List of Labor offices in Saudi Arabia with Contact details.


The Ministry of Labor has establish Labor offices through out the Kingdom to cater to worker and employers and settlement of disputes. The labor office tries to resolve the dispute mutually. Below are the details of the labor offices with their contact details:

Labour office in various regions Telephone No.
Riyadh Region 011-403 9857
Kharj Province 011-454 8231
Dawadmi Province 011-642 0920
Majmaa’ Province 016-432 1724
Wadi Ad dawasir Province 011-784 0264
Zulfi Province 016-422 0235
Shaqra Province 011-622 1342
Makka Region 012-542 0745
Jeddah Province 012-631 1687
Taif Province 012-746 1616
Qunfudah Province 017-732 0761
Madinah Region 014-865 4416
Yanbu Province 014-322 2688
Al-Ula’ Province 014-884 0830
Qassim Region (Buraidah) 016-325 0387
Onaizah Province 016-364 0285
Al-Rass Province 014-333 3502
Hail Province 016-532 1139
Eastern Region (Dammam) 013-826 1419
Ahsa’ Province 013-582 2801
Hafralbatin Province 013-722 0220
Khobar Province 013-864 1541
Abqaiq Province 013-566 1324
Jubail Province 013-362 0150
Khafji Province 013-766 0380
RasTannurah Province 013-667 0424
Aseer Region (Abha) 017-224 2128
Bisha Province 017-622 6718
Baha Region 017-725 3240
Najran Region 017-522 4995
Jazan Region 017-321 3671
Jauf Region 014-624 1766
Qurayyat Province 014-642 1108
Tabuk Province 014-422 1181
Alwajh Province 014-442 1970
Northern Frontiers Region (Arar) 014-662 7128
Turaif Province 014-652 1029

There is also an Expatriate Workers’ Care department which can be contacted at             011-210 4588

  • rolly

    Do I have the right under Saudi labor law (art. 51-52) to ask my employer for a copy of my employment contract they’re keeping since june 2011.

    • dj

      sir,ask about my problem…my 2 yrs.contract is finish but my employer until now not send me to the philippines…! what your advice…thank yuo..!

      • Fawzi

        Meet your embassi to help you legally.

    • Clark

      Yes. We all have the right this.

    • Dilshad Ahmed

      Help Sir My Name is Dilshad Ahmad sir, i had completed the contract agreement with my company,i like to go exit but company not agree for exit they said we will not give exit only re entry .how can i get exit becauce i dont like to stay any more in this company. Me Come 08 November 2011 company Name AL HOMAIDHI PRINTING PRESS Me IQMA no 2314438645 Pliz Pliz Pliz Help,RIYADH

  • juan

    great day…

    SIR, i just asking about amnesty (dated Feb. 24, 2013),given by KING Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King of Saudi Arabia.(your highness)and managed by Saudi Labor Office under Labor Minister ADEL FAKEIH and how long it will end.

    May ALLAH Blessed Us All !!

  • Wilson

    I checked with Embassy, they told to await for more information from the newspaper.

  • dinesh

    Sir help me

    9 persen iqama or pass not avilapie aboona tell your cont number please sir

    • Akhter

      Your questino is not clare.

  • Burhanuddin Mohammed

    Could you please help me to calculate my ESB if I had completed 5years and 1 day with my sponsor submitting one month noticein advance, anyhow, I got release letter to other sponsor but my ex-company calculated my ESB considering it as resignation as one-third of ESB (5 days/year only), where as per labor law I supposed to receive two-third of ESB (10 days/year)??

  • roanne

    i would like to ask if how can we demand for an increase in salary? I am working as a dental nurse with a salary of SAR1900,working 9hours a day, 6days a week.

  • Royal

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is royal, i am from tamilnadu-INDIA. Since past November -13 i was working in AL Dana contracting company -Rahima. My visa sponcer company name is WASALAET AL JANOOB – NAJRAN ( So far, i dont know and ever i met him also my VISA sponcer ), Mr.Babu ( Riyadh al dana Contracting company ) who brought me over here from india, he was taken visa form waslaet company illegally and brought me over here for work, i am fresher for saudi arabia past six months, i had given to supply ( Rental basis ) to HL AL SADIQ company co ltd – RAHIMA. Even i have not received my salary for past three months, Now, Mr.Babu planning to change my Wasalat VISA to his company, now he is forcing me to put signature in there agreement form, further he is threatening like me anything, two to three times i have beaten by him sir.He treating like us a dog.He was not returning my passport also so far. I am family man, I want to go back to india sir, please guide me how to i am proceed further. I request you to get back my remaining holed-ed salary also from Al dana end.Please find the attchemnets consists of supporting documents like, mail communications between me and Babu, supply ( Rental basis to Hk al sadiq company ) documents. My only intention is going back to india now, Please help me out.

    My Iqama No – 2338887751

    Visa Trade – Welding Technician.

    Company Name as per IQAMA – Wasalet Al Janoob- Najran.( Category – Green )

    Intermediate ( Second Party ) Company – Riyadh Al Dana Contracting Company – Rahima.

    Third Party – Hk Al Sadiq Sons Co Ltd – Working at there QUARRYAH PROJECT – ARAMCO SEA WATER INJECTION PLANT – ROLL NO – S202892.

    Please any one guide me how to proceed further….

    • Sam

      Contact Indian embassy & offer a complaint to the labor office.

      • I.K

        I hope all are doing well, I want to know a good profession for Office work, currently my iqama profession is Fanni Kharba (Electrical) but I want to change it to meet my work requirement. please advise me a good profession in which I can work in my office and should be suitable according to the law, and sometimes I need to apply visit visa for my family. Awaiting for reply.
        JazakALLAH khair.

    • ahsan jafri

      dont worry please go to police station and lodge complaint that he is beating u.
      he will solve your problem and sure u will go to india .
      and after lodge the complaint dont stay out side of ur camp or residence stay in ur camp
      it will be better if u r 2 or 3 people

  • Mohamed azahim

    Sir ask about my problem I am not contract this company my agreement hada company now i won’t go my home

  • ermie joyce ubay

    im a nurse of social nursery here in riyadh under arabian gulf company, sir may i ask how long will it take to renew my iqama because its been a month since my iqama is expired and until now according to my company its not yet renew..i was not abl to work for almost 2 months because of that problem.. my iqama number is 2338840479..kindly ps help me..thank you

    • ahsan jafri

      ermie u can check ur iqama status on net

      usually its take 1 weak to renew the iqama

  • I.K

    i Hope all are doing well. i want to know a good profession for office work, currently my iqama profession is Fanni Kharba ( Electrical) but i want to change it to meet my work requirement. please advise me a good profession in which i can work in my ofice and sholuld be suitable according to Saudia Law. and sometime i need to apply visit visa for my family. Awaiting for reply.
    JazakALLAH khari

  • Gatz

    When will be the exact date of implementation of the 90 days probationary period for the 2 days off for Private Sector?

  • Manuel Llamas

    Dear Sir,

    Good day.

    My company from Dammam and Agency from the Philipines let me signed in October 5, 2012 two contracts: one has 3,200 SAR basic and the other was 2,000 SAR basic plus 200 allowance. I arrived in Saudi in October 7 and for 16 months now, my company is paying me 2,200 SAR only as safety officer.

    I have college and masteral education with more than 10 years experience in my career. I want to know if I have the legal rights to sue to Saudi Ministry of Labor my company and agency who connived to deceived me. Can I get the 1,200 SAR monthly for 16 months from my company?

    Thank you very much….

    Manuel Llamas

  • mohamed


  • Tripathi Punit Kumar

    Dear Sir
    I am Tripathi Punit Kumar Indian National working in china petroleum (China base company) since june 29,2013. i am facing some problems listed below.
    1- Till date i have no Iqama.
    2- I am working in Shaybah which is located near dubai border and nearest city is 800 km,
    3- they are holding my salary of 3 month.
    4- As i have resign from my contract at March 15,2014 with one month prior notice and with reminder on April 16,2014.
    5- As i have no iqama i can’t travel anywhere from here.
    6- I want to go back to My country (India) please suggest me what to do.

  • Joel De Guzman

    What article is about delay of salary?
    my employer Faisal Rifaat Est. is not paying my salary for 5 months now. what should be done with this company?

  • Muhammad Ahsan

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    I am employee of Saudi oger ltd @ (King Khaled airport proj) due to the end of my company project contract I had signed an offer letter of new take over company Al-Qussie int co. I have not yet signed actual contract letter. But due to my home problems I want to go final exit immediately. but Al-Qussie management is not cancelling my offer letter & by threatening and harassment they are pushing us to work in their company. Sir,I request you to Please stop the process of my transfer in AlQussi. and favor me to go Exit. otherwise AlQussi will restrict me to work for 2 years.
    My parents are aged and they have need my help.
    I am waiting of your kind response.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Muhammad Ahsan
    Iqama No: 2337193870
    Saudi Oger C/n: 130699
    Mob No: 0502928464
    Contact person/ Admin of Al Qussie is “Emad barjous” mob no: 0563287440

  • dodong

    SIR, we’re decided not to finish the contract, we;re already working 5 years as house driver/house maid, what are the benefits we have.

  • manshad muhammad

    Dear sir
    I will completed my work contract on 03/03/2015 so am no interest renew my contract anymore. am alredy submitted my non renewel leter and employment certificate requst to the company but company didn’t give me employment certificate what can i do sir am a technician i need employment certificate for my future purposes.
    Please help and give me a solution

  • sathishkumar

    sir i have 2 year contract to my company now i finished 1 year, the problem is now my mother have some heart problem so i want to go to my country but my company not given any emergency leave to me please sir this is very important and urgent to me please help me sir. now what i want to do. i don’t know any think now please sir help.

  • sir I am working here in oil & gas company last 5 years now company condition is very bad last up to three month company not renewed my Iqamma now and 2 month is finish not gave the salary also Now what I can do ? can I change the company what is the next option please inform me


      same as me

  • Marylu

    Im doctor working un Saudí Arabia since one year ago, but I had a mistake in my profession in my iqama that I was trying to reapir since two month ago, becouse any time Jawassat need another paper, from civil service, from dirctorade of health, now sent to ministery of health, and Im from Exterior ministery, and from labour office, how to ask about labour office???

  • marry

    about my problem…my 2 yrs.contract is not finish but my employer until now not make my iquma not give me good foods not give me my things ,always narrow money from me i want go Pakistan to my husband ,my employer number please call her I want leave her, HAMDAN altarqi MAAZI 0503384232

  • Ismael

    Salamu alaikum…sir im ismael here in sabya jizan my company is al ajmi i finish my contract last june 9 …i want to go in Philippines. .dis my num.0552024184

  • Jean cai xue

    Good afternoon ministry of labor here in saudi! Were here in saudi for almost 2 months We are under SAMAMA COMPANY in the Philippines we are aplyed as PATIENT ATTENDANT TECHNICIAN we signed a contract with the salary of 1,800 SR for 8 hours duty, 6 days a week but when we recieved our first salary our basic salary is only 1,100 and giving of salary is sper delayed this is unfair.. We need help.. Hope we can get your attention and please help us… All of us here are complaining about our salary.. Pls reply we need help we are all from Philippines… Hopefully the government will do something about our complains..Hopefully God touch your heart to help us.. Pls reply Thank You!!!

  • MTM.Shaheer

    Assalamu alaikum…ministry of labor here in saudi! Were here in saudi for almost 2 months We are under SAUDI GROUND SERVICE COMPANY (SGS)in the sri lankan we signed on agreement a contract with the salary of 1,000 SR for 8 hours duty, 6 days a week but when we recieved our first salary our basic salary is only 130SR and giving of salary is sper delayed this is unfair.. We need help.. Hope we can get your attention and please help us… All of us here are complaining about our salary.. Pls reply we need help we are all from sri lanka… Hopefully the government will do something about our complains..Hopefully God touch your heart to help us.. Pls reply Thank You!!!

  • siraj

    assalamu alaikkum

    sir my frend working one sub contact compony .salary is 1100 still not paid 6 month salary any solution sir 0535255179

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      contect ministry of labour make complain against kafeel

      Ministry of Labor

      City: RiyadhPostal Code: 11475P.O.Box: 21110Phone: 00966112006666 – 920001173Fax: 00966114789175Web Site: [email protected]

  • Tom

    Termination without employee consent
    Dear Members,

    As part of the company internal process, company force me to resign from my position, I am working in Accounts department and company decided to move all the accounting Job to out side KSA( INDIA) because of this reason they are terminating 2 people from accounts dept. I have some doubt on End of service,can someone clarify the below
    My contract is indeminity and my joing date on Jan 2011.

    1) Whether outsource activities are permited in SA
    2) Due to this outsource activity whether company can terminate employees?
    3) What type of compensation i can get from company? how will be the EOSP calculation?
    4) Company has not yet issued any lettter to me, verbally HR director has called and informed me that Nov 30th will be my working day.
    5) I have leave balance and compnay is forcing me to take all the leave balance because they will not pay leave encashment , is this as per our saudi labour law?
    6) I have taken HRA and LTA advance from compnay, whether campany can deduct this from my end of service?
    7) What is the labour law stats about deduction in the case of termination.
    8) If i go to labour court what type of support i will get.
    9) If i am not signing the final paper what action compnay can take?

    Please help me to get clear answer on the above issues.

  • Erick patrick

    Request for help..

    I am working in a company on a 2 yearly contract but i wish to quit my job as i am not satisfied in this company for some reasons. i wiish to know will there be any charges that i will have to pay to the company on the day i put my resignation if yes can some one give me a clue of approx how much.

    • Luffy Dragon


      You will pay amount of cost of your visa, Plane ticket coming here and many more but the total should not be more than SAR 10K I think.

  • raju

    If ransfer of sponsorship without consent of Kafeel. ?

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      its not possible

  • Imran

    As salam o alaikum sir i am imran from dammam my i want to go home or transfer other kafeel my kafeel is not good he tease me abuse me i am and my brother also on his name he tease me alot i m helpless affriad me alot what i can do help me sir plz

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      go to ministry of labour or jawazat office they will help dont affraid

      Ministry of Labor

      City: RiyadhPostal Code: 11475P.O.Box: 21110Phone: 00966112006666 – 920001173Fax: 00966114789175Web Site: [email protected]

  • Marvin

    Hi sir,
    A pleasant good day to all of you.. i’m a pilipino.. and i’m working here in dammam..
    I signed a contract for two years, and i’m working for almost 1 year.. before i want to quit on this job but my kafeel told me that i need to pay 10,000 sr.. so i decided to finish my contract.. but now they decided to finish my contract even if i not finish my two years..
    Can i have the rights to complains.. because i’ll already finish 1 year and 4 months..
    Can you help me.. thank you…

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      you can not complain becouse you singn contect try to contect ministry of labour they can help you or jawazat office

      Ministry of Labor

      City: RiyadhPostal Code: 11475P.O.Box: 21110Phone: 00966112006666 – 920001173Fax: 00966114789175Web Site: [email protected]

    • Luffy Dragon


      If they terminate you without probable cause, you can directly call POLO in Dammam or Philippine embassy for the support. or you can go directly to labor office. But if you did something unpleasant with the company you cannot complaint just accept the ticket leave that company.
      OR if you find any company there you can ask for NOC so you can apply for other company. You can also check if your company is in red category so you do not need any NOC.

  • Mica Banatasa Palma

    assalam o alaikum sir/mam… i am a filipina working here hotat bani tamim riyadh…me and my friend work here and now we are having a problem our employer don’t give us our salary for 6 months…we are asking to help us here sir..please help sir…we complain already to our employer that we need our salary but he don’t even communicate with us…

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      make complain to ministry of labour against your company or kafeel insha allah they will solve your issue

      Ministry of Labor

      City: RiyadhPostal Code: 11475P.O.Box: 21110Phone: 00966112006666 – 920001173Fax: 00966114789175Web Site: [email protected]

    • Luffy Dragon

      Ms. Palma,

      What is your current work here in Riyadh, Six months is very long time for salary delayed. Call our embassy and tell them your problem or you can find another work here in Riyadh and leave your company,. if you are a nurse there are many opening jobs for nurses here in Riyadh and you do not need any letter from your current employer because delaying salary for more than 3 months, you can transfer to another company.

  • Mica Banatasa Palma

    please do email me sir if needing any info about us regarding my contact we are hoping and waiting that hope you can help us solve this probem thank you

  • Niko Gozarin

    Dear All,

    Please look for REDTAG COMPANY because they are still not following some labor laws.

    they are not providing a copy of contract to their employee and they are still holding the passports of their employees.. please look for this issue i hope somebody can help.

  • Jonathan Gallardo

    assalamu alaikkum

    please help me i have a problem about my exit ticket, my company is ALMAJAL G4s, im from abha aseer region. i’m now staying at my accomodation house almost 1 month. is this the process taking long… any suggestion regarding this situation…. i need to go home in philippines… any help? call me please 0508293736 jonathan is my name… my contract is finish just want to go exit i already stop work

    • Memon Ahmed Waqar

      if you want to go your own country your company is not leaving you contect labour office

      Ministry of Labor

      City: RiyadhPostal Code: 11475P.O.Box: 21110Phone: 00966112006666 – 920001173Fax: 00966114789175Web Site: [email protected]

  • ali maute

    assalamu a’laykum…i wanna ask where the exactly location in labor office makkah…can you help me!

  • Farrukh Butt

    Asalam aliqum i need to know about annual fees for iqama no where can i contact direct fees for labor permit.

  • Rona Manuel

    Good evening, I am working here at riyadh as patient attendant, I am 3 months here but with this 3 months I didn’t receive exact salary. In Philippines I signed 1800 riyal/8hours but when I came here my salary is only 1000/8 hours. I stop work now. My company is SAMAMA. can you help me? And can i just exit because this company is not good. Ever since. My number 0561162749. Thank you.

    • Luffy Dragon

      Call first the agency on the Philippines to tell that you are not receiving the exact salary and let them explain to your employer. Or you must ask your company WHY you are receiving 1k instead of 1800 as signed on your contract.

      BUT BE SURE!!! to check your contract signed here in saudi (With arabic translation and english) How much is your salary.

      • Rona Manuel

        My agency in Philippines is already closed. Will you do something to help us? Please survey our company. My company is SAMAMA. Thank you so much and God bless.

        • Luffy Dragon

          You should not stop your work kabayan. Because it may backfire for you. As I said before, check your signed contract here in Riyadh. You should have a copy of it. And check how much salary is included there. If you have signed for that contract and 1800 per 8 hrs. you can file into court. but if you have signed for 1000 per 8 hrs. you need to bow down to your employer and ask them. SAMAMA is a big company. Talk to your HR department.

          OR you can check who is your employer on website. here:

          select the second radio button to input your iqama number. And put the captcha and press enter.

          And right click and translate to english. (You will see your company name included in red letters)

        • Luffy Dragon

          You can directly apply to another company… Or contact me if your a girl and i will pass u to one of my indian friend and he can help you on your financial

          • Rona Manuel

            hi..yes I am a girl..
            we have heard some rumours about our company status that they lose in the bidding,I don’t know if it is true but as of now they started giving our passport. And some rumours said that they will transfer us in another company. Would it be possible if I just exit. I don’t know about the rules,to whom will I ask about this. Thank you.

          • Luffy Dragon

            Ms. Rona.

            Getting your passport to your employer is a must because you can sue your company for possessing your passport as per the new saudi law. It is better to confront your company and ask for a release if they cannot pay you anymore so you can come here or find another work.

            Hope you are still fine up to now, and if you really need a temporary shelter just inform me and i can recommend you to one of my friend which have a favor also.
            You can tell me your facebook and we can PM there

          • Rona Manuel

            all I want now is to go home..would it be possible?

          • Luffy Dragon

            Instead of worrying so much, ask directly your company HR department. Ask for a meeting with him and prepare a letter what you really need with them (copy this letter and make the HR stamp on it. as evidence they receive your request).

            Now if they do not give your salary minimum 3 months you can contact respective embassy that your company does not give you salary. They should have investigate this case and file a complaint. Provided that you do not make any signatures that you receive salary for 3 months.

            But the better option is call your HR first and ask them what really is happening. If you will pursue Exit they will charge you for of their expenses getting you here.
            Hearsay is always a myth don’t take them seriously. Ask directly your company.

          • Rona Manuel

            Okay thank you…

          • Rona Manuel

            Sir,until now we don’t have our passport,is there any government agency that can help us..please survey our company..

  • Rona Manuel

    Dear all,
    We have so many complains about our
    company, one of this is our salary, it is the same to what we had signed in Philippines. Second our contract years, it should be 2 years but here it is 3 years. Third. Our password, they have our passport, we should holding it. They are not good company. Can you do some actions about this. Or can I just exit .please help me. My company is SAMAMA COMPANY.

  • Sufian Affan

    sir my agreement is finished and kafeel not renew and not allowed to get the transfer and also reduce the salary , he treatening me if i contact any authority then he make me horob and send me back to my country .
    Dear Sir have any solution regarding this situation

  • fahad hashmi

    where to complain for

    report on fake Saudization

  • mohd zaheer

    Assalamualaikum sir.

    I m a house driver in Riyadh and I complete my 2year contract but my kafeel not giving me exit and also not pay me 2 month salary and that manhandling and harassing,abuse word and tolled me if I not do job he going to beat me, plz sir can i help me
    I m not ready to do this job I want to go home safely
    Pls plz help me out from this kafeel

    Thank to you
    I m waiting ur help plz

  • ayessa cruz

    how to report the woman whose using a fake marriage certificate so that they can live as a married in jazan but the man is married and have a family in the phillippine i want to report them

  • Asif Shaikh

    Mahara manpower supply company .did not give passport to any workes.evev if need for some embassy work for 3 days…law not implemented in saudi only in paper.

  • Ahmed Saleem

    I am Ahmed Saleem from India. I am a freelance web designer and an animator. Please excuse me for reaching out with you this way but I am helpless in an issue with my client. I am having Payment issue with a Saudi Arabian company named v-studio whose address and contact details are as following:

    Jameel Square

    Corner of Tahlia and Al Andalus Street

    P. O Box 40538 Jeddah 21511, Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966) 12- 283 4088 | Fax: (+966) 12-660 8128

    [email protected]

    Branches: Riyadh . Al Khobar

    I have provided them some animation services for which we have agreed a payment of $400. I have completed and delivered the project including all the necessary adjustments/amendments on 15-10-2015. On the same day I have sent the invoice to the concerning company. Since that day I am regularly reminding and requesting them to release my payment but they always have a new excuse. They always showed their helplessness in sending the payment. They have even raised the issue with the bank for not accepting the payment. Whereas I am using the same bank account as we are using for money transfer for the last 4 years. After keeping me hopeful for 7 months they have stopped communicating. The payment is overdue for 7 months now.

    I request you to please help me releasing my overdue payment and impose a fine on this company for the delay in payment which is also a violation of labour laws in the kingdom. I can produce all the necessary evidences like the invoice and mail communications for your convenience in investigating the matter.

  • Ruby Charisse Canque

    Hi, I’m a kadama here in qatif.I’ve been here since june of this year.I need a legal advice not on my employer but on his sister.My employer put me on the house of his parents together with his four siblings.Yesterday Oct 7, she hurt me physically by bitting my back and slapping my face.This happen during I work.Then immediately I sent email to my employer and until now I didn’t receive any response only that his brother told me that he will come tomorrow Oct 9.Kindly assist me on what will I do.Your response is greatly appreciated.Thank you

  • Ruby Charisse Canque

    Have a nice day to all,
    As an update of my complain.This afternoon we already talked to my direct employer but he denied my email messages about what happened.The only he assured me is that he will be the one in-charge of me whatever happen.I’m begging of any legal advice on what will I do.I will be waiting.Thank you.

  • Silva

    Hi sir
    Pls sir my company not giving salari and medical my company neme is A.T.S PEST CONTROL COMPANY pls call

  • Mohamrd Fahim Mohamed Liyabdee

    Dear sir , my name is MohamedFahim working as a driver in Samara texi service (king Abdullah university science & technology ) Jeddah tuwal.
    Sir every month I am getting less salary with out any proper reason our company deducting the salary & they don’t give the salary slip my iqama number is 2337317024 pls I need the repliey &I want to take legal action against to the company.if u want more details pls contact me 0534857298.

  • Rana Farooq Iqbal

    Please answer: a friend of mine is working in Riyadh in Technopannel Aluminum cladding company. he has completed his contract of 2 year but the company is not giving him final exit and also stopped his salary. So he went to labour court in August after 3-4 four hearings they give him a date a 3 month means in 12 of march 2017. How much time usually it is taken by court to resolve a case. Please keep in mind that no body has appeared in court from company side till now. Is he going to get his pending salaries and the time he spent in court together? or what? doesn’t anyone has an idea?

  • Joe Orvic


    I recently finished working for Interserve in Saudi Arabia, whose Khobar office sent me a Final Settlement (FS) Letter on December 20, 2016 asking me to sign, scan & email it to them. However, I replied back on 12/20/16 saying that I noticed that the FS letter has made no mention regarding my expenses, which I thought would be included on my (FS) letter. The reply from Interserve to my 12/20/16 letter stated that I would need to send them scanned copies of my expenses, along w/ an Expenses Sheet (ES), signed by a manager & I, which I then did. I’m now trying to get a new FS Letter mailed to me, that will list my salary & expenses to be paid to me.

    The reason I’m writing to your office, is I’ve yet to receive a reply to my 12/20/16 letter to Interserve in Saudi Arabia. Could your office assist me in this matter?


  • Amit Chaudhary

    Hello sir,
    I have joined a company in Feb 2010 and completed 7 years of long period of time with them .suddenly I got to sick it was very critical case and then i requested exit from company. My company denied to give me exit he said I can’t request exit he said if I will go exit he won’t Give my end of years benefit which is our moral rights .kindly clarify who is right .why he did not give my gratuity. I’m in india now because I was sick and needed immediate leave so I choose to go at least vacation to be cured.
    Once i come here they refused to approve my arrival .may I log complain online against my employer.

  • Ana lyn just new here in riyadh and to be exact just only 4 months dis month..i need an advice because my employer said that this gonna be my last month here working in thwir a household i just want to ask if its legal to terminate me without enough reason cause if i asked them why they will not i talked to my agency back in my country and they said i can go back to the agency but my madam will not allow me..i cant call my agency here cause they dont allow me to buy sim card cause they say its not allowed for maids like me..they even keep my passport and iqama..and they lock me whenever they go to their i left hangging because my madam say i just stay but my baba said this is the last month for me to work with them..without giving enough reason of my concern also if they will cancel my iqama..pls advice me..i cant call my agency here cause i dont have sim here in saudi and they will not let me talk to my employers name are Wael mostafa abdul al magreeb professor at king saud university and daa jaber al ali professor of princess noura bint abdul rahman university..pls do help me regarding this..

    • Ana lyn

      Correction my madam name daa abdul jabel ali work at princess noura bint abdul rahman university

  • sajan jacob

    is there any email to complain MOL

  • Sun Ray Birendra

    Respected sir
    We are from nepal we want help our 12 workers in saudi arabia bisha one of the company name top dibaniya his contact no +966-543006666 (owner ) has not given workers food no job no salary since many days plz contact him and ask him to provide, if not send them to their country .
    Nepal human right

  • Amerhassan

    Assalamo Alaikom.

    Im Amerhassan From madinah alhamdulillah i am muslim and i 23 years old working in REDTAG alnoor mall Branch, Madenah City. I just wanna complain regarding our timing schedule in this month of ramadan because everyday we worked morethan 13hours and its not right as muslim to work that kind of time. They cancelled also our day off.

    Please somebody help make this site to be significant..

  • parthiban

    Hello sir..
    I’m working as an engineer in MEC company.. i have filed my final exit paper on 2 months before.. but the company is not responding for my final exit request… also my iqama going to expire in 15 days.. how can i force the company to give final exit..

  • Jaquelyn a Filipino household worker here in jubail..ive been here already for 1year and 2months to be exact this coming Oct. 4 this knocking on good heart to anyone who can give me advice and help as well..although ive already spend half of my contract here..i still decided and terribly want to go back home..due to my illness..i went here with medical exams thats fit to work..and im really willing to work..but after a few months..we know that this kind of job is not really an easy job..i felt pain on my right knee that ive never felt before i went here..that becoming worst up to present..i told my employer frm the start i felt this so at least they could bring me to a doctor ..but they just said having a medical checkup here is too expensive.. so they just giving me different types of pain killers..ive accept ed because its hard to work if not feeling well..but as time goes by..the pain is getting worst..that medicine they giving me is not having effect..they saw how ive been they brought me to the doctor..and they found out that i had “Osteoporosis of lateral compartment with right knee”.my bone is getting weak thats why im really having this kind of pain..that sometimes i feel im.going to breakdown..if im going to tolerate this i know this will get worst more..i told my employer that i want to go back home..and on my contract its stated there that ‘a worker shall be repatriated if the worker suffers from serious illness with employer’s expense’..and theres one more thing that i dont want with my employer although im safe with them.. I don’t want the way their giving me my salary..its always late and the money they borrowed me last December 2016 and the money im keeping to save for my children (now reached to 1750SAR) beacause im the only provider wasnt giving to me up to now..and when i reached my first year employer told me that starting now..he will deduct 100SAR with my salary as a share each month for using their internet (im not using it unlimited due to busy working) confusing why he doesnt told me that before..that i think for me is really a great lost for my children’s future..cause i really want to save money for them..thats why im really determined now to just go back home to start a new life.. because im not really having a good life here..but unfortunately I told my employer and agency about these matters..the agency here in Saudi just told me that I had signed a 2year contract so i have to finished it..and so with my employer as the agency told him thats either my employer released me or i should pay first for my contract to release me, also my agency in Philippines cant do anything because my employer filed case against them because of my medical condition cause for him he paid for two year contract too..that for me is very cruel of them and life as well for me..up to now im stucked and still working here while suffering with this can I perform the job easily and properly if im having this kind of so much pain =(..and one more thing, is it proper that my employer just provided me my iqama when im already 1 year here and the iqama he applied for me was good only for three months?..i’ve knew it when the bank informed me that in 60days my ID will be expired and my bank will be suspended if not going to renew im asking for anyone who could please help and give me advise so i could go back is my number 0563535711..and my email [email protected]..hoping for your prompt and positive reply..thank you very much in advance..and more power.

  • Lady Jane

    gud evening sir/maam.. i have proiblem about my employer.. i was working my employer 1year in 4months.. and after that this my employer he and she give me of her friend.. i would never expect about this.. and iwas really angry Albukhari Family.. they never ever treat like a family.. but albukhari family they treat me like an animal.. specially her wife shes always punch in my breast.. then and shes always fighting me… and this albukhari family was always giving a food from me is was alreadybads smell.. pleas Labor of maam and Sir from tha Office i need your help.. please call my employer to buy me a ticket to go from philippines.. becauze sir.. ever since before wallah warabal kaaba i never give a problem of Albukhari Family… but Albukhari family was always fighting me… and giving a problem of me.. from now on i can’t work at proper because i was tah min sa lam… then my knee somethings broken inside in my bone… plea Labor office help me to call my Employer heres the number of my employer: +966555306437 and this is the name of my employer Baha Uddin Albukhari he was a manager from the office of maktab hag kadama… but he is not good person.. he is too much Lier… plsss help me Labor of Office.. my name is Geana Ann B. Davao
    but Albukhari family was looking my name : Gina and heres my number sir: +966546431295

  • ajad pathan

    Sir please my help my ka feel daily hit me please sir my help I am house driver my kafeel other work do toilet clean and straha clean and bartan clean my contract only driving but my kafeel other work I am no agry but my kafeel daily hit me please sir my help please sir my help and my akama and driving license and passport my kafeel no my hend over my akama and driving license and passport has my kafeel please sir my help my kafeel daily hit me my mobile number 0558339424 my Language hindi my address jubail AL lulu road al FAROOQ sector near farm al sidiq no 9 house no 111

  • mary france delcastillo

    I would like to report my employer of not giving our salary for almost 2weeks every month. Adwaa Al Alami Dental Clinic in Azizia Area. They also have many labor law violation. Please do check this clinic. We need your help. Thank you in advance

  • mirza

    Aswk now I am working drake sucll Riyadh company not paying sattment y not following law Saudi law good but no one care y

  • Malik Hasnain123

    I am very worried that since now two years I have nothing to eat. Please forgive me, I can not work very sick and I was police station many times, but. I am sorry for God, I am sorry for God and send Pakistan, your favor is that if you can not send me to Pakistan, then send me the jail. I do not have money, I hope you will help me after God thank you Amen or Lord please sir I want to tha Pakistan please sir help me God bless you

  • Malik Hasnain123

    Assalamu Alaikum I am very worried that since now two years I have nothing to eat. Please forgive me, I can not work very sick and I was police station many times, but. I am sorry for God, I am sorry for God and send Pakistan, your favor is that if you can not send me to Pakistan, then send me the jail. I do not have money, I hope you will help me after God thank you Amen or Lord please sir help me i want going to Pakistan please sir help me God bless you

  • Malik hasnain

    Assalam o alaikum I am very worried that since now two years I have nothing to eat. Please forgive me, I can not work very sick and I was police station many times, but. I am sorry for God, I am sorry for God and send Pakistan, your favor is that if you can not send me to Pakistan, then send me the jail. I do not have money, I hope you will help me after God thank you Amen or Lord please sir help me i want going to the Pakistan please sir give me God bless you thanks