Insurance must for Saudi Visitors

Insurance is now must for Saudi Visitors, except Umrah and Haj visa holders

Insurance must


Saudi Govt has made Insurance compulsory for all visa visa holders and visitor to kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The expected cost of insurance is SAR 100/month in addition to the visa charges. This is expected to help a lots of expatriates whose wives arrive in the kingdom and undergo deliveries and for expatriates whose aged parents visit Saudi Arabia. This move will help expatriates save enormous amount on bills, while other visitors like Transit passengers might find it un-necessary and a waste move.

The ministry has exempted umrah and hajj pilgrims from compulsory insurance.

About 1.3 million people visit Saudi Arabia every year and this is expected to bring a huge financial return to the Saudi Govt.


  • Mohammed Munir

    Good Decision about the insurance…I respect for it

  • Abbas

    The extreme last sentence of the News “Huge Financial Return to the Saudi Govt.” shows how much Greedy are these people. They need money and nothing from humanity, Rights, Behavior, hospitality etc. can be expected from them.

  • hamdy

    we can’t find local insurance company to cover visitors while their visit , appreciate if somebody can advise with company name can issue medical insurance for visitors

  • Azfar Alam

    Please advice any one about visit visa insurance, how to make and from where (which isuarnce Co)

  • Syed Nayab Rasool

    Very good Decision

  • Nabeel

    Ammmmm mmmuuuuaaaahhhhh
    kisss … french kiss aaahhhhh…..

  • yasir

    can you tell me from where to get insurance policy for my family there are here in visit visa.



  • siraj

    Nice. We are appriciate.

  • Shahid Iqbal

    very good decision, we should appreciate this

  • Syed Farhan Hussaini


  • Ophelia M.Macapinig

    can you provide the list of insurance companies and contact numbers who are accredited for these?

  • Aseer Abdul Rahiman

    nice dicision ,

  • Mohd Saud

    can anyone tell how we will make insurance? and we will pay that insurance fee.

  • aijaz

    Better late than never….appreciate the move

  • Muhammad

    It’s included with visa fee.

  • Naeem Shahzad

    Dear members,
    can I know, how I have to make insurance card ??
    Is this from any private insurance company or I should go to some Govt. department.
    If here is some private companies, please provide their name so every body can get this facilities ….

  • Sarwar

    Dear Members, Please visit any Insurance Company for this

  • Farooq

    I’ve confirmed it from BUPA and Tawniya.. they don’t cover medical insurance for “Visit Visa” holders till yesterday.

  • asad aziz

    its good for alls

  • 1-jan-15
    this is only declared not implemented till now.

    Health insurance would be mandatory for all foreigners coming to the Kingdom on visit visas, the Cooperative Health Insurance Council announced on Wednesday following a meeting chaired by the health minister.
    “Those applying for visas to enter the Kingdom for a visit, an extension or in transit, as well as their dependents should present valid insurance certificates for medical cover inside the Kingdom,” an official said.
    The new measure, which has been approved by the Saudi Cabinet, would not be applied to Haj and Umrah pilgrims, holders of diplomatic and special passports, state guests and those coming for medical treatment.
    “Visitors from international organizations and diplomatic missions will also be exempted from the law on the basis of reciprocal treatment,” the official said.
    He said the insurance certificates are required to meet expenses for the treatment of diseases, emergency cases, first aid and air ambulance services.
    The official did not say when the new scheme would be imposed. However, insurance specialists said it would be implemented soon. According to one specialist, the insurance premium could be about SR100 for a month.
    “We don’t know whether this system will be implemented through a single insurance company or open to competition for all licensed companies,” said the specialist, who requested anonymity. He said the measure required further clarification from the government.

  • In case, if any body is looking for the source, here it is:

  • raff

    I just want to clarify…. there are some visit visa working in our company and some of them are requesting for Medical insurance, do we need to apply them for that or they already have insurance form their country?

  • salim

    Dear friends

    While visa stamping we pay for health insurence. And got a paper .

    Family visit visa

    Any one know how to print out it