Major Annoucement – New concessions for Expats confirmed by Ministries

Ministry of labor Ministry of Interior


The Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Interior made a joint statement yesterday – 10th May, 2013 (Friday) announcing major concession for the expatriates.

  • No fines and penalties for expat visa violators.

  • Huroob (runaway workers) will be allowed to return to their current sponsors, Or transfer to a new sponsor without the permission of the current sponsor.

  • Violators who leave the country voluntarily on a final exit visa and can come back on new visa.

  • Haj and Umrah overstayers can legalized their stay and join any company locally.

  • Domestic and non-domestic workers will be allowed to change their professions without paying any fees during the grace period.
  • Grace period to end on 3rd July, 2013.

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To read the complete text of Announcement in English click here

For more details follow the links below:

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Labor


  • We appreciate the Saudi Government help and support for expat especially MOL and MOI.

  • Excellent and modest decision.

  • Mohamed Aiyoob

    Its a wise decision which has considered the concerns of the expats and as well the interest of the Nation. But still more awareness to be given on the procedure of these regularization in detail as through this official website as many employees inquire.

  • Rodel Mariano Reyes

    Thanks KSA!

  • May Allah SWT bless the King and the Labour Minister to show their kindness.

  • syeda heena

    I salute to king and his wise decision…and thanx to all kind hearted saudies….hats off to u all…may allah bless u all wid best future of saudi….

  • Race

    Alhumdulillah May Allah SWT give long life to our King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud & no dout great people under Great Leader…

  • sas

    allhamdullilah, ksa has always been very generous for such things

  • Joseph Varney

    Lots of families are blessed through this great decision there is no words to say thanks the kingdom We Indians just pray for them to have the kind Heart ?

  • Donny David

    Thank you Custodian of the two holy mosque for making impossible to possibility. Now it is the turn of the Expats to train the Saudis in all fields so collectively we can grow. The kind gesture of the noble King and his ministers is warmly welcomed by all expats. May Allah always protect and guide this kingdom to greater highest.

  • Muhammad Imran Butt

    Alahmdulillah very nice step may “GOD” bless whole HRH and whole Saudi nationals.Excellent decision now thousands of duas will given to them.

  • Daniel Babor

    watta kind hearted decision from the King and the rest of his cabinet members…THANK YOU…LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks K.S.A

  • Mohammed Asif

    Alhamduallah, we all are very thankful to King Abduallah Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud and the Labour Minister sir Adel Bin Muhammad Fakeih, for those who are facing problems, Allah SWT give good helath to Saudi king and Labour minister.

  • Adnan


    A very generous and cheerful decision from the Saudi Gov, in addition i would like to ask a question,

    what about the families which came on visit and overstayed, are they also eligible to transfer to their husbands iqama? or do they ahave to leave the country.
    These cases also cannot be left aside, what is their concern in this movement.

  • Shaik Anwar

    Dear friends ur not understand the correct sentences please read it again and think..

    Domestic and non-domestic workers will be allowed to chagen their profeessions with out Paying and fess (during the grace period.) understood

    when the grace period end……………………. 3rd july 2013
    if some one not changes his iqama status and visa. then the saudi govt must be fine that person and after 2 years jail…

    Is it clear for all

  • imran Asif Khan

    Its really a healty decision from Honourable king Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz…………really appreciable.

  • Zafar Ahmad

    Assalamo Alaykum, we all are thankful to King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and Labour Minister Sir Adel Bin Muhammad Fakeih, God bless to him (KING)& whole Saudi Nationals.

  • rahman

    Salam, hi guys i have to change my Iqama Profession please help me out.

  • sheik wazeer Pasha

    Assalamu Alikum guys i need to change Iqama Proffession Sawa Kaas How To Change Another Catagree

  • Albert Jason


    I was working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, company name Assyst Saudi Arabia Ltd till september 2010, due to father health problem I came to India (chennai) planning to go back (exit rentry visa) but failed to return back and visa also expried. it is possible for me to go back with same company if they process the visa for me.


    • Yasir Khan

      Yese Albert, if that company or any other company will provide you the visa, you can return to saudi

  • Well done Dearest King. May Allah Bless you and your All Family.

    Thanks to Allah and the King of Saudia Arabia.

  • Muhammad Subhan

    “Gratitudes” TO all Ministry of Labour & Interior many

  • Yasir Khan

    Thanks to Allah & king of Saudi Arabia

  • shahid

    Thanks to Allah(swa), the honorable king and this great country Saudi Arabia.

  • Toufiq Siddiqui

    Thanks to Allah and the honorable King, for this kind step,

  • sooraj

    I working in amam in dammam I reach two years before it is a manpower supply company iam a engineer but in iqama welder company is forcing to do work outside and they are not allow change profession or final exit our manager jacob mathen says if police catch company take care we dont know what to do

    • SaudiXpert

      You story was not very clear.
      However from what I understood, your sponsor is making your work on a different profession which is illegal.
      Ask your sponsor to rectify the status. If not, then you can approach your embassy or the labor office.