How to Make Payment for Huroob Removal

Flow Diagram for Huroob Payment through SADAD payment service by online Banking.

Flow Diagram for Huroob Payment through SADAD payment service by online Banking.

Here we give step by step procedure for online Bank payment for making payment for Huroob (Runaway) fee.

Example used here is for SABB Bank. However, the flow in all other banks is also similar.

Payments >> Government Payments >> Deportation Control >> Runaway Cancellation

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Huroob Payment 1 Huroob Payment 2 Huroob Payment 3 Huroob Payment 4


  • sufyan

    i want to ask that “is KSA government cancelled thr huroob if we pay this payment online or how much time
    time one day two days????????

    • SaudiExpert

      The huroob has to be cancelled by your sponsor.
      This is just the procedure for online payment of Huroob fee.

      • Beyan Nasser Ahmed

        is there specific time period for taken back huroob illegation?

  • zlkka

    How much is the fee of huroob cancellation online?? My iqama is expired so cannot use my bank account. Can i apply through any other account holder.
    How much time it will take??and kafeel can make any problem in this procedure???

    • SaudiExpert

      The cancellation does not take much if the sponsor follows up the work.
      Yes, you can pay through any account holders bank account.
      The cancellation has to be done by kafeel.

  • Abdul Raheem

    Sir, My friend abdul Salam is house driver (Saeq Qas), Iqama expired. The sponsor is willing to remove the HUROOB and give RELEASE. He do not willing to go Shumaisi deportation center for cancellation instead he says will arrange WAKALA SHARAEI. Is it work? the new sponsor willing to act as Wakeel. Please advice

  • shakeel

    Sir, can you explain me how to remove huroob? My brother is in india now he went to india 6 years before with huroob and finger prints..he want to come again here…we don’t to how to remove this?
    Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Mohammed shakeel

  • sir, I ask about huroob. my wife she run away,but she don’t know her sponser because. she is coming time from Ethiopia her sponser is not coming in the airport, she stay in the airport 4 days and she go from another Saudi,now what can I do for cancel for huroob?how I know here kefil telephone number? I have finger print but only have name and id number for kefil not write telephone number, can you the way of how I know his telephone number, shukren

  • shahanshah

    sir ,how much huroob removal fee how can remove it

  • jabir waqas

    sir, i file my case in labour cort and cort gve their written decision that my kafeel have to remove my haroob and gve me release….. now my kafeel wants to remove haroob, but he dont know the procedure. after paying the haroob fees of 2000 sr what he have to do. he should proceed to jawazat or labour cort. kindly tell the procedure.

  • jonathan

    i’m a huroob for more than 3yrs, i have payed my sponsor to remove my huroob but right now my sponsor is having trouble on how to cancel it. please kindly someone state step by step on how to cancel it and which government institution to go first to start. Thanks and God bless…

  • aurang zeb

    Want to cancell haroop

  • Nadeem murtaza

    ASALAM O ALAYKUM sir …. i have huroob before 2 years and my kafeel i dont no where is this man mobile is off and anyone have any idea how to remove my huroob plzz sir help me i m not working before two years .. give me miss call yah call and plzz help me 0581235536 thanks you for calling 🙂

    • Hassan Jaan Otho

      bhi pls check my huroob 2347834836

    • hammad mirza

      Helo chake haroob plzz

    • hammad mirza

      2328570573 iqama num



      • Nirmal Raj

        Sir can you pls check my huroob details my iqama number 2384665143

    • عبدالرحمن نادان

      Salam mr u can see my huroob plz call me 0598806890

  • Noymen Dumato

    How much I pay for removal huroob?

  • Abdul Haseeb

    How to remove huroob when the sponsor does not want it to happen… the sponsor fired my friend & kept him under “Mutagaib min amal”. kindly guide me to the right direction, he worked for that sponsor for 7 years & they just fired him in one fine day few months before saying his sales performance inside shop is not to their expectations.

    • Corpuzvillafaña

      How to check huroob

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  • Corpuzvillafaña

    Any one knows