How to Retrieve Your Lost Abshir User ID or Password ?

Abshir services have become key to making any government related services like Exit re-entry or Visit visa renewal etc. Sometimes, it happens that you forget either your user ID or password.

Incase of forgotten password, you can easily change to new password by clicking “Reset Password”.

But there is no option on the page for getting back your User ID. So, how what do you do ?

Fortunately, the same process for Resetting Password can be used to find your user ID.

We show it to you below in details with pictures for easy understanding.

Abshir lost user id - 01



Abshir lost user id - 02


Abshir lost user id - 03


Abshir lost user id - 04


Abshir lost user id - 05


Abshir lost user id - 06


Abshir lost user id - 07


Abshir lost user id - 08



  • Mohammed

    Dear Brother,

    I have already registered in abshir long time back but not i changed my mobile number.
    I forgot my password, how can i retrieve my password?

    Please advice.


  • Feroz

    Dear Brother.

    I am having my user ID and password.
    How to update my new mobile number.
    my old mobile is not active. even to
    login the system its asking activation code
    which has sent to my old mobile number.
    Please suggest.

  • Jeelan

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Dear Admin

    I am trying to reset my password, but its not accepting my mobile number. It always
    show this massage .The mobile number for this account is not trusted , you can reset the password by Kiosk or activation officers.

    Please say me how can i shot out this problem or Is there any way i could find the registered mobile number ?

  • Mohammad Salar Patan

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear sir,
    i registered with abshar and my account was working fine for few days but suddenly it was showed that invalid user name or password so i try to reset password and it’s say user not exist so registered again with the same user name and same password and activated again by visiting jawajat kiosk and it’s activated
    but unfortunately still not working , and showing invalid user name and password, please help me regarding this issue, if i am trying to reset new password coming by sms and it’s not working

  • shamseer

    verified my information through Al Rajhi Bank Account, it been from last 1 week, verification for MOI was successful but till now i didn’t receive any confirmation message from MOI. in my case what can i do?

    plz admin reply

    thanks in advance

  • Hassan Latif


    for those facing login issues after registration, first call on their help line: 800 749 0000 and tell them your problem, They will help you out.

    Good luck