam office. (Location of office in Ryd, Jed, Dam on Google maps or just written) :
1. Iqama original and copy.
2. Sponsor’s passport copy.
3. Candidate’s passport copy.
4. Passport size photo candidate (2 nos.).
5. Marriage certificate original + copy.
6. Translation of marriage certificate into Arabic if it is not already in Arabic by authorized translation centers in KSA.
7. Attested Degree certificate original  + copy

8. Translation of degree certificate into Arabic if it is not already in Arabic by authorized translation centers in KSA.

9. SR 2,000 bank deposit (through ATM or online banking)

Go with all these documents to iteqdam office. There will be two counters – one for visit visa and other for permanent visa/family visa. The visa will be issued immediately upon presentation of above documents at the family visa counter.

  • SaudiXpert

    You can ask any questions here

    • Hey Mister,

      Why did you exclude the requirement of Saudi Consulate Attested Professional Certificate from the required documents for Permanent Family Visa?? Also, it should be Translated from authorized Translation Office with Chamber Attestation on the Translation Cover Letter by Translation Office. Don’t you know that or you just forget? Your above explanations are useful for an expatriate, so please revise your above clause with missing details.

    • Syed Rizwan

      Also now fanni profession cannot get permanent visa,, they are elegible for only visit visas…

    • Anwaar Hussain

      Dear Admin,

      I just came to know today that profession of Marketing Specialist is fixed for Saudis. I just came to KSA 2 weeks ago on this profession. Somebody told me that one guy from their company with this profession yesterday went to ISTEQDAM to get family visa. They refused and said that Marketing Specialist is only for Saudis.

      Can you guide me about this news.

      Best Regards

      • SaudiXpert

        A particular profession is fixed for Saudi Nationals, then the labor ministry will not allow the visa with that profession to be issued.
        Kindly check list of profession which are reserved for Saudi Nationals –

        • nazeer

          as per mr.anwar hussain and you answer, i checked the profession list but there is no marketing specialist mentioned for saudi nationals

          • SaudiXpert


        • Saif Khawaja


          My Profession is Store Keeper can i get a Permanent Family Visa of my Family.


          • Saif Khawaja


            My Profession is Store Keeper, can i get a Permanent Family Visa of Family and my education is B.Com and M.A. Economics.


      • Aamir

        Dear Anwaar

        I am working on same profession Marketing Specialist. You are a professional how dam you think a lazy person performing Marketing job perfectly. Its allowed for expats for ever…

      • MHU

        Dear All

        Assalam O Alaykum WRBT


        Marketing specialist profession is eligible for family permanent visa and can apply directly with accomplishment of the required formalities?

        Please reply.

        Thanks in advance

    • Arif Shaikh

      Dear Admin,

      I am working in MNC Co., Jeddah as a “Procurement Officer” with salary of 1000 USD. As my Iqama profession is “Stock Inventory Controller”. I passed 1 year diploma with semi-govt. institute.

      Kindly advise me can i get family visa? If yes, Permanent or Temp?, can I bring my parents to visit KSA ? Kindly advise me asap. what type of documents I required for family and parents visa?

    • abid ali

      now a days there is a new addition to get permanent family visa, and that is degree verification. my dear i was applied for such visa on December, 26th, 2014, my diploma has been sent for verification to Riyadh and further to Pakistan, but the result is still awaiting, and the Istiqdam says that your diploma verification is under process. dear i m working in Saudi Naval Force and my visa is totally free of any fee, please tell me about the period of diploma verification how it can be lengthy. i means how much time it will take? what i can do to get the visa as soon as possible, moreover plz tell me the method of their verification, how they are verifying the diploma and from where?/ thanx ,,,, waiting for your kind full reply… Abid Ali RSNF Jubail KSA.


      Dear Sir,
      I want to apply permanent visa of my 23 years son who is a student of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan. My wife, one daughter and two son are already with me on permanent visa. My son feels loneliness without his family, especially during vacation.
      I would like to know that he is illegible to get permanent visa or not as my profession is Engineer.


    • Jamshid

      Dear Admin,

      Last month i got permanent visa for my wife, but there is i have some problems. so now i need visit visa. is it possible, without canelling permanent visa.

      • admin

        Yes you can.

    • Mohd Salim

      I am working in YORK Jonson Control as a HVAC technician.I have two year ITI technical qualification certificate and high school certificate.Can I get permanent family visa.plz reply.

      • admin

        Till now Technician visa could apply for Permanent family visa.
        But the rules have changed off-late.
        Why not give it a try?
        Best of luck.


      Dear admin,

      i am from Bangladesh. my Aqama profession is electrical fanny . i apply for visit visa 4 month ago by online. but not issue my visa. please can you help how can i get family visa for visit only. some body said for Bangladesh no family visa. is it true?

    • tomy

      my sister is working in ministry of helth last 3 years.she can get family visa or not?

    • masood

      My family is here she hase visit visa how can I get free family visa In ksa

    • sana

      My husband trade on iqama is building electrion. … how much expense will come for permanent family visa on this trade?

    • T0T0

      Dear Sir,

      My family is now here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on family visit visa & I’m planning to apply for their permanent visa, but I’d like to know if possible to apply without a degree certificate? My profession here is sales representative, pls advice & thank you!

    • Bilal Khan

      Dear Admin,

      I have just changed my profession from “Quantity Surveyor” to “Marketing Specialist”. I earlier applied for Permanent family but was rejected because my degree was not according to my profession i.e. MBA Marketing. I am told that after the change of profession it takes one year to bring your family on permanent visa. Is it true?? Is there any law related to this?? Kindly reply….

    • umer sher

      I am a heavy driver. Can I apply for family visa

    • Alliene

      Dear Sir,

      May I ask if it is possible to bring my Family here on a Permanent Visa but the problem is I do not have a Degree?

      Thank you and looking forward to your explanation ..

    • dear sir.
      ass sallam o aliakum i got marriage here and my baby also born here in saudi arab but now i changed the company and my family is in pakistan my company give me family status i want to know shall i attest my aqad (nikaah nama) and birth certificate here in saudi or saudi embassy in pakistan or no need
      now what is the recuirment for my family permanent visa please give me guidenance
      i m very thank ful

    • Muhammad Asif

      My Profession is Storekeeper. can i get family visa or not..?
      if i change my profession Warehouse Supervisor or Stock Controller then it will b possible..??
      plz reply

    • mumtaz.ahmad

      general surveyor profession can get permanent family visa.
      please rely us

    • jibin mohammed

      iam going to apply for permanent visa for my wife and kid. My educational certificate and marriage certificate is attested, should i attest my childs birth certificate also?, i havent done that should i attest that.

      • shafiq ahmed khan


    • Mohammed471

      Dear Admin,
      I want to change my profession can you suggest me which are the professions are suitable to get permanent family visa for having electronics and communication engineer degree .i am working as programmer but my degree is electronics and communication engineer

    • Javed

      If Istaqdaam issue family visa (Yellow paper ) then how many months valid (yellow paper) for proceeding.


      • azad

        Its valid for one year.

    • my husband doing job in sudea Arab in abha hotle professional is accountant .plz reply me can we take permanent famili visa

      • azad


    • zulqarnain haider

      Dear sir,
      I want to bring my family in saudi Arab my profession is haddad can I bring or not plz reply as soon as thanx

    • Muhammad Asim Hussain


      I need to bring my 60 years old mother urgent to KSA , As I am the only son of the family , I need to bring her on permanent visa /IQAMA .

      can any body help me to know the details and procedure required to do so .

      Regards ,

    • Muhammad Asim Hussain

      Dear Admin

      My Profession is Electrical Engineer , I need to bring my mother to KSA on Permenent VISA ,

      What is the Procedure .

      Regards ,


      Dear admin,
      I have attested Bachler Degree it compulsory attested Master Degree Certificates to change the profession in to General Accountant.Now my profession in iqama is Accounts Fee Clerk.with this iqama i cant bring my family here as permanent…
      Can you give me the correct information regarding the above matter?

    • My Profession on Iqama is (SAIQ SHAHINA),so can i get permanent visa to bring my wife and kids, if yes then what are the documents required to get permanent visa.

      and also i want to know can i get visit visa to bring my wife and kids, if yes then what are the documents required to get visit visa.

      Please reply as soon as possible.


    • Abdul Mannan

      Please provide the list of professions through which we can get the Permanent visa to bring wife and kids.

      and also provide the list of professions through which we can get visit visa to bring wife and kids.


  • Abdullah Ahmed

    Please update us with Degree Certificate Requirement???

  • maqsooahmed

    how can apply fot visit visa my my is gen.account and detail chages

    • plz reply me my husband doing job in sudea Arab .in abha hotle professional is accounts .I have one baby 5 year old .can we take prmanant famli visa free ..plz reply me

      • shafiq ahmed khan

        you can get family visa but must needed related professional documents,

  • Selam

    Dear sir
    I just wan know if an Engineer comes with Driver Visa to the Kingdom, when and for how long he will change his sponsor as he is new for the Kingdom and as per the new rule and regulation of the government decision for Expat’s Iqam violation and also can he change within less than 3 months period ? Thank you for your help

  • mohd. ansari

    dear sir
    i want to bring my 4 year old child what should i do?
    i live in jeddah with my wife

  • fakhra imran

    my husbands lives in jeddah,saudi arabia and his iqama designation is of PLUMBER,,,i really want to know that can he get family visa on that profession,,,kindly reply as soon as possible.

    • SaudiXpert

      I am afraid not.

    • abid ali


  • mohammad

    what if the person does not have a degree. But rakiq is good.

    • SaudiXpert


  • Abdur Rehman

    If u still run this blog plz reply.

    AFter getting permanent visa for family, what us the time duration to get it stamped from pakistan,i mean the validity.3 months i heard.plz confirm.

    I have completed all the docs and attestations as guided by you.and i heard that now family visa are not being issued to technicians mine us building technician and i have degree to back it up.

    Your earliest reply would really help me.
    Thanks in advance
    JAzakallah bro.


    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, the blog is still running 🙂
      Validity is normally 3 months but sometimes 1 month. Check the visa when it is stamped on the passport.

      • Abdur Rehman

        Thanx for replying @saudiXpert,

        m still confused as u mentioned sometimes 1 month, can u plz confirm is it 1 or 3 months.
        and secondly is Building Technician eligible for family visa?


        • SaudiXpert

          No need to be confused.
          If you are working in Saudi Arabia long enough, in many procedure, the duration changes depending on the mood of the officer at the counter. We have mentioned about the different experiences by different people.

          • Mohammad


            I recently got married to a divorced lady who has a son of age 15 dependent on her. Her X-Husband is no more working and not taking any responsibility of the child.

            I have a good profession on my Iqama and i want to apply a permanent visa with her son and i need your advise,

            Thanks in advance,


        • Zameer Khan


          The validity of permanent visa after issued is 1 year and after stamp on passport is 90 days..

          This is the latest information because today i have seen at isteqdam office jeddah

      • Jehanzaib Khan

        Dear Sir
        My profession is general accountant and i am MBA (Pakistan). I want to apply for family visa for my wife. What documents are required? Please kindly tell me from where i have to attest those documents in detail.

        • ali

          Dear Jahanzeb can u help me out in telling does your degree mention finance or accounts in written. because my degree of mba does not mention finance although i am mba in finance only mba is written and my hr is saying we cannot convert you into accountant for that reason. desperately waiting for your reply.

    • azmatullah

      Dear Abdur Rehman ,,What is your email address..thanks and regards

  • hari

    How long it will take to get degree certificate attestation from Saudi embassy in India, please share some office name for attestation ..

  • Mohamed Azam

    Dear Friends, My Iqama Profession is ” Masaad meykanikie saynath (In English : Maintanance Assistant Mechanic)” But i am working in a private company as a Computer Maintenance Technician. I want to bring my wife here in saudi, riyadh. So Can i apply for Permanent family Visa? Is my Profession in Visa Qualify for applying family visa? I am really upset these days because of these visa problem, please help me friends.

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Azam, Why don’t you go to isteqdam and try. There is nothing to lose. However, there is good chance that they will reject, so be prepared for either outcome. Best of luck.

      • ARIF akram

        ASSALAMO alaikum
        I am working in Saudi telecom As telecom technician,,,but I have one year diploma and ccna certification…as the time of recruitment, company said u have family status,,, I want to know can I apply for family visa… plz reply on my mail address…thank u

  • gul. M . khan

    assalam aliqum . sir my iqama profession funny kharbai can i gat parminat family visa plz sir reply thanx

  • SaudiXpert

    See above.

  • ahmed

    can i get family resident visa for my second wife?

    • SaudiXpert

      It is quite a relevant question.
      As far as I think, it would be same as it was for the first wife.
      So try it out.
      If anyone has any info on this subject, then they can also share info.

  • Mohamed Idrish

    Assala Alaikum…, My iqama profession is Electrician( Karabai) if there is any problem to get a permanent family visa for my wife? i look forward your reply…, in-sha-allaha…,

  • Kamran

    My profession originally was “Ammil Warsha” on passport but i changed my profession to “Mubarmaj hassib elhai” or Computer programmer I went to istegdam office and they said I cant get permanent family visa. Is this true?
    What should i do?

  • Sony Raphael

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is here with me on visit visa. Is there any option to transfer her visit visa to permanent family visa through Jawasat? Profession in my Iqama is Fenny Electronia. I have family status in our company. Waiting for your reply…

  • sayeda

    Assalam alikum

    sir my brother profession in iqama is funny a/c and fridge techinian)i dont have degree its possible for me to get family visa

  • Zameer

    Dear Mr.Expert,

    I am Project Engineer by Profession(Mentioned in IQAMA),I want to bring my family on permanent visa.Please do anwer my questions.

    1)Degree attested in 2005 by Saudi Embassy,should i get Cultural
    Attestation,Chamber of Commerce & MOFA ?

    2)Marriage Certificate Attested,& Transalted.Should i get MOFA ?

    3)Will they Allow to apply for family permanent Visa during Ramadan & Haj ?

    It would be a great help if u reply ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards


    • SaudiXpert

      You seem to have all the documents.
      Just go ahead to isteqdam. If anything is missing, they will let you know. There should be no problem for applying for family visa during Ramadan & Hajj. However, visit visas are not issued from Ramadan to end of Hajj.

  • sir ,my husband profession is a/c technician his salary is 3000SR .SIR,can he give family perminant visa .please answer

    • abid ali


  • dear sir my profession is other engineering technician can i get my family permanent visa please answer

  • Salih

    Salam alaikum,
    Sir, I am working as marketing specialist in a private company in khobar, few months before my iqama transferred to the current company, with the profession of Marketing specialist, before my profession was aluminum technician, i have completed master degree in marketing. And have the certificate too. Sir I can get family visa with this profession? In my iqama my sponsor name is showing its personal name. Before renewing my iqama it was company name. After renewing the iqama, it is showing sponsor’s name only there is no there is no sharika or mosasa now, is there any problem for getting family visa for my case?

  • N_Abbasi

    Dear All,

    I am having a strange experience, let me share with all of you.

    I have applied for my mother in law visa on November, 17, 2013 , Chamber attestation was done from Yanbu. There were no status changed so I have visited MOFA office Jeddah on December 04, 2013.
    My application was process by visa officer and he asked me to bring the latest status “نامل مراجعة فرع الوزارة بجده باصل الطلب واصل الاقامة وصور منها”. He received all documents and advise to check the site for visa.

    I have been waiting for 20 days but there was no status change, so again I have visit MOFA office Jeddah on December 24, 2013 to inquire about my case. The visa officer informed me that after 5 days you will get the visa, The latest status is that I am still waiting for visa and hoping for best. I meet some people in MOFA office having the same case, Can explain any body explain this delaying. Thanks in advance

    • hasim

      By any chance you know how to apply permanent family visa in yanbu?

      I got a job offer in rcjy

  • rowhen

    to all :

    how many days they will issue yellow slip for family visa after submitting all the documents? some are lucky as they will give the day they submit but some are unlucky like me that to return back as stil they want it to verify..
    pls. help and re assure me.. tnx

  • sachin

    Hi Friends,

    I am working in saudi arabia from last one year. My family on permanent visa recently i have adopt a child in india and i want to bring him here.
    Do i need to apply yellow slip or is there any other ways of getting the visa?

  • Abdul salam

    I am an indian, need to bring my wife and two children in permanent Visa. My old profession was maintenance technician and currently changed profession is maintenance Manager.My diploma certificate is attested by HRD and Saudi conciliate in India. Also indian embassy KSA riyadh. Marriage certificate & children’s birth certificates are not attested and only translated from KSA. Children also having seperate passports.
    Can i get family visa in these documents?. Many people told me that I will get. Children’s passport copies and marriage certificate are enough no need even birth certificate. Is it right?

  • SANA

    HI. my husband is mobile technician by profession in iqama. can he get perm family visa?? as one of my brother above said that “fani” profession can not get permanent visa now? also last degree of my husband is intermediate, so this is the degree to attest from KSA??? PLZZZZZZ rep as soon as possible. i m looking for my visa….


    I am an Algerian engineer working with an oil & gas service company and i have my residency permit (IQAMA) with plan to settle and live here in JEDDAH. could I issue an IQAMA for my wife and kids and bring them here to arabia saudia?

  • Afaq Khan

    I’m a sales executive in a Trading Est. I want to get my family in Saudi I have B.A. degree, is this degree sufficient for permanent family visa? Pls.answer as soon as possible.

  • Huzaifa

    My Profession is ” Technical Catalogue Manual Wri” can you please let me know if I can call my wife on visit visa.

  • sudheesh

    dear sir,
    my profession is marketing specialist and also working as same field. last two year i got family visit visa 2 times now i want to apply for permanent family visa. i have degree BA certificate. i submit my degree certificate on Akbar travels in India they say no need to attest certificate from India just marriage certificate and Kids birth Certificate need to attest. let me to know that is it correct? i can get Family visa on my profession with My BA History Certificate? Else what i want to do for to get Visa soon. i am waiting for your valid information thank you.

    • Saleem

      My profession also marketing specialist… and i am having BSc maths certificate with all attestation… i went to isthiqdam three to four times… and they refuse family visa due to certificate and profession not matching… I think marketing specialist need MBA attested certificate.. please check..
      Now i am looking for suitable profession for Bsc mathematics…if you get any information please inform me also [email protected]

      thank you & best of luck

      • riyaz ahamed

        Dear Sudheesh, Please inform which profession you chose with Bachelors Degree in Arts and did you got your family visa.. please advise,, since i am also facing the same problem…

  • Raja Ali


    I applied for family visa with all the require documents but they rejected because i came on labor visa. 4 year back i have changed my profession with my university certificates but they did not accept. please let me know there is any law that i can’t get family visa on changed profession even i have all original certificate and where i can complain against this issue.

    • Ali

      dear raja ali,
      i have the same issue all docs are ready but my visa is labour visa aur other docs are 100% ready. did you find any result.
      i still didnt apply please advise

  • my iqama profession is salesman (Mandoub Khidmat Salhiya) can i take my family visa.
    please direct me and whats documents required for this purpose,

  • Syed

    My profession is Fani Hansia Salat ( Assistant Engineer Telecom), can i eligible to bring the family in KSA. Please advise.

  • I am Engineering Executive Secretary, i want to apply for family visa but the problem is that my profession in Iqama is labor , i want to know , if i change the profession so what would be the eligible profession for family visa so that i change my profession accordingly, can you give me any suggestion, in this regard.

    Anticipating your earliest reply.

  • sarfaraz khan

    Assalamo alaikum
    Sir my profession is funni machaniki nd I want to get family visa Please give me family visa.
    I’ll be very thankful to u sir.
    With great regards
    Sarfaraz khan
    Makkah al Mukarrama

  • Mujahid

    Dear Sir,

    Good Day..

    Hope you are doing well , As per my company contract i am single , I want to bring my family on permanent family visa (IQAMA) , How much amount i have to pay Every year for Iqama renewal as per government regulations

    • 500 riyal for iqama and medical card, it upon you which u like

  • maqsood

    i want to bring my family in riyadh on family visa (permanent), my profession as per iqama fanni kharbai saiyanath aalath. but my actual profesion is CADD designer and i have one year diploma and i am graduate B.A,

    please assist me can i get family visa. now my family in riyadh on visit visa.


  • Ghulam Farooq

    Asalam-o-Alaikum wa reh,a tuLLAH
    My profession is Funni Abnia فني أبنىة .Can i apply for permanent family visa or not?

  • Saleem

    Dear Brother,

    Kindly help me to find a suitable profession which can bring my family here. I have BSc Mathematics certificate with all required attestation. and my profession in iqama is marketing specialist. I have gone to Istikdam with all document more than three time. they are telling my profession is not matching with certificate and cannot provide me family visa.. so kindly help me to find a suitable profession that a BSc maths person can have.. nature of my work is 95% office job and 5% outside customer visit..

    YOur help is highly appreciated .

    thank you

  • Afzal

    Dear Expert, do you still run this blog?

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes bro

      • riyaz ahamed

        Dear Saudi Expert.. I am a Bachelors Degree holder, please advice me a suitable iqama profession according to my degree which is also eligible for permanent family visa. Can i chose Sales Representative or Procurement Representative with my degree.. my degree certificate is also attested by saudi embassy in my home country… please advice…..

  • Shaikh

    Assalaam o alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,

    Dear brothers,

    i want to bring my family on permanent visa. My Profession in my iqama is Rasaam mechanici( autocad designer). I have autocad diploma certificate also but not attested. Should this certificate be attested while applying for visa.

    Waiting for your valuable response


    • your profession is mechanical designer. you should have related degree certificate with saudi attested

  • shafir

    dear sir,
    my profession in iqama is MECHANIC ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN. But I am graduate in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. can I able to get permanent visa. Kindly reply. your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thanq very much


    Dear Sir,

  • Habeeb

    Sir, My Profession in Iqama is Mechanical Engineering Technician- I have Graduation – Bachelor of Arts – I am able to bring my family permanently.

    • yes, it should be attested & translation in arabic,

  • Rehan Tahir

    I have a 3 years old daughter who along with my wife i intend to bring here on permanent visa.
    Can you please confirm wether i need to have my MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE and my child’s B FORM attested from foreign office Pakistan and then translated into arabic for submital at the iteqdam office, along with the respective original documents

    • maqsood

      yes, it should be attested & translation in arabic,

  • Azeez

    Dear brother,

    I bring my family here on visiting visa. Can I bring my or wife’s father or mother on visiting visa or not?

    • maqsood

      yes you can bring them. and your salary should be more then 5000sr


    assalamalaikum sir, my profession in iqama general accountant i have my all attested certificates but my salary is 3600/- Saudi riyal can i get my family visa please sir reply me , as soon ass possible



    regarding profession my profession is AUTO CAD electrical (رسام كهربائ) can i get family permanent visa waiting for response thanks

    • admin

      I doubt whether you would be able to get a permanent visa with your current profession.
      Still why not give a try.
      Best of luck.

  • asad khan

    hi sir my profession is general surveyor can i get permanent family nationality is Pakistani.

    • admin

      Can you please tell me what is your qualification/degree?

      • asad khan

        i am graduate and one year surveyor diploma from technical board.

        • admin

          I am afraid you many not be able to get permanent visa for your family.
          But still why don’t you give it a try.
          Best of luck!

          • asad khan

            Is there any limit for salary and what is minimum limit of salary for permanent visa????????

          • SaudiExpert

            There is no minimum limit of salary for permanent visa.

        • asad khan


          • Saad

            Dear Asad,

            i recently got all my documents attested from Pakistan including my degree, diploma, masters certificates and my marriage registration certificate. and all was done by my cousin who is dealing with Foreign Embassy Affairs in Pakistan. let me know exactly what certificates you are trying to get attested and i will get feedback from him and update. 0547556239.

          • asad khan

            why are u not attend my call

  • ianawab

    assalamu alaikum
    I am planning to take up job in engineering catagory in Saudi with family status
    My wife is homeopathic doctor and she would also be joining me on permanent visa.
    I request for suitable advise about the prospectus homeopathic practice and availability of jobs. whether my wife can practice/ do the job if she is on permanent family/dependent visa.
    what is ur advise for processing visa for my wife

    • admin

      I am afraid there doesn’t seems to be much scope for Homeopathy in KSA.
      Moreover your wife will not be able to work under the current rules and regulations, as long as she is under your sponsorship.

      • Imran Nawab

        what option i should select for her visa .
        i.e whether we should opt for sponsored visa for her or employment/business visa.
        What are the pros and cons.

        • admin

          You have two options:
          1. She comes on a Permanent visa under your sponsorship, but she won’t be able to work.
          2. She directly applies for some job opportunity from your home country and comes under the sponsorship of the Hospital/Company which is offering job.

  • khalid

    My profession in Aqama is Supervisor Cleaning. Can I apply for permanent family visa?

  • Bilal Khan

    My profession in my Iqama is “Quantity Surveyor” whereas i am an MBA. And my degrees were attested by the saudi embassy. Now i want to bring my family on a permanent family visa. Do i have to change my profession for my permanent family Visa? If yes what profession will suit me? And what procedure do i have to follow to get the permanent family visa for my wife and children?? Thanks

    • SaudiExpert

      Yes, you need to change before you can get your family visa

  • Saqib


    I have IT/Programmer profession in my Iqama and have degree already attested by Saudi Embassy. Marriage certificate and Birth certificates of child are attested by MOFA Pakistan with Arabic/English translation.

    Please tell me if I need to prepare any other documents before applying for the permanent family visa?


    • SaudiExpert

      No sir, Best of luck, Please update here for other,

      • Muhammad Saqib

        That is not correct. I went to Istaqdam office and they asked me to get my Marriage Certificate and Child Birth Certificate attested from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan.

        So, I have sent all my documents back to Pakistan for embassy attestation and then apply for visa again.

        @Anyone, looking for permanent family visa, prepare the following documents before going to Istaqdam office.

        1. Marriage certificate attested from MOFA and Saudi Embassy
        2. Child Birth Certificate (B Form) attested from MOFA and Saudi Embassy
        3. Original Degree attested from HEC, MOFA, Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy (all)
        4. Original letter from employer stating, Job Title and Salary. Letter should be attested from Saudi Chamber of Commerce
        5. Filled application form, attested from Saudi Chamber of Commerce
        6. Copy of Iqama, Passport, Family Passport
        7. Copy of all documents stated above

        I have personally seen lots of people getting visa in few minutes, having all above documents.


        • SaudiExpert

          Thanks Saqib, we missed that point.

  • salahuddin

    Salam :))

    I have got some questions, will be very thankful if someone would help me out. 🙂

    On behalf of some close friend.

    I came first time to Saudi Arabia. My iqama will be given to me within next week. I am Finance Manager with 5,000+ salary. I am from Pakistan. I live in Riyadh.

    I want to get permanent family visa.

    (1) Can you tell me steps like first i should go where then where?
    (2) Which documents should i work upon?
    (3) What should i do to minimize time loss and unnecessary delays?

    Will be a lot thankful for the information 😀

  • salahuddin

    Please refer to this website, it has got very detailed information for family visa, posted by someone.

  • Atif Khan

    If some have 2 years’ experience based diploma in mechanical engineering and his profession on iqama Fani mechanic then is he able to get family visa. Please reply for this.thnks

  • Assalam Alikum Sir,

    i have 3 year bachelor degree in Microbiology & 1 year ITI diploma in Computer programming, my iqama profession is funny abniya.

    kindly advise can i able to get family visa or not

    admin please reply to my question

    • SaudiExpert

      As per our info its eligible,

  • Mazhar

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to keep my mother on permenant visa in saudi arabia. Currently she is on visit visa.

    Can you please guide me what is the procedure since my mother is widow and I am taking care of my mother.

    My profession is Operations Analyst (Mohallil Amaliyaat).

    Appreciate your positive reply.

  • tariqaziz

    sir salam i wish to have a familly visa for my mother wife and kids

  • ahd

    Salaam, i have a question my sponsor is a prince and my iqama profession is house manager.I want to apply for my wife permanent family visa.How can i do it?


  • I have got my son’s birth certificate (English) certified from MOFA and Saudi Embassy. Do I need to get same attestations for its Arabic translation as well. Or when I come Riyadh, Saudi I can just get its Arabic translation to be presented for getting yellow visa slip. Any quick response would be of great help. Thanks.

  • Gaurang

    I am chemical engineer working in one of the well known refinery in India. Recently I got job offer from one company of Saudi Arabia. The job belongs to SUPERVISORY category in nature.
    In my family there are total four members: Myself, wife, two years old daughter and my dependent father.
    Please note that my mother is expired and my father is retired person and dependent on me. I don’t have any brother who can take care of my father. My father’s health is quite ok. He is of fifty eight years old and healthy person.
    Company has offered me Family status. According to Saudi Arabia rules Term Family does not include Father. So I can not bring my father with me under that Family status visa system.
    I can not left him alone in india as I am the only person on whom he can depend.
    I am looking for alternate ways through which I can bring my father to Saudi Arabia so that he can live with me till the time I live in Saudi Arabia.
    I got few information through some resources. One option to bring my father with me is through visitor visa system. Another option is to bring him on dependant visa system.
    I have two plan: Plan A & Plan B.
    Plan A:
    Under visitor visa my father will get visa of 3 month. Before completion of that three month I will apply for extension. My father will get extension of 3 month. After completion of that 3 month extension I will again apply for one more extension of 3 month. Thus My father will get another extension of three month. So total 9 month (3 plus 3 plus 3) my father will live with me at Saudi Arabia. After completion of that 9 month my father has to come back to india.
    Once he come to india for a while, I will again apply for another new visit visa for him for three month. Again he will come to Saudi Arabia for three month. Again I will apply for two extension each of three month again he will live for total nine month.
    By repeatatively doing so, my father can live with me practically throughout the period I live there.

    Now I have few querry / doubt regading my plan A, I request you to resolve it.
    1. Does the visitor visa system related information which I mentioned above is true?
    2. Will my plan which I mentioned above will work practically?
    3. Is there any deficiency / risk / loop holes in my plan?
    4. What are the factors which can ruin / spoil my plan to work?
    5. I heard that visitor visa duration can be 1 month, 2 month, 3 month. It depends on who is giving visa. Is it so?
    6. I heard that visa extension period will be same as your original visa duration. For ex: If visa was given for 1 month duration than extension will be also for 1 month. Is it so?
    7. Can I bring my father repetitively through visitor visa ?
    8. Is there any restriction that I can bring my father maximum xyz time through visitor visa?
    9. Is there any agent/mediator in Saudi who can help me in all this visa issuing/extension procedure.
    10. Is there any rule that according to which my father and my wife can not live together in Saudi.

    Plan B:
    To bring my father through dependant visa system.
    1. Is there any dependant visa system? If yes what it is all about. How I can bring my father through dependant visa system?
    2. I heard that on insisting my sponsor company, They can do something for my father. Is it so? If yes what I will required to do? How I should approach my company?
    3. Is there any way though which without help from company< I can get dependant visa? If yes how?
    4. What other people do in this matter who has same case like me having dependant father?
    5. Is there any agent kind of thing to help me in this matter? If yes can you give me contact details, mail id etc.

    I request to provide me guidance on above points as lot depends on it.

    You can reply me on my mail id: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • shabbu


    my husband will be joining a company in jeddah as an engineer next month.i would like to know if it is possible to come with him along with our three kids on visit visa and then change to permanent visa, staying there in jeddah itself.

    please give me an answer asap as it is very difficult for me to stay alone with three small kids.

  • SaudiExpert

    Dear Shabbu,

    Converting Visit to Permanent Visa is an impossible task.
    Hope this helps

  • Faisal Asif

    Please tell me what is the Visa Fees for wife and 2 kids.
    please reply me at my email. ([email protected])

    • Mohsin

      SR 2000 permanent visa for wife and children combined.

  • umar

    if somebody wants to bring his family on permanent basis from Pakistan. its much confusing factors, i am also suffering from such factors.
    will you define please…what are these and whats difference between these all. its so much confusing
    are these above situated both in PAKISTAN AND SAUDI OR JUST PAKISTAN OR JUST IN SAUDI

  • Dear friends,

    I am planning to apply for permenant visa. I have some queries?

    1. i have all certification attested from saudi embassy and HRD. does i need to attested from MOFA (is it compulsory).

    2. i came here in house driver visa now i changed profession to marketing specialist .does Istiqtam will check visa page to match with iqama proffession.

    Kindly help me in this issue

    • abdul

      now it is too easy just open abshir go for visa then apply family visa it does not need any certification attested this rul comes 10 days b4

    • Shree

      Did u get visa…Please share…I am facing the same issue.

  • Ashfaq Ahmed

    hello sir
    i need Permanent family visa ( Istaqdam ) for my wife
    i am working in riyadh & my basic salary 5000 SAR & company will provide me house rent & medical for my wife sir just i want to know my profession on iqama is OK or not?
    my profession on iqama الكترونى اجهزة تحكم
    & i have 3 year certificate ( diploma of associate engineering in instrumentation & process control )
    (دبلوم الهندسة المنتسبين في الأجهزة والتحكم في العمليات)

    plz send me new rules for Permanent family visa

  • My profession is Quantity Surveyor and I have a two year civil technology Diploma attested from Ministry of Pakistan, Saudi embassy Pakistan and from technical board. On this Diploma can I get permanent family visa.

  • Fawad Safi

    My Family is with me here on visit visa, Please let me know if I can change my family visit visa to permanent Residence visa as per news announcement in arabnews today, I have Electronics engineer profession and all my certificates are attested and OK.

  • shokat ali

    how can i get permanent family visa ,if i call my family here on visit then it is possible that i can get permanent family visa, on my iqama my profession is computer technician. please let me know about it

  • Jazhfar

    Assalamu Alaikum sir, My Iqama Proffession is خبير تنظيم(Organasing expert). Can i apply for Visit Visa for my family . Is this Proffession eligible to get visit visa ? pls reply sir..

  • adnan

    Dear Sir,
    I need to now can i apply for permanent visa for my wife,before my profession in my iqama carpenter,then i changed to Civil Draughtsman (AutoCad) in wich i have Diploma.
    Diploma has no attested because of private diplaoma.
    I have Degree in commerce with saudi Attestation.
    Marriage certificate also has saudi Attestation.
    I am waiting for your kind Reply.please

    • adnan

      Waiting for your kind repply.

  • Mohammad

    Dear Sir,

    I have heard that visit visa will not be extended after 28th June, but Is visit visa issuance still open??

  • sohail


    i cancel my family iqama…my family was on exit/reentry to home country..can i apply for new family visa for anther wife here on kingdom…

  • Mohammed Abdul Rauf

    i am working as a system administrator (IT Department)in Bin La Din Groups and my Iqama profession is (Fanni Hasib Ali)Technical Computer programmer…all my gradution certificated as per consern and my marriage certificate are attested with Saudi Consulate Mumbai.inshah allah soon i will make transalation in arbic and get stamping from MOFA In Jeddah….soon.
    My queation is weather my profission is suits for applying a permanent visa for my wife…?please let me know asap.

  • Mohammed Abdul Rauf

    Hello Admin,
    i am working as a system administrator (IT Department)in Bin La Din Groups and my Iqama profession is (Fanni Hasib Ali)Technical Computer programmer…all my gradution certificated as per consern and my marriage certificate are attested with Saudi Consulate Mumbai.inshah allah soon i will make transalation in arbic and get stamping from MOFA In Jeddah….soon.
    My queation is weather my profission is suits for applying a permanent visa for my wife…?please let me know asap.

  • Mohammed Abdul Rauf

    Dear Admin,
    Assalamu Alaiakum,
    I am mohammed abdul rauf from india working as a System Analyst in Saudi Bin Ladin Groups Jeddah and my Iqama profession is (Faani Hasib Alali) Computer Programmer / Computer Techinician, i am graduate from B.Sc Computer Science and Attested the Digree from HRD, MOFA and Saudi Counsulate Mumbai and MOFA from Saudi Arabia in Jed and My Marriage Certificate are also attested and translated in arabic from recognized transalation center in jeddah and i am going to apply a parmanent visa for my wife.
    my question is weather they can issue a visa on technical profession please let me know and u r suggestion is most well come please kindly answer me asap.
    May i know the istaqdam office address please kindly share the address please.
    thanks and Regards
    Jazak allah khair

    • Naeem

      Dear Abdul Rauf,
      I have same profession on my iqama and also want to bring my family in KSA.
      Please do inform me if you get permanent family visa on this profession.
      Best of luck.



  • Afsaar


    My profession in Iqama is Amin al Makhzan (store keeper) and i have attested degree of M.B.A (Master of Business Administration) and my basic salary is more then 4000 sar can i get the perminent family visa for my wife and one daughter 2 years old.

  • Muhammad Naveed

    Dear Sir,

    I want to get permanent visa for my wife and 4 month old my son but I have confusion about my designation is نجار مبانى can I get my family visa on this designation ?

    • SaudiExpert

      The profession is “Building Carpenter”. For this profession, permanent visa is not possible.

      • Basharat Abbasi

        can i get visit visa for my wif i am bulding electration

  • Alya

    I am Working in Military Hospital as Nurse Supervisor Grade-7 I have got BSC Degree can i apply for the mehram visa for my husband and family visa for my 3 children? Please answer ,my hospital authorities supports me for that.

    • sheeraz

      yes u can

  • Dear Sir,
    I am a British National and have a degree already attested and work here as a professional Nurse for a big company. I am recently married but want my son who is my dependent to come and live with me here. Please can you advise if it is possible for my son to come on my Iqama even though I am a woman. I only want my son to come and live and school here with me as my dependent. Thank you. Please Answer.

  • imran

    Dear sir
    i have 8 month diploma for auto cad and 3 years diploma associate civil engineer .my iqama profession is رسام معماري.can i apply for permanent family visa from Riyadh city because i live in Riyadh

  • Dear sir,

    I ask attestation agency in India for saudi attestation my degree certificate there said now not possible very difficult it will take 8 month above that’s why there didn’t take my certificate. So please help me how I can I get permanent family visa.

  • ziaullah khan

    Basically i am architect Engineer but my profession in my Iqama is Maraqib Aam (General Inspector), can i illegible to get permanent visa for my wife..

  • saju

    Supervisor of material can get family visit visa.i am B Com holder.pls replay as soon as possible

  • Zohaib

    I am working here in KSA as a Mechanical Engineer and i have iqama with engineer profession. i want to bring my wife and kid from Pakistan on permanent family visa, so please suggest me what is the procedure.


  • Imran Haider


    My wife has already reached Jeddah on Permanent Visa, can anyone tell me what is the Procedure Now for Iqama. Medical is also done.

  • Hidayath

    Dear Admin Assaalam Alaikum,

    My profession is Fanni hindis Mechaniki ( I have completed 3 yr Diploma in Mechanical Engineer) My salary is 6000SAR can i get permanent family visa..?? if yes what are the documents i have to prepare.

    Please reply ..



    I am working in MNC company since June 2013. My IQAMA Profession is “Executive Secretary”. And I have all the documents including Degree attestation (Bachelor of Arts-Economics), Company Letter for Salary, Marriage Certificate with attestation etc…
    Last 8 months before i tried to get my family visa. But in Istiqdam office they rejected 4 times. The reason is: My entry Visa i.e. Generel Labor.
    Then i bought my family as a Visit Visa. Now, i need family Permanent Visa. Can please advise me, can i get my family Permanent Visa?

  • Maqbool Ahmed Khan


    My profession is Flight Operation Officer my education is M.A Economics. i am planing to bring my wife for Permanent visa .i am working Saudia Ground Services. As a customer services AGENT .
    BUT MY COMPANY IS NOT GIVE ME LETTER. FOR VISA BUT I` d like to know if possible to apply without a company letter,

    best regard

  • Muhammad Usman Sarwar


    Profession on my Iqama is Chemical Engineer. Before it was Labor.
    Profession on my visa is Labor.
    I got profession changed on my Iqama from labor to Engineer.
    Can i bring my wife on permanent family visa or not, kindly reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Irshad

    Please Reply
    I am not graduate but my profession is Marketing Expert on Iqama, Can i get permanent family visa? I have Intermediate Certificate and subjects were Math Stat Computer.

  • abdul rasheed

    I am abdul rasheed my professio general tailor

  • Ahmed

    Do we need birth certificates also for the kids?

  • I am working 4 yrs in saudi arabia as super visor of batching iqama status is salary is 5000 sr. i dont have diploma.can i get permenent family visa?pl reply thanks & regard muhammed shoaib qureshi

  • M shoaib
    I am working 4 yrs in saudi arabia as super visor of batching iqama status is salary is 5000 Sr. i don’t have diploma.can i get permanent family visa?pl reply thanks & regard muhammed shoaib qureshi

  • Riyas

    what about possibility to get visa by profession nurse.i want to bring my son under my wife



    • friend

      yes you can bring them back do the same procedure like you did first time

  • Sameer

    Dear Admin.

    i want to apply family visa, i have degree certificate attested by Saudi consulate in india and marriage certificate also attested by saudi consulate in india. i have 3 months daughter and she got passport already.
    do i need another documents to process or should i process. please let me know.

    • Rafiuddin

      As salamalaikum,

      I heard that the process of applying for family visa is changed and

      we need to take the appointment through moi website.

      Does any one has any idea


  • malik

    my profession is labor,after that company changed my profssion as professional safety and security technician in iqama,my degree is bachelor of science ,certificate is attested,i have diploma too but that certificate is not attested.what can i do for istigdham.
    marriage certificate birth certificate are also attested. so please let me know .

  • Hi,
    kindly consider my case and reply pls
    i working as a safety officer, but in Iqama profession- hydraulic mechanic.
    my wife is working under Ministry of health Saudi.
    we have two kind, second baby under my iqama. he was born here in kingdom.
    our first daughter presently India. she is 3 year old.

    how i can bring her kingdom.if it is possible bring through wife iqama.

    kindly reply.

  • mir afzal

    Dear Sir What is new law for family visa and what is the possible and easy way to get family visa Iqama profession- is ( fani makaien al handsiya ) thanks.

    Kind Regards
    Mir Afzal

  • Shahzad

    is it important attestation from Cmaber of commerce for family residence visa

  • Syno

    I am a female nurse and would like to know if they give family visa for female nurse. Also i would like to know if they need birth certifcate of my baby for applying . If so will they accept arabic translation from our country ???

    • asad

      Contact 0594832342

    • jilani Mughal

      u can apply and sure arabic translation but duly attested by authorized translator

  • yasir nawaz lodhi

    Please advice regarding my iqama profession for permanent family visa. My status in iqama is A C Maintenance Technician. So can i apply online?

  • Jatin Kathuria

    Can anybody help me as I have bachelor of arts degree which is fully attested and my iqama profession is marketing specialist can I able to bring family or I have to change the iqama profession

    • jilani Mughal

      for sales and marketing no permanent visa as for as i know dears

    • Aleem

      Did you get permanent Visa on this profession then ? Kindly let me know as my brother is being offered the same form a company but I have the same worry that he may be struck later.

  • mujtaba ksa

    Dear i need to confirm that my profession is Mechanical Autocad so please can anyone tel me i can make permanent family visa online directly….
    My mobile no. 0508440730

    Please Please advise me about this issue…….

  • Sheeraz


    Dear friends please tell me family visa process my profession is Electrical Controller. So please can any one tell me I can make permanent family visa .

    My Mobile #0576704802

  • Janine Vivar

    If my husband is a cellphone technician…can he get a permanent visa for his wife??

  • zainab tanveer pathan

    Respected sir ‘/ ma’m
    My name is zainab Tanveer I m a pak national and alhamdulillah married
    to indian national living in India since 2007 and having 1 baby boy
    My hasbund getting a job in Saudi Arabia with family visa alhamdulillah

    We want to move together Saudi Arabia but my Pakistani passport made
    at pak embassy new Delhi which is manual not computerised ..( living
    in india on long term visa)
    I have a doubt that Saudi embassy will provide me a visa or not on
    manual passport
    I will always been a thankful to you pl help me regarding this matter
    zainab tanveer pathan


    • jilani Mughal

      yeh you need computerized passport for any kind of visa in future especially in Saudia

  • Shafaat Khan

    Dear All! Please help me regarding Family Visa. I apply online and attested by Chamber of Commerce on 17 May, I received a Message withing 24 hours that your visa has been issued, they aloted Visa Number also but i send that application form to Pakistan, they told me that this visa is not issued on MOFA, monistry of forien affairs, Can any body tell me what should i do, Attached is the pic of the application Form , Please inform me through Whatsapp or Email [email protected], Beause i cannot receive notifications for this post. Please…..

  • uzcon

    i wrote the relaiton of my wife as “daughter” in online aapplication of permanent application already approved.plz guide me how can be corrected now?

  • Shaik

    As salam alikum,

    How to add a new baby name in family permanent visa (which is still not endorsed) & what documents required

  • kudhus

    Dear brother,
    I am going to apply permanent visa for my wife and kid, I had attested my marriage certificate, Degree Certificate, Is necessary to attest my kids birth certificate??
    kindly reply for the same, therefore, i will proceed for attestation.
    best regards
    Mohammed kudhus

    • Jason

      Some officers requires it and some don’t, to save yourself from hassle, attest it from MOFA before you go there.

    • farrukh Ali Qazi

      dear in how much time you got your family visa?

  • Ali

    Hello I am working as a Telecom Engineer in STC but Company has given me the designation of fanni. And in my eqama its written as Assistant telephone Technician. Then please suggest me we can get permanent visa or not for my beloved wife…

    • Mohamed Kasim

      Kindly change your profession then surely you can get Permanent Visa.



    • Samrah Shaikh

      It depends on the profession mentioned in your Iqama and your ability to support the profession through documentation. If you have enough documentation proof then you will be able to support the idea and might be allowed for the Permanent Family Visa.

    • S Rahaman

      Mr Nazam I am sorry , no u cant Apply family Visa

      • Nazam

        Mr. Rahaman, thank you for your reply…Actually I am an college level but not finishing a degree because I stop. Currently, my profession in iqama is telecom technician and my salary is 8k SAR. am I still could not apply Family Visa?..

        • S Rahaman

          If your degree is not attested then cant apply and Saudi embassy will not attest below 3 yeras degree. But u can get family visa may be thr is another way call antony…..0504157507

  • Moiz Khan

    Dear brother,
    I am going to apply permanent visa for my wife and kid, I had attested my marriage certificate, Degree Certificate and have all the documents ready as mentioned above, Is it necessary also to attest my kids birth certificate ??
    kindly reply for the same, so that i will proceed for attestation.
    est regards

    Mohammed Moizuddin

  • Ahmed

    Aslam o Alikum to all
    my iqama profession marketing manger my salary 8000 SAR but i don’t have graduation degree just have FA certificate can i apply for family visa plz anyone replay must thanks

  • Jenne Jon

    My husband work here in Saudi but we plan married in Philippines’s I’m not converted so it same procees if he get permanent visa for me bcoz he want to stay me for living here in Saudi can u ask to me if we have other needed and how long it takes for all process

  • James

    Dear Sir, My profession in iqama is Electrical technician and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. Kindly advise what profession should I use in changing the profession in my iqama wherein I can bring my family under dependent visa (family visa).
    thank you!

  • wasijpr

    Dear All,
    Profession Aamil manzil on visa can sponsor his wife in saudi on visit visa? Reply Urgent please

  • Jsam

    I have applied for a visit visa for my in laws and I got it from here, I send this to India but couldn’t get stamped due to mismatch in name. My wife’s father name in her passport and his fathers name entered in his passport was not matching. It took few months now and finally the travel
    Agent said they cannot do it.
    Now the issue is the visa was issued to mentally n 3June 2015 and now it is more than 3 months now, is that visa is still valid or not? If i cannot get it stamped from India what should I do now? Do I need to cancel it here? If yes how can I cancel that visa?

  • Kpl Erinethac

    Assalamualikum, If i am a nurse can i get permanent visa for my husband?

  • Sadia imam

    Aslam alikum
    I want to know about family it issue on labour aqama or not.and what is the process for this visa plz reply me

    • Muneer

      It will not issue labour profession

  • Umran Pathan

    if one does not have degree and just 12th pass can he get permanent family visa?

  • Michelle

    hi my husband is an engineer in Saudi he want me and our children to go there for 2-3months. he declared as his family dependent visa…. do we need for medical check up? what if the I am positive in Hepatitis B and my husband don’t know yet about it…. is it possible to go there in Saudi?

    • Jason

      If you are coming on a visit visa, there is no check up required in Philippines, but if you are coming on a permanent visa, it is necessary to secure a medical clearance.

  • Mohamed Razik

    Hi Are there any new process of degree certificate attestation through home country KSA embassy. Because the degree certification attestation not conducted by India and Sri Lanka KSA embassies.

  • Soraf khan

    Hi All…..I Need Famaly Visting Vaisa Any One Can Help Me Plzz Its My Number Plz Call Me )0533843197

  • Common Man


    Dear Brother,

    I am a lecturer in University of Ministry of Education and Alhamdullilah my family (wife + 2 Children) are residing with me in KSA. Recently my father got expired and now only my mother (age 60) and grand mother (father’s mother age 79) are left in India as i am the only son and my sister is married.

    Can I bring them to on permanent visa to live with us? if yes, How?

  • SHam

    my designation is secretary. Am i eligible for family permanent visa?

  • John Paul

    Dear Brother,
    My family is already here in saudi arabia. My wife is working as a nurse and my profession in iqama is engineer. We are having a baby soon. But I want her to stop working on her job after she give birth. Do I need to apply for a family visa? What are the legal ways to proceed about this matter?

    • Jason

      Go to labor office and they will guide you on what to do.

  • Muhammad Qasim

    Assalam u alaikum
    I am saiq e khas, am I able to get permanent visa for my beloved wife??

  • S Rahaman

    As Salam to All My one question is after getting my family
    permanent visa if My iqama expired and new mukim card come then is there
    any problem to endrosed the visa in my family passport which issued
    on my old iqama?

  • Luffy Dragon

    Dear All,

    Do i need any more papers when me and my wife here in saudi go outside? I provided her a visa and i am her sponsor so do we need any papers likes marriage contract???

  • Arnold

    Hi my iqama procession is DATA INPUT CLERK but my degree is Marine Engineering. Will I pass to get for family visa?

  • Ajumal

    Asalamu Alaikkum,
    Dear Mr Rahman,
    I have 2 children and Wife, one child was new born. They are in home country. Elder son and wive have re entry visa which will expire on next week.Is it possible only two come and extent there visa without bring new born. OR cancel the existing family visa and take new visa for three.
    please help to solve this issue…

  • salah ibrahim

    my profession is labour so i born in saudi arabic i want to bring my family here if anyone can help me so text me on whatsapp 0509992535

  • tariq

    i am a purchasing buyer in militery hospital but my iqama is for sweeper which profession should i change to get family visa however my position is also for saudi nationals only so i wanna know which profession will suit me my current position

    • Mohd Zakiuddin

      assalm va lekum how are you

    • Mohd Zakiuddin

      i want to know u submitted family visit visa u got rejected me also same تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب so wht u did tel mee 0550165031

  • kudhus

    I would like to share my experience while applying isthiqtham,
    I entered in Saudi Arabia as a house driver, later i changed my profession as electronic technician as per my degree certificate. but the reject my application due to i came to saudi arabia in house driver.
    Why they are considering my passport visa, i changed my profession and doing the iqama profession job then why refuse to give me the visa for my family?
    I had all required documents, degree certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate of my child and salary certificate with completed attestation and MOFA chambered too. For this small thing they refused my document??
    Friends do you have any other option and solve my issue?? HELP ME.

    • Abi

      Dear Kudhus,

      Did you find a way to bring your family, kindly share your process, as so many people suffer with same issue.

    • Shree

      Did u get visa…Please share…I am facing the same problem.

  • Mohd Mubasheer Khan

    assalam alikum..Hi sir my name is mubasheer khan ..i came saudi as driver visa ..but am working as accountant from 4years a BSC (Maths) dgree Holder..can i get family Visa?

  • Saeed

    How many days is the deadline to get family visa endorsed in your country on passport once it is issued in ksa?
    And Then what is the deadline to travel?

  • Mohammed Akhteruddin

    Conditioning and refrigeration technician can bring permanent family visa in saudi arabia please inform

  • nila

    assalamualaikum… husband went to saudi arab ,he is a iqama holder n went for business purpose,now what to do if i want to live there with him permanently?he is a non-arab n me it possible to get permanent visa there for us?n how many years a iqama holder has to stay there to take his family?he completed postgraduation and i m doing graduation now.can i work there?help me please.

  • raff

    for permanent visa, is it possible that the company / sponsor will not allow you to apply for permanent visa?

  • faizal

    Can i bring my 3 year old daughter without her mother by family visa or visit visa.
    If i brought my wife and daughter togather to ksa then if she may be got hospital job in this case can i transfer both of them to hospital sponsor ship or no.
    If they transfer only wife sponsorship then my kid can stay my sponsor ship or no.

  • rej

    Hi, i am planning to bring my son here in saudi, but i am not yet married with his mom. is it possible to bring him here even if i’m still single?

  • Shahid Moin

    As salaam u alaikum

    Does the above procedure apply the same for bringing my old mother from my home country. As i am the only son and caretaker of her. Can she stay in the kingdom as a dependent on my iqama …?

  • kaysir

    Dear Sir/Madam
    please need your help to know which all documents are required for family visa to get attested from Saudi embassy in India

  • Sayed Aliraza11

    Assalam u alaikum,
    Brother i want bring here my son aged 8 yrs old without my wife bcz she could not come here some health issues my profession is salesman and my sallary is more then 4000 SR.could you advise me please regarding this matter.
    Sayed fazal elahi shah

  • Sundus Sharif

    My husband is on general labour visa. Can he apply for family visa..

  • Naveen

    Hi brother,
    Can you please explain whether the degree certificate arabic translation is mandatory for Family visa? If yes can i do it in Saudi itself?
    My original certificate is already attested from home country.

    • Jaya Prakash

      hi brother

      did you got your certificate translation done??

      i am also waiting to check for this…

  • md riyaz

    I am Engineer I tried to apply for family visa online but couldn’t error occurs saying not matching business rules should submit manually when went to MOFA for stamping I was told that the signature on my certificate by ksa embassy in India ( ksa attestation) is not available in MOFA data base so they refused to stamp and told to get attestation again from India KSA embassy.
    I tried for isteqdam without MOFA they rejected and told me to get Mofa.
    Meanwhile I tried with the agent in India about stamping they told me attestation is done once and is ok.
    Can any one help me what should I do.

  • Dino Pappachan

    hi , i am working on working MOH Saudi Arabia , how to apply visa for my husband and child

  • kiran raj

    Dear Sir,

    I changed my profession to mech. engineer last week. I have taken appoinment in istiqdam.

    I have following documents ready with me.

    Iqama original and copy
    passport copy of mine
    passport copy of wife
    letter from company stamped by company
    monthly income certificate from company attested and chamber of commerce
    Degree certificate embassy attested and MOFA stamped &
    translated copy
    marrige certificate embassy attested and MOFA stamped&
    translated copy
    sr2000 fee payment receipt

    Anyone please advise.

    Do I need to arrange any other document other than above mentioned documents

  • rijwan

    hi my iqama profession is building electrician can i get permenanat family visa for my wife

  • Ashnas Memon

    why shpw this message “Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules.” You can book an appointment with Istiqdam and submit your occupation to be studied manually. To Book an appointment, please click here (Istiqdam appointments system)

  • Robert Jones

    Hello Mr. Steve,

    A freind of mine visited Riyadh Istikdam today. He has a bachelor degree in Science. His iqama profession is sales respresentative (مندوب مبيعات). He was told that he cannot get residence family visa on sales representative profession. I have all the degrees and documents with all the attestations. My iqama profession is also Sales Representative. My degree is BCOM?

    Is it true that sales representative is not eligible for family residence visa?

    • hi, what is the status of your visa? did you get it under sales representative?, as i will be changing my profession to Sales Representative from Stock controller i need to know

      • Robert Jones

        No dheeraj they asked me to change it to general accountant as my degree is bcom which is bachelor of commerce and specialization in accounting

  • Robert Jones

    Dear members,

    A freind of mine visited Riyadh Istikdam today. He has a bachelor degree in Science. His iqama profession is sales respresentative (مندوب مبيعات). He was told that he cannot get residence family visa on sales representative profession. I have all the degrees and documents with all the attestations. My iqama profession is also Sales Representative. My degree is BCOM?

    Is it true that sales representative is not eligible for family residence visa?

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Ok guys, Alhumdulillah I got the appointment. Let me share you the process in details :

    All you need are these documents :

    1. Original Degree (Bachelors/ Masters) attested from Saudi Embassy, Saudi Culture. It is advice to attest the degree from MOFA (in KSA) as well, sometimes they ask for it sometimes they don’t.

    2.Translation of Original Degree (from local area, KSA) with this mention “This document is attested/Tasdeeq from MOFA, Embassy and Culture”

    3. Original Marriage and Certificate attested the same way as Degree Certificate. Better to have MOFA (from KSA) as well.

    4. Translation of Marriage Certificate, the same way as mention in point no. 2.

    5. One letter from your company stating you salary in section (your basic salary, home allowance, transportation e.t.c.) and that they have no issue to allow you to bring your family. Needs Chamber of commerce Stamp.

    6. Isteqdam form (also known as Visa form). Needs to be attested from Chamber of commerce (open 24/7) as I’ve seen them asking for CoC stamp from few people. This form also needs to be signed and stamp by your company.
    Also one the form, you need to write your visa number (You can find that on your visa which is on your passport, the top right). You can write from hand or fill on computer. Here are the links to download the form.

    7. Birth Certificate in case of children. I don’t know whether it needs to be attest or not but it will be better to attest it the same way as marriage certificate.

    8. Passport copy of you, your wife and kids

    9. Copy of your Iqama and Visa (the picture of visa is in passport).

    10. Your original Iqama and passport.

    In case you need to ask something else, drop me an email [email protected]

    Wish you all the best of luck ^_^

  • Venkatesh

    Hai, I am working as Foreman/Supervisor.
    In my Iqmama my profession is Sales Representative. I want to bring my wife in permanent visa to Ksa. But I don’t have any DEGREE Certificates.
    i have originals of marriage certificate with Attestation & Coc mofa done. My salary 5000sr, I got salary certificate &coc mofa done. How can I get the permanent visa. What can I do?

  • Venkatesh

    Hai, I am working as Foreman/Supervisor.
    In my Iqmama my profession is Sales Representative. I want to bring my wife in permanent visa to Saudi. But I don’t have any DEGREE Certificates.
    i have originals of marriage certificate with Attestation & Coc mofa done. My salary 5000sr, I got salary certificate &coc mofa done. How can I get the permanent visa. What can I do? where i have to go?

  • talat

    my iqama profession is “alkhidmat electroniya”. i am a mechanical draftsman. i have 3 year diploma in mechanical attest with saudi embessy home country. can i get parmanent family visa. thanks

  • Jaya Prakash

    I am in process of applying family permanent visa.

    My certificate was attested from embassy and culture and also marriage and birth certificate ready.

    Can you please clarify below doubts.

    1.I need to translate my certificate in arabic. i am going to ministry of external affairs for stamp. will there will be any office where my certificate can be translated.

    2. in process of bringing my certificate and when i showed in my office, one of my office member when taking the scan , it was little torn in the corner, by allah grace it doesnt effected any stamp in the back. will there will be any particular check on the certificate condition, If they see particular only it can be identified.

    3. To got to isteqdam office, shall i take the appointment in moi website and go there.

    4. where is the istiqdam office in jeddah. do you have any idea.

    Please kindly reply based on your experience.


  • Usman Bukhari

    my iqama profession is General Accountant محاسب عام , i have Degree. whats the process to apply for family permanent visa, any one who can give a clear picture who to go and where to go.
    i cannot do it online need to go through istaqdaam, SOCPA.

  • Samiullaenator (Sami)

    Assalam Alaikum I am Diploma in Mechanical engineering, and working as a CAD DESIGNER,
    Which profession is eligible for Diploma in Mechanical to apply for family visa

  • Dear All,

    Please let me know if Sales Representative profession will get the family visa being the degree of Bachelor in Business Management(BBM), my current profession is stock controller which i would like to change .
    I tried before with stock Controller but they rejected in Riyadh & Dammam.

    So need your advice should i change or no?

    I heard that in recent days they are very lenient in issuing family visa, is it true?

    Please advice.

  • Ammara Khan

    sir/madam.. i am in a crutial state please help me .. my husband resident of india and i am from pakistan.. 2 years ago i spent 1 year in saudii.. but suddenly he changed and give me divorce. now i have one child and going back to saudi, how may i apply please please so help and let me know through my email .. [email protected].. please i am waiting for your kind information and that would b very help ful for me .. Allah apko lambii life de ameen.. help kardo please

  • Attention guys, we serve for visiting visa issue for family without any kofil stamp/signature or any other things we needs just your iqama No. (1-2) days within handover you visa 0547205611
    نوٹ لوگ، ہم کسی بھی kofil سٹیمپ / دستخط یا کسی بھی دوسری چیزوں کو ہم صرف آپ کے Iqama کے نمبر کی ضرورت کے بغیر گھر والوں کے لئے ویزا مسئلے میں آنے کے لئے کی خدمت کے حوالے اندر (1-2) دنوں آپ ویزا 0547205611 کی کاپی
    ശ്രദ്ധാപൂർവ്വം, ഞങ്ങൾ നിങ്ങളുടെ ഇമാമ നമ്പറുകളോ (1-2) ദിവസങ്ങൾക്കുള്ളിൽ വിസ പകർപ്പിനുള്ള നിങ്ങളുടെ വിസ പകർപ്പിനൊപ്പം നിങ്ങൾക്കാവശ്യമുള്ള ഏതെങ്കിലും കോഫിൽ സ്റ്റാമ്പ് / ഒപ്പ് അല്ലെങ്കിൽ മറ്റേതെങ്കിലും കാര്യങ്ങളില്ലാതെ കുടുംബത്തിന് വിസ വിതരണം ചെയ്യുന്നതിന് ഞങ്ങൾ കാത്തുനിൽക്കുന്നു. 0547205611
    ध्यान दें, हम किसी भी कोफ़िल स्टाम्प / सिग्नेचर या किसी अन्य चीज के बिना परिवार के लिए वीजा जारी करने के लिए सेवा करते हैं, हमें सिर्फ अपने iqama नंबर (1-2) दिनों की आवश्यकता के भीतर वीज़ा कॉपी 0547205611
    মনোযোগ সহকারে, আমরা কোনও কোফিলের স্ট্যাম্প / স্বাক্ষর বা অন্য যেকোনো জিনিস ছাড়া পরিবারের জন্য ভিসা ইস্যু পরিবেশন করার জন্য পরিবেশন করে থাকি, শুধুমাত্র আপনার iqama নম্বর (1-2) দিনের মধ্যে আপনার ভিসার কপি 0547205611
    శ్రద్ధగల అబ్బాయిలు, మేము ఏ కూపిల్ స్టాంప్ / సంతకం లేదా ఏవైనా ఇతర విషయాలు లేకుండా కుటుంబం కోసం వీసా సమస్యను సందర్శించటానికి సేవలు అందిస్తాము, మీ ఐకామా నెంబరు (1-2) రోజులు మీరు వీసా కాపీలోనే 05420565611

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