List professions reserved for Saudis

profession reserved for saudisoil1

As per the recent announcement by Ministry of Labor the following professions are reserved for Saudis

We have provided two different translation from two different sources for your convenience.

English Translation 1 English Translation 2
Chief Administrative of Human Resources Executive HR manager كبير إداريي موارد بشرية
Manager Personnel Department HR manger مدير شؤون الموظفين
Manager Business and Workers’ Affairs Labor affairs manager مدير شؤون عمل وعمال
Individual Relations Manager Staff relations manager مدير علاقات الأفراد
Personal Affairs Specialist Staff relations specialist اختصاصي شؤون الأفراد
Individual Affairs Clerk Staff relations clerk كاتب شؤون الأفراد
Employment Clerk Recruitment clerk  كاتب توظيف
Personal Affairs Clerk Staff affairs clerk كاتب شؤون موظفين
Duty Clerk Attendance control clerk  كاتب دوام
General Reception Clerk Receptionist (general) كاتب استقبال عام
Hotel Reception Clerk Hotel receptionist كاتب استقبال فندقي
Patients Reception Clerk Health receptionist كاتب استقبال مرضى
Complaint Clerk Claims clerk كاتب شكاوى
Cashier Treasury secretary أمين صندوق
Private Security Guard Security حارس أمن خاص
Representative Broker معقب
Copier or Key Maker Key specialist ناسخ أو مصلح مفاتيح
Custom Clearance Employee Customs broker مخلص جمركي
Female workers in the Ladies Accessories Shops Female sales specialists for ladies shop العاملات في محلات المستلزمات النسائية

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  • Iram Siddiqui


    The above mentioned list of positions did not include positions of Finance, Marketing and Sales. Can local expatriate females be hired in positions?

    • SaudiXpert


      • Iram Siddiqui

        Thanks for the prompt response! But i would like to confirm once again what are these positions where an expatriate female can be hired? I am an HR Specialist with almost 4 yrs of experience here locally and now my career seems to be over in Saudi as local females expatriates are not going to be hired in any of the administrative or HR positions. So please can you guide me to any written law about which positions we local females can be hired in now?

        Your response will be very helpful in finding a new career opportunity for many females like me here.



        • SaudiXpert

          Anything which in not included in the above list is allowed in for all expats (male/female)

        • SaudiXpert

          As per the law, you need to transfer to the company where you are working. You cannot remain under your father/husband sponsorship and work.

          • Iram Siddiqui


            Thanks again for the prompt response. I really appreciate your informative feedback. Some companies are denying this information. Is there some reference to the ammended law that i can refer to in order to provide the authenticity of this information that females can be hired in any position other than the 19 positions reserved for Saudi’s? I do understand that the job conditions for hiring a female must comply with the labor lawd pertaining to hiring females. But is there anything that confirms that females can also be hired in positions suitable for them in any company?

            Awaiting response

            Best wishes

  • Naseer khan

    Is MANDOOB MABIYATH OK for Expats ?

    • SaudiXpert

      It does show in the above list.

      • naseer khan

        SaudiXpert Thanks a lot for your reply .BUT what does it mean cos i don,t see that profession in that list .

        • SaudiXpert

          It may be allowed. As per today’s statement by deputy Minister of Labor, they have reduced the number of reserved positions from 150 position to 19 position only. See for more details.

          • Iram Siddiqui

            So this means that the expatriate females available locally can be hired in any of the positions except the ones mentioned in the list above and fo we need to transfer to the company too or can we remain under our husband/father’s sponsorship and work? Has this change been ammended in the Labor Law?

  • elbert garita

    Just recently my company has applied to change my visa status from labor to secretary. I would like to know if secretary is not listed as reserved for Saudis only. Please let me know. Thanks.

  • badrul

    what documents need to process working visa and can you explain how to process working visa.


    • SaudiXpert

      Could you clarify what you mean by working visa ?
      And also what process are you talking about ?

  • Abdul Raheem

    I am a Computer Software Programmer, Is this position reserved for saudi.

    • Muhammad

      Any form of hard tough work like computer engineer impossible for Saudis.

      They cannot become in next 10000 years

      1. Good Doctors
      2. Good Eng
      3. Good Sales/marketers
      4. Good English teachers
      5. All technical professionals
      6. Prof Chefs
      So onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Shahid Akram Al-Abbasi

    I would like to know the list / link of eligible 131 professions of SAUDIS only latest by 2013.


    Shahid Akram Abbasi

    • SaudiXpert

      We are unaware of any announcement in 2013 where 131 profession are reserved for Saudis. If you are able to find authentic information in this regard, kindly share with us.

    • Oliver

      Is specialist iqama banned for renewal

  • Saleem

    Is there any update of professions applicable for expats in the administration side

    such as
    Business Support Executive, Marketing Analayst, etc.

  • MuraliEdayath

    Can you please let me know how manay days holyday for holy Hijah in Private Sector.

  • noman

    Respected Sir

    i m working in a computer showroom installation and trouble shooting computers, Now my profession is FUNNY ELECTRONIYAT so i want to know which profession is suitable for my job.

    Waiting for reply
    thanking yo u

  • suneesh

    let me know , “engineering technician” is that profession is available in Saudi Arabia if yes also want to know any certificate needed for changing profession to engineering technician

  • Shahbaz Makki

    My profession is ” Mandoob Khidmat Saliya”.My salery is 3000 saudi riyals.Is this profession eligible for family permanent visa r visit visa?. any one answer me plz.

  • nasimudee.b

    is there any problem having profession by a expat like welding inspector

  • S.A.Abbas

    All are very intelegent people’s think opposite of it…

  • Purushothaman

    Can you please give me the raw text of this announcement. under which act this announcement will be enforced?

  • Muthu

    Is Secretary Position reserved for Saudis ?

  • Muthu

    Could you pls. inform me that the Secretary Position is reserved for Saudis ?

  • ashraf

    Required: List of professions for expatriates recommended by ministry of labor

  • obin millan

    “HR Manager”…. First correct the spelling…!!!!

  • Mohammad Ali

    Kindly tell ” Procurement Representative” is in the list or not ?

  • Yasir Abdulrasheed

    i heared A news today, that saudi govt will not renew the iqama of an accountant profession ,dont know what kind of an accountant bcz there are many types of accountants.

  • Jabir Hussain

    yes i also heard this news about accountant professions going to researve for saudis just. my profession is general accountant. can you tell us which profession of accountnat going to researve ???

  • Shabeer Edakkode

    is DATA ENTRY OPERATOR is eligible for Family Visa in Saudi arabia

  • mohammed khan

    Dear Mr. Steve,
    My Iqama Profession is Cartographer I am not a Engineer, My Company already deposited the money for renewing my Iqama. But my company saying need Engineering Degree to renew my iqama, Is it necessary required Engineering degree to renew my iqama as that profession.

    if i need to change my Iqama profession what i have to do.

    hoping for an early and positive response
    Mohammed Khan

    • rajesh koottala

      i am face this same then what you did Mr. Mohammed Khan

      • Mohammed khan

        Mr. Rajesh.

        i didn’t get any news from my Hr department they are saying changing of profession still close