Where is your Iqama ?




Iqama (also pronounced as igama) or Residence Permit is the main identity card in Saudi Arabia. If you are caught without the original iqama  in your possession than, you may be jailed until you produce the original and fined as below:

SR 1,000 for the first time

SR 2,000 for the second time

SR 3,000 for the third time and deportation.

Incase you iqama has been taken by your company or sponsor for renewal; then he is supposed to issue a notice on company letterhead with your photo with company stamp. This you should carry at all time until you get the original iqama back.

With the recent raids, we have heard of incidents where people with above mentioned paper have been arrested because they did not possess the original iqama. So take care and avoid going out unnecessary during this period.

  • Waseem

    if company ask to work 12 to 13 hour in a day .and not even a signal Riyal pay for over time Then how is responsible.dear Sir please help us we are working 12 to 14 hour a day but our manager is not given a signal riyal if i ask for over time he says get ready for the exit. please help

    • sayeed

      tell him i dont want work i want go exit he will not give you exit because in market labour shortage
      many company’s looking for employ

  • Michelle Perlas

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I would like to ask if these iqama nos. are renewed or not…

    Herewith the iqama nos. below:

    1. Cristina Banggo ( 2294042193 )

    2. Iris R. Temporas ( 2320632686 )

    Try to get me back via my email….

    Waiting your reply,


  • SPO2

    both are expired.

  • Iqama Thanks

  • Ijaz

    After 2010 saudia arabia is not a good country for living and working. Saudi people are… Try to go other middle east country.
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    • EX Saudi Expat

      Dear Ijaz you are very true. Saudi arabia has ****. they dont need expats even though the work does not happen and they are not paying proper salaries.
      thank god i have shifted to another middle east country. Even in my dream (inception) i will not go back to saudi arabia
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  • EX Saudi Expat

    I did not receive my last month salary from saudi arabia and i did not get my iqama nor my medical insurance for the time i have worked there for a private company

  • Frank Motos

    Hi ! I left on vacation and i did not go back because my new manager was a bad shia.
    Could you please check my Status and could you please check if I am able to come back to a new kafeel ? Or do I have to go back to the old Kafeel ?
    Thank you !
    Frank Motos

  • kashif khan

    dear i need to know , if you give first transfer to your company and after work 6 years need to transfer kafala , please let me know they not give kafala and want to exit you if this possible ,

    • smarshad57

      Dear Kashif

      If you joined your current company on local release then this is moral obligation to release you to a new sponsor, request them maintain good relationship and leave your dues to grab better opportunity if possible. Otherwise co has right to release or not.

  • Arshad

    According to labor law (Please reply with clause number of labor law if possible) is some one entitle for vacation pay and end of service benefits if service ends besides serving the company for 5 years at management level and signing of the many Legal and vital documents.

    However after three years of joining, the company was succeeded in transferring the sponsorship.Now please explain what is the status of worker,authenticity and credibility of signed documents during absence of sponsorship period.

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Dear Sir,
    I transfer my IQAMA to a company my contract with this company was one year now one is going to be finish i don’t want to continue with them so i need transfer but the company is not ready to give me transfer tell me that there is any law for this that i can transfer and they will unable to put finial exit for me????

  • Raj kumar Gole

    Dear sir, it’s me Raj kumar Gole . I’m from Nepal. Last year 2013 when Saudis government announced the amnesty after then I go to legal process .now I work injaz service at sulay in Riyadh. I have my valid aqama .company never pay salary on time.but last month march 17 after company don’t give me work . From that day until now I’m sleeping at room .I know that if he don’t send me work he don’t pay my salary .please help me .

  • Mohammed akber azeem

    Salam alaykum respected sir i transfer my iqama to a company my contract is running on 3 months with this company but i dont want to continue with them so i need transfer but the company is not ready to give me transfer tell me that there is any law for this that i can transfer and they will unable to put final exit for me and i dont get any agreements with them i joined as a sales executive but thet take work loading merchandising driving

  • mohammed

    Dear Sir.

    My colleague submitted resignation notice before 2 months from his contract/Iqama expires & my company has pressurized him to finish all pending works & later provided all clearance but they put Re-Entry instead of Exit & Renewed his iqama without his knowledge.
    He has Offer from other company and want to return back within a month’s time.

    Please help by providing possibilities to join new company without further problems.

    Thank you!

  • Asma

    Saudi Arabia economy is going decline because of the rational decisions. I think the businessmen are unhappeny neither employees

  • boby

    me and my wife workin under ministry of health as gp.now they have finish my wife job from one month and give release paper. I want to know how can I transfer her on my iqama and wt things I need.and wt is the time duration of nakal kafala .is there orignal iqama needed for new company tanazal.reply plz.thanks alot

  • hello sir i came here in ksa my kafel is in red so he can’t make iqma and he give haroob and saying that i came here not meet her so now i have aa pasport now what can i do i mean how can i go back pakistan or make iqma plz tell me 0583361229

    • Arshad

      According to recent new laws a worker is allowed to join any other company if his current sponsor is not paying salary or in red zone.No approval is required from current sponsor.

  • saditha

    sir my husband who he is in KSA he arrived on 2013 to petrol set as a labour but sir there are company won give her food ,salary my husband suffering those day after he is one of friend take with him my husband run from the company now there are sponsor complaint my husband take same money and run this is not a fact sir can u help me to how to take back him to Sri Lanka without any problems pls

    • Fahad

      I think you should call the Saudi police and create a report

  • Krishna Sejal

    sir my kafel not good he want many hrs work but my agrement is 8hrs par day he dont give over time he dont gime me room aircon can u help me plz