What is My Sponsor Name & ID ? Check Online !

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You have given your iqama for transfer (tanazul) to new company and waiting for the company Mandoob/agent to get the work done. After a few days he says the transfer is done in Matab al Amal (Ministry of Labor) and only thing that is pending is printing of iqama. How do you verify his story ?

You can now check online if your iqama transfer ( tanazul )  is done or not by checking the name of sponsor.

You can check the name of your sponsor and even his ID in three simple steps:

1. Login into your Abshir account. If you do not have one, you can easily create one by going to MOI page. For more details see – How to Register for Abshir

2. Go to eDashboard

3. Then click “Details”. You will see the name of your sponsor / kafeel as mentioned in the Jawazat system.

Click eDashBoard

Click eDashBoard

Sponsor Name - Abshir eDashBoard - qSaudi

Click “Details”

Abhsir - Sponsor Name and ID

See Sponsor Name and ID


  • saif islam


    IF my sponsor he never give permition to transfer iqama its can possible that i change my sponsor though currently sponsor Naqta is green?

    • SaudiExpert

      As per the current rules, you cannot transfer without your sponsor permission unless your company is yellow or red or you have not been paid salary for 3 months.

      • Rajib

        But my company didn’t pay unless last 4 months salary .But our company color is green .now i want to transfer my iqama but he never agree to permission transfer my iqama .kindly tell me now what the true away i can transfer my iqama. and what can i do according OF K S A Law. plz tel me

  • aimereyjm

    Can you please help me to my sponsor ID Number since I have been out of the kingdom for 6 years now, I know my iqmana number. Thanks

  • leira

    Dear sir

    i like only to know what is the best action regarding to delayed salary 3 months .. i am working as a man power supply or in a establishment

  • muhammad israr

    I would like to check my iqama that is transfer are not. Funds avaliable 6000 riyal. Yesterday remain 4000 riyal. Please check what is problem.

  • moiz uddin

    I am an Indian IT administrator. Please let me know for iqama transfer whether medical is also required or not?

  • farhan ahmed

    could you please let me know if this is possible, i came to saudi and know my spoonser co category is red small,

    possible i will able to get iqama and can be transfer this or no??

  • zohaib

    Sir i want to cancel online request send by a company for sponsorship change . Firdt status on MOL website was “under study”. Now status is “is not approved”. I want to ask, is requedt is rejected or not? Now can i send another online request

  • shanas

    What is the formalities of changing sponcership in the case of iqama status is red colour…my iqama is al ready red and six month validity .how can change my sponcership to another sponcer

  • My request for transfer has been approved. In MOL site it is displayed as ” workers service was transferred to new employer on 24th august. How long it will take to appear the new sponsor name in MOI website ?

    • Ejaz

      How long it takes to appear on MOI. I already have my printed iqama with me but MOI shows no sponsor.

      • S K V

        it will take 15 days

    • Asif MughAl


      I have same issue above please advise how long its take moi

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  • abdul

    Dear Sir..

    I been selected in a company but my HR told that i m in individual sponsornship and it cannot transfer to a company. Pls advice me. What will be the procedure..


  • Adeel

    what is sponsor number for family ?
    is it Iqama number ?

  • Zohaib tahir

    What if the iqama transfer to the new company but still not join the new company and want to come back with the same old company under their kafala but kafala is already transferred to new company. Give me some advice