Increase in Visa Fees


  • Nisar Ev Vengara

    What about family visit visa fee?? The same 3000,5000,8000 class??

    • mfkhan

      no confirmation yet

    • Sabith

      Family visit visa is a single entry visa and the 3000,5000,8000 class is for multiple entry visa. So I think the family visit visa should have the old rates itself. No confirmations received yet.

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    I think so they are not increasing visit visa fee

    • Danilo Varga

      May I ask how much fee working visa like cook?it someone can telling how much?

      • mfkhan

        normally there is no fee for that but to get this visa sponser must issue the visa for you through proper chanel

        • Danilo Varga

          Hello sir khan what do you mean?totally there’s no involve of money?because my kafil right the asking me for money for visa? Thats why hoping you can give me the exact payment for Cook/assistant Cook visa?

  • Luqman Muhammad

    family visit visa fee ?????

  • Mohammed Adil Rahman

    Assalaammualykum warhamatullah,
    Dear Brother,
    What about Family Permanent Visa Fee?

    • Rana Zulqurnain

      Same 2000 single entry visa

      • MMH

        still not finalize so please don’t share wrong information with any one.

  • Ahamed Ibrahim M

    What about visit visa extension cost

  • MMH

    same as before

  • MMH

    everything will be change after 1st of Muharram so wait and watch.

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