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List of Labor offices in Saudi Arabia with Contact details.


The Ministry of Labor has establish Labor offices through out the Kingdom to cater to worker and employers and settlement of disputes. The labor office tries to resolve the dispute mutually. Below are the details of the labor offices with their contact details:

Labour office in various regions Telephone No.
Riyadh Region 011-403 9857
Kharj Province 011-454 8231
Dawadmi Province 011-642 0920
Majmaa’ Province 016-432 1724
Wadi Ad dawasir Province 011-784 0264
Zulfi Province 016-422 0235
Shaqra Province 011-622 1342
Makka Region 012-542 0745
Jeddah Province 012-631 1687
Taif Province 012-746 1616
Qunfudah Province 017-732 0761
Madinah Region 014-865 4416
Yanbu Province 014-322 2688
Al-Ula’ Province 014-884 0830
Qassim Region (Buraidah) 016-325 0387
Onaizah Province 016-364 0285
Al-Rass Province 014-333 3502
Hail Province 016-532 1139
Eastern Region (Dammam) 013-826 1419
Ahsa’ Province 013-582 2801
Hafralbatin Province 013-722 0220
Khobar Province 013-864 1541
Abqaiq Province 013-566 1324
Jubail Province 013-362 0150
Khafji Province 013-766 0380
RasTannurah Province 013-667 0424
Aseer Region (Abha) 017-224 2128
Bisha Province 017-622 6718
Baha Region 017-725 3240
Najran Region 017-522 4995
Jazan Region 017-321 3671
Jauf Region 014-624 1766
Qurayyat Province 014-642 1108
Tabuk Province 014-422 1181
Alwajh Province 014-442 1970
Northern Frontiers Region (Arar) 014-662 7128
Turaif Province 014-652 1029

There is also an Expatriate Workers’ Care department which can be contacted at             011-210 4588

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  1. rolly
    rolly says:

    Do I have the right under Saudi labor law (art. 51-52) to ask my employer for a copy of my employment contract they’re keeping since june 2011.

    • dj
      dj says:

      sir,ask about my problem…my 2 yrs.contract is finish but my employer until now not send me to the philippines…! what your advice…thank yuo..!

    • Dilshad Ahmed
      Dilshad Ahmed says:

      Help Sir My Name is Dilshad Ahmad sir, i had completed the contract agreement with my company,i like to go exit but company not agree for exit they said we will not give exit only re entry .how can i get exit becauce i dont like to stay any more in this company. Me Come 08 November 2011 company Name AL HOMAIDHI PRINTING PRESS Me IQMA no 2314438645 Pliz Pliz Pliz Help,RIYADH

  2. juan
    juan says:

    great day…

    SIR, i just asking about amnesty (dated Feb. 24, 2013),given by KING Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King of Saudi Arabia.(your highness)and managed by Saudi Labor Office under Labor Minister ADEL FAKEIH and how long it will end.

    May ALLAH Blessed Us All !!

  3. Burhanuddin Mohammed
    Burhanuddin Mohammed says:

    Could you please help me to calculate my ESB if I had completed 5years and 1 day with my sponsor submitting one month noticein advance, anyhow, I got release letter to other sponsor but my ex-company calculated my ESB considering it as resignation as one-third of ESB (5 days/year only), where as per labor law I supposed to receive two-third of ESB (10 days/year)??

  4. roanne
    roanne says:

    i would like to ask if how can we demand for an increase in salary? I am working as a dental nurse with a salary of SAR1900,working 9hours a day, 6days a week.

  5. Royal
    Royal says:

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is royal, i am from tamilnadu-INDIA. Since past November -13 i was working in AL Dana contracting company -Rahima. My visa sponcer company name is WASALAET AL JANOOB – NAJRAN ( So far, i dont know and ever i met him also my VISA sponcer ), Mr.Babu ( Riyadh al dana Contracting company ) who brought me over here from india, he was taken visa form waslaet company illegally and brought me over here for work, i am fresher for saudi arabia past six months, i had given to supply ( Rental basis ) to HL AL SADIQ company co ltd – RAHIMA. Even i have not received my salary for past three months, Now, Mr.Babu planning to change my Wasalat VISA to his company, now he is forcing me to put signature in there agreement form, further he is threatening like me anything, two to three times i have beaten by him sir.He treating like us a dog.He was not returning my passport also so far. I am family man, I want to go back to india sir, please guide me how to i am proceed further. I request you to get back my remaining holed-ed salary also from Al dana end.Please find the attchemnets consists of supporting documents like, mail communications between me and Babu, supply ( Rental basis to Hk al sadiq company ) documents. My only intention is going back to india now, Please help me out.

    My Iqama No – 2338887751

    Visa Trade – Welding Technician.

    Company Name as per IQAMA – Wasalet Al Janoob- Najran.( Category – Green )

    Intermediate ( Second Party ) Company – Riyadh Al Dana Contracting Company – Rahima.

    Third Party – Hk Al Sadiq Sons Co Ltd – Working at there QUARRYAH PROJECT – ARAMCO SEA WATER INJECTION PLANT – ROLL NO – S202892.

    Please any one guide me how to proceed further….

      • I.K
        I.K says:

        I hope all are doing well, I want to know a good profession for Office work, currently my iqama profession is Fanni Kharba (Electrical) but I want to change it to meet my work requirement. please advise me a good profession in which I can work in my office and should be suitable according to the law, and sometimes I need to apply visit visa for my family. Awaiting for reply.
        JazakALLAH khair.

    • ahsan jafri
      ahsan jafri says:

      dont worry please go to police station and lodge complaint that he is beating u.
      he will solve your problem and sure u will go to india .
      and after lodge the complaint dont stay out side of ur camp or residence stay in ur camp
      it will be better if u r 2 or 3 people

  6. ermie joyce ubay
    ermie joyce ubay says:

    im a nurse of social nursery here in riyadh under arabian gulf company, sir may i ask how long will it take to renew my iqama because its been a month since my iqama is expired and until now according to my company its not yet renew..i was not abl to work for almost 2 months because of that problem.. my iqama number is 2338840479..kindly ps help me..thank you

  7. I.K
    I.K says:

    i Hope all are doing well. i want to know a good profession for office work, currently my iqama profession is Fanni Kharba ( Electrical) but i want to change it to meet my work requirement. please advise me a good profession in which i can work in my ofice and sholuld be suitable according to Saudia Law. and sometime i need to apply visit visa for my family. Awaiting for reply.
    JazakALLAH khari

  8. Manuel Llamas
    Manuel Llamas says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good day.

    My company from Dammam and Agency from the Philipines let me signed in October 5, 2012 two contracts: one has 3,200 SAR basic and the other was 2,000 SAR basic plus 200 allowance. I arrived in Saudi in October 7 and for 16 months now, my company is paying me 2,200 SAR only as safety officer.

    I have college and masteral education with more than 10 years experience in my career. I want to know if I have the legal rights to sue to Saudi Ministry of Labor my company and agency who connived to deceived me. Can I get the 1,200 SAR monthly for 16 months from my company?

    Thank you very much….

    Manuel Llamas

  9. mohamed
    mohamed says:


  10. Tripathi Punit Kumar
    Tripathi Punit Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Tripathi Punit Kumar Indian National working in china petroleum (China base company) since june 29,2013. i am facing some problems listed below.
    1- Till date i have no Iqama.
    2- I am working in Shaybah which is located near dubai border and nearest city is 800 km,
    3- they are holding my salary of 3 month.
    4- As i have resign from my contract at March 15,2014 with one month prior notice and with reminder on April 16,2014.
    5- As i have no iqama i can’t travel anywhere from here.
    6- I want to go back to My country (India) please suggest me what to do.

  11. Joel De Guzman
    Joel De Guzman says:

    What article is about delay of salary?
    my employer Faisal Rifaat Est. is not paying my salary for 5 months now. what should be done with this company?

  12. Muhammad Ahsan
    Muhammad Ahsan says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    I am employee of Saudi oger ltd @ (King Khaled airport proj) due to the end of my company project contract I had signed an offer letter of new take over company Al-Qussie int co. I have not yet signed actual contract letter. But due to my home problems I want to go final exit immediately. but Al-Qussie management is not cancelling my offer letter & by threatening and harassment they are pushing us to work in their company. Sir,I request you to Please stop the process of my transfer in AlQussi. and favor me to go Exit. otherwise AlQussi will restrict me to work for 2 years.
    My parents are aged and they have need my help.
    I am waiting of your kind response.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Muhammad Ahsan
    Iqama No: 2337193870
    Saudi Oger C/n: 130699
    Mob No: 0502928464
    Contact person/ Admin of Al Qussie is “Emad barjous” mob no: 0563287440

  13. dodong
    dodong says:

    SIR, we’re decided not to finish the contract, we;re already working 5 years as house driver/house maid, what are the benefits we have.

  14. manshad muhammad
    manshad muhammad says:

    Dear sir
    I will completed my work contract on 03/03/2015 so am no interest renew my contract anymore. am alredy submitted my non renewel leter and employment certificate requst to the company but company didn’t give me employment certificate what can i do sir am a technician i need employment certificate for my future purposes.
    Please help and give me a solution

  15. sathishkumar
    sathishkumar says:

    sir i have 2 year contract to my company now i finished 1 year, the problem is now my mother have some heart problem so i want to go to my country but my company not given any emergency leave to me please sir this is very important and urgent to me please help me sir. now what i want to do. i don’t know any think now please sir help.


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