Medical Insurance is a Must for Families living in KSA!



The Cooperative Health Insurance Council has made the Medical Insurance compulsory for expatriate families living in KSA10245315_751415801578023_6533162324415544495_n.

This rule is applicable for all expat families irrespective of their salary range. The cost of Insurance has to be borne by the Employers.

So hurry up and get your family Medical Insurance done as soon as possible as this rule is applicable from August 2014 and without which you cannot get your family Iqama renewed.


  • Aleem

    This rule has been already implemented. 4/5 days back i was renewing my iqama & their system was asking me to get my medical insurance done otherwise iqama wont be renewed

  • imran

    If the employer make insurance and deduct from my salary then?
    I already renewed fro my wife and son in April and its being deducted by my Employer.
    Kindly guide.

  • chris


    good day, how much the insurance?


  • For some families this mandatory insurance is more than their salaries, suppose if a person have 4-5 kids less than 18 years of age then how he can made health insurance for his kids because individual medical insurance for kids less than 18 years can’t be made.

  • Abrar

    My company is not providing me medical for family and I myself not able to get it as it’s out of my range. Please guide??

    • Faisal

      If any body want’s medical insurance or vehicle insurance
      plz contact my brother.
      He is working in an Insurance company
      his office is in riyadh , al nassem.
      he will give you the cheapest price.
      he have many contacts is other insurance companies so he will give you the cheapest price.
      everyone please don’t hesitate to call

    • If u can not & out of ur range then send ur family back to homeland

      • maher

        Zaki shoud go back


        What a non sense advice!

  • Muhammed Asif

    I am having 4 children and out of four my company is only providing me for my two children’s medical insurance and last year my company charged me around 5000 SR for my two additional children’s medical insurance but this year I am unable to pay for this 5000 SR for my additional two children’s medical insurance. Moreover, my company only issued for my two children’s medical insurance card this year. Please advise, is it company responsibilities to take care of medical insurance for the whole family members regardless if you have two or more than two children or its depend on the job offer (contract)?
    Thanks & best regards,
    Muhammed Asif

    • Haroon

      As far as I have heard
      They have to provide
      It only for spouse and two of your kids and they have to pay for it

      • junaid

        don’t make more and more children. 2 are enough

    • Omar

      I made medical insurance for my kids with bupa and it cost 850 SR per kids and ~ 2700 for my wife

      • Burhanuddin Mohammed

        Is it possible to have different medical insurance for family? I mean can I obtain Medical Insurance for my Family without mine (as being on bachelor status company had already provided for me)…. also last time when I approach Tawuniya they said insurance must include all family members including myself.

        • Omar


          I think you should be in the same medical insurance company but you can select different class for your family

      • Wasi

        Dear Omar,
        Can you please share the details ([email protected]), like contact number of the person and documents required.
        I also have to get the insurance for my family. Need your help please.

      • Muhammad Amin

        Can you tell mne what was the class of your bpa insurance that cost 850 royals.
        I have three kids company only paying for 2 kids.

  • Mohammed Munawwar

    MY family leaves in India as my children are studying in India.
    I am not working in any formal co. in Saudi do I need to have health insurance cards for my family in Saudi.??
    I have medical insurance in India .IF I produce them is it ok for renewal.
    what is the point of making insurance cards for them in Saudi when they don’t live there. I have proof of their studying in India.
    please adv. .

    • salim

      Dear Br. Muhammed Munawwar
      This insurance policy is not applicable to your family if they are not in
      Saudi Arabia and no need to show any of Insurance prof of your family
      for your Iqama renewal.

      • jj

        are you sure regarding this point?

        • Abdul Waheed

          Dear’’ Mohammed

          Insurance Must for Renewal of Iqama. Whether your family is
          in India or KSA, if you have medical Insurance in India it has nothing to
          do with Kingdom’s growing insurance market. The Council for
          Cooperative Health Insurance has already instructed companies to provide health
          insurance cover to all employees & health insurance cover should be
          provided to expatriate workers by their employer’s.

          kindly check with your company HR regarding this subject.

          I hope this would help you somehow.


  • Imran

    Does “family” for this insurance rule, includes Parents also?

  • jj

    How much does it cost for Tawniya, medgulf and carrs?

    • Javed Ali

      Tawuniya Class A is 3200SR and Class B is 2450SR

      • jj

        Can you explain:- I have Medgulf from company, but company not providing for dependents. Can I add insurance for my dependents by paying amount by directly from medgulf office?

  • Javed Ali

    That’s True, the rules has been implemented already, I was rejected from getting my wife IQAMA last week.


    Will it also be paid by the employer, if my son is above 18 years. Currently my Co. is paying for me and my wife only and I am paying for my son.


    I heard that exist reentry also requires insurance policy. Is it corrcet?

  • messa

    Recently our company has renewed medical insurance policy with other service provider. With this new policy we have to pay 20% towards doctor’s fee, lab test, Xrays and medicine for all family members. While in previous policy, we were not paying any amount.

    In our employment contract clause towards medical it says ‘free medical’.

    Please comment in this issue whether an employer has a right to sign medical policy in which a employee has to contribute 20% ?

  • abdul qadeer

    my bacik salary is 2500 how can i bring a my family here but with ot is 4000 sr. give me a suggestion the ambusy is need a salary certificate or not

  • Touseef Ahmad

    Dear Brothers,

    Please can any body tell me what is the cost for Medgulf family insurance.
    Wife and kids.

    Thanks you very much for reply.


  • Maruf


    Can you please refer to some government site stating the same ” Employer has to borne the expenses ”


  • M.Riyaz

    Please read the article about the Family Medical insurance published in ARAB NEWS attached is the link explaining all the issues.

  • Nahed Parvez

    Ours is a reputed Insurance Consultancy & Services Office based at Jeddah City – W.R & We provide all types of Insurance Policies like Vehicles, Travel, Cargo, Life, Marine & Health etc.

    So If any one wishes to get Individual or Group Health Insurance for themselves or family members, then they can enquire thru e-mail or Call on Mob. on # 0503-290-982 – [email protected] (Preferable Evening Hours)

  • mohammed mujahid

    Bull shit all these news fake.??????
    Now i am standing in that same signal but no insurance paid or borne by my employer & my id is going to expiry in very few days…….

  • Shaikh

    My family has come on permanent visa. In order to apply for Iqama my wife has gone through medical test. now our HR is saying medical has to be done for my 3yr old daughter as well.
    can anyone please confirm if i need medical test by my 3 yrs old daughter as well.

    • Abdul Waheed

      Yes you Have to.

  • S Rahaman

    Alhamdulillah My Fimily reached on parmanent visa. My meidcal insurence from Tawanya company and its group B which is paid by the Company where I work. I want to make insurence for my family and lower graded for their Iqama because this have to pay by my own. Is it possible to get Iqama if i dont take medical insurence from tawanya( My medical insurence company) and can connect with jawajat?

    • Qadeer Ahmed

      Dear, would you please tell me how much it cost the Tawuniya B group insurance. and for how many family members? Thanks

      • S Rahaman

        Tawanya B should be from company and it will cost 4200 for wife and 2100 for every children. i did from outside at med gulf near about same facility with 1/3 rd price.

        • Moahmed Imran

          Dear Bro.

          I would like to bring my wife to KSA in permeant visa when i
          enquired with my company regarding medical insurance for my wife, they are
          asking 800 riyal per month it will deduct from my salary every month. I asked
          to take out side but they refused.(they said, that I can’t take outside). Is
          any procedure changed recently? Please advice

          • S Rahaman

            When you will take Medical insurence from outside then you have to take again for you with your family. Tell company you will arrange Medical insurence for your family no need top deduct salary an dno need to provide any Medical insurence. If they agreed its ok other wise there is no option as i know.

          • khurram

            salam plz advice me i want to medical insurance for family. but my company insurance met-life can possible i will hired low cost insurance any agent.

          • khurram

            plz tell me your company take 800 sr . per months ?only one person.type group(a.b.c?)

          • Moahmed Imran

            Yes, bro my company asking 800SR/Month. i don’t have any other option so i agreed. what about you? i already filled the form CCHI and send it to my company and waiting for insurance.

          • Moahmed Imran

            Walaikum Salam bro, if your company has more employees then u cant take medical insurance outside even its cheaper, you have to go with your company insurance like what u have. this is the rep I got from my company.

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  • Shahid

    Asslamoo Alaikum,

    I want to do my medical insurance, when i went to one insurance company they required computer number of company.

    Can someone tell me what is the computer number?

    From where can i get it?


  • Syed Mustafa


    I would like to know that is there anyway to get insurance my wife is here on visit visa.If anyone can help me or guide me that would be great help( any agents who can help me in getting insurance) my number is 0538489118