expiry date

How to know your Exit Re Entry Visa status & its Validity period & Expiry date

expiry date

With the coming of new system by Jawazat, the whole process has become paperless. When you apply for Exit re entry visa with your HR department, they may return to your passport next day claiming that exit re-entry is done against your passport without any paper. How do you confirm for how long the visa is valid; what is the period of visa etc. We give you step by step process to know status of visa The first step is to click the below link https://www.eserve.com.sa/VVSWeb/_jsp/cvv.jsp The page will open as shown below, most probably in Arabic. Exit re entry visa 1 To change the language to English, click the English on the topic left corner as shown above.   Then follow the steps as shown below: Exit re entry visa 2     Exit re entry visa 3 In order to go to the next step  CLICK HERE… If the above link does not work then copy paste the following address – http://qsaudi.com/step-2-know-exit-re-entry-visa-status-validity-period-expiry-date/

  • firthous alm

    i came from saudi 05.oct.2013. by jawasath from thariyal with my temporary traval document (je/nm/dc/10/2199) with out any casses my jawath number(9001326535), may i come to saudi arabia next time please repay me…..

  • mula

    have tried this to check on the validity of exit re-entry of my boss’ family but it always said ‘values you entered do not match the correct ones’. i am sure i have entered the required information correctly…why can’t the nationality be changed?

    • sche

      Im getting that message too.. were you able to get a copy of your visa? Can you tell me how? Tnx!

  • saeed anwar

    aslam o elikum dearest sir,
    sir my iqama number is 2339914224.sir i want to know can i reenter in ksa.first i hurrob butt i return in Pakistan in grace period.

  • samuel

    please give the information for that , how can I take print out from this website

    • raine

      I cant open and have my details too: I will be going for exit in 2 days..urgent help please

      • sche

        I tried to but cant get the copy of my exit visa… were you able to get it already?

  • http://www.eserve.com jerilyn benito

    how to get a copy of No Obligation Certificate?

  • Albert dela cruz

    I have an exit/reentry visa and still valid, can I go back to ksa with another company?


      AFTER 02 YEAR you are eligible to go saudi
      before that not possible

  • Aneesh


    I have noticed my exit rentry visa has 0 digit extra after the alphabetic character of the passport number , i noticed this after exit stamped the rest of the data in exit-rentry are correct . i am going back to riyadh after 2 weeks with family . Kindly someone guide me what action should I take now and is it safe to travel back to riyadh with the current exit-rentry paper.


  • abu ahmad

    My two children in pakistan .childreb exit re entry expired before 40 days.both of them 3 & 4 years.i am in riyadh.
    Kindly tell me .
    What i will do

  • http://gmail gaurav agrawal

    I was came from saudi on leave on basis re entry exit visa but I was extended my leave and that re entry exit visa has been expired. After I was mail to my cimpany then they was sent order letter from saudi government for new visa. But they mentioned my name Aurav agrawal in place of Gaurav agrawal.
    So any body can tell me it is necessory that name should be currect on order letter and when I will say my company fir again apply then how much days will be go for that process. And any panalty will be pay from my side to saudi embessy and last thing that what a documents required for that process.


    Peace be with you! I went home for exit last December 1, 2013 and I did not secure a copy of my visa. according to the personnel in the passport office of King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraidah, Al Qassim, they will not issue a paper for visa because everything was entered in the computer. I check in http://www.evisa.sa.com how many times but still rejected. my iqama number is 2306324340 and my passport number XX3797087. Can you help me also to retrieve my reference number. thank you

  • yasin khurram

    How many days re-entry visa for me.

    • SaudiExpert

      you can login and check in Abshir.

      • inamulhaque

        Exite re-entry

  • Faheem ahmad

    Sir my name is faheem ahmad i worked in saudi as driver 2 year but my owner did not give me iqama and i dont have also exit pepar now may i come again saudi

  • Faheem ahmad

    Sir my name faheem ahmad my passport no / j0805016 i worked saudi two year bt i had no iqama there and i had not also exit pepar at airport now i want to come again saudi can i come saudi again plz tell me

  • http://www.crownventureintl.com said hassan

    am very great full to be here
    i just want to ask the expert if this website you can retrieve ( final ext) or its only ( ext re-entry)
    thank you

  • jj

    anybody know Ministry of Health nurses sponser id? this is for checking validity of exit and re entry

  • https://www.eserve.com.sa/VVSWeb/actions/vvs.do Mohammed Aslam Gazi

    I checked my Exit Re entry via this system and got correct information

  • http://www.eserve.com.sa EDITA GAMBOA

    my exit re entry visa had a problem all N/A from return before and no duration I ‘ going for vacation next month august 01, 2014, Eid Mubarak, thank you pls.Reply

  • Mohamed bhuiya

    To check exit re-entry visa.

    • ramjan ali

      my exit re entry visa had a problem all {N/A} from return before and no duratin going for vacation august 13 2014

    • Vijju-Indian


      how the issue was fixed… as i have same issue with my family exit re entry visa…kindly advise..is it OK or need to go jawajjat… i issued visa from absher for family…

  • http://no hassainarpulukuzi

    Thanks again

  • http:[email protected] Sabish Sahadevan

    I am Sabish Sahadevan i came on vacation for one month on 18th of may and my re entry was of 40 days . Due to heart attack i get delay now it is near-about 100 days. but my company send me the further papers now how i will proceed do i need to go for Mumbai at Saudi embassy for stamping purpose?

  • ali

    i came to india after i resigned officially but company had not given me final exit, but only exit-reentry. Now my visa got expired and is almost 16 months over. I seek advice from the experts that can i go back to saudi as now i got an opportunity in one of the company.

  • Dendi Lou Razonable


    I’m helping my dad on his re-entry form but every time I encode his passport and visa number the system will prompt “incorrect passport details” same with the visa number.

    Please help.

  • Abdulraheem Mohammed

    Thank you expert for the information however am traveling by car. In this case what shall i do?

    Look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you again

  • http://Abshir Mohammed Asim

    I am Mohammed Asim I will came for one month vacation to India but I had sik so I inform to my sponsor for extend leave period.but I dont have exit re entry report so please mail me one copy of exit re entry detail
    Thank you

  • sheryl

    I wanted to know my visa duration and returning before what date because upon chencking on the systen what appears in the fiels is N/A. please i really need a copy of it. thank you so much

  • sheryl

    I wanted to know my visa duration and returning before what date because upon chencking on the systen what appears in the fields is N/A. please i really need a copy of it. thank you so much

    • hashim mu

      Currently I have the same issue, is there any problem if return date and visa duration shows N/A

      • Vijju-Indian

        Sir, is there any problem at the time of departing or coming back with visa shows duration N/A… issued visa for my family for 180 days thru my absher account but it shows duration N/A when you check on Eserve website. But from Absher print, it shows 180 days…i am worried about the issue..as I am living just few days.

        pls. advise..

        • hashim mu

          It’s not an issue. Days will automatically add once you finish emigration for ur vacation

          • Vijju-Indian

            Thanks for info.. Actually, the visa duration info can be seen on MOI-public query exit re-entry status link.

        • أبو عبد الله

          its not an issue,you will get the dates once you depart from the airport

  • sheryl

    MY visa number is 106745291
    iqama number 2327868267

  • Rajakumar Govindarasu

    My visa no : 97001329
    My iqama no : 2307305454
    Am in re entry person,
    Now am come to ksa chance or no chance.


      yes u can enter into k.s.a

      contact the agency /wakala office in india

      • expat30

        asak cn u pls t3ll me the status of exit reentry wat info u need

        • Shahab Ahmad

          mention you visa number along with pp no,

          • expat30

            my pp num is M3202450….AND VISA NO. 5000007508 ITS URGENT PLS TELL ME ASAP JAZAKALLAH

          • expat30


          • expat30

            MY PP NO. M3202450 VISA NO. 5000007508

          • expat30

            MY PP NO IS M3202450 VISA NO 5000007508

          • expat30

            MY PP NO IS M3202450 VISA NO 5000007508

          • expat30

            MY PP NO IS M3202450 VISA NO 5000007508

          • expat30

            pls rep me

  • Rajakumar Govindarasu

    Visa no : 97001329
    Iqama no : 2307305454

  • http://na MOHAMMED ANSARI

    Dear Sir,
    I need exit-re-entry paper before I travel
    my iqama number is 2333298376
    visa number is 107663979
    please send me by email if possible.
    Thank You


      mention you passport number



  • masjudin yodi

    greeting sir ..good day sir to your good office..sir I just want to Request for iqoma, because I don’t have a iqoma for almost one yer already. I don’t know what to do sir….I cannot go any where even khospital..pleas.pleas help me sir..hoping for your considuration Reqording this matter..

  • Abu Muhammad

    dear, thanks a lot i got the info on this web link. it is very helpful for all. thanks

  • ahsan

    sir i have question you before but you not reply me sir pleas answer me that my friend go to to vocation on2014 his re entry visa expird and also his aqama finished expire his status shown raas ul amal and tsare misha his aqama also expir july 2014 sir he is so poor he want to come back again saudi arab for work at new visa is he come back again in saudi arab atnew visa his re entry visa and aqma finished sir pleas reply me


      as you mentioned he came 2014
      as per saudi law he can’t enter in ksa after two years(2016)

      although you can consult the agency in which favour you made wakala

  • sadiq

    Visa number:106650430
    Passport number:j03579139
    Iqama number:2355223450
    Iqama expiration date:14/12/2014
    Visa holder:sadiq hamid makhajakar
    Exit before:07/12/2014
    Please check that I will be able to get the again in Saudi

  • Shoukath Makkar

    I want to know, my akkama was expired or not.my akkama number is:2283309469

  • http://linkedin Aurelio B. Tiongson jr.

    I came in saudi november 8,2014 for work under hyundai compaNy. Due to personal reason i resigned go back home in philippines on january 13,2015. For two months stay in saudi my iqama did not process means. Can i come back again to saudi this year in case there is a future employment. If not. how many months allow in order to come back agqin to saudi


      minimum 6 month stay is compulsory for ever abroad worker

      contact recruiting agency they can help you

  • Malik

    I checked my visa status, Visa is valid but in VISA duration column it is written (N/A). what does that mean?


      whenever you travel exit reentry / final that will show

    • Sohail Abbasi

      I am checking mine just now and it’s showing the same can you please tell me because i think you have traveled with the same issue kindly reply

      • Malik

        Yeah , i travelled with same visa , no problem

  • linta

    pls tell my visa duration..my visa no.111156479 my iquama no..2335332421

    • [email protected]

      Return Before (Gregorian)27/08/2015

  • Arun Das Muvattupuzha

    pls detail for visa no2328766757


      you have mentioned visa number an mofa number

      mention your id number or contact recruiting agent

  • vinod

    Dear sir
    i left from saudi arabia 03 june 2014 energency leave unfortunately i canot go back saudi my visa epired showing evisa site now iam in india if any problem go to dubai or qatar please tell me the answer


      no problem you can go all gcc country except k.sa.!!!!

      after 03 june 2017 you are eligable to go back k.s.a

  • Shahid Khan

    can i get 11 months exit re-entry visa for my son through online? because people saying only 6 month limits in online.


      yes they are right

  • john christopher

    sir pl tell my reentry date as i have done extention. my iqama no 2292834872


      mention you passport number

  • eLy MaF

    How to refund multiple exit re-entry 500 SR paid from SABB. Exit re-entry not yet processed due to some complications on Iqama status.

  • Jemsheer Muthiraparamban

    sir i wish to know within how many days of my iqama expiry am i expected to return to saudi.i mean what is the last possible day of my entrry .or is it like i can come within the period of my re entry ticket.since the difference of my re entry ticket and iqama expiry would be only 7 days.i.e,my re entry ticket would expire on jan 31st,2016. and my iqama renewal date is 7 february 2016.

  • Richard Parayno

    Can I return to Saudi Arabia to another employer despite of my reentry visa from my previous employer.

  • Richard Parayno

    I came to Saudi Arabia january 2015 and february same year my employer asked me to go vacation for three months. until now my employer no information from him. Can I return to Saudi to another employer
    despite of my reentry visa.

  • Manish Mishra

    My passport will beexpired 16 janauary and now i want to go india till December is it valid for reentry or must i need to require my passport new

  • sohelrana

    Sir my reentery visa has expired 17-7-15 but i don’t know.i go to airport officer said visa has expired.now i go to saudi my iqama expired date 28.12.1436.now how to go saudi in my work.please tell me

    • Shahab Ahmad

      discuss this from you kafeel —relevant doc’s require for restamp

      • expat30

        I had a valid residncy visa I was there in ksa on residency but iqama was made or not i have no idea since this information wasnt disclosed to me I was sent back to my country and have an exit stamp pls help me 2 know if im bk on exit reentry or final exit …

        if final exit then how does the exit stamp looks like and my pp no s m3202450 visa num 5000007508 i really need 2 know plsssss help

  • Janel Labiano

    Hi sir. I checked my visa online. Its valid. But why its mentioned in my visa N/A on both visa duration and return date. Should I be worried? I am just going to bahrain for a 3 days vacation on August 6. Your reply is highly appreciated and hopefully give me peace of mind. Thank you.

  • Janel Labiano

    Hi steve. I checked my visa online. Its valid. But why its mentioned in my visa N/A on both visa duration and return date. Should I be worried? I am just going to bahrain for a 3 days vacation on August 6. Your reply is highly appreciated and hopefully give me peace of mind. Thank you.

  • Jintu

    Visa expiry date from visa issue date or from departure date?

    • Shahab Ahmad

      visa issue date

  • ramesh

    sir how can check saudi visa status pls help me

  • Sherif

    i tried with my passport no & visa but its always giving error , is there any other way to know the validity for my ksa visa .


    • Cletus

      I have the same issue. If I put my passport number in the second selection it works. If I use my visa number, iqama number, name, and birthday, it all works fine.

    • Shahab Ahmad

      plz tell you passport number

  • Muhammad

    sir im ask this question my friend kafeel do it final exit my friend im how find kafeel speaking true

    • Shahab Ahmad

      send your passport number

  • Mohammed Irfan

    Dear, السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته moi.gov.sa is not loading, it show (This Webpage is not available Please Help & email me [email protected]_DBbBYhZGo6:disqus mail.com

  • Mohammed Irfan

    Dear I m Travel agent I Check Final Exit paper On moi.gov.sa, it is not working its show the webpage not available Pls help me

  • Bhevzie

    I checked my visa status this way and the website said “visa is valid.”
    But the “visa duration” and “return date” states (N/A) .
    What seems to be the problem here?

    • Shahab Ahmad

      tell you visa number and passport number

      • Bhevzie

        I went to Jawazat female section, she told me the visa duration and Exit Before date, but she said they don’t give print of visa. So where do I get the printed visa if Jawazat is not printing the visa???
        Eserve muqeem is still printing incomplete details of my visa. I also tried Absheer online, registered and inquired, but it tells “ENTER VALID ID” for sponsor id part. I don’t get it. I’m just entering the SAME Sponsor ID from my Absheer details but it’s telling “ENTER VALID ID” !!!

        • Noman khan

          same problem? help

          • Dr Amir Mubarak

            same problem please help

    • Mohamed Tasawer Hussain

      i have same issue please advice as you had a same issue earlier … did you travel with same status ,, please advice and help

    • Vijju-Indian


      I have also same issue of duration N/A on my family ER visa issued from absher. Did you face any problem at the time of departure…. why the duration is N/A.

      kindly advise.


    • Tahir Habib

      I am also facing the same problem.
      Do you face any difficulties while exiting the country. Please do advice as i am leaving after 10 days.

      • [email protected]

        Dear fellow members,

        I can share my recent personal experience with you all.
        The dates will not update untill you get the exit stamp on your passport from immigration. As soon as you will have the exit stamp, your visa duration and all concerned dates shall be updated.


        • Graydon

          Tahir Habib is absolutely correct. Once your passport is stamped with an EXIT stamp, details will be updated. One can check one’s status on the MOL website. All that you need to feed in is your Iqama Number or your Passport Number. A print out of the same can be taken and kept for future reference especially if one intends returning to the Kingdom. Most agencies ask for some documented evidence although nowadays everything is done digitally on the system and not on paper.

          • san dayrit

            realy? because im facing the same issue. im leaving on saturday for emergency. im afraid that it will cost a problem going back here in ksa. kindly reply my comment.. thanks in advance.

          • tariq

            So everything was fine while leaving ksa?. I am also facing same problem. Thanks.

          • tariq

            Hi Graydon,
            My sponsor is facing difficulty while printing my exit re.entry but it is fine online. Since i am still in ksa so N/A is appearing once i will leave i will print the updated one so it will be enough to show in my home country?. Or it is compulsory to have exit reentry paper?. Thanks.

          • Graydon

            Hi Tariq!
            You are right. Once you leave, the status online would show that you are “outside” the Kingdom. The moment you return and your biometrics is checked at the Immigration, your status would change to “inside” the Kingdom. Now that everything is done online, you need not have a printout of the exit or re entry visa but it would be better to have one since your home country may require to have one.

          • tariq

            Hi Graydon,
            Thank you for your reply.
            Actually my sponsor is trying to print it from the system but it is not printing even he showed it to me. Only blank pdf is coming instead of the standard one. Any solution for it?. Thanks.

          • Graydon

            Thanks Tariq for your response. This is something new that I have just learnt from you. Let me see if I can find this out for you from my Govt Relations Officer or HR. I will have you posted asap.

          • tariq

            Thanks a ton Graydon. Actually the whole site is in Arabic from where the print out comes so i had no idea what sponsor is doing. If your Govt Relations Officer or HR can send the steps of how to print it, it would be great. Thanks again.

  • Mohammed Khalid

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I checked my visa status on website said “visa is valid.”
    But the “visa duration” and “return date” status (N/A) .
    What seems to be the problem here?
    Please advise..
    Thank you

    • san dayrit

      so what happen.. did you get any problem regarding N/A issue? plz kindly inform me.. thanks!

  • Mohammed Khalid

    Visa Type Single Exit Reentry Visa Visa Issue Date (Gregorian) 13/10/2015 Visa Issue Date (Hijri) 30/12/1436 Return Before (Gregorian) (N/A) Return Before (Hijri) (N/A) Visa Duration (N/A) Inside / Outside the Kingdom Inside the Kingdom

    • Noman khan

      any update?

    • Dr Amir Mubarak

      i am facing same problem how can i get my visa details without these N/As help???

  • Ajrego


    Please let me know my visa status no:2091429725 Passport no: Z2853519. It shows invalid everytime. plz help me.

    • Graydon

      The reason for this is because it may be more than 6 months since you have exited the Kingdom hence it shows invalid. As soon as one exits the Kingdom, one needs to put in details on the MOL site to get a print out of the FINAL EXIT status.

  • Abhishek

    can we make re-entry for 30 days when my iqama is about to expire in 35 days??

  • Shafi Mirza

    Im not getting my visa status for exit and re-entry its always seen (N/A).

    • Vijju-Indian


      I also notices the same issue for my family exit reentry visas with N/A duration… Did you face any problem at airprot at the time of departure from saudi??

      please advise ..


  • Abdul khadher

    Asslaam alikum

  • Abdul khadher

    Psport M4091668
    Pls chk my vsa status

    • Graydon

      As far as your case is considered Abdul Khader, details of your FINAL EXIT does not show since it has now been more than 6 months of your exit from the Kingdom. Hence I assume that as soon as one leaves or exits the Kingdom, one needs to get a print out of the copy immediately from the MOL site.

  • Mohd faheem

    Please check for my iqama 2314830619 and Passport number K6790788

    • Graydon

      Dear Mohammed, I have checked your details on the MOL site. The status shows “FINAL EXIT”

  • Abdul khadher

    Asslaam alikum
    Hw can cheq uroob
    Pls help me

  • Farone Naheem

    I need to get my wife through visit visa. I tryied to apply from online but it asking entry visa number. How can I get my entry visa number? Pls help me. My passport no. Is N1780101


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  • adil

    N/A is displayed as you have not left the country. once you leave saudi the system will compute update and the relevant dates would be seen.do print the page before you travel to return.

  • Mohamed Tasawer Hussain

    hello steve .. I checked my exit and re entry visa status and the website said “visa is valid.”

    But the “visa duration” and “return date” states (N/A) .

    What seems to be the problem here?…. please advice

    • Vijju-Indian


      any update regarding this duration N/A problem….

      Kindly advise.


      • mohd abdul basith

        Even I have the same issue . Its showing Return dates as N/A

        I have to travel on thursday

        Please advice

        • Vijju-Indian

          Sir, sorry for late reply… I hope its not a problem… but on MOI website, you can confirm the visa duration in public query exit/re-entry visa status by entering details of visa/Iqama… you will see the duration there…Thanks

          • Muhammad Munir

            sponsor id?

  • Muhammad Saad

    Dear Shahab,
    I need your guidance, my first re-entry visa done from my Co. Muqeem system, when i returned from my vacation, i renewed my passort from riyadh embassy, after that i went 4 times on vacation but all the time Mandoob has to go physical to Passport office for re-entry visa, I want to find out and solve why Muqeem system not accepting my re-entry visa, how can i solve this issue??
    thank you.

    • Muhammad Munir

      Dear same issue with me if you have any solution please advise me.

  • Salman Bhatti

    I have multiple exit re reentry and on eserve.com.sa it says my visa is expired whereas checked with my HR dept and elm they said visa is valid

  • Rahmatullah Assad


    I have returned from Saudi Arabia in March the 22nd 2016. I am trying to apply back for Saudi Arabia again however I am asked for the Final Exit Paper.

    The final Exit Paper was not handed over to me by the employer. I am in desperate need of the same paper.

    I need a copy of the Final Exit paper

    How do I get it.. Please help

    • Rahmatullah Assad

      Sir Please Reply

      Iqama # 2343186579
      Passport : L6652177

  • S Rahaman

    Asslamualikum every one

    Me and my family have mukeem card for 5 years but at Absheer acount validity showing 29 dec,2016. can i take exit re-entry visa for my family till feb,17 or maximum date of exit re entry should be till 29 dec?
    waiting for your valuabe reply to take exit re-entry visa for my family.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    ER visa, the exit date is 11/8/2016. Can I exit by the next date 12/8/2016.
    Pl reply

  • tariq

    My sponsor is facing difficulty while printing my exit re.entry may be there is some problem in online system but it is fine while checking in eserve online. Since i am still in ksa so N/A is appearing once i will leave i will print the updated one so it will be enough to show in my home country?. Or it is compulsory to have exit reentry paper?. Thanks.