Making iqama for new born baby

iqama baby


The following assumption is made in this article:
# Both father and mother have iqama

There are usually two scenarios:

Case 1. The baby is born in KSA

In this case, first you will have to get a birth statement from the hospital where your child is born. Just make double sure of the spelling of the name of the child in this statement. This you have to submit the Birth/Death registration department (located in Nasseriya, near Pakistan International School in Riyadh). They have started new procedure of taking appointment online. click here. You will get an appointment after 1 to 4 weeks. You have to go there with the father’s & mother’s passport copy, iqama copy, translation of hospital birth statement in Arabic if it is in English. Once you submit, they will give you the birth statement in Arabic.
Next step is to get passport issued.
This usually depends upon the embassy of your country. You can check the requirement of your embassy by calling them up. Click here to get list of Embassies and their contact details.

The normal requirements are:
1. English Translation of your child’s birth statement which you got from Birth registration dept.
2. 4-8 passport size photos of your baby.
3. Father’s Original passport + copy
4. Mother’s original passport + copy
5. Passport application form

Most of the Embassies issue passport within 5 working days. However, it is best you check with your Embassy how long it take for proper scheduling incase your are planning to travel.

Once the passport is ready, you can apply for the iqama for the child which is fairly a simple and fast process.

Usually the HR department takes care of this. But if you want to get it done fast, you can go on your own. You have to fill up the form which can got from your HR department. Or the offices outside jawazaat have forms and they fill it up for a fee of SR. 5 to SR. 10. You need to stick the photo of the baby on the form and get it stamped from your office.
Then you need to submit this form along with father’s iqama copy and baby’s passport copy and original passport to idhafa section (Addition dept) in jawazat (passport) office. He will issue the iqama on the spot within few minutes. However the queue for the counter may be long and it may take you upto 2 hours.

Case 2: Baby is born outside Saudi Arabia

The procedure for bringing the baby into Kingdom are given in this article .
Once the baby is in Kingdom, you need to deposit the fee of SR. 2,000 via ATM or online banking. And incase you have delayed in making the iqama, an additional amount of SR. 500 need to be deposited as penalty. You can check how much you have deposited/balance using this website. For paper work, you need the fill the form for addition which can be got at the offices or typist sitting near jawarat (passport) office. Then stick the photo of your child and get it stamped from your employer. Then attach copy of the polio immunization certificate which you got from the hospital in your home country at the time of birth. Then you need to submit this form along with father’s iqama copy and baby’s passport copy and original passport to idhafa section (Addition dept) in jawazat (passport) office. He will issue the iqama on the spot within few minutes. However the queue for the counter may be long and it may take you upto 2 hours.

  • Muhammad Humayun Khan

    my iqama is in process for release transfer due to this almost three months ‘passed and i am unable to process my new baby’s iqama. please advise how much grace period to prepare the new born babies iqama when birth certificate and passport has already been completed.

    • SaudiXpert

      Last time I check, the grace period at jawazat was 1 year. I do not know what is it now. The registration period with Ahwal Madani is only 1 month after delivery.

  • How long does a new Indian passport take?
    Would a new visa have to be issued for the baby?

  • I got a new born baby in saudi arabia and just i want to know how many days grace period for get iqama and how much panility if i late for getting the iqama for new born baby.

    Mohammed Maqsood

    • no comment

    • Elahi

      up to 01 months no penalty,
      after 3 months Saudi Riyals 500 penalty.
      after 1 years 100 Saudi Riyal Penalty.

      • Elahi

        up to 3 months no penalty
        after 3 months to before 1 year Saudi riyal 500 penalty.
        after 1 years Saudi riyal 1000 penalty.

  • Mohsin

    Dear Brothers,

    I am working in King Saud University. I have a baby boy 15 days before. My wife and baby are in pakistan.

    I need to get information that how i can i bring my family here. My wife have a valid Iqama and she was on One years (360 days) Exit Renty Visa.

    What procedure they need to finish over there. They have a Birth certificate from Union Council. In the coming days they will get the Form B from NADRA and then move for Passprt of the child.

    What else they require from there ???
    Some Arabic Translation ?? of Birth Certificate ? or Attestation from Embassy ??

    Best Regards,

    • Ashfaq

      Dear Mohsin,

      Could you plz let me know as if you had stamped any visa for your new baby from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan or you did travel with just passport for newborn baby.I heard that new born baby can come to saudia if their parents have valid iqama and you can apply for iqama (newborn) paying 2000 SR in Saudia.
      If you brought your baby without visa, did the airline /immigration allowed you?

      Thanks for your kind reply

  • Mishaal

    In case the child is born outside and has a temporary visa, as was my child’s case, you can pay the sr2000 fees online thru SADAD payment from your online bank under the section “Dependants Entry visa Fee Collection”

    • Ahmad

      Hi Mishaal,

      I paid SAR 2750 “add new Iqama” and went to the Jawazaat and they said I paid the wrong fee. They said I have to pay “adding newborn born outside of the Kingdom”, however ANB bank don’t give me that option. So “dependents Entry Visa Fee Collection” should be accepted by them?

      Thank you Mishaal.

      • Ahmad

        I paid the 2750SAR after being told by my sponsor that it was the correct one.


      • Mishaal Khan

        Yes, that is the fee. It will be sr2000
        I had the same issue. I paid the fee 3 times, diff options, all wrong, until I got it right the 4th time -.-
        This is for a newborn born outside, entering and getting a new iqama.

        • Ahmad

          Thanks Mishaal,

          Just to confirm, my baby was born outside of Saudi, is in the Kingdom now, came on a visa (iqama), now applying for her Iqama,
          ‘”dependents Entry Visa Fee Collection” 2000 SAR is the fee that I should pay? and not the “adding new born born outside of the Kingdom” as they requested.

          I really appreciate your help Mishaal. I’m sorry that you had to go so many times.


          • Mishaal Khan

            Yes correct.
            Unfortunately the procedures are not clear and keep changing.
            In other countries they accept credit cards, cash, check etc. here only SADAD -.-

        • mirza

          hi bro my childs aqama also refuse
          plz let me know in which id v have to pay 2000sr on my aqama number or the entry boarder for my child
          as per jawazat they told to pay on entry number of my new born

  • Felix

    Dear Brother

    I went Al Taif Javasath 3 days before, to make Iqama for my baby.(born in Saudi Al Taif)
    When I went Javasath , I took all documents which you mentioned above.
    But they told me that my Iqamma is under company and it was issued from Riyadh.
    So I have to Riyadh or bring a letter from my company. So can you advise me what letter they are expecting , do you have any format of this letter.

    Felix James

    • Mishaal Khan

      I didn’t brIng any letter.
      Although they said it was a MUST to get that form stamped from my company.

  • Sameer

    Hi Friends,
    My son born outside Saudi Arabia and came to Saudi Arabia 2 years back. I did not make iqama for him. Now I have to pay 2000 SR fee and 1000 penalty. I have paid 2000 SR through “Dependent visa fee collection” My question is “Under which SADAD service shall I pay the penalty SR. 1000” ?

  • Ammar

    Dear Brother,
    Your website helped alot, i just submitted the documents for the new iqama of my baby.
    An additional document they asked was the vaccination card/certificate that the hospital gives at the child’s birth.

    Documents i submitted:
    1. Filled form with companies stamp + 3 Pictures of child
    2. My iqama copy
    3. Child’s birth certificate (from Ahwal Madani)
    4. Vaccination card from the hospital given at child’s birth.
    5. Child’s passport /w photocopy.

    • SaudiXpert

      Thanks Ammar for sharing the latest update in the procedure.
      And congrats on birth of baby. 🙂

  • aisha

    My child is born here in saudi, unfortunately, just now I got her passport, she is aleady 1year old. What now the requirements for iqama and how much do we need to pay..
    Thank you very much!

  • jobin thomas

    sir ,i would like to bring my child from india, she was born in india, i am working in riyadh, my iofe also working here, she gone to india for delivary,after delivary 62 th days will take for here departure, presently i am here and my wife in india, is possible to bring my child after 62 days,from the airport will i get the entry stamp on my babys pasport, in the absence of me in the arrival time

  • Rashid

    I have received my new born baby’s iqama, but the passport does not have any stamp from jawazat on it showing naqal maaloomat. Can my baby still travel to my native country or should i get his passport stamped for naqal maloomat to travel. Hasn’t the information transferred automatically if i have received his iqama?

  • Chamika

    I beleive that they are issuing iqama for saudi borns free of charge. Can anyone confirm this please Im gng to get my baby’s iqama within this week and how long will it take normally. ?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, you do not have to pay any fee at the time of making iqama if your child is born in Saudi Arabia.
      It takes almost no time. The moment you submit at the Passport office (jawazat) counter, you get it within two minutes.

      • Chamika

        Thnks a lot. Do u have any idea of thd opening time of jawazat. im planning to go there around 6.00 in the morning tomorrow. Thanks again 🙂

        • SaudiXpert

          Dear Chamika

          Government offices will work five hours a day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the fasting month of Ramadan, according to a circular issued by the Ministry of Civil Services.

          For more details see:

          All the best and let us know how was your experience.

          • Dear all im asking how to pay penalt about late get birth certificate from ahwal madani

      • Farhan Awan

        Sir, Thanks for your reply. In our company they are saying that Govt is charging 1000 SR if the child is born in Saudi Arabia. They said, this law applies in the last couple of months. Employs are paying through banks in 500 SR installments each. Please show me the way: is this right. Regards

        • Wilson

          Farhan, I made iqama for my baby born in Riyadh just a month ago. There was no charge. It was totally free.
          However, if you delay; then there is penalty.

          • farhan gulzar

            please inform me,my baby is 3 month old i already applied pakistan NIC card after finish NIC card then apply to passport,mybe 1 month still wating document complte,then iqama apply,please you send me detail after 4 month how much penalty???
            please reply on my email,i am wating for you reply

  • hafiz

    my wife has got her exit visa. i would like to know hpw much time to take to get the exit for my daughter..

    • SaudiXpert

      You situation is not clear. Did you not apply for Exit visa for both together ? How long did it take for your wife to get Exit visa ? Kindly give full details when asking in order to reply correctly.

      • hafiz

        salam.thank u very much for your question is. my wife is in jeddah along wit her parents.they applied for my daughters passport and got it after 1.5 months..when they applied for exit visa for my wife and daughter it seems they told only my wife exit wil be done first and then they had to apply for my daughters exit visa wife has got exit visa and now as of today it seems the jawazat is not processing the visa for my daughter and it wil be done only after eid..hence i would like to know how far is this true and wht is the actual procedure for gettin the exit asap.

  • Jahanzeb

    Good Evening, In case if my spouse are on Exit/Re-Entry Visa to home country. Now my question is of two parts:
    > First will Jawazat stamp Exit-ReEntry visa for six months when spouse iqama is about to expire in five months?
    > If answer to above question is YES, then is it possible to renew Iqama of spouse even if they are outside country while sponsor/Husband is here.

    Thanks in advance

    • Imran AK

      1. You can renew your wife and children Iqama while they are OUTSIDE KSA. Only your presence in KSA (without) any exit Reentry is Necessary.

      2. Exit Reentry can’t exceed the Iqama Expiry, So you’ll have to Renew First, and AFTER Exit Rentry Expiry you need to send Letter from Your Sponsor (Chamber Attested) and One Computer Print from Jawazat (Computer Print for Tamzeed of Visa). They Embassy of Saudia in your country will stamp visa Extension and New Born Visa based on these letters.

  • Munir

    Dear all,

    Can any body help me, my baby born just one month before in Pakistan , i have prepared passport for my child, but now for my wife exist- re-entry visa getting expired at 3rd of September 2013, before this date i must bring back them to ksa because the last date of IQAMA also 3rd of September. I am afraid if i am going to submit it in Saudi embassy in Pakistan to stamp visa for my baby, may be i will lost visa for my family, my question is that can my baby travel with mother with out stamping stamping visa at passport from ksa embassy in Pakistan. Please help to find any solution.

    • Dear Munir you dont have to get your baby’s passport endorsed in Pakistan. New born babies can get visa on arrival in KSA. On entry your wife has to wait for an hour or two until the police officer gets message with the entry number for your baby. He will write that 10 digit number on your babys passport and thats it… I received my baby from India last month…

  • Ashraf

    From the grace of almighty allah we blessed with a baby girl in last february 15th.But Unfortunately till now we did not took birth certificate for my new born baby from ahwal madani.may I know the formalities.if There is penalty for delay?Can they need original passport for parents?Because I am unable to get my wife’s passport she is working in ministry of health.pls give me a reply ASAP.

  • David

    Dear all, I am going to pay for my family visa application fee to be able to acquire the yellow slip, but i am a bit confused about the two fees which is available in SADAD. One is the “Family Visa” under the Labor Importation Section while the other one is the “Dependent Entry Visa Application Fee” in the Alien Control which is both 2000Sr. My question is which one should I pay thru SADAD which is required in acquiring the yellow slip for sponsoring my family in permanent Visa. Thanks in advance!

    • Ateeq

      I got my family visa last week.
      Paid the fee for “Family visa” under Labor importation.

      • David

        Dear Ateeq & to All,
        Thanks for the information, it is very helpful. I do have another question. Is it okay if I will purchase the Visa online thru Samba with My friend’s bank account? And will the Istiqdam be able to verify that I have paid the 2000Sr under my iqama even without the receipt but by looking on to their system? Thanks in advance again.

        • SaudiXpert

          Yes, you can make payment using your friends bank account. Kindly make sure he enters your iqama number correctly at the time of payment.

          Yes, the amount will show on their computer. There is no need for reciept. Even you can check the amount available on your name on Ministry of Interior website. –
          Click the link in this article for MOI website link:

  • Abdul Qaiyum

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is in India expecting her delivery. If I take the family visa now and if the birth happens after the stamping of my wife’s passport then what is the procedure to include offspring’s visa stamping helping them to travel all together to Saudi Arabia. Looking forward to your kind reply. Jazakallah Qairan….

    • SaudiXpert

      For your specific case, kindly check with isteqdam office before applying for visa

  • Suhaib Musba

    Kindly suggest me the website for which i can make payment to Jawazat

    • SaudiXpert

      You can payment from your bank website in Govt services.
      Or from ATM machine.

      • Suhaib Musba

        It is asking 2000 visa fees and 500 Iqama fees. Have they been charging for Iqama fees also?

  • Anne

    hi, I have a son born inside the Kingdom and his iqama is for renewal. how much is the fee for his iqama renewal?…thank you!

    • SaudiXpert

      There is no separate fee for your son, it is included with your fee

  • joneilravacio

    I just completed my son’s iqama application today, 23 October 2013, this blog information is very helpful! i just follow the instructions stated here and it is all good! just need to include some requirements, bring also a copy of your marriage contract, wife’s iqama and passport copy, your baby’s saudi birth certificate copy only, and the C.R copy of your company, and there is no need of paying money.

    Please take note that my son is born here in saudi

    Thank you very much!

  • Zaffer

    This is a really informative and helpful group. I have a question,

    I was blessed with a baby girl in india in August 2013. My wife had to come back to Saudi without the baby as her exit-reentry was expiring and the baby’s passport was not ready. Now she is travelling back to India to get the baby. Do I need a visa to bring the baby to kingdom, or she is still eligible for visa on arrival?

    If I need a visa then what is the process of getting the visa.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • SaudiXpert

    As far as I am aware, if your wife is iqama holder and your child is less than 1 year, you do not require visa. However, I suggest that you contact the Saudi Embassy in India for your specific situation.
    Do share your experience so that others in similar situation may also benefit.

    • Zaffer

      Thanks for your quick response. I contacted my travel agent in India, and he said since mother has already traveled to Saudi without the child, the child requires a visa to travel to Saudi.

      Do you have any idea on how to get the visa for the child?


      • SaudiXpert

        I suggest that you ask the agent to endorse the baby’s passport from Saudi Embassy or Consulate. I heard it takes 1 week. If it does not work, then you can apply for visa for baby with istekdam office.

        • Zaffer

          I asked the agent to contact the consulate, but the response was that I need a visa to bring the child to Saudi.

          Can you please provide me information on how can I get the visa for my child?

          I really appreciate your help.

          Thanks & Regards

          • SaudiXpert

            It should be same as taking out family visa.
            Also you can double check with your company HR.

          • Iqbal

            I used to get my work done from a travel agent in Hyd who I find very efficient.
            If you wish, you can contact him
            His contact details are

            Moiz – +91-9246578076

            Do let me know if he was helpful, or I will try to give you number for another agent.

  • Sayeed

    i want to make iqama for my new born baby (born in india), my family arrived in saudi on 18 october 2013, mother have iqama.

    my question is how shall i pay the fees for making iqama.
    my account is in SAAB bank

    1. Alien Control (Dependent entry visa fees collection)
    2. Labor Importation (Family visa fees).

    which Option shall i proceed. (1 or 2)

    Please help.

    • SaudiXpert

      Congrats Sayeed on becoming Dad.

      Different banks have different terminology.
      My guess – it may be option 1.
      If it does not work, you can refund and do it with option 2.

      Do share your experience so that others may benefit.

      • Afsal

        If wife is iqama holder and baby born outside KSA, for baby iqama use option “dependant entry visa fee” for pay 2000 SR. I got my baby iqama today ..Alhamdulillah. ..

        • mirza

          hi bro
          on dependant entry visa fee on which number v have to pay amount i mean on my aqama number or baby entry boader number, as per jawazat they told to pay on entry number for my baby plz let me know

          • tarique

            Please let me amount should be paid on my iqama ni or baby border no

    • Afsal

      Dear Mr.Sayed,
      If your baby iqama issued please advice me.Last 1 month I am trying to get my son’ wife is iqama holder.

  • Sayeed

    what is the time period to make iqama for new born baby arrived in saudi, without penalty.

    • SaudiXpert

      You should make it in 3 months or else there is SR 500 penalty.
      This will be in addition to SR 2000 fee.

      • Jahanzeb Ashraf

        I would like to add here:
        Date of baby ‘s Visa Expiry is either three months .. Or if you Iqama is expiring in less than 3 months than new born’s visa expiry will be the remaining days of your Iqama expiry..

  • Noel

    I have new born baby in the Philippines, my wife has valid exit/re-entry. What is the procedure of getting my baby’s passport visa stamp from KSA embassy in Manila.

    Please Help

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly contact any travel agent who do such process.
      They will do it for you.

      • Noel

        Thanks a lot Mr. SaudiXpert.

        You have help a lot to all

  • Noel

    Dear Sir:

    Is there any penalty if one of my dependent holding exit-re-entry not return to KSA?

    What will be the consequences?

    Please advise.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Wilson

      There is no penalty for not returning.
      However, if your dependent want to come again, then you have apply a new family visa

  • sharief

    Assalam alikum,

    Alhumdulillah i am blessed with a baby boy in Riyadh,
    I work in Jeddah and as my parents were in Riyadh the birth took place in Riyadh on Eid but i brought my family back with me by the end off eid holiday and i try to take birth certificate from Jeddah but they rejected saying only Riyadh Ahwal al madini has to provide the cetificate.Now iam not able to get the booking for Riyadh as it always say Booking not available.I have to go on vacation soon so can you please suggest how i can get the booking for Riyadh Ahwal Al Madini.

    • Wilson

      You have to keep trying everyday, especially in the evening. You never know when it can happen.

  • ismail

    Salam alaykom,

    My wife and I got married over two years ago in Jeddah but the ceremony was a private one conducted in our house with the prerequisite witnesses etc. Due to various reasons we didn’t get round to doing the official marriage for the Saudi Family Card until my wife was already 5 months pregnant with our now baby boy. Everything was fine until I went to Ahwal Al Madani this week. I took the hospital certificate and the temporary birth certificate along with all of our documents. Straight away the official questioned the discrepancy between the date of birth and the date of the official marriage. I told them that this was the official marriage and that we obviously got married before the pregnancy but did so according to traditional Islamic custom. They said I had to bring the original certificate (which was basically an unofficial document written on a piece of paper signed by all witnesses to the marriage). On top of this, they told me because my wife is under her father’s iqamah, I had to transfer her to my iqamah before I can get our son’s birth certificate (even if we produce the original marriage document).

    My question is what has my wife’s iqamah status got to do with anything? If she was employed by a company and was on her company’s iqamah would they demand her to transfer to mine just so we can get a birth certificate? This is ludicrous. Can anyone help here or has anyone else had similar problems?

    • Ali

      As salam alaikum brother Ismail.
      Sometimes in Saudi Arabia, if you try after some time and the officer mood is good, then they can approve your application. I witnessed this many times in different government offices.
      Regarding transfering her to your iqama; the idea does seem ludicrous and you do have a good logic.
      Anyway, try again and do not go to the same person as last time. Hopeful you will be successful. Do let me know if my idea worked in your case. 🙂

  • Aisha

    I have a 4 month old son born inside saudi arabia.we are filipino.if im going to bring him to the philippines,do i need to get an iqama for him?thanks a lot..

  • salma

    hi im living in saudi(jeddah) and been blessed wit baby girl last month i need to make iqama for m girl to travell to my nativ place for medical reason immediately.and my husband company main office is in riyadh bt he is working from jeddah so can u plz tell me where should i submit for my daughter iqama in riyadh or in jeddah office and if in jeddah what is the processs of it.kindly help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Haris Ali Khan

    Dear Concerned,
    i would like to ask something, Allah blessed me with a baby boy 2 month before, I got the ahwal madni certificate for birth. i am from pakistan for his iqama i have to make first i would like to clear onething that my marriage was here in ksa and i have certificate from wazarat al adal but my wife is still on her father’s iqama.. will there be any need to get her transfer on my iqama before applying for pasport and iqama… secondly will there be any panelty if i will not be able to make this iqama in 3 month if yes how much …
    Looking forward for your kind response.

    • Imran AK

      If baby is not added while a year elapses as of the birthdate, a fine equals to (S.R. 1000) by certified check is imposed under Article 61 of the Residence Law.

  • Nash

    Dear I am caught into a very typical situation

    I brought my new baby born outside KSA

    and paid fees on babys border no. through SADAD payments from my account

    On Abshir it issued an iqama no after paying 2000sr
    but it reflects under sponsoree not as dependent.

    I think I should have paid fees on my i.e. ‘Head of Household’s ID

    The abshir status of the iqama issued for my baby shows ‘Domestic Worker’

    Please suggest…..

    My colleague say they never paid for bring newborn as we are government employee…

    pls guide who should I see in passport office and how to change baby’s status from Domestic worker to Dependent

  • Nash

    In the beginning I had tried to pay the fees under my Iqahma ID but bank system generated message ‘zero dependent fees’

    so I paid it on the border no. of my newborn baby

  • mirza

    hi bro
    i m also facing a same problem me and my new born baby arrived jeddah on 30dec13 but still i am waiting for the aqama for my new born same problem for the fee and the domestic worker if u come to know this things plz let me know my number in jeddah 0544771897

  • GM Aban

    Hello. My baby was born in the Philippines and arrived in the Kingdom a month ago with a VISIT VISA. He is now 21 months old. Will it be posible to process for his iqama even if he is a VISITOR? I have a valid iqama and my husband also has separate iqama. please advise. Thank You.

    • Imran AK

      If you have a Iqama, then you can get Iqama for your son. You must apply within 3 months to avoid the fine.
      How come your 21months old son has a visitor visa , i think you are confusing it. He can have a visitor visa only if you have visitor visa as well. In that case, Both can get Iqama.

      • GMaban

        Yes, I have a valid iqama. When I went to Jawasat last week to inquire about addition of my son to my iqama, the officer said taht its not posible. I should have a dependent visa for my son and not a visit visa. I dont really understand. What will be the first step to do then? I appreciate your advise. Thanks once again.

        • SaudiExpert

          You should not have got your son on visit visa, rather you should have got him here and got his iqama made. No he will need to go back and then get his visa processed, the normal way you would get an residant visa for a dependent.

  • Ali

    My baby is born in India and I got her visa stamped through embassy in India. My baby arrived saudi arabia a month ago. Now i would like to make iqama for her, So for this do i need to pay Dependent Entry Visa Fee of SAR2000 as explained above. Or can i get iqama without fee.


    • yahya

      Dear ALI,

      For your question: Yes you have to pay 2000sr fees for your baby to get iqama.

      Can you pls. advice is there a visa required for new baby born outside ksa.
      I heard its not need. How you get the stamp from the embassy, the procedure?


      • Ali

        Dear Yahya,
        I have known that for babies born outside KSA there is no visa needed upto 6 months, but a friend of mine suggested to get the visa stamped so that there would not be any fee for iqama but its not the case….irrespective of visa stamp one has to pay SAR2000 for getting iqama for babies born outside KSA…..So i paid.
        And i have also known that visa stamping may help with the airlines, as few airlines except Saudi Airlines would not allow babies without visa on their passport but i’m not sure about this.
        If you are interested to get the visa stamped for baby… you need to get vaccination certificate( you can get from any center that are authorized for visa medical), mother and father iqama /passport copies, photograph and fee.
        You can get this done by any agent. its one week process.


        • yahya


          Thanks for your reply, so in your case i believe you have done visa stamping and also paid 2000sr after arriving in ksa for iqama. Am i wright.

  • rama

    Good afternoon Friends,
    My wife went to india for Delivery, i blessed baby boy 4 months back, my son got the passport. my wife haveing still valied IQAMA with single i am planning to bring the family. what steps need to take care .
    is it required to apply for VISA for my son .is it required any stamps ? can i book the ticket directly and bring the family once my son came to KSA need to apply for IQAMA.

    Please sugget me … some peoples says not required any VISa . i am still confused .
    Please clarify.
    Appreciate your valuable support.

    • SaudiExpert

      Visa is not required.

      • ram

        Thanks you …

  • Bipin

    my son in my iqama is now in india for leave stamping exit re entry visa.he is 8 months only.but now i am going for exit from my there any problem with my son’s status.can we come back in another visa

  • annabelle alameda

    My son was born here in saudi arabia
    We made his iquama before and after 9 months he went to Philippines with my mom.He stayed there for 1 year and his exit re entry was expired. He is coming here now through visiting visa with my mom.I want to make a iquama for him,is that possible?he is on visiting visa now and i want to convert it to dependent under his father.Is there a possibility also i can make iquama for my mom also.?my work is a nurse.thank you

    • SaudiExpert

      you will not be able to convert it into iqama, Need to apply again,

  • Abdul Mannan


    My Son is born in India a I got his visa stamped through Saudi Embassy in India. my son arrived Saudi Arabia 15 days ago and I have paid the Dependent Entry Visa fee of 2000 SAR but my company mandoop is saying I should proceed for medical for my son from registered hospital in Saudia.

    Can anyone please let me know if I really need medical for my Son for getting his Iqama.
    Many Thanks in advance.

    • sayeed

      yes you need to have medical test

      if in Dammam go to badar al rabie dispensary.(fees 110 SAR more or less)

      report will be given after one week.

      • Abdul Mannan

        Many thanks Sayeed for your answer.

        I would like to share with you I got Iqama for my son without medical, I just provided vaccination certificate after translating in Arabic.


        • yahya

          ASAK, Dear Mannan,

          Pls. can you guide me the procedure for getting the iqama for my baby. i mean the paper work.

          My son has a passport and the border no. written on it.
          can you pls. provide me your mobile no. so i can call you.


          • Abdul1508

            Dear Yahya,

            I apologize for late reply. I would like to inform you that my son’s iqama processing is done by company mandoop but I have provided him below mentioned documents.
            My Iqama copy and original.
            My family Iqama copy and original
            Birth Certificate (original) of my son
            2 Photos
            Original Passport of my son
            Vaccination card (translated in Arabic) if you don’t have it then you can collect from any hospital where you are taking your son for normal checkup and vaccination.

            Hope all is clear now.

            Please let me know if you need any further clarification.

            Best Regards,
            Abdul Mannan

          • Abdul1508

            Hi Yahya,
            I apologize for late reply.
            I would like to inform you that my son’s iqama processing is done by my company mandoop but I have provided him the following documents.
            My Origianl Iqama and copy
            My family Original Iqama and copy
            My son birth certificate (original)
            Original Passport of my son
            2 Photos
            Vaccination card (Translated in Arabic) if you don’t have it then you can collect from any hospital where you taking your son for regular checkup and vaccination.

            Please let me know if you need any more clarification.
            Best Regards.

          • Abdul1508

            Hi Yahya,
            I apologize for late reply.
            I would like to inform you that my son’s iqama processing is done by my company mandoop and I have provided him the following documents.
            • My original Iqama and copy
            • My family original Iqama and copy
            • Original Birth Certificate of my son.
            • 2 Passport size photo
            • Original passport of my son.
            • Vaccination card (must be translated in Arabic) if you don’t have then you can collect from any hospital where you are taking your son for regular check up and vaccination.
            Please let me know if you need any additional clarification.

            Abdul Mannan

      • yahya

        Dear Mannan,

        Many thanks for replying. I need to clarify regarding translation of Vaccination card.
        I have a vaccination card from hospital in india and the next vaccin date is in 6th month,
        my son is now in 4th month alhmdulillah and he arrive just 1 week to saudi.

        So, how can i get the vaccin certificate with arabic translation here in riyadh.
        My question is should i try to go to any hospital in riyadh and make a vaccination card and get traslation of it.


        • Mohsin

          I am using the vaccination card made in India for my kid. There was no problem. This was two years ago.

  • Syed H Ahmed

    I m a pakistani…My wife has been living in jeddah all her life. She was born in jeddah and has an independant iqama now. Before she was he father dependent. We got married last year. Marriage is registered in Pakistan… We went to ksa this year… I was on visit visa and she on iqama as she still hasn’t added husband to passport… She got iqama renewed for one year. My question is that in a few months, we going to have baby, so can the baby travel with mother to ksa and get iqama? Even if father doesn’t have iqama??? What wil be the procedure?

    • Syed

      Anybody can comment on my question please?

  • Ali

    Hi, I am Pakistani . Alhamdolillah my wife is 4 months pregnant. My iqama will expires on 08/11/1435. we will travel to Pakistan on 26/5/2014. I will return back to KSA on 10/6/2014. I have two questions.
    1. I have done Exit re-entry for my wife that is valid till 04/11/1435 but she will not come back because of pregnancy.Can I renew her iqama even she will be outside KSA???
    2. If the iqama get renew can I extend her exit re-entry to next 7 months(1/6/1436) as her visa will be expired on 04/11/1435??

    • abdulaziz

      I am also in the same situation..
      If u got the solution plz. plz. reply me…
      i will be very thankful to you…

  • Shakkir


    I want to know about new born bay iqama fee. The baby born in india, at that time i was there and i did visa stamping from india. The travels man said no need to pay any payment (2000) from saudi to take iqama for baby.
    So the stamped visa want to pay 2000 riyal ?

  • Shakkir


    I want to know about the stamped visa from india of my baby to pay 2000 riyal ? and after enter to saudi howmany days within want to take iqama ?

    • yahya

      Dear Shakkir,

      No stamping required from india. Buy ticket for your babay and can get your baby only on his pasport.
      There is on arrival visa and after you arrive the imigration people will put a border no and after you enter saudi you have to make iqama,
      duration to make iqama is 3 months if not there is a penalty. For this iqama fees is 2000sr.

      GUD LUCK

  • Abdullah


    Alhamdulillah, i was blessed with a newly-born baby boy last month, in Riyadh.

    I have some questions,

    I’ve done with all the Ahwal Madani and passport things, so my next step is doing Iqama/Saudi visa for my son.

    The question is, if my wife came here with visit visa (she doesnt have an iqama), is it possible for me to do Iqama for my son?
    If yes,, what is the procedure needed?

    if not (which means i need to apply for saudi Visa), what is the procedure then?

    for your information, i have a valid iqama and i’m a student in here.

    Thank you.

    • Faz

      Brother , please let me know how you get the residence permit for your New born baby while ur wife in Visit Visa .Please Share your experience.

  • asad

    my baby is born in KSA,i get manual passport for 1 year and also make iqama for my baby.before 1 month I come to pakistan with my wife and my question is my baby is go back to KSA with manual passport or not?




  • I just like the valuable information you supply for
    your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and take a
    look at once more here frequently. I’m quite certain I will be informed many new stuff proper right here!

    Good luck for the next!

  • saif

    My daughter is in india. she is 8 month old. we have to come KSA. i need on arrival visa on Riyadh. i want to know how much months are valid for on arrival visa? she is born in india.
    Please tell how many months for on arrival visa duartion ( for New Born Baby) in KSA?

  • Annabelle

    Please help me.I’m going to make exit my 2 children. My problem is my 5 months old baby because his passport was not yet release by Philippine Embassy. They told me that it will be release by next week.i’m worried because the jawasat will be close because of eid holiday. I want to ask if it’s possible not make iquama for my infant child since i will do exit for him. Is it true also that jawasat still be open with some personnel until eid.Please reply

  • Bahar miah

    Asslaamalimkum. .
    I have 4 childreens 2 daughters 2 sons are they born in jeddah saudi arabia. The age
    Daughters 15 age 14.
    Sons 7 age and 8. I have birth certificates all of my children’s my iqama is value and passport..So what information and what i need to do please tell me? ?

    Bahar Miah

  • Bahar miah

    Asslaamalimkum. .
    I have 4 childreens 2 daughters 2 sons are they born in jeddah saudi arabia. The age
    Daughters 15 age 14.
    Sons 7 age and 8. I have birth certificates all of my children’s my iqama is value and passport..So I want to do iqama of children’s what information and what i need to do please tell me? ?

    Bahar Miah

  • Selim

    Asslaamalimkum. .
    I have 4 childreens 2 daughters 2 sons are they born in jeddah saudi arabia. The age
    Daughters 15 age 14.
    Sons 7 age and 8. I have birth certificates all of my children’s my iqama is value and passport..So I want to do iqama of children’s what information and what i need to do please tell me? ?

    Thanks Selim

  • Iqbal

    Dear All,

    This website is quite helpful regarding family visas process. I just want to share my recent experience with you (November 2014). I am blessed with a babyboy in Pakistan. I wanted to bring him here along his mother. The mother have Iqama. I was in hurry because her exit re entry was about to expire. Although my wife’s iqama was renewed while she was outside KSA. I got my kid’s form B and passport from NADRA and passport office in Pakistan. I thought my wife can come to KSA along the kid and the kid will get entry on KSA airport but when I asked the immigration department at Islamabad airport they said they will not allow the kid without visa on his passport even I called to KSA embassy in islamabad but they said I have to get visa from embassy in Pakistan. The embassy directed me to Etimad agency ( My wife along with my kid went to etimad office in order to process the visa but they told that my wife’s visa is processed from karachi so the kid visa will also be processed from karachi so we went to karachi and we contact etimad karachi and we deposite fee 10300 rupees for urgent processing and the documents. You can find the details for the required documents on .
    They return the passport in 3 days after the successful processing. one day was remaining the exit re entry of my wife and she just came here the same day. Still the immigration officers bother her and asked for muqeem paper. anyway it was not that good experience for me and my wife. I just wanted to share my experience with you maybe it could be helpful for someone.
    the indian people are lucky that their immigration at their airport allow them to exit and enter KSA but the pakistani airport immigration does not allow to travel without visa.

    • أبو عبد الله

      Dear Iqbal brother can you please tell me how much is the validity of visa stamped by saudi embassy on passport of new born baby??means in how many days he have to travel.

    • Nomi Syed

      Dear Thankyou so much for the info you gave me.I have a newborn kid in Pakistan..I will go to etimad office for Visa of my kid.But please explain where the experiance was not good?
      in Pakistan or in saudi?
      And what issue you face?


      • Hassan

        Hi Brother, let me tell you my experience. My second baby was born in Pak whereas my wife and elder son were already on iqama. Etimad service is very good in Lahore. You just need to book appointment online on etimad website. They need Wife’s Passport in original + baby’s vaccine card along with copies, the required documents you can get from the website. The service was very much satisfactory. It took only 20 mins for me for submission in etimad office lahore. After 7 days the baby’s passport with stamped visa reached my home via courier service along with all original documents submitted as per requirement. The service also kept me updated through sms during the 7 day period. There should be no hassle in pak or saudi airports after getting child’s visa. The KSA airport officers are much better now & they will put border number on baby’s passport visa page along with entry stamp


    Could you please advise about the period to get on arrival visa for new born baby which birth in outside of KSA,i heard
    that within 6 months should come to get on arrival visa.


    Gentlemen, If the dependents are out side KSA (in Home county) on a Valid Exit Reentry Visa, Can we change our sponsorship transfer without their presence in KSA ( I mean, if we get an offer in another company) appreciate your valueble answer


    Hi all, how/where can my friend process the birth certificate and iqama of his baby if the case is, the father is working in Riyadh, while the mother is working in Jeddah. Thank your for your cooperation.

  • sajeer

    Dear Sir,
    Aw working in saudi arabia i want to bring my wife and my new born baby to KSA . Both have passport and my marriage certificate is attested by saudi embassy .Is the birth certificate also want to attested ???

    • Rishad

      I have same doubt.
      Is it essential to attest the birth certificate?

  • Decent

    Dear Sir,

    My sister is currently under the sponsorship of my father and having Profession as “Student” on her Iqama. She got married in Pakistan and had baby there. She still has valid visa and planning to visit Saudi Arabia next month.

    Can she bring her baby with her to Saudi Arabia during her short stay. Her husband is not a residence of Saudi Arabia.

    Your kind guidance will be highly appreciated.


    • jahir

      pls help me desent i also having same problem of ur sister but im india pls guide me

  • varun

    hi i need to apply iquama for my baby age 7 month. She is now at home place. how can i apply visa. in moi site there is no option for 6 month. only option is to select age as 1 otherwise application isnot accepting.
    . please suggest.

  • Farrukh

    Kindly guide me i didnt get appointment

  • Kashif Hashmi

    Please advice me…. i did not get appointment Jeddah Branch……what i do???

    • Samrah Shaikh

      You have to keep trying till you get appointment. Try once in the morning and one time around 4 pm.
      Wish you all the best.
      Do share at what time you got the appoint so that others in this forums can benefit.

    • Abdul Waheed

      visit your neariest Branch, and find someone to provide you appoinment with the cost of 200 SR If Its Urgent. other then that keep trying to get the appoinment Online.

  • jelson

    i am staying in riyadh, can i get birth certificate from kharj or any other location in riyadh

  • Rishad

    Can anybody suggest, which payment option I have to choose to add dependent (new born baby born in my home country)?

    (A) Government Payments > Alien Control > Dependents visa fee Collection > SR 2,000 OR

    (B)Government Payments > Alien Control > Issue New Iqama(under Border Number) > SR. 2,500

    A or B?

    Please help..

  • Sheikh Parvaz Ahmad

    Does “on arrival visa”applicable for newborn when wife dont have iqama

  • Muhammad Omer Asghar

    Steps to Get Birth Certificate, NICOP, Manual/MRP Passport and Iqama for New Born Baby in KSA

    1) After the birth of baby get Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital. Make sure all spellings, dates and iqama numbers are correct on Birth Statement issued.

    2) Then get it stamped from General Directorate of Health Affairs and after it proceed to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office to get birth certificate. Ensure you have baby’s parents original iqamas ,passports along with photocopies. Remember before going to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs get booked an appointment through internet.

    3) Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital will not be returned by Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs once they issue the birth certificate.Before leaving Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office ensure that you have got it stamped and signed from Manager/Mudeer of Civil Affairs.

    4) Then proceed to Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and see MOFA section to get a stamp affixed with signatures for SR 30.

    5) After it get the birth certificate translated into English from authorized translator in your city for SR 50.

    In all steps from 1-5, there is no need to take baby/mother with you, only father can manage above documentation .Baby’s presence is needed only when applying for NICOP and MRP as on spot pictures are to be captured for both documents. For iqama issuance also no need to take the baby/mother with you.

    6) Now proceed for NICOP, for this must have to visit Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy .For NICOP get the English Translation attested from Embassy/Consulate (In my case it was from Vice Consular). Now staple your photo copies of Birth Certificate in Arabic, English Translation, Passport of Parents ,Iqama and CNIC’s of parents. You must retain the token issued by NADRA to get your baby’s NICOP and can track the status through helpline mentioned on the slip. For infants /children below 15 years NICOP, no need for finger prints signatures/thumb impression. Charges for NICOP Executive category costs SR 132.

    7) For passport, you have two options either manual or the digital one .Manual passport is only issued from Riyadh Embassy and not from Jeddah Consulate with charges of SR 230. This passport can be issued the same day when you apply for NICOP and for this along with passport application form you need to give baby’s passport size pictures with white/blue background. Also provide photo copies of NICOP Slip, Birth Certificate in Arabic, Birth Certificate English Translation, Passport of Parents , Iqama and CNIC’s of parents. Manual passports get ready after 3 :00PM the same day when you apply for NICOP and Manual Passport. Validity of Manual Passport is upto 31st Dec 2016.But this passport can be used for one time travel that is to exit from KSA. But when you go to Pakistan obtain the MRP and do not get the manual one cancelled. For entry in KSA keep both passports with you. Manual Passports are recommended in cases like if there are Eid holidays approaching close or any event you want to participate in PAK.

    8) On the other hand for Digital passports/Machine Readable Passports from Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy you have to wait till the NICOP gets done OR you can apply if you get to know the baby’s citizen number issued that can be checked through NADRA’s helpline after a week since you applied for NICOP.

    9) Iqama can be issued both on manual and digital passports, also you can acquire exit re entry document on both types of passports. For iqama issuance you can visit Jawazat/Passport office on your own and get iqama issuance form filled from agents sitting outside the building and provide with it the copies of baby’s vaccination card, parent’s passport with visa pages, parents iqamas, baby’s passport and birth certificate. Also take with you two passport size pictures of baby as the same will be scanned for baby’s iqama.

    10) The officer there will write narration on passport stating the baby’s birth in KSA and request for iqama. After it another officer will write a border number on baby’s passport. Then go to the person who is printing iqamas and will see your baby’s passport and scan picture before finalizing iqama .

    Note: For NICOP, the executive category takes 20 days and MRP takes 25 days approximately. Before proceeding for NICOP and MRP please make sure you get an online/phone appointment to avoid the hassle of waiting for hours or days even.

    Aramex /UPS Courier service at Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy can be used to get your NICOP /Passport delivered at your home within Jeddah/Riyadh for SR 30 and outside Jeddah/Riyadh within KSA for SR 35.


    NICOP: National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis

    MRP: Machine Readable Passport

    NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority

    MOFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Abdul

    Dear All

    i am working in abudhabi. my wife is working in ksa,we have one baby now which is born in ksa.

    we complete all requirements birth certificate passport etc.but jawazat say we can not make iqama

    on mother name.any body give me guide line how we can manage this issue.

    • Basit Khan

      Bro did you get any info? Because i am having same problem here. Can u share ?

  • Ragib Khan

    Dear Steve,
    My family has came KSA few days back. for my 6 year daughter I have polio vaccination card of the hospital where her vaccination was done and it is not attested from saudi embassy or mofa in India. so please suggest me whether I require polio vaccination certificate which must be attested in india or unattested original vaccination card can be used to process the iqama.
    Ragib Khan

  • trojan infected

    My wife is not on husband iqama.She is in father can i get my baby iqama on(husband) my iqama?

  • aiza joy gabelo

    can my baby go hom eto philippines without iqama?

  • dr younis

    Hi everyone..can any one tell me plz when appointments are open for jawazat Riyadh??? thanks

    • Rehna Nazir

      now appointments are available.. last i took appointment or 18th this month

      • dr younis

        Thanks alot dear… I already took appointment on 22nd of this month..I select late date coz my baby’s passport is still not ready…may be I extend it if I didn’t received passport before 22agust…many thanks for informing again…

  • M Asif Raza

    can anyone tell me my sponsor based in Riyadh but I m in Dammam so I can go to jawazat dammam they can make & give me baby iqama or not I have to go to Riyadh jawazat. Please tell me if anybody knows

  • Fawaz Showkath

    is there any fine/penalty as late to get iqama for a new born in saudi expat… please help.. if so what time period we should take the iqama

  • dr younis

    Hi every one

  • rayan

    how much time does this process take???

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  • Qazi Muhammad Atta ur Rehman

    Slam all! I am trying for a long time to book an online appointment for birth certificate in Riyadh Nasiriyah, but every time no appointment available. What is its solution? Is there any alternate method?

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